Folding wooden table for giving and at home: functionality and comfort

Folding wooden table is a compact and stylish type of furniture. It is relevant not only for country houses, but also city apartments. Features of this product allow you to install it in any room of an apartment or house.

Features and benefits

Folding wood table is gaining popularity due to its compact design. Such models can be installed in the room, and take with you to nature. In this case, when folded, this table does not take up much space. This quality is especially appreciated in a small apartment.

Still such furniture possesses a number of positive qualities.

  • Durability. Tables of solid wood will last more than a dozen years. At the same time, they are resistant to mechanical damage;
  • High resistance to sunlight. As a rule, a wooden table is treated with a special tool that helps it not to fade in the sun. Such quality could not fail to appreciate gardeners, so folding furniture from an array becomes a frequent choice for summer houses and garden plots;
  • Environmentally friendly material production. Wooden furniture does not contain harmful and toxic substances, so it is used even for children's rooms;
  • Species diversity allows you to choose furniture for any interior and floor space;
  • Ergonomic. Such tables are easy to assemble and fold. Often they are lightweight and small in size;
  • Easy care. The tree does not require special attention. Wipe the surface with a dry or damp cloth and clean it once a year from the appearance of bugs.

Many of the disadvantages include high cost and instability to moisture. As for the price, then today you can pick up the model at very affordable prices or make the table yourself. For the manufacture of the model does not take a lot of money and time.

Indeed, wood does not tolerate high humidity and liquid.

If the table has been in the rain for a long time, it may swell, which will lead to cracks and damage to the whole structure, therefore it is recommended to store such furniture in a dry room with low humidity.


The constantly growing assortment attracts more and more customers who use it in various areas of their lives. These tables can be stand for flowers or dining option, a coffee table or table for the kitchen.

As a rule, such furniture is divided into the following types:

  • stationary;
  • portable;
  • folding;
  • built-in and folding.

By stationary species can be attributed table with bencheswhich is most often used in country houses. The design has a folding tabletop and benches, which are an extra seat. This table can have additions in the form of an awning or canopy, which will save from the sun or rain.

Design with height-adjustable table top (or it is also called the coffee table) can also be attributed to the stationary form. This design does not imply a large surface, but it is suitable for friendly gatherings in a small company.

Another stationary species is the so-called “Desk diplomat”. It is a structure consisting of the main tabletop, under which two additional surfaces are folded. To decompose this model, you will need to slightly move the main part and pull out additional worktops.

This configuration allows the product from a small table to turn into a spacious dining table.

Portable models are characterized by mobility and small size. As a rule, they are taken with them for a picnic, so the design with stools in the set is very popular.

The classic model of the folding design is table-book. This species has a main surface, and its area is increased by means of side worktops. Depending on the number of guests, you can expand one or two side panels. It will look equally good in the living room and in the kitchen.

The table developing in the form of a curbstone, is not less popular model. If necessary, such a structure unfolds by raising the tabletop and fixing it on a leg or support.Such furniture can serve as a working and dining table.

Another multifunctional view is dresser table. As a rule, it has a folding tabletop and drawers, which serve as a place to store things. If necessary, it can turn into a work area, become a dining area or use for storing things, flowers and souvenirs.

The built-in and folding tables most often get for kitchen. The built-in view is a worktop that can be pushed out of the kitchen unit. To do this, pull out the drawer and install the tabletop horizontally. Such a view can have both a straight and an angular design. This option can also become a desktop.

It is permissible to install it in the living room or office under the windowsill. This will save space and give the room an original look.

Folding structures are most often attached to the wall or side wall of the cabinet / headset.

In this case, the tabletop can be supported in the form of one or four legs. Properly chosen design will not only help save space, but will also add some zest to the interior.

Rules of choice.

When choosing a folding structure, you need to pay attention to the following components:

  • Structural strength. It is necessary to check not only the base, but also the fittings. It must be of high quality and well fixed;
  • The shape of the table top. If in the room where there will be furniture, soft and smooth lines prevail, then you should choose a tabletop of a round or oval shape. For sharp lines and corners in the interior fit a rectangular table;
  • The area of ​​the room. If the design is chosen for a small room, then the table is better to choose the appropriate size;
  • Interior and style. Depending on this factor, you should choose furniture. For the classical style or the interior of the Baroque is better to use a solid solid wood surface. For a more modern ensemble, a model of wood-based panels with an ornament or in combination with other materials will suit;
  • Functionality. Depending on where the furniture will be used, it is worth selecting its model and design. For example, folding wooden tables bribe their compactness, versatility and versatility. Because they will always be in demand.

To learn how to make a folding wooden table for your summer cottage yourself, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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