What are the advantages and disadvantages of Ikea changing tables?

 What are the advantages and disadvantages of Ikea changing tables?

Changing tables, which have recently been actively gaining the sympathy of parents of babies, owe their popularity primarily to their ease of use and versatility. It is thanks to these qualities that these devices have estimated different categories of parents, from very wealthy people to young families with average incomes.

When choosing a baby changer for their child, modern consumers are trying to take into account all the advantages and disadvantages of the changing table. Very often, their choice stops at models from Ikea.

What are the?

Ikea offers numerous items of furniture with a changing surface that vary in mounting method and size. They can be classified as changing tables:

  • folding table that is attached to the wall. To install it, it is necessary to make several holes in the ceiling, using reliable fasteners in order to avoid possible injuries to the child;
  • folding, which feature is the ability to store in the folded state, so that this table does not take up extra space;
  • portable table in the form of a changing board that can be installed on a children's bed, on a regular table and even on a washing machine in the bathroom;
  • chest of drawers with removable changing table, which is stable and spacious;
  • little table with a comfortable changing table and shelf for storing things;
  • transformer swaddling beds, most often part of a changing cabinet or combined with a children's bed.


Today in the Ikea catalogs you can find the following models with very good reviews.


This model belongs to the wall mounted tables for newborns. It is made of a tubular steel frame, which is wearing a case of thick fabric (polyester). The upper part of the design has several plastic pockets, convenient for storing all kinds of care details. Directly diaper is equipped with sideswhich are covered with a soft coating and equipped with polyurethane foam mattress.

The advantage of this hanging table is compact, because in the raised position, it almost does not take place. It is also convenient that you can hang such a design at any height, so for each woman you can choose the most comfortable location. The disadvantages include the short life of such a table, because the kids quickly gain weight, become active, therefore it is not safe to locate them on such a device. As a rule, they use this table until the baby is six months old.

The size of the model "Antelope": width 74 cm, depth: 78 cm. Cost 3 800 rubles.


Folding model of the changing table "Spoling" is made of a metal frame on which a polyester awning is stretched. This portable baby changer looks like a small hammock, fitted on the sides with pockets-containers for storing baby supplies. The advantage of this folding table consists exclusively in its compactness, ease of transportation and low price tag,a minus can be called the extreme instability of a similar design, sagging of the changing surface and the small size of the changing place.

Sizes of the Spoling model: width: 60 cm, depth: 80 cm, height: 94 cm. Cost 2 700 rubles.


This is a table that simultaneously performs the role of a locker. As the child grows up, such a structure is transformed into a rack, for which it is necessary to simply dismantle the changing surface. The product is made of chipboard, painted with acrylic enamel, and the direct changing surface is made of MDF with a coating in the form of a melamine film. This changing table has a comfortable size, and a strong and solid base contributes to the correct formation of the baby’s posture.

The disadvantage of such furniture is its instability when pressing on the edges of the changing room. The manufacturer proposes to compensate for this drawback by fastening the structure to the wall with the help of hinges that are included in the kit.

Dimensions of the changing table "Hensvik": width 75 cm, depth 76 cm, height 161 cm. Cost is 9 799 rubles.

"Leksvik" and "Sundvik"

Models "Leksvik" and "Sundvik" represent a table combined with a chest of drawers, or, as the manufacturer often writes, with a cabinet. They are on high stable legs and have, in addition to the changing table, two levels of drawers and one shelf.

These designs are sustainable, equipped with a large diaper, which is fenced with safe bumpers. The advantages of this option include the reliability and safety of the design, which will withstand even the weight of an older child and a comfortable height at which it is convenient for the mother to dress the baby. Important advantage is possibility of long usewhich is ensured by the presence in the model of boxes and shelves for storage.

An additional convenience is to equip the chest of drawers, changing rooms "Leksvik" and "Sundvik" with drawers that have stoppers that protect against full extension.

Products are made of natural wood. This is a solid pine, treated with stain and colorless varnish. Sizes of the Lesvik model: width 86 cm, depth 78 cm, height 94 cm. Cost is 11,999 rubles.

The wardrobe with the Swadvik changing surface is more variable in size: 79 cm wide,depth 51 cm (although you can order a more voluminous version with a depth of 87 cm), the minimum height is 99 cm, and the maximum is 108 cm. The cost of the dresser with the changing table “Sundvik” is 11,999 rubles.


This model is a table-shelf, which includes a changing surface, fenced from all sides by flanges, and a shelf on which you can expand children's wardrobe items and care products. This table is made of solid beech wood, covered with colorless varnish, preserving the attractive natural color of the tree. The swaddling surface and the bottom shelf are a sheet of fiberboard, painted with acrylic paint.

The convenience of this table is structural stability combined with its low weight and ease of movement. The disadvantages include the fact that items for the care of the baby during storage on the Sniglar stand are on the open surface, and dust can accumulate on them. Given this fact, the manufacturer offers to purchase plastic containers for storing children's things when buying a changing table “Sniglar”, which can be either put on the shelf of the bookcase or fixed on its sides.

Also, the disadvantage of this model can be called a not very high maximum permissible load, which is 11 kg. You can only wear a baby on a similar table until six months. The dimensions of the changing table "Sniglar": length 72 cm, width 53 cm, height 87 cm. Cost is 1 999 rubles.


The Gulliver model is also a changing table. Unlike the modest product “Sniglar”, which has only one shelf, the “Gulliver” changing station is equipped with three shelves and attractive lattice side walls. The frame and side walls of the product are made of natural wood (solid birch, covered with white acrylic enamel). The changing surface is made of moisture resistant MDF, also painted white.

The disadvantages of this model are almost the same as those of the Sniglar model: the need to place children's things on the open surface and additional expenses for the purchase of containers for their storage. The advantage can be called a greater number of shelves, increasing capacity and somewhat greater stability, due to the presence of transverse structural elements.

The dimensions of the changing table "Gulliver": width 82 cm, depth 54 cm, height 93 cm. Cost is 3 199 rubles.


This model is a full-fledged changing changing room chest of drawers equipped with a changing table surface in the form of a table. It is large enough, has three volume drawers and three shelves, high sides that protect the baby from falling during coups and two positions of the height of the table top. The stable design and the different height of the tabletop allow you to use this model until the child reaches the year.

In the future, as the baby gets older, the “Stuva” changing cabinet can be turned into a desk for the student, for which the owners simply follow the attached instructions. Among the shortcomings can be noted the sharp corners of the sides, which need to be hung by any soft lining in order to avoid injuries to the child.

The dimensions of the dresser with the “Stuva” changing table: width 90 cm, depth 79 cm, height 102 cm. The cost is 10,000 rubles.


This is a portable changing surface made of plastic. It has sides of medium height and is designed to be installed on any stable surface.The advantage of this table is its mobility and low cost. The disadvantages include the fact that such a diaper does not have a rigid fixation to the base on which it is installed, and an active baby can fall to the floor along with such a device.

To achieve maximum comfort for the child, it is advisable to purchase a special soft case that will cover the plastic surface of the table. Also, the disadvantages include small and not very comfortable size.

The dimensions of the portable aspelenny table "Vedra": length 74 cm, width 48 cm. The cost is 1,200 rubles.

In the next video you will find an overview of the changing cabinet "Sundvik" from Ikea.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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