Table do it yourself

Homemade items are popular all over the world. The more mass culture develops, the more unique products of their kind are valued. Particularly worth noting pieces of furniture, because they are used daily.

It is impossible to imagine modern life without a good table. Kitchen table, work, children, computer - a universal and vital element of the interior.

Advantages and disadvantages of home-made furniture

Furniture stores offer today's customers a wide range of tables. But not all manufacturers can boast of their good quality and reasonable price. And then, it is difficult to choose ready-made furniture for the existing area.

However, there is always the opportunity to make a table with their own hands.

After all, such furniture has its advantages:

  • Handicrafts are always exclusive, making absolutely the same things will not work. You can independently develop the original design of the table in any design style;
  • Quality and control. To create homemade items are selected good and reliable materials. All details are rechecked, because this is a one-of-a-kind work;
  • Taking into account the parameters of the room will help calculate the exact dimensions of the future table. Thanks to this, the table will perfectly fit into the space and will be more functional than the factory design;
  • The price of the self-made table will be lower than that of the shop counterpart.

Among the minuses worth noting the following features:

  • If you are not a master in the carpentry business, then you will need some time to learn the basics of mastery and skills;
  • No matter how desirable, but the first creations, most likely, will not be so beautiful and perfect. Therefore, before making a table, it is worth trying to make more simple objects, for example, in the form of ordinary shelves;
  • Quickly make a table with your own hands will not work. It is necessary to make measurements, prepare a drawing and templates of all parts, purchase materials and tools.

Tools and equipment

It is better to start making furniture comprehensively prepared in technical terms. You should take a closer look at the tools that will be useful when creating the table yourself.

If you plan to continue making furniture in the future, it is easier to purchase tools as needed, otherwise the total cost will be rather big.

The recommended functional tool kit for a beginner includes the following items.

For measurements:

  • Construction ruler for measuring the width and length of objects, drawing straight lines;
  • Square - two building rulers connected at a right angle. It is used for drawing and checking the accuracy of angles;
  • A tape measure is a reel with a metal or plastic measuring tape that is rolled back;
  • The level is used to assess the compliance of the surface of the object horizontal or vertical. It is a rectangular case made of metal, plastic or wood with a bulb inside. In the flask non-freezing liquid with an air bubble.

For cutting and carving material:

  • Hand saw or handsaw are used for sawing various materials (wood, metal, drywall). Consist of a cutting blade with teeth and a holder;
  • Jigsaw is indispensable both in straight and figure cut. There are manual and electric jigsaws. If material capabilities allow, it is better to immediately purchase the second option. They can handle a variety of materials;
  • The cutter is a knife with a powerful blade for carving;
  • The chisel consists of a handle and a blade, used to create recesses, grooves, shapes.

For drilling:

  • Drill makes holes when rotating the drill, you can work with wood, metal, tile;
  • The perforator can gouge holes in hard rock, concrete, brick;
  • Drills of various types for a drill and the puncher;
  • Screwdriver is designed for screwing dowels, screws, screws.

For processing and grinding the surface:

  • The plane is used for planing wood, consists of a knife, a blade, an emphasis;
  • The belt grinder can process and give a decent look to surfaces made of stone, metal, wood, plastic;
  • Glue, brushes, paints for finishing the product. If the table is wooden, you can simply varnish it.

Additional things that you need in the manufacture of the table - a screwdriver, nails, hammer, pliers.

In general, the entire list of tools depends on the complexity of your project. It is not necessary to buy everything, it is enough to borrow some items for a while from your friends.

Professional skills

If you are just beginning to be interested in the process of making furniture, then for independent work you will need both additional knowledge and special skills.

In order to acquire a knack, practice is necessary in any business.

The following skills and abilities will be needed when creating a homemade table:

  • handling of hand and power tools;
  • analysis of drawings;
  • measurement of the required parameters;
  • selection of quality material;
  • making templates and parts directly;
  • connection details;
  • processing and decoration of the product;
  • Patience and attentiveness in the process work.

For the first work, you should choose a simpler design or try to make a smaller version of the product.

Material selection

Furniture made of wood is a style and quality in one bottle. The table made of wood is traditional for our realities. Moreover, it will be perfectly combined with other materials in the interior.Durability, environmental friendliness and durability make wooden tables one of the most popular in operation. For its intended purpose, such products are used both at home and in work offices.

Tables are usually made from arrays of the following breeds:

  • medium soft (linden, pine, birch, spruce, cedar, alder). They are easy to process, they have a beautiful appearance, durable and not so expensive in cost;
  • solid (oak, acacia, beech, elm, larch, cherry, cherry, ash), they are very durable, wear-resistant, beautiful, but their value is higher than that of soft breeds;
  • exotic (teak, eucalyptus, mahogany, soiree, amaranth and others). They are resistant to moisture, dryness and mechanical stress, have an original look.

For the manufacture of tables used only dried material. The choice of breed depends on what and where you will use the furniture. A table for a kitchen, for example, must be scratch and moisture resistant, so hard rocks are best suited here.

In addition to the above arrays, the tables are made from the following wood materials:

  • Chipboard - wood board, made by pressing crushed wooden bars (hardwood and coniferous), glued together with resins. It may contain one, three or five layers and have a different density.It is easily processed, strong enough, has good insulating characteristics and low price. More suitable for office desks. It is undesirable to use for children's furniture because of the presence of formaldehyde in the composition.
  • The same plate covered with a polymer film is called Chipboard. It can be used for kitchen, office tables.
  • MDF - fibreboard made of sawdust dried and glued together. It is compact, well-kept form and fasteners with its small thickness of 5 to 22 millimeters. The texture of the plates is smooth and uniform, easy to process.

If chipboard and MDF perfectly mimic wood, chipboard can mimic other surfaces. All coatings have all sorts of colors and various designs.

  • A good material for training in the manufacture of the table is plywood. It is a multi-layer slab of glued veneer. It is usually made from coniferous veneer, birch or poplar. Differs in moisture resistance. Can be ground or unpolished.

For the manufacture of the table is better to choose laminated plywood.It is perfect for a desk for the house or more simple solutions for a country house.

  • Another furniture option for a private house or cottage is a table. from logs. To create such a table is perfect roundwood conifers. Kruglyak can be of various diameters: small from 6 to 13 cm, medium - 14-24 cm, large diameter starts from 25 centimeters. Log furniture can be placed in the gazebo in the courtyard, in the garden or in the waiting room. Sometimes stylized log tables can be found in restaurants. Some people equip a children's room with log furniture from small round timber, because it is an absolutely eco-friendly and safe material.
  • Wooden pallets table - a simple and very interesting solution in the design of the home. Pallets, in a different way, are pallets. For a small table will be enough several pallets. You can assemble them as a designer, and fasten together. A great option for a coffee table in the living room or as an original bedside accessory in the bedroom;
  • Peculiar and durable tables can be made from a bar. It will serve for a long time and withstand any loads.For making any tree fit. For fixing parts, it is enough to use special glue and screws. Tabletop can be made from both boards and timber. This sample will be a great solution for a large family dinner table;
  • A simple, stylish and inexpensive table will turn out using wood shield. It can be used in all rooms and interior. Furniture shield - a single sheet or glued from bars, the width of which is no more than 50 millimeters. It is harmless, aesthetic, has a pleasant texture and color. It can be varnished or painted. Russian manufacturers make most of the shields of birch, oak, beech, and conifers.

In fact, the shield is the finished worktop. It is worth cutting off necessary length for you and to equip with legs. The legs can be made of various materials.

  • It is worth considering a model homemade table from wood material that is decorated with tiles. For work you can choose any tile or mosaic elements. In principle, the frame of the table can be any, but the tabletop should be decorated with ceramic tiles. To make the decor, we glue the tiles on the countertop.It is more profitable to put a large tile, so there will be less work and fewer joints.

You can choose a tile monophonic or with various patterns. Plus, such furniture - the surface of the table will not be deformed and lose its original appearance.

  • Slab table. Such an interesting word used to be called only monolithic slabs of stone. But now the term applies to the longitudinal and transverse cuts of a solid array. Each saw has its own pattern and geometry. They make them bar, dining tables, bedside tables, coffee tables. Slab successfully combined with glass.

Acquisition of saw cut in specialized stores will be expensive. It is much easier to order it in the local power-saw bench or to do it yourself if you have a chainsaw and your own miniature power-saw bench.

  • The next idea is metal table. Or rather, from steel proftruby, which has a rectangular cross-section. Such a profile tube is a real find for those who want to create an original thing. This material is easy to use, you can create various table designs from it. The table from this profile pipe will be suitable both for a home or an office with a creative design, and for installation on the street.This material is very durable, the rectangular shape of pipes and ribs provide stability and withstand great weight. Due to its shape, the pipes are well connected with flat surfaces. Parts are fastened by welding or bolts.

Another plus is the reasonable price of profile pipes. It is worth considering that steel is a high-quality metal that will last a long time. But do not forget to pre-treat the table with corrosion protection.

The only difficulty that may arise with such pipes is if you want to make curved parts. With the help of improvised means to bend them will not work. Need a special machine.

  • Aluminum profile You can make a frame for the tables with different tabletops or one-piece folding tables for tourism, massage. Often, aluminum is used to make the basis for machine tables in workshops, with a tabletop made from sheet metal or wood;
  • Unusual tables are obtained from metal water pipes. Such a copy will look original both at home and in the garage. Buying pipes does not require large investments. You can use old pipes or buy new ones in the plumbing shop.Suitable copper, steel, galvanized. The main tool in working with them is a wrench. Tabletop material can choose to your taste. The shape of the tables, too - from a compact console or coffee table to a large dining table. The legs of the pipe is better to cover with a protective material so as not to scratch the surface of the floor. If you provide the structure with wheels, you can easily move it from room to room;
  • Forged table It looks very rich in home interior. Feet can be ordered from the masters. And the tabletop is better to do and install with your own hands;
  • For fastening the legs and decorating homemade tables are used and steel cables. They go well with massive wooden worktops;
  • Refresh the interior will help glass tablehand-made. The glass table will fit into any design style. Basically, tempered glass is used for the manufacture of worktops, and the legs are made of wood and metal. Attach them with a special glue or suction cups. Glass can be applied transparent, tinted, frosted, colored, with ornaments and other decor.In shape - round, rectangular, irregular configuration. This choice is for your taste. Special care and caution requires the process of cutting glass. Beginners should buy cut and ready glass.
  • Brick table has various incarnations. Fold brick construction can be on the garden near the barbecue grill. In an apartment or house, a bar table or a brick rack will become a functional part of the kitchen area. In a dwelling with a large area will look solid brick kitchen set. Masters recommend the use of ceramic bricks. It is more durable and resistant to moisture, in contrast to the silicate version. Brickwork does not require large investments and supernatural skills. But it is better to think about the location of the table in advance. After all, then you can not move it.

At the end of the decor you can cover the structure with ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, wooden tabletops or stone slabs;

  • Stone products deserve special attention from the masters. Unique design, environmental friendliness, durability, luxurious look - a chic set of characteristics.Most often granite and marble slabs are used for manufacturing.
    1. Granite - this is the strongest material. It glitters and is not afraid of mechanical effects, temperature changes, moisture, detergents and even acids. These countertops are simply created for the kitchen. Granite slabs solid, smooth, with a smooth surface. This is the perfect creation of nature.
    2. Marble has almost the same qualities, the only thing - it is not resistant to acids. And it is easier to process and shape.
  • Fake diamond produced by applying a mixture of stone and acrylic resin on plywood. It is moisture-resistant, easily processed, but exposed to dyes, high temperatures, deformation in the form of chips and scratches. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the protective coating in advance. Or it is necessary to grind it periodically to eliminate the disadvantages.
  • Out of concrete also make tables. It can be created by mixing cement, chemical additives, dyes, fillers in the form of sand, glass, stone chips. This mixture is poured on a wood sheet with side contours.

There are a variety of materials with which you can manually create exclusive things.Some craftsmen make furniture, even from ordinary plastic bottles!

It all depends on the imagination and capabilities. The above materials can be successfully combined with each other.

A brilliant example of such a combination is a table-river. The basis of the table top is a wooden slab with original glass, phosphorus, epoxy resin and metal inserts. Such models are very fashionable and look spectacular.


Having decided on the material for work, it is necessary to study possible designs for a future product .:

  • Standard table - a usual design without excess details: either rectangular, or round. Consists of four legs, table tops, fixings. It is steady, comfortable. Legs can be straight, X-shaped. Such a product is traditional for our life, it is often made of wood. And this is the easiest option that you can try to make a beginner;
  • Foldable design ideal for rooms with a small area. If it is not necessary, the table can be folded and removed so that it does not clutter the space. Such furniture is convenient to transport in the car. Miniature folding tables are indispensable for a picnic in nature.

There are many options for a folding table. If it is made in the form of a pedestal, then the folding sides should be shorter than the height of the pedestal.

For tourism, lighter collapsible designs are provided in which you can remove the legs and fold the table as a portfolio. Lacquered plywood, aluminum profiles, plastic table top are perfect for arranging such a table. Legs can be removable, cross-shaped, straight, with adjustable height and its adjustment.

Foldable design has different variations. To select the most appropriate scheme, you should analyze the mechanism of their work.

Save space will help regular sliding table, or in another way it is called a transformer. A simple example is the Soviet table, in which the rectangular tabletop is moved apart to the sides, then another part is inserted into its center.

Rotary folding design even harder. It is called the table-book. It is much more compact. Special mechanisms are used to attach the main worktop cover to the frame, and the sides to the cover itself. Such products can be equipped with a drawer drawer system.

Folding wall table consists of one or two legs. The table top is fastened to the wall with the help of rotating mechanisms; when closing, it takes up a vertical position due to a mechanical retainer.

Coffee table they work with two worktops, one of which is hidden inside the other. It looks like a regular table. But due to special levers a small tabletop can be pulled out and locked. It can shift to the sides or go up.

"Suitcase" or "portfolio" they make two skeletons of timber, covered with plywood and fastened with fittings. Separately attached legs, they are removable.

Corner option construction is difficult to manufacture. Often written, computer tables are made exactly angular. First, make the tabletop, then attach the frame to the rear, make blocks for shelves and drawers.

Functional purpose

By function, tables can vary.

  • For example, regular coffee table quite simple to manufacture. In shape, it can be either rectangular or with a round or oval table top. It can be placed in the living room, in the hall or used in the bedroom as a small bedside option. Such furniture is made of various materials.The most common option is wood materials. The legs can be made of wood, metal. They can attach wheels for mobility.

To make a table with the effect of infinity, mirrors are inserted into the frame in parallel, and between them is placed the source of light.

  • Computer table by design it can be angular, rectangular or combined. In the process, you need to remember about the windows in the room - the light should fall on the left for right-handers and vice versa. In this case, the light should not fall on the computer screen. The standard height of such a model is 75 centimeters. But it all depends on the growth of the user. For convenience, the legs can be made adjustable in height or clearly designed for your height.
  • Game computer table they are usually made angular and with a special niche in the tabletop, or they pick up a chair with armrests, so that hands do not get tired and lie on one surface, because often people spend many hours playing a game. Direct computer desk is convenient for professional work with graphics, photos. In products it is recommended to provide niches for the printer, scanner and other equipment.
  • Desk, as well as computer, has various configurations. But his tabletop should be wider so that it is convenient to work with documents and papers. Your performance directly depends on the design of the product.
  • Corner School Desk for the student saves space in the nursery. In this case, it should accommodate textbooks and notebooks, stationery. To keep all school supplies in order, it is better to equip the product with drawers. Adjustable legs will adapt to the growth of the child. If the apartment is one-room, then a rectangular table with a folding or folding mechanism will do.
  • Desk for adults it is better to make it big, without unnecessary details, so that they do not distract from the work process. These options are suitable tables in the style of a loft. They are made of a metal frame and a wooden or glass tabletop, under which you can equip boxes.

A table made from a windowsill is an ergonomic solution. The table top is placed in place of the dismantled window sill and propped up with legs, racks.

  • Dressing table may have different functions.Often they are equipped with dressing rooms for artists, hairdressers and offices makeup artist. It is advisable to equip this furniture with a backlit mirror with a good light bulb or LED strip. After all, light is very important for the proper application of makeup and makeup.
  • Home table can be placed in the bedroom or in the bathroom or hallway. Women's dressing tables, in contrast to the dressing room models, more miniature. And the mirror can be separately hung on the wall, not including in the design of the table. Wood, chipboard, MDF, fiberboard are great as a material for their manufacture.
  • Notebook Stand - the thing is necessary. It is small-sized, protects the laptop from overheating, makes the process more comfortable. It can be made in a folding version. Suitable for work, lying on the bed.
  1. Adjustable table on wheels is convenient if you are sitting on a sofa or in a chair. After work is complete, you can quickly move it.
  2. The tables with cooling are made in the form of a stand, leaving a special hole - a niche in the tabletop where the small fan fits.
  3. A compact stand-up desk on a laptop is a great solution for in-store consultants. It does not clutter the space.
  • Dinner table - Mandatory attribute in every home.After all, it is for him going to the family for a meal to celebrate holiday dates. Therefore, it should be large enough and durable. For work, it is preferable to choose natural breeds. If you want to save, then choose solid wood. It remains to determine the size, shape and design. The design can be different - simple, sliding, folding. Form - rectangular, round, oval, semicircular.
  • Children's table necessary for the child from the moment when he begins to sit. The type of such products depends on the age of the child. Linden and coniferous trees are suitable for making them. It is better to grind all the details so that the child does not get hurt.

By design children's tables can be very different.

  • For the little ones there are tables for feeding.
  • A child of preschool age will draw, sculpt, play with sand and educational toys at play and touch tables. For them fit folding design.
  • As long as a first grader gets used to the role of a student, a regular small desk will suit him.
  • Older students can prepare lessons at a large writing desk or at a folding bookcase.
  • Many teenagers love to spend time at the computer desk, the corner option is suitable for them. It is better to provide all samples with shelves and boxes.

To select the model of the future dacha table, decide on its location. Basically, it is placed in the house, in the gazebo, on the veranda or terrace, in the garden or in the utility rooms. For garden and gazebos, log models or simple tables with cross-shaped legs, combined with benches, are suitable.

A simpler option - the creation of furniture using stumps. It is enough to attach a worktop made of chipboard, furniture board or ordinary boards and equip similar chairs. In the end to varnish products.

A table of such tools as wooden pallets will add color to your terrace or veranda. To create a cozy atmosphere, it is better to provide them with similar chairs with soft ottomans.

If the dacha area allows, it is better to build a large dining table with a round or rectangular shape of wood materials.

For a picnic or for household use, compact folding structures with aluminum profiles and plywood are suitable.

Manufacturing process step by step

As an example, consider the process of creating a wooden model. Wooden furniture is versatile, environmentally friendly and durable.

Some recommendations in the work, which should be taken into account:

  • The product should fit perfectly into the room and leave a place for sitting and space for movement;
  • The number of people who will use the product. Count on each not less than 70 centimeters in width;
  • For children, consider age and height, especially the chair;
  • The shape of the table top can be oval, round, rectangular, square, irregular shape.
  • Size - most often choose a width from 80 to 120 cm;
  • The number of legs can vary from one to four. Their length and size should be the same. The shape of the legs are different, but the upper part should end in a square for better fastening. The material may be different from the tabletop. Ready-made legs can be purchased or welded from a metal profile;
  • If you are a beginner, then choose a durable material for the tabletop, easy to process, for example, oak.

Having decided on the design, functional purpose and choosing the material for the future product, you can proceed to the creation of the drawing.It is important to perform all actions correctly and consistently, otherwise you will have to redo all the work again.

If there are ready examples of drawings - fine, but carefully read them before use. Own ideas can be drawn on paper or in a special computer program. Specify the size of each item.

It is necessary to make separate templates for all parts. Prepare the canvas, dry, clean, cover with antiseptics. Then the templates are transferred to the canvas and make parts: tabletop, legs, fasteners.

Next comes the assembly - the connection of parts into a single structure by drilling holes and tightening the bolts, using glue. At the stage of processing the product is polished and coated with paint and varnish products. To decorate the product will help carved patterns.

From scrap materials

To save time and money, craftsmen often use original materials in the manufacture of furniture. Some examples of how to quickly and easily make a table out of pallets, plastic bottles, using hemp, windowsill, polypropylene pipes have already been described above.

But there is no limit to human imagination.

Other interesting materials should be considered in more detail:

  • For a private house or cottage, you can make a table of wood or logs. Plywood is suitable as a table top; a stable leg is constructed by joining several wood;
  • Collect a table from the remnants of the floor laminate is not difficult. True, the tabletop will be thin, but very beautiful and smooth. It is better to use laminate boards with locking connection. From boards glued shield. While it dries, it is better to tighten the slats to the surface turned out to be smooth. To impart stability under the tabletop, stiffening ribs should be installed;
  • Waste tires can be transformed into a mini-table. The contours of the tires are covered with round plywood on both sides. Then glue is applied to the whole structure and it is decorated. Such a product will be a wonderful decoration of the veranda;
  • From the old suitcase, you can also make a table, inside which small things will be placed. It is enough to clean and paint it, attach a plywood base, fasten purchased or made wooden legs;
  • Lining is considered to be material for interior decoration by covering.But you can make furniture from the wall paneling. It is perfect for a folding table. It is enough to supplement it with legs from bars, make fasteners from self-tapping screws and fasten with connecting corners;
  • If you cover the old door with glass cloth, you will get a wonderful table top for a dining table in the living room. Legs can be picked up from a metal profile or a bar. It all depends on the weight of the door;
  • Packaging cartons make good notebooks, miniature little tables for a nursery, or furniture to house knick-knacks. Its only disadvantage is that the cardboard loses its shape under the influence of moisture.


Make the finished product unusual and pleasant to the eye is not difficult.

The easiest way is to paint the product. Options for interesting design set. On any worktop, you can arrange a three-dimensional drawing, just varnish it or decorate it with multi-colored stripes or use the chess method, stencils.

In the children's room it will be practical to paint the tabletop with slate paint. On such a surface is convenient to write and draw.

In addition to painting, carved patterns (only wood) are used to decorate the tables, creating a semi-antique effect, decoupage, stained glass, wrapping film, mosaic, mirrors, lights.

"Make old" furniture details is not so difficult. First, paint is applied in several layers, then selectively rub it with sandpaper in some places. This simulates wear and tear.

Decoupage of wooden products is traditional for Provence style furniture. The technique used paper napkins, fabrics with drawings in floral style. They are glued to a wooden or glass surface, covered with varnish.

Wrapping film is also one of the cheap and uncommon ways of decorating. Films will fit any - one-color, with ornaments, with fluorescence, metal effect, imitation of surfaces of various materials.

Glass tables can be decorated with a luminous panel of LED lamps or tape, or create a tunnel effect using the mirror bottom.

The mosaic tabletop will transform even the simplest interior. The material used as a tile, and small stones, pieces of rock, old music CDs, thin wooden slats. If the surface turns out uneven due to the convexity of small parts, the tabletop can be covered with glass or filled with epoxy resin.On transparent glass worktops, stained glass drawing made with special paints also looks advantageous.

Thus, the independent production of the table is a doable task even for beginners in this business. Self-made products are in no way inferior in beauty and functionality to modern factory counterparts. Moreover, working with your own hands will bring not only real results, but also spiritual satisfaction, a feeling of joy from the work done. You can be proud of the work done and proudly show it to your guests.

How to make a beautiful table with old hands from old boards, see the next video

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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