Features of a choice of a folding table curbstone

 Features of a choice of a folding table curbstone

Modern furniture production is increasingly focused on the versatility and practicality of products: modular furniture wall sets, tables, books, transforming sofas, folding chairs, built-in wardrobes and much more.

Among the huge variety of options for its share of popularity won folding table-stand - a compact piece of home furnishings, capable of performing several functions at once and saving precious meters of usable space.

Special features

The table-curbstone is a convenient folding structure consisting of a base-base with drawers and reclining sidewalls,which, when laid out, form a tabletop. By design, this model is identical to the table-book, but the functions of the table-side table are wider due to the shelves and drawers.

Models in the interior

The choice of table-cabinets, its design, material and dimensions depend on the purpose and location of the product in the interior.

Living room

In the living room table is always useful for receiving guests. In the folded version, such a model will serve both as an interior decoration and a place for storing holiday sets, cutlery, tablecloths. It is in the living room, the choice of table-cabinets largely depends on the style of the room.

To decorate the interior in classic styles, traditional side tables were created from solid wood or MDF slabs. The carved surface, gilded accessories will be a complement to the classics, baroque, rococo. Artificially aged wood of white oak will perfectly fit into the style of Provence. Chrome-plated wide legs for the table tops high-tech style. The product itself of this style can be made of MDF board, covered with the thinnest PVC film of neon or metal tones. The style of minimalism fit tables-cabinets of thin wood-based panels,plain surfaces without ornaments, narrow legs, supports can be both wood and chrome.


Kitchen sets often have built-in tables, cabinets, on which cutting surfaces, a sink or a stove are placed. In addition to them, you can purchase a sliding model on wheels, if the kitchen space allows.

For small rooms will be relevant compact tables, cabinets with one or two folding halves tops. They are convenient because upon completion of culinary work or lunch the tabletop easily folds, freeing up space. Office cabinets with spacious drawers or shelves in the kitchen there is always something to fill: from kitchen utensils to household items.

Metal thermal tables-cabinets with temperature control are used, as a rule, in catering establishments, but if desired, such a handy object can be purchased for a spacious kitchen of a country house.

Work zone

The choice of the table-curbstone for the working space is, above all, concern for functionality. In the conditions of the need to save square meters it is not always possible to allocate a whole room as an office, workshop, library.Comes to the aid of the designer's reception of dividing space into zones and multifunctional furniture. The table-stand will become an indispensable assistant for solving this problem. There are several types of pedestal tables for the working area:

  • Written stationary table with built-in cabinet. It can be put as the main piece of furniture in the work area.

The best option would be a single or dvukhtumbovy table with a superstructure of the shelves.

  • Folding tableWhich is suitable for any room. If necessary, the rising sides will serve as a wide tabletop for working with papers, drawings, drawing paper, patterns.

Roomy cabinet will be the place of storage of those things that are needed when working.

  • Table transformer. Models of such tables are equipped with mechanisms that allow them to become a cot, stand, coffee table or chair. It all depends on the master's imagination, and examples of such transforming tables can be found in the catalogs of furniture manufacturers.

Cottage, veranda

The table-curbstone is practical for use in summer country houses. It is convenient to lay out on the porch while drinking tea in the open air,and if necessary, you can assemble and move into a corner. The drawers or shelves of cabinets can keep in themselves any little things needed in gardening or tea ware.

To give it is better to choose furniture made of plastic or MDF, completely covered with durable acrylic film. Such products are easy to clean, they are not afraid of humidity and temperature changes. And for the winter they can easily be brought into the house for storage.


For the children's corner there is a huge choice of mini-walls with a working area, a bed, sports elements and other devices for every taste. This is a convenient and practical option for both kids and teens. In this case, a desk with drawers, drawers, shelves or wardrobe are present in the kit, which will eliminate the need to select diverse furniture.

Children's zone with a single acquisition can be turned into a single style space.

Separate children's tables, cabinets, radically different from adult models, are for the smallest. These are usually tables for drawing and modeling, with drawers for accessories. Another option is baby changing surfaces.


The rectangular shape of the table-cabinets is considered traditional and fits to any interior. The rounded edges of a lifting or sliding table top look beautiful.Such a model in the unfolded form is an oval, which adds smooth lines to the interior and makes the room more comfortable. In addition, this furniture has no sharp corners and is safe for small children.

Non-standard forms of thumbs in the form of a trapezoid, cube, triangle can decorate the interior in a modern or futuristic style. However, it is necessary to check whether such a table will be functional in unfolded form, whether the width and surface length are sufficient. Otherwise it may turn out that the thing is beautiful, but useless, and you overpaid for the function “table”.


The main materials for the manufacture of tables, tables are wood and its derivatives. Furniture consisting entirely of plastic, metal or glass, is considered non-standard and is quite rare.

Furniture items made of solid wood cant are elite products and will become a profitable investment if you buy a classic style dresser.

The luxurious appearance of these products will be an excellent addition to the respectable decoration of the living room.

However, solid wood products are expensive and have a heavy weight, so furniture made of MDF is suitable for more modern styles and a budget option.It is light in weight, and thanks to modern production technologies, it practically does not differ from analogs of solid wood - it is sometimes quite difficult to notice the difference. MDF plates, as a rule, are covered with veneer or thin PVC plastic film. Such products are not so durable, but the price is quite acceptable.

The rest of the above-mentioned materials are successfully used in the decoration of thumbs and for the manufacture of accessories. These can be plastic-covered worktops and doors made of MDF of different shades or imitating natural materials: stone, marble, wood. Glass shelves and doors will decorate the cabinet for the living room, behind the glass there can be a coffee service. Bright plastic bedside tables with chrome-plated drawer handles and round wide table supports are suitable for the kitchen ensemble.

In the next video you can see how to make a folding table, chest of drawers with your own hands.

Tips for choosing

Inspired by the design and configuration of the table-thumbs, do not forget about the quality and functionality of the product. A few simple recommendations will help make the right choice.

The product can be considered quality if:

  • internal and external surfaces do not have mechanical damage;
  • the product is stable when folded and, most importantly, unfolded;
  • the places of fasteners and drilling are treated with glue, all fasteners are available;
  • drawer cabinets smoothly slide into the grooves, without making extraneous creaking sounds, easy to open and close;
  • unfolding mechanism works properly and does not scratch the surface. Supports for the table should be designed for the weight of the table top and the additional weight of items on it. This is important because, for example, thin aluminum supports can bend under the weight of the dishes, and the entire table setting with hot tea will be in the lap of the guests.

When choosing a table-cabinet, do not forget also about its size and the intended installation location. Preliminary measurements and space planning will allow you to quickly make a choice and purchase the right product for you.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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