High bar tables in the interior

The fashion for bar tables is cyclical - then it is experiencing a rise, then another fall. Initially, this piece of furniture appeared in Europe and was of functional importance - it was a place for a snack, saving time for busy and active city dwellers. In Russia, the bar table came into use relatively recently. It fits perfectly into small kitchens, becoming the central figure of the interior and setting the overall style.

Special features

Choosing a bar table, everyone pursues his goal - to warmly recall the time of a cheerful and carefree holiday, unload the kitchen space, realize bold designer fantasies, create an interesting and bold design.

Experts, summarizing the characteristics of the models of bar tables, identify a number of features:

  • Custom height. The familiar table for the kitchen is a low, clear and familiar model.Bar tables go beyond these limits. Their average height varies from 1.1 to 1.35 m. They also have to buy high chairs or stools.
  • There are several modifications of the tables. A single-level table is a common option. Two-level and multi-level tables with underframes are decorated with lighting, cabinets, shelves, stained-glass windows.
  • Connected table with kitchen set. It is important for the integrity and organic style. They can overlap in texture, color, finish.
  • Bar table - as a way to zoning the kitchen. With it, the room is divided into two parts - the dining and working. Popular in studios and when combining the kitchen with the living room.
  • A great idea for small kitchens, allowing you to save as much free space as possible, to make the kitchen compact and showy.


There are many models of tables on the furniture market. Consider the popular ones:

  • Classical. Such bar counters are installed in cafes, bars, restaurants and homes. They have a simple design - table-top and supporting structures up to 115 cm. There are high stools, chairs, armchairs near the table. Suitable for large kitchens, it looks succinctly and interestingly, requiring the appropriate design of the entire space. A famous example of a classic is the Bilst model from Ikea.Countertops are represented by round, square and rectangular shapes. The first two are equipped with a high thin leg, the last one - with two legs interconnected with a crossbar for reliable construction.

Another model from Ikea is Sturnes. Environmentally friendly furniture, made of solid pine, varnished. It can be attached to the wall or put in the middle of the kitchen.

  • Mini table. Such furniture equip small kitchens in typical residential buildings. It simultaneously performs three functions - it is used to take food, cook it and use it as a bar counter. Glasses and wine glasses are hung on the rack.
  • Combined with dining. It will appeal to connoisseurs of functional furniture. It consists of two levels, the first of them is a high bar table, the second is a dining one. Saves kitchen space, make a stylish emphasis on design.
  • Island - for the giant kitchens. A table is placed in the middle of the room, a stove, sink, shelves, cabinets can be mounted into it, and chairs are located on the opposite side.


Materials for the manufacture of tables are varied. The most expensive, but refined material - natural wood.The main advantage of the tree - durability and environmental friendliness. Among the disadvantages, there is a high susceptibility to damage.

Affordable material - chipboard, better known as chipboard. A pattern imitating wood is applied to the sheets, and the coating provides durability and ease of maintenance.

Next in popularity is plastic. It is durable and resistant to damage. Plastic is easily painted in any colors, so it is widely used in the manufacture of furniture.

Artificial stone has all the necessary properties - durability, resistance to damage, moisture resistance, ease of cleansing. It looks stylish and relevant in the interior. An elegant addition to the design of the kitchen will be a table with elements of shock-resistant glass. Such glass is transparent and has a glossy pleasant shine.

Often, manufacturers to combine the advantages of all materials make the combined tables.

Tips for choosing

Experts note that, in the understanding of the majority, a bar table is boring and incomprehensible. However, the bar counter is multifaceted and original, it can make an interesting design project from a typical kitchen.

Designers advise when buying this piece of interior to pay attention to a number of points:

  • The multi-level rack will make it bright and unusual. A variety of shelves, fasteners, other storage systems will add functionality to it. But the multi-level option is appropriate only for large areas.
  • Island type is used in rather big kitchens. The room should allow to place in the middle a huge island from the rack. It is allowed to embed technique in it. Ideal for a snack or tea party.
  • Complicated in the design of the table, where the dining surface and stand are combined. But behind this functional design will fit a large family.
  • The table should be chosen in accordance with the style, design features of the kitchen and personal preferences. Special attention is paid to its height and size. This will allow you to choose a convenient and attractive table that every family member will like.

How to make a bar counter with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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