Pierome: models and design options

Every self-respecting woman watches her appearance, cares for her skin, applies makeup. Therefore, to have in the house a separate corner for women's trifles is the dream of each. Practical and at the same time convenient way to implement it is the acquisition of a dressing table, whose design options and style solutions today exist quite a lot.


Today, for sure, every beauty knows what a pier glass is and how it looks. The dresser is a mirror, often of rather large size, which is usually complemented by a comfortable table with drawers for cosmetics and other care products.

The history of the female dressing table dates back to the XVIII centurywhen ladies spent more than one hour in their boudoir rooms and were preparing for a social event. In those days, the mirror was actively introduced into the everyday life of secular society, so rich ladies could place even two-meter specimens in their room.

The presence of such furniture in the room of the lady pointed to its financial well-being, since for its manufacture they used expensive types of wood. The high price of the tables was also conditioned by the complexity of the design and the rich design, which required considerable material costs and the painstakingness of the master.

Until recently, the pierum was a place for girls to wash and apply makeup in the boudoir room. At present, women often cannot allocate a separate room for themselves, so they arrange a corner in the bedroom for themselves. There, it is most convenient for her to induce beauty in the morning and look after herself before going to bed.

Modern dressing tables surprise with their diversity, which allows you to easily choose a model for every taste and color. The presence of this piece of furniture in the room makes it more romantic and stylish, helps to create an individual mood.

The dresser is a very functional piece of furniture. In addition to a fairly large surface of the table, it is often equipped with a large number of spacious drawers. This solution will allow not to force bedside tables, shelves in the bathroom and other surfaces in jars with creams and scrubs. Everything you need will always be at hand.

When there are no other surfaces in the room, the dresser can be used for such useful trifles as an alarm clock, mobile phone, book or magazine. Also at the table you can drink morning coffee. Before going to bed right in the bedroom, you can answer an urgent letter using a laptop or check the electronic schedule for tomorrow.

Depending on the intended use, each girl chooses a particular model.

Models and designs

Thinking about the choice of a suitable model of the dresser from the wide variety presented on the furniture market today, one should, first of all, take into account the peculiarities of the room. A significant role is played by the area of ​​the room in which this furniture will stand. Other interior features, the color scheme of the bedroom set or the walls in the living room also have an influence on the choice. The appearance of this simple toilet device in the house should not disrupt its harmony and design ideas.

For a spacious room is quite suitable piercing impressive size.which remotely resembles a dresser. Such a roomy fixture can easily replace a closet in a bedroom, since it is possible in it,in addition to cosmetics and creams, place bedding or clothing.

Compact Varieties of Ladies' Tables perfectly fit into the design of a small room. Despite its modest size, such a table will not lose its multifunctionality. A dresser with small but deep side tables on the sides will allow you to place all the necessary trifles, and a minimalistic design will make it barely noticeable in the overall interior. With an acute shortage of space, you can buy a pier in which the chair or stool is easily hidden in a niche for the legs.

An interesting and at the same time practical can be called an angular pier glass. In contrast to the classic rectangular models, such a variety with a rather compact arrangement allows it to accommodate much more objects. Such specimens may have a folding mirror that cleverly hides in the worktop. This allows you to use the desktop space for other purposes - as a working or dining table.

Very popular and at the same time convenient model today is the make-up artist's dressing table. The main feature of such instances is the presence of lamps around the perimeter of the mirror,that allows you to put on make-up as accurately as possible and to mask even small imperfections on your face.

Pierce called trellis or "photo album" has in its design impressive dimensions tricuspid mirror. Thanks to this decision, a person can look at himself in the mirror from different angles, which is especially convenient before leaving the house. A girl can evaluate her hairstyle or a chosen outfit from the side, which will give her confidence in herself. The disadvantages of such models from the array can be attributed to their impressive dimensions, which requires a lot of space.

Styles and design options

The style decision for this piece of furniture is usually selected in accordance with the design of other furniture and the entire room as a whole. The best option in this case would be to purchase all the furniture together, you can also make a dressing table of suitable color and size to order.

The color scheme of dressing tables is quite diverse., but most often in the bedrooms you can find a white pier glass. Vintage antique white or milk-colored dressing table with wrought base and ornate metal fittings will look gentle and elegant.

A good option for a bright room would be a women's dressing table in pastel or pale pink shades. Unlike the furniture of red color, the dressing table of calm tones will not aggressively act on its owner. A small space of the room will also successfully complement the modern dressing table in black in the style of minimalism. It will not only look spectacular, but the dirt on it is not seen as on the light furniture.

For a room in a classic style is perfect old pier glasswhich is not a dozen years. If necessary, it can be restored, but the design of the furniture itself should remain intact. The best option, if possible, will be the purchase of an antique dressing table. The abundance of ornate elements or twisted legs with a relatively simple design of the old dressing table allows you to use it for the bedrooms in the Baroque style.

If the place for this piece of furniture was found only in a small-sized corridor, then you should pay attention to the suspended pier glass. Externally, it is a wall mirror complete with a small hanging shelf, which is often equipped with one or two drawers.The undoubted advantage of this model is the maximum savings in space while retaining most of the functions.

Special attention requires the choice of furniture for the children's room. Little princesses, who already know a lot about beauty, will definitely want to have their own dressing table. You can choose the option for the girl from the budget and specially designed for children models. So, the tender and romantic dressing-glass “Alice” of pink color and with a facade decorated with roses will appeal to little fashionistas. A fun little table “Chamomile” with a flower-shaped mirror and a large number of shelves is perfect for small fidgets.

Where to place?

It is believed that the ideal place to place a dressing table today is the bedroom. There is some truth in this, because it is more convenient for a girl to look after herself in the morning and in the evening, being in her intimate space. For this room will be the perfect pier with a tricuspid mirror or trellis. This model will allow you to admire yourself from all angles, at the same time, one of the valves can be equipped with a magnifying mirror.Also welcome models with built-in light bulbs or the presence of a lamp for maximum illumination of the space. However, it is not always possible to put a pier in the bedroom, so you have to look for alternative options.

Often this piece of furniture is one of the few in the apartment, which is equipped with a mirror. Therefore, for many it is logical and convenient to install a pier glass or trellis in the corridor. With sufficient hall space, it is permissible to arrange the floor of the pier glass, which can also serve as a place to store other things - hats, gloves, slippers. If the area at the entrance door does not allow to put dimensional furniture, then you should choose a model with a suspended structure.

The presence of a pier in the hallway allows you to check your appearance just before the exit on the street or fix hair on arrival. Also on the table you can leave a bag or gloves, put the keys to the house and the car, put your favorite perfume. The presence of ottoman will create additional comfort when shoeing.

Choosing a dressing table in the living room, do not forget that it will always be visible.Therefore, it will be right to choose an attractive model with a large number of boxes, so as not to pile up the countertop with trifles. The best place for a dressing table in the common room will be a small space by the window so that daylight illuminates the selected corner as much as possible.

Recently, when developing design apartments with a large area or cottages, experts suggest installing a dressing table with a mirror in the bathroom. Of course, this option is not feasible for apartments with small lavatories, but for a spacious room with a bathroom is quite acceptable.

For the bathroom, you can choose a model with a built-in sinkthat also allows you to solve issues of space. Do not forget about the specifics of the room - at high humidity will be ideal products from natural and artificial stone, as well as plastic. If the bathroom has good ventilation and there is a window, then you can choose a wooden model. Having a window also provides better coverage. However, in the evening hours of the main artificial light will still not be enough, so it is better to equip the dressing table with lighting with moisture protection.With certain skills you can do it yourself.

Recommendations for selection

Modern furniture stores are full of a variety of models of dressing tables for every taste and budget.

In order not to be mistaken with the choice and buy the appropriate piece of furniture, you should consider some nuances.

  • Before buying, you should decide in which room the dressing table will be installed. In addition, immediately need to identify the functional table. From this will depend on the priority parameters of the model.
  • In order to roughly calculate the number of necessary boxes for cosmetics, you can take a few boxes for clarity and put all your trivia in them.
  • The size of the pier must match the parameters of the room. It is better to measure out the free space reserved for this piece of furniture.
  • Many girls want to be able to admire themselves in full growth. In this case, you should look at models with a wall-mounted high mirror.
  • Some mistakenly believe that a pier can not be put in small rooms. However, certain models occupy a minimum of space, and the mirror allows you to visually expand the room.Even in small rooms, it is preferable to use a wall near the window for the dressing table, but if it is impossible, the built-in artificial lighting will come to the rescue.
  • It is best to choose models with a small and elegant ottoman in the kit. This will allow you to sit comfortably in front of the mirror and, if necessary, push the ottoman under the table, thereby freeing up space.
  • The dressing table will be a welcome gift not only for the wife, but also for the children. It will help young women of fashion to keep their personal belongings in places, to get used to order and care for themselves from a very young age.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Simple and at the same time tastefully looks like an ivory-colored dressing table in the interior. A large number of drawers and a tricuspid mirror make it functional. A comfortable chair with a back will allow you to relax as much as possible during procedures after a busy day.

A good solution for modest apartments - a table with a folding mirror. Such a dresser allows not only to look after oneself, but also easily transforms into a workplace.

Spacious bathroom can be easily decorated with a delicate dressing table with a long tabletop, which allows you to build a sink.Due to the convenient design of mirrors, a woman can calmly apply makeup in front of one mirror, while a man shaves at the sink in front of another.

The pier for the hallway of classic shades successfully combines a capacious stand in which you can hide several pairs of shoes, a mirror of the original form and several asymmetrically located shelves for small items.

How to independently assemble the mirror with an oval mirror, see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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