Desk for the office: how to choose the perfect option?

 Desk for the office: how to choose the perfect option?

The table intended for work differs from lunch, coffee, kitchen. The main selection criterion is its convenience and functionality. It is assumed that a person spends a lot of time behind him. It is important to consider everything here: size, location in the room, lighting, possibility of rearrangement, user-friendly design, availability of storage space for documents, additional functionality. In cases of receiving important visitors, the solidity and representativeness of the furniture in the office play an important role.


In modern society, a pattern has emerged: even without doing work at home, it is necessary to have a separate place for computers and other office equipment.

Desks at work and at home differ little from each other. Here functionality, design and ergonomics are equally important. All the furniture in the office depends on the size of the room, taste and financial capabilities of the owner.

The office can be both a separate room, and a place combined with the living room or bedroom. The choice of furniture depends on it.

Mental office or office work involves a long stay in one place. Convenient arrangement of furniture, harmoniously selected color, shelves with the necessary documents, which are easy to reach without getting up, are important elements of the design of the cabinet.

Special features

The cabinet can have a different function, this changes the look of the desk.

In the workplace with a computer, the main role is played by office equipment and electronic media. For such purposes, suitable multifunctional computer desk with convenient output wires and cables. The presence of shelves for the printer, copier and a small box for flash drives and USB-wires will complement the design. A small table with a minimum amount of detail is suitable for laptop users.

The purpose of the cabinet as a repository of documents, archives, libraries, photographs, paintings requires a lot of space not only from the room, but also from the working surface of the table. The convenience of placing folders with papers, albums, notebooks is an important selection criterion.

From the artist's workshop, designer, fashion designer, photographer, musician is required to combine the table as supports for office equipment with the ability to lay out on the table drawings, projects, sketches, sketches of different sizes.

Using the cabinet as a place for receiving visitors, colleagues, business partners involves the placement of additional furniture. This is not only chairs, armchairs and sofas, but also a side table. A variant of the sliding table top is possible, which can be rolled out from under the main part of the table at will, and then rolled back.

In the office, which is a place for creative solitude, search, inspiration, the main thing is to put a comfortable, not too bulky table with a chair that does not interfere with the flight of fancy.


The classic style implies massiveness in execution, the use of natural wood, cloth, inlay or silk screening techniques on the surface of the tabletop, carved legs or front elements.

The table can be entirely from a natural array or with a table top made of valuable wood species veneer.

The price category of such furniture is high and depends on the type of wood and the manufacturer. The representativeness, practicality and reliability of the wooden table are closely related to these criteria.

The budget classic options are made of MDF with natural wood finish. MDF (fine-dispersed fraction) - wood residues, under the action of high temperatures and pressing formed into a plate material. MDF is non-toxic, does not emit formaldehyde, is moisture resistant, amenable to all types of milling, cutting, finishing.

A fashionable trend is the application of the aging effect with patina elements or krakolet technology on MDF furniture:

  • Patina - coloring relief details of furniture to create the impression of an old raid and darkening in the recesses or projections of individual sections of the product. This creates the effect of aging the surface.
  • Krakolit is a method of aging by applying artificial cracks on a layer of varnish or paint.
  • On drawers look good solid copper or gold-plated handles.

Office and computer desks are often made using MDF. For processing the ends of the furniture used PVC edge. Durability and durability in the operation of such products tested by time.

Tables computer standard from LDSP are divided into office and household.

The latter are more often intended for schoolchildren and take into account the characteristics of children's and teenage use of furniture.

Office rooms are too simple in design, but they are designed for long-term use, they are more reliable, are finished with PVC edges, and fasteners are strong.

Recently, tables with forging or casting elements have become topical. This piece of furniture looks unusually stylish, solid, but not heavy and massive, like a regular classic table. In addition, the table top with chased pattern will emphasize the individual style of the cabinet owner.

Glass computer tables and laptop stands became popular not so long ago. The use of tinted, frosted, transparent glass with the addition of chrome and plastic elements in a small room adds light and space. The use of photo printing and sandblasting to finish the tabletop brought the computer glass tables to a new level of popularity.

When buying, pay attention to the strength of the glass.Tempered glass is 15 times stronger than usual. The presence of anti-shock film will not allow glass to break apart when broken.

Plastic products (plexiglas) imitating glass products are more durable and stronger than tempered glass.

Constructions and design

The main criterion of the desk table is convenience and practicality.

By standards, the height of the table is 75 cm. A discrepancy of 2-3 cm is considered an acceptable norm.

The higher the height of a person, the more comfortable it will be to sit at a high table. A tabletop less than a meter long will be uncomfortable, because the elbows will be located on the shed, and your hands will get tired. For a small work surface, a sliding shelf under the keyboard is used, which often also serves as a place for storing small office supplies: pens, markers, pencils.

The recommended length of the table is at least 1100 mm, width at least 600 mm. It is desirable that the size was greater than this. But this is how the dimensions of the room will allow. If you need to install only a computer or laptop, it will be enough for a small size. In the work associated with viewing documents, sketches, with the need to make notes by hand, read books, the size of the table is convenient from 1200 mm in length.

The important point is the availability of storage space for documents. Curbstone under the table top with drawers or with a hinged door will be very useful. An extension over a table with shelves and doors is useful for a printer or a copier. An additional rack with a large number of shelves will help to place all the books and folders. A great place to store would be a desk-bureau or secretary table. Numerous visible and hidden drawers will give uniqueness to the whole cabinet.

Tables in the style of minimalism imply the absence of unnecessary details, conciseness without streamlined shapes and flashy colors. If there are no legs, a thick tabletop can be fixed to the wall at any comfortable height. A smooth flat surface, right angles will give the cabinet a modern, harmonious urban look.

A wooden table in the new-fashioned loft style of rough planks with a stone worktop must be combined with other cabinet furniture and with the finishing of the room in an industrial style. The table top is chosen in such cases marble, granite or artificial stone. Steel legs under the stone worktop will add to the industrial design in the decoration and decor of style.

Recently, Provence style tables have become a topical fashion solution. The light, airy interior design of the cabinet with the attraction of details of rustic country style or laconic Scandinavian style suggest simplicity and harmony.

There are tables with adjustable legs in height. This solution looks practical in a house where there are children who sometimes need to use the table. Changing the height of the table will allow people of different heights to sit behind it.

There are models with adjustable thrust bearings. If the floor is uneven, you can raise or lower one of the sides of the table due to the height of the thrust bearings.

Transforming tables are indispensable in small apartments and serve to save space. The table-curbstone with the opening shutters turns into a full-fledged computer table, complemented by drawers or a shelf.

An additional worktop surface is needed to unload the main workplace from unnecessary documentation. And also provides an opportunity for the visitor to place their documents on the part being advanced.

Tables with an angle of inclination of the tabletop, which can be adjusted, attract with their unusual design.This model is convenient for use in work on drawings, sketches. People of creative professions can safely choose a similar design.

Color solutions

The color of the table depends entirely on the taste of the owner. Usually the shade is tied to the rest of the furniture in the room and to the style design.

Classic style prefers woody texture.

The choice varies from dark wenge and dark walnut to white maple. The color of natural oak, Italian walnut or cherry is considered traditional. Office classics is made in the colors of wenge, bleached oak, alder or close to her “night of marino”. More modern trends to steel and white shades.

Each color has a certain psychological and semantic load. Brown and dark shades tune in a businesslike way, give solidity to the room, make you work without being distracted by particulars. These shades of brutality are preferred by men or women with a male mindset.

Light color solutions liberate, push the boundaries of the room, attract the fantasy mood. They are preferred by romantic women and men of creative professions.

Placement rules

The ideal location for the corner table will be the location by the window. Sitting can enjoy the view and work, getting aesthetic pleasure. Well, when the main daylight is to the left of the table, provided that the owner of the office is right handed. If the window will be behind the seated, is also a good option. Light will envelop the surrounding space and will not interfere with work.

When the floor space allows, the table is placed in the center so that the light from the window falls to the left. If there are no windows, then the table is placed under the source of artificial lighting. It is advisable not to sit back to the door. Sometimes this can not be avoided if the room is small, and the table can be put only in a certain way.

Alternatively, you can use the space under the stairs in your own home for a desk table. Here it is important to pay special attention to proper lighting and air conditioning. Then nothing will distract from work.

For home use is not necessary to choose an elite table. Home fit standard semi-circular models that should be placed along the wall.In the office, they can be placed in the middle of the room, you must consider the overall layout.

Beautiful examples in the interior

The solid furniture of natural wood of dark shades gives the strength of the classic Italian or English style. The table must be combined with other items of the headset, otherwise the most expensive table will look unnatural, will not fit into the interior and will not make the proper impression.

Modern minimalistic style directions imply strict rectangular shapes, certain laconic colors without semitones, ornaments and superfluous elements.

A bright cabinet table with additional elements and accessories will highlight the wide creative possibilities of its owner and will visually add space and air in the room.

Review of the computer desk in the home office, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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