Choosing a desk for two children

When children go to school, they have to think about buying a new and comfortable writing desk, because the school desk has a negative effect on children's posture every day. However, if with the purchase of products for one child usually does not arise, then a desk for two children is somewhat more difficult to buy. And yet, this task is completely solvable, if you familiarize yourself with the main nuances of the right choice before you buy.


Today, in the market of furniture products, many models of desks for two seats are presented to the attention of the buyer. Conventionally, all products can be classified into linear and angular.

Straight lines

The first options include several designs. For example, it can be a long table with a large tabletop and a symmetrical design.He can have two seats next to him, and on the sides - on a convenient row of drawers in the amount of three or four pieces.

On such tables you can arrange not only textbooks and school supplies: some of them are suitable for placing laptops and even a computer. Other linear variants have a distinction in the middle of the structures, thereby defining the working space of each student. For example, the function of delimitation can perform a shelf with a number of draw-out boxes. Some products of this type are additionally equipped with hinged shelves, since in most cases it is rarely possible to fit all school supplies inside the drawers.

Separate desks of the direct type can have complex hinged structures consisting of symmetrical racks and general closed compartments with doors. The most convenient products that do not interfere with the two students to do their homework are the elongated type options that are installed along the windows. Such models can have a rectangular or slightly rounded shape. Unlike analogs, they have a wide space for each user.

In addition to the classic single countertops, desks for two places can have two. However, other options are unique in that they can change the slope of the working surface of each tabletop separately. Such models can have not only common drawers of a sliding type, but also shelves or drawers under the countertops themselves.


Such models, although they allow the use of each centimeter of usable area to the maximum, are not always convenient for two students.

  • This is due to the light entering the workplace, which should fall to the left, which is impossible for two children at the same time, unless you use additional lighting.
  • In most cases, they are asymmetric, and therefore the amount of space for each student is different. For one of them it is more than for the other.

    It would seem that such models should be comfortable, but this is only for one student. When this product is used by two children, you have to get up and take the necessary items from the general rack or a number of boxes, which, as a rule, is located on one side. Rarely what model of the angular type has a symmetrical set of structural elements.And this is a waste of time, and discomfort.


    Individual types of desks for two schoolchildren include non-standard width products with seats on both sides, models embedded in school corners with shelves, comfortable drawers with drawers and hinged shelves of open or closed type. Built-in furniture is notable for its functionality, it allows you to put inside a lot of small items, in addition to all school supplies. It can be called a good acquisition for interior decoration of a small nursery.

    Children's tables for schoolchildren in two places can be sliding, which allows you to choose models with growth variability from 116 to 187 cm. Other options include computer-type tables. They are convenient and quite functional, since they almost always have a lot of shelves and drawers for the location of equipment (computer, laptop). However, to buy a really good model of this type, you will have to try, because not every computer table of the angular type can be used by two users.

    And the point here may lie in the fact that due to the peculiarities of the design, more favorable and comfortable conditions will be created for one child than for another.There may be unnecessary compartments for CDs, empty openings for the system unit, a sliding panel under the table top. However, in large cities among these models, it is still possible to choose a more or less suitable option.

    If the assortment of stores does not differ in diversity, it is better to buy two small but functional tables, setting them either linearly or angle.


    Today, desks for schoolchildren and preschoolers are made from different raw materials.

    • This, above all, wooden products, such as oak. Sliding table can be made of solid beech. Face-to-face options are also made from durable woods.
    • The budget products presented in the assortment of stores can be made of wood derivatives (including chipboard). Of course, it is worse in quality than wood, has a shorter service life, does not always provide for repairs, and is also afraid of moisture. A significant blow to such a product can break it. However, such products are also bought, because not everyone has the opportunity to purchase premium tables.
    • Participates in the creation of some models and plastic.However, no matter how it was advertised, claiming safety for health, it cannot be called a good raw material for children's furniture. Over time, the plastic is able to release toxic substances into the air. In addition, plastic furniture is terribly inconvenient, it does not withstand significant mechanical shocks, its appearance is spoiled even by scratches.

    Sizes and colors

    Dimensions of a desk for two children can be different, depending on the model itself, as well as its functionality. Indicators of length, width and height can be:

    • 175x60x75 cm and 208x60x75 cm for direct products;
    • 180x75 cm - at the corner;
    • 150x75x53-80 cm - in sliding with dimensions of retractable organizers 27x35 cm;
    • 120x75x90 cm - for the face-to-face options.

    The sizes can vary, as today often the trade mark independently sets its own standards. Some options can be located on the entire length of the wall with a window. Others do not comply with the standards at all, for example, if the product is carried out for measurements of a specific room, taking into account the space allocated for furniture.

      Color solutions for desks for two students today are varied. Products can be made in gray, white, natural wood palette.Much of the models offered to the attention of buyers, made in a combination of two shades.

      A popular design option for students' writing desks is the combination:

      • milky and brown;
      • light gray and green;
      • light gray and beige;
      • orange and brown;
      • pale yellow and black;
      • walnut and gray-black colors.

      Style and design

      Desks for schoolchildren are trying to acquire in such a way that they are in harmony with the general concept of stylistics. However, whatever the direction of interior design, convenience, brevity and comfort remain important criteria for choosing. In fact, models for children should not be fanciful and complex. Yes, they can have a slightly rounded shape, a streamlined design, but the extra decor will only interfere, rather than hinting at belonging to a particular style, taken as the basis of the interior.

      To the table harmoniously fit into the desired style, you should bet on color and conciseness. Furniture can also help: it is excellent if it is performed in unison with the decoration of lighting devices or accessories of other furniture components.With regard to the use of color, it is worth considering: the shade should not stand out against the general background of the interior composition. However, it is not at all necessary that the tone is identical, it is enough and kindred, it introduces many-sidedness in the design.

      Children's desktop with drawers will look stylish in any direction of the design. However, it should be borne in mind: the classic with its burden to the elements of palace solemnity and the demonstration of expensive solid furniture for the nursery is a bad choice. It is worth making out this room in modern directions, including minimalism, hi-tech, perhaps bionics, modern.

      How to arrange?

      Put the desk in two places can be different. It depends on the area of ​​a particular room, the characteristics and type of model, as well as the nuances of the layout of the room itself. For example, you can install a children's desktop for two students along the window or near it. You can also put the product along one of the walls. This installation method is relevant for variants of the built-in type or school corners.

      Angular models, as well as analogs of the linear type, are put not only in the corners near the wall with a window.In very spacious rooms they have, deployed from the wall. At the same time, the working space is usually fenced off with a rack or another method of zoning is performed, bringing an unobtrusive organization into the room.

      Sometimes the table and put at all perpendicular to one of the walls. This arrangement is used when buying face-to-face models. It is suitable when there is enough space in the room.

      How to choose?

      To simplify the choice of a table for two jobs for schoolchildren, worth taking note of a few simple tips.

      • The minimum space between two schoolchildren is possible only in the case of small children.
      • In the presence of a large window is to give preference to the option along it. Thus, the light of two users will be more, and each will get it about the same.
      • The durability of the model will depend on the material of manufacture. If necessary, take a wooden product with a moisture-resistant impregnation.
      • The design of the model should be comfortable. It is necessary that the child be distracted as little as possible to get the necessary school supplies.
      • The height of the table should be sufficient.If you buy the product for a long time, you should look at the options of the sliding type, which allow you to vary the height, adjusting to the different height of children.
      • Need to take options, the width of the table tops of more than 60 cm. Smaller models may be inconvenient to accommodate the most necessary items.
      • Selecting the length of the working surface, you need to take into account the place for the table lamp, because it may happen that you can’t do without it.
      • The table must be selected so that the auxiliary light installed on it does not hit the eyes of one of the users.
      • The product must be purchased in a store with a proven reputation. Having a certificate of quality and compliance with safety standards will be a factor in talking about the quality of the model.

      Successful examples and options

      Nothing helps to understand the nuances of models, as good examples. They show a good choice with the correct arrangement of structures that harmoniously fit into the interior of a particular room.

      A desk for two seats along the wall significantly saves children's space.

      The model with drawers and shelves allows each child to use the inner space to the maximum.

      The option with additional hanging shelves allows you to organize the working space of two students.

      A table in two places with a tilting of the table tops contributes to the formation of a correct and beautiful posture.

          The product in bright colors looks good in the interior of the nursery.

          The original model for the working space of two students allows you to hide from view the mass of small objects.

          How to make a desk for two children with their own hands, see the next video.

          Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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