Table-top in kitchen interior design

Sill-tabletop - this is an excellent solution for the kitchen interior in a small-sized apartment. Such a design can look very stylish and unusual, and also allows you to significantly save space in a small kitchen - even in spacious rooms, this option is often used as an extra table. In this article, you will learn more about the stylish models and the placement of the table top on the windowsill.

Special features

Such a modern design solution has both advantages and disadvantages. One really likes this compact design, which combines a window sill and a table, however, others may find it inconvenient. If you have not yet decided whether you need a windowsill-countertop in your kitchen, you should pay attention to the following features:

  • First of all, you need to keep in mind that such a table will be quite narrow - most often this solution resembles a bar counter. This is ideal for a family of one or two people, however, for more people, this option may be inconvenient.
  • Often the windows are not too well positioned to attach to them a tabletop, which will inevitably be slightly wider than the standard sill. In addition, there will be chairs next to it - in many layouts such an arrangement will block the passage.

In this case, it is better to consider other options.

  • If you have a little width of the tabletop, you can continue it in length by making a bend. So, instead of the usual table, you will have an L-shaped bar counter, which will be comfortable enough even for a large family. At the same time, the correct layout is important - the disadvantages of this design include the fact that the curved part with chairs takes up a lot of space and is comparable to a small regular table.
  • In a spacious kitchen, an unusual design version of this kind allows you to successfully divide the room into zones - for example, a window-sill can be used for children's meals or the window-sill can be a convenient place to work at a computer, study or work.
  • Many people like the idea of ​​a tabletop instead of a windowsill, because this way you can enjoy the view from the window while eating. If you have a large bright window with a beautiful view, you should definitely attach a small table to it - both as the main dining table and as an additional option.


The design of tabletops can be extremely diverse - modern solutions can successfully accommodate a similar design in the usual "Khrushchev", and in a spacious house in a classic style. First of all, it is worth choosing a table-top proceeding from its design.

Modern folding models can be very convenient. For a family dinner, they can be expanded to a full table, and the rest of the time a narrow window sill will not limit your movement. This is an ideal solution for small kitchens or studio apartments, in which you want to maximize the free space.

Nevertheless, many find it inconvenient to use this option because of the need to fold and fold the structure too often.

Often, under the countertop, you can place the built-in kitchen set - if you do not have enough drawers in the main headset to accommodate all the dishes and products, such a combined design will be convenient.It is best to keep there things that you do not use every day - for example, some pots or kitchen appliances. This solution is more suitable for long window sills - the box can be placed on the side.

If the boxes are along the entire length, it will be uncomfortable to sit at such a table.

If you have only one window sill, the tabletop can be extended in length: the most successful option, in terms of space saving, is a corner tabletop. However, this option is possible only with a certain layout. Another option is a tabletop, which turns into a normal full-fledged table: this design is suitable for large families in a spacious apartment. Finally, the worktop can be continued by making a bar counter out of it - this is the most frequent option, although some find it impractical.

In the interior will be important and the appearance of the tabletop. First of all, pay attention to its shape:

  • Most often, the table-top is rectangular. This is a universal option that will fit in almost any style of interior. This form is very convenient if you make a miniature tabletop, approximately the same size as the sill.If you are making a wider table in a small kitchen, it makes sense to make smooth corners so you don’t accidentally bump into them.
  • Semicircular worktop - This is another good option. This can be a model from a single layer of material or a folding transforming model, from which you can make a narrow rectangular table. A semicircular tabletop is more often characteristic of traditional interiors: it is suitable for Provencal style, neoclassicism, country style or colonial style.
  • In modern interiors, the tabletop can have fancy abstract shapes. Often these are not only visually interesting solutions, but also models that are comfortable from a functional point of view. For example, digging in the right places will help save space and optimize the layout, but it makes sense to make the dining area for each family member wider.

Modern countertops also differ in their material. Consider the following trendy and relevant options:

  • Inexpensive and popular are the models. from plastic - they can have a wide color palette and perfectly fit into various interiors in a modern style.

High-quality plastic can be quite durable and serve for a long time, however, you need to beware of the effects of hot dishes - it is better to immediately purchase coasters for hot.

  • Often countertops do from natural wood - This is an excellent option for home decor in the style of country or modern. Wood is a pleasant natural material that will delight you for many years.

In this case, the surface should also be protected from the effects of temperature and excessive moisture.

  • Now countertops are also made from acrylic stone - This is a cheaper replacement for natural stone. The material is heavy, so the place of the window sill will be able to place only a very miniature table, otherwise additional legs will be required for support. Otherwise, acrylic stone is ideal for the kitchen - it is practical, durable, and the color scheme and texture can be any.

The table can be decorated with natural marble or to be colored, to provide a mirror smooth surface or to make it rough. Everything will depend on your ideas and interior.

Finally, you should take care of the right color for your countertop.Since the window sills are usually light, dark versions of worktops are rarely placed in their place. However, everything will depend on the specific design. In the choice of color it is worth starting from the style of your interior:

  • For sophisticated interior choices are suitable complex composite colors.. If you have a small kitchen, it should be bright options - it looks great cream, lilac, olive and warm gray. If you do not need to visually expand the space, you can consider bright and dark options: chocolate and woody shades, purple, dark blue, rich beige.
  • If you have a country-style interior, it is better to choose a wooden countertop or countertop, decorated wood. It can be different natural shades - light, red or dark versions will allow you to create the atmosphere of an Alpine chalet in your home. If you want an interior in the Provencal style, wood painted in pastel colors will allow you to recreate the comfort of your home in a French village.
  • For classical interior and baroque choose bright hues. This is predominantly a pure white color, however, beige, pinkish and blue variants are possible.
  • Neoclassical and modern are characteristic dark shades of wood. If you have a table made of plastic or stone, unusual deep natural tones may be suitable: dark green, burgundy, mustard.

How to do?

Sill-countertop can be purchased in hypermarkets for the repair of other furniture items. Nevertheless, if you like to create things with your own hands, it is possible to build a countertop on your own. It will be easiest if you just replace your old window sill with the countertop. If you need to combine two windowsills or attach a bar, such projects can also be implemented, however, it will be more difficult.

If you are going to make a window-sill with your own hands, consider a number of the following nuances:

  • Begin by drawing your future worktop and choosing materials. If you choose the option of wood, plastic or plywood, with the right tools, you can easily cut the product of the required shape and trim it - you just have to buy materials, make markings and take the time to work monotonously. It is more difficult to work with a stone - it is worth undertaking this business only if you have already had a similar experience.
  • Installation is of two types - in one case, the worktop will adjoin the existing sill, and the other option involves the use of a solid slab. When installing the countertop to the finished sill you will not have the opportunity to raise the level, and the second method allows you to easily do this.

It is not recommended to lower the solid worktop below the window sill, which was in its place: it will have to deform the wall, and this may be unsafe for the construction of the building.

  • If you are installing the table top to the window sill, for this you need to grease the docking edges with a sealer with a hardener. After that, connect the edges, wait for drying and polish the joints.
  • Countertops made of a single layer of material look most aesthetically pleasing. To install them, you must first dismantle the window sill. Modern plastic window sills to cut is not difficult at all. If you have a stone window sill in an old house, it will be more difficult to destroy it. After dismantling, mark the joints with the table top on the wall and attach the product with a sealer - the technology is the same as in the case of attaching the table to an existing sill.

Tips and tricks

Reviews of countertops instead of window sills are ambiguous: for some people this solution seems convenient, while others do not like the narrow table adjacent to the wall. Anyway, if you have a small kitchen, this solution is often the best. To the tabletop was comfortable, beautiful and practical, pay attention to the advice of designers.

When choosing a countertop based on your needs. For a company of two people, a small compact option will suffice, and if you have a large family, you should look for ways to extend the table - for example, continue the bar counter along the wall or choose a folding tabletop.

Moreover, if the person in the family is really a lot, sometimes it is easier to put a regular table.

If the dining table near the window seems inconvenient to you, you can use this space for cooking - in this case, you can successfully place a kitchen unit at the bottom, and the countertop itself is perfect for cooking. This option is relevant not only for small apartments. Even in the spacious kitchen it is worthwhile to allocate extra space for cooking if the window is located close to the stove.

Consider the layout of the room. If you are not sure how well a wide table top with chairs fits into the space near the window, measure everything accurately.

It is important to understand how much space the dining area will eventually occupy and whether it will be convenient for you in such a room.

In any design it is important to highlight the semantic center of the room - often it is the dining table. Sill-table top can also be brightly decorated: choose a contrasting color, place fresh flowers there or frame the dining area with bright curtains. It will be especially successful if there is a big and bright window near the tabletop or if the tabletop has an unusual shape and goes beyond the window sill. In other cases, you can focus on another part of the kitchen - for example, a kitchen set.

Beautiful examples

Sill-countertop for the kitchen - this is an unusual and in its own difficult design solution. If you have not decided on the color, material or size, check out real examples of interior design. Perhaps one of the following ideas will suit you:

  • In order for a small kitchen to expand visually, it is important not to split up the space - a white tabletop against the background of a white wall will look great.If you extend it beyond the window sill, visually it will be almost imperceptible, however, the practical value will be significant.
  • In a modern interior it makes sense to consider the design of a bright tabletop. However, if the kitchen is quite small, the combination of disparate shades of color in different parts of it can look overly catchy and even vulgar. To avoid this and create the most seamless design project, it is necessary to attach the countertop to the kitchen.
  • If you are looking for a truly stylish and unusual solution for a modern interior, you should consider a dark stone worktop. In combination with a panoramic window and bright high chairs, it can look great. The built-in tabletop in this case does not look like a forced solution to save space - this is a full-fledged designer zest in the interior.

On how to make a kitchen counter with your own hands, you can learn from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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