Table height: how to choose?

The height of any piece of room furniture does not stand still and is transformed in direct proportion to the changes that a person undergoes. So the legendary chair Lounge Chair, the Imzam family, today is produced in a size increased by 10 cm. And this is not the only brand that follows the trends.

What caused the differences in the size of the furniture?

Creating a comfortable environment for the current person is no longer a luxury, but an indicator of the high standard of living, good taste and craftsmanship of interior manufacturers. Rely on the same standards that were 20-50 years ago is not necessary. Companies do everything to please the client, including changing the size of the furniture for all the changes that affect humanity. Recent studies have found that all the inhabitants of the planet Earth stretched to 11 centimeters.

At the same time, there is no need to talk about a single common figure for the average growth of a person in the world. Each state has its own average growth rates of citizens, the parameters of tables and chairs should be adjusted to these standards again. The choice of a suitable table is of paramount importance; it is for him that we spend time with our family, have lunch, receive guests, work, work, it is not surprising that it is the search for the right table of the right size in today's reality.

Consider how to choose the height values ​​for furniture depending on its purpose.

Kitchen area

The standard height of the countertop for cooking is calculated based on the fact that the main percentage of manipulations performed in the kitchen is performed while standing. Even with a slight tilt dramatically increases the load on the muscles of the neck, spine, lower back, a healthy person will feel tired and unwell from this, and a person with health problems should minimize such tilts. If the tabletop is too low or higher than necessary, in both cases it will increase the volume of the load.

Determining the ideal height level begins with counting the growth of the room owners. For height less than 150 cm, the distance from the floor to the tabletop should be 75-80 cm. For people with height 160 - 180 cm, on which the main emphasis is placed, it is 89-92 cm, for people from 180 cm and higher height - 1 m. If you choose a tabletop based on all family members, you need to add up the height of adult relatives, for example, 180 cm - a man, 165 cm - a woman.

(180+165): 2= 172.5

Multiply by the standard length of the table - 78.

Divide by the average person height - 165.

(172.5 x 78): 165 = 81.5

The height of the table top for this family is 81.5 cm

To make it easier to draw a parallel, in places of public catering and fast food the height is fixed at 65 cm.

Dining area: determine the correct value

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a dining table is the parameters. The parameters depend on the type of room (kitchen area, living room), room size, individual indicators - customer growth, age category of users (child, teenager, adult), table shape.

GOST introduced the standard height of the dining table, but is it convenient if it is designed for a person with 165 cm readings? Comfortable height on average is 75 cm, and the distance from the chair to the table surface is around 30 cm.But when calculating it is better to use special formulas developed for such a calculation.

The parameters of human growth are multiplied by the conditional average table height of 75 cm, the result is divided by the average height of a person, which is 165 cm.

For example, a person's height is 173 cm.

173 * 75: 165 = 78.6 cm

But based on the situation that relatives in the family have different growth, it is necessary to add up the growth of each of them and divide by the number of members of this family. This will be the average growth rate, then you should recalculate the indicators according to the formula above.

In addition, when choosing a table, it is necessary to make a start not only from the table area or height, but also from the width of the seats, the average area of ​​space per person is 60 centimeters. This is a recommended border; if you try to reduce it, you risk facing inconveniences, chairs should be both easy to move forward and easily retract, this border will directly affect the convenience of seating guests.

Folding and square table suitable for small spaces. The round table is for connoisseurs of elegance and lovers of friendly gatherings, it is also much less dangerous due to the lack of sharp corners, which makes it preferable when choosing an apartment to those who have small children.

In preferences regarding the color of the table should be based on either the shade of the entire kitchen set, or contrasting with it, if you plan to create a more interesting effect.

Written models in the apartment

There is hardly an apartment in which they would completely manage without a desk, this piece of furniture wandered from one historical era to another, originally designated as a place for doing business, it was transformed into a luxury item, an indicator of the taste preferences of its owner. The writing table has successfully established its practical significance; to this day, a large number of people prefer to have their workplace at home.

To this piece of furniture did not cause discomfort, you need to correctly calculate its height, which must correspond to the characteristics of its owners - an adult, college student or child.

For people of short stature of 150-160 cm, a height of 60 cm is suitable; for people with a height of 170-185, these are dimensions of 70 - 85 cm, for those whose height is over 190 cm, furniture is made to order, starting with height parameters from 85 - 90 cm

How to choose for the student?

For the student, given that he will grow, the table must also be transformed as he grows up. It is better to buy a multifunctional table, which will be easy to change.If the table has adjustable legs, then the child’s chair should also be adjusted in height so that the child’s feet do not remain suspended, but stand firmly on the floor. Hands should be placed freely on the surface of the tabletop, no books and notebooks are allowed to interfere with this position.

The height of the table should be such that the student sits with straight shoulders that do not rise or sag. To do this, there are rules for a right angle: one right angle is the knees, the second right angle is the hip and back.

Computer table height

The widespread use of computer technology in the fast pace of life does not allow to do without this device both at work and at home. But it’s not enough to buy a computer or laptop, you need to find a convenient place to use it, the best option for such an activity that requires high concentration is the table, but you need to choose one that will help you to take a comfortable position and at the same time keep your posture normal. It has been proven that a properly selected table will save your energy resources and health when working at a computer.

When working at the computer, you should avoid bending forward, the distance to the monitor should be 50-75 cm, and the monitor itself should be at eye level or slightly higher.

Illumination should fall on the left side of the arm, in addition, the table should be set so that direct sunlight does not have access to the screen. The rules of right angles at 90 degrees, which are considered in the selection of tables for students, apply to this type of table. In the cold season, heat sources should be kept away from the wiring of the device and the place where it is located.

The standard height from floor to table top is 75 cm, but for cases when you want to pick up your height exactly, there is an easy form of calculation. Multiply the height we need by the standard height of the table top and divide by 175. For example, your height is 165:

165*75: 175= 70,7

The main rule: the table should be nice and comfortable to be. To date, there are tables specially equipped with mechanisms for adjusting the level of lift, it greatly simplified life for those who are in a sitting position most of the day. The problem with the fact that previously it was necessary to work only in one position was solved.

With regard to the appearance of the product or material - this is something to argue about does not make sense and is a personal matter of each. Modern manufacturers can satisfy the most demanding customers.

Will there ever be something more comfortable than a table, time will seem, but for now it’s not possible to completely abandon such a significant piece of furniture.

See below for how to sit at the computer.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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