Corner dressing tables with a mirror: features of choice

Dressing table known since ancient times. Even then, the beauties were preening, sitting in front of a mirror, and on the table in front of them were lovely hearts to women jars, boxes and bottles.

What is it needed for?

Of course, it can be said that this piece of furniture art is not quite necessary now. You can complain that the rhythm of life of modern women does not imply a long seat in front of a mirror. But even a modern charming woman needs to keep her lovely knick-knacks, a jewelry box, jars of creams, a bottle of perfume and a cosmetics bag somewhere.

And here the dressing table is the best and most convenient option. It does not take up much space, is multi-functional and fits easily into the interior. The main thing is to skillfully pick it up.


Dressing tables, despite the simplicity of the name and the variety of choice, have their own forms and styles. They have different types, types of attachment and shape. Ladies' tables are triangular, L-shaped, pentagonal, round, square and trapezoid.

  • Triangular shape - the back part forms an angle, and the front part is usually straight. Although most often, the front part is made of a curved shape. This table gets a more comfortable look, and the angle of the back can be varied depending on the angle formed by the walls.
  • L-shaped - clearly follows the shape of the angle of the walls. The mirror here is mounted on one side of the table and has an average size.
  • Pentagonal - reminds a rhombus with truncated sides. This option has a lot of useful area of ​​the table and the ability to install drawers in different variations.
  • Square shape - A simple option with right angles. Can be installed anywhere on the wall or corner.
  • Circle shape or oval - different grace. However, it takes a lot of space.
  • Trapezius - it has a straight shortened back and a wider front. Available in the usual version, and as a secretary.It has many drawers and shelves.

For good stability, the table is either mounted on supports or mounted securely to a wall.

Types of fixing dressing tables, there are three types:

  • Suspended version is fixed on the wall. It provides small drawers and the lack of a classical support. The variant differs in ease of a design. However, in the case of moving the table to another place, you will need to dismantle it.
  • Floor mounting is the easiest option to install in any convenient place. Firmly stands on four pillars.
  • The console has two or three supports, in case of need additional mounting to the wall is possible. The most elegant and compact option.

To choose the right option, you should know that the dressing tables are available in three basic versions:

  • Classic look It resembles an ordinary table with a mirror fixed on top of it. Without much frills, but with a lot of drawers for women's secrets.
  • Trellis Its distinctive feature is a tricuspid mirror. Large central and movable side, which can be installed at any viewing angle. Very convenient option.Allows you to see the lady in different perspectives.
  • Pierum. The table itself can be both small and large. He has a very tall and large mirror, in which you can see yourself upright.

Where to install?

Install dressing tables usually in the hallway, bedroom and living room. Each option has its own meaning. A dressing table in the hallway, for example, serves not only for the hostess, but also for guests. Allowed to install a table in the bathroom. However, this option is little used due to the limited space of the bathroom.

Do not forget that the table should be well lit. The perfect place will be at the window. In the evening, the table is lit with lamps, which means the need to access the outlet. Of course, this piece of furniture should not interfere with the movement of the room. After all, no one wants to stumble on the ottoman near the table or on its tabletop.

This piece of furniture is not only for a large room with bay windows. The dressing table fits perfectly into a small room. The main thing is to properly use its space.

Corner Boudoir

For some reason, it is accepted to place all the furniture either near the wall or in the middle of the room.And forget about the corner, using it irrational. Is that a ficus put there or a floor lamp. Meanwhile, the corner dressing table is the perfect way to solve a problem. Especially in a small room.

You only need to decide on the proportions:

  • a large corner table in a small room will be too bulky and fanciful;
  • A small table in a large room will simply be lost among the interior items.

The corner table is good because it softens the corners of the room, helps to efficiently use the area of ​​a small room. As well as corner furniture visually expands the space. Tables are usually supplemented with mirrors, which affects the visual increase in space and provides an additional source of lighting.

For the corner table fit all three mounting options. They can be in the classic version, and appropriate trellis. Only with the mirror should be careful. His mirror is cumbersome. Visually, it can both expand the height of the ceiling and press down with its weight, making the room gloomy and uncomfortable.

The form for such a table, you can choose any: L-shaped, angular, square, trapezoid, and even a small round table will fit perfectly into the corner of the room.

Style. Material. Colour

Modern women's boudoirs with a mirror are made in different styles, from different materials and amaze with a variety of color solutions.

  • Hi-tech style suitable for fans of minimalism. With glass top and metal frame. In steel gray color.
  • French style provence implies lightness. This is necessarily white or pastel colors. Vintage mirrors and carved table, pull-out drawers with gold-plated handles.
  • Empire style Defiantly bright. Curved shapes and abundance of stucco. With such a table is amazingly combined a pouf or a chair, covered with printed silk.
  • Modern Strict lines, simplicity of forms with a small decor.
  • Classical option is necessarily a tree. It is a little boring, but you don’t have to change it, following the vagaries of fashion. Thin oak, birch, rich carving.

This is not all design options style. There are many of them and there are always choices.

Metal and plastic, glass, wood and marble - the choice is always yours. Black gloss, frosted glass countertops, bright plastic paints - manufacturers offer different options.Bought in the furniture salon, made to order or with your own hands. There are many options.

Selecting a dressing table is necessary, relying primarily on the overall style of the room. Consider its color and shape. The table should not merge with the room or get lost in it. He is bound to be her decoration.

How to choose?

Having defined the need for such an interior item as a dressing table, you should know what functions it will perform in the room.

Choosing a dressing table, you need to rely on a number of landmarks:

  • the place where he will stand - the table should not only be well lit, but not interfere with the passage;
  • the material from which it will be made, as well as its color;
  • the shape of the table, its appearance and method of attachment;
  • design and style - it is either in harmony with the general appearance of the room, or stands out in it with a bright accent;
  • functionality - does the dressing table play a purely decorative role, or is it only needed for a cup of tea and a book, or maybe there will be a lot of jars and bottles on it, and jewelry and a piece of chocolate are stored in the drawers.

Do not forget that a banquette is supposed to be to the dressing table - it is not very convenient to induce beauty while standing.In the form of a chair, padded stool or chair - to decide who will spend his time with him. The seat is selected according to growth. It should be comfortable to sit on, without creating problems for the spine. Most often, the bench comes with a table.


And although the dressing table itself is an ornament, an additional charm does not hurt:

  • Shine. The original lamp can be not only a source of lighting, but also serve as an ornament.
  • Vases. Figurines. Clock. Cute trifle, giving a dressing table comfort.
  • Pictures Necessarily in a beautiful frame.
  • Candlestick. Openwork napkins and a vase with cookies.

The table for a make-up from the massif is necessary for all women. Boudoir option will not leave anyone indifferent. Put what you like, but do not clutter up the dressing table with unnecessary things.

On the features of the choice of corner toilet tables, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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