Choosing a transforming table for sewing

For those who sew a lot at home using a sewing machine, the proper organization of the workplace is very important. It is important that all the necessary material was at hand and there was enough space for comfortable cutting and sewing. In such conditions, doing your favorite business is much more pleasant, so the choice of a table for sewing should be approached very seriously.

Criterias of choice

Not everyone can afford to allocate a lot of space in the apartment for the organization of their working area. Therefore, it is often necessary to select such options that will save space, and at the same time do things comfortably. For rooms of small size ideal is a transforming table for sewing. The designs of transformers are different, so you need to choose such a table based on several aspects.

The determining factor is the size of the room in which the sewing corner will be organized. Folding table fits perfectly for a small room, because when folded it takes up little space and does not look cumbersome. Some designs also provide for the presence of wheels for easier movement.

The size of the sewing machine or overlock is also important. For large dimensions, a large work surface is needed so that in addition to the tools themselves, it is possible to conveniently place fabric and other necessary accessories.

The reliability of the table and its durability are directly related to the quality of the material from which it is made. The best raw material is natural wood, but it significantly increases the cost of the finished product. Options from chipboard are much cheaper and lighter in weight, and, accordingly, if necessary, their frequent movement is more advantageous.

Folding transforming table must be made using high-quality furniture fittings, so that with frequent unfolding longer serve.


In addition to the standard sewing tables, there are various transforming models that are very convenient to use, take up little space and perform many functions.

Table book

Among the budget and the most simple models can be distinguished folding table-book. As a rule, it includes three sections. The central one is stationary, and on the sides there are two wings, which in the unfolded state make it possible to obtain a rather large working space for sewing.

Such a “book” can have three wings. When folded, they rest on the swivel legs. Models of this type can be equipped with wheels, which facilitates their movement.

But it should be borne in mind that this is the easiest version of the folding table, which does not provide for additional departments and shelves for storing materials. In addition, in conventional models, the sewing machine is quite high.

An improved model of the table-book suggests a special compartment for a sewing machine. It can be equipped with an additional mechanism that allows you to adjust the height of the location of the machine.

When the compartment is completely lowered, the machine is not visible on the table.This allows you to conveniently store it when not in use. The presence of this mechanism increases the cost of construction.


Another type of table-transformer is a table-dresser. It can be ordinary or angular. Its hinged compartment rests on the door, which swings open. The main advantage over the table-book is the presence of additional shelves for storing sewing accessories. The sewing machine itself also hides in a special compartment with an elevator, which, if necessary, lifts it to the desired height.

The large cabinet also has enough space to store overlock and other necessary tools. Side tables are also equipped with wheels and can have from one to three wings.

Corner table

Corner structures occupy a little more space in the room, but at the same time provide an impressive work surface. Inside the corner bollards there is enough space for storing a large number of tools and accessories, and the work surface itself allows you to cut, sew and carry out all the necessary work with convenience without changing position.

It is very convenient to use folding folding table from Ikea,which looks very stylish and functional.

Series "Comfort"

Little tables for sewing machines "Comfort" are presented by a wide variety of folding models. They differ from each other in size and the presence of additional shelves and accessories. Many designs provide storage of both cars and overlock.

For example, the design of the table "Comfort-3" is a roll-out cabinet, which in a fully unfolded state forms a large work surface. Behind this sewing table it is convenient to work both with the machine, and with an overlock. It has a lifting mechanism with three positions. This model is also equipped with a sectional container and retractable drawers. When folded, this cabinet is very compact and takes up little space.

Some sewing tables also have a door locking system to prevent small children from getting to the sewing supplies. This system allows you to block all items that can be opened.

DIY furniture

To save on buying a sewing table, you can make it yourself. As a basis, you can use a simple old computer desk.From it you can make a sliding transformer, behind which it is convenient to sew and which does not take up much space.

You can take ready-made drawings with the dimensions of all the necessary parts or calculate everything yourself, subject to the presence of at least some experience in the manufacture of furniture. Such a table can be equipped with a hinged lid, under which there will be compartments with sewing accessories.

The advantages of self-made sewing tables are that they can be planned for your personal needs with the necessary departments and the necessary dimensions. For your workshop you can design a table that fits for felting.

The presence of a specially equipped sewing table in the house will greatly facilitate the sewing process, make it more comfortable. The most suitable of the options for transforming tables will help to competently organize the workspace without cluttering up a small room. The process of sewing at this table will bring only pleasure.

How can you make such a table with your own hands, see the video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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