Loft-style bar stools

Modern kitchen to minimalism and maximum functionality. Instead of the table, the counter is increasingly being used, to which high bar stools in loft style are selected. Dynamic design and innovative forms - the distinctive features of the models, thanks to which they gained popularity among the modern consumer.

Style features

Loft interiors appeared at the turn of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Inspiration served as factories and plants, industrial and industrial design. The old premises were redesigned for housing or public use, leaving features inherent in warehouses and hangars. There was also a new furniture, for the manufacture of which metal, wood, plastic, glass were used. An important feature of the product was the functionality, reliance on practical use and the desire for minimalism in the design.

Types of designs

Brands offer bar stools with or without backrests, equipped with a few legs or just one.

There are rotating options, supplemented by armrests, having an adjustable length, as well as:

  • Options without back. They are good in their compactness, as well as the fact that they are easy to move from place to place.
  • Chairs with armrests are convenient when they are seated during a full meal.
  • The most resistant products with four legs: they are difficult to drop.
  • For a small kitchen fit folding models that can be removed if necessary. To protect the flooring, use feet with soft lining.

Handmade fans can make their own chairs. So, it will be possible to realize any design ideas, having completely picked up the materials used, and correlated them with other interior items.

Those who prefer to buy ready-made version may refer to the collections of European brands, for example, Ikea.


An important role is played by raw materials for the manufacture of the frame and upholstery material. When creating products in the style of a loft, forged steel or alloys with gold and silver filling are used. Wooden chairs - an option for those who prefer natural materials.The luxury of natural wood shades will fit into both traditional and modern interiors. Plastic models weigh little, are easy to maintain and can be made in any color. There is an option when combining several types of raw materials.

For the upholstery of the seats and the back is used natural and eco-leather, as well as different types of textiles. Soft models are characterized by an increased level of comfort. They are comfortable to sit on, especially in the case when using high-quality filler.

Wickerwork from a rod or a rattan which are supplemented with pillows, capes and motley bedspreads look unusual.

Seat height

This parameter depends on the size of the table or bar. The difference between the level of the table top and the seat should not exceed 30 cm. In particular, for a rack with a height of 1 m, a chair of about 70 cm is chosen. An important criterion is the complexion of people who will sit at the table. The apartment owner should be comfortable, the furniture should not be too high or too low. A universal solution will be a chair with an adjustable seat: so everyone can customize it for themselves.

For whom?

Stylish furniture in the direction of the loft is most often chosen:

  • Representatives of the creative industry. Designers, artists, musicians, journalists are people who are engaged in creative work and who strive to surround themselves with beautiful things that serve as an expression of their inner “I”. In addition, the layout in the loft style is practical, allowing you to distribute the room to the multifunctional zones, because the bar stool is suitable not only for meals but also for work.
  • Owners of premises with a free layout. High ceilings and windows, raw walls, a large area - these are characteristic features of the style, allowing you to fully realize the design ideas. Bar stools will perfectly fit into such an interior.
  • Residents of small apartments. It is worth noting that bar stools are indispensable not only in large rooms, but also in a miniature kitchen, where every centimeter is appreciated. Such models take up little space, and also look stylish and modern, talking about the excellent taste of the owner.

The bar stool, which was originally associated exclusively with entertainment (clubs, night cafes), has become a full-fledged part of urban housing.High models will be suitable for arranging the kitchen in a studio apartment where it is required to arrange the available free space as efficiently as possible. These interior items are suitable for a daytime rest, when you want to drink a cup of coffee, reading your favorite book, and for a full meal.

They will also be indispensable for party lovers, who often receive guests in their home.


The appearance of the product directly depends on how it will look in the interior. There are solid-colored chairs, as well as models decorated with patterns or contrasting inserts. Variants of a strict geometric shape will fit into a minimalistic interior, and the interior furnishings curved at irregular angles will give the room a touch of futurism.

How to choose?

Selection of chairs depends on many criteria. First of all, the models differ in manufacturer and price. You should not chase the low cost and choose little-known Chinese brands: in this case, the furniture will have a small life and will quickly fail. Product quality depends on the materials used and the technology applied.

When buying bar stools in loft style, they take into account the material from which they are made, the reliability of the design and, of course, the design.

Examples in the interior

A variety of design allows you to pick up chairs for any interior. The models differ in the materials used, colors, textures and form. Products selected in contrast with the table look conceptual and direct. White leather-covered chairs with round soft seats complement the stand made of glass and black painted wood. Backs in which through openings in the form of a rectangle or other figure are located look original.

Solid dark chairs of strict geometric shape are the expression of minimalism. To separate the elements of the model do not merge with each other, upholstery and frame differ by half a tone. In particular, the fabric or skin may be somewhat lighter, have shine or play. Between the legs are the crossbar, on which you can put the legs. Such bar stools can be correlated with other furnishings, so that the dining area was executed in a single style.

Metal frame - a practical solution for creating furniture.Pliable material allows you to create legs of any shape: concave inward or rounded. Addition to this basis will be the wooden back and seat. Despite their rigidity, the bar stool differs in comfort due to ergonomic design. The lower part of the legs has a flat shape to maintain the stability of the models. In addition, you can pick up a rack with a tabletop made of natural stone.

You will learn more about how to choose Loft-style bar stools in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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