Bar stools in various styles

Basically, bar stools are associated with modern interiors. However, the possibilities of their use are much wider. You only need to know the key principles, and then to choose the best option for any type of interior is not difficult.

Special features

Bar stool is easy to learn:

  • He is above ordinary;

  • Equipped with a relatively small seat;

  • The back is small or completely absent;

  • There are steps to high landing did not cause inconvenience.

This format allows you to save space in a small kitchen.

For the manufacture of the frame manufacturers mainly use metal or wood.


Hi-tech is quite popular, and many people like to emphasize their commitment to modern technological advances. The best way to express it is bar stools of strict, concise configuration, made of chrome steel. Modern bar stool is most often equipped with openwork back and low lateral railing. For the manufacture of its seats are used leather or fabrics.

Country music seems incompatible with the use of bar stools, but it is not. A reasonable solution is the use of low furniture, decorated with carvings in the spirit of folklore. Chairs in a classic style, most often wooden, with leather-wrapped seats or durable fabric. Instead of natural wood, you can choose a beautiful forging, but always with good upholstery and comfortable armrests.

Vintage can look very attractive both in a room decorated in the same way, and in a modern setting, as long as harmony is maintained between them. A characteristic feature of this style is the dominance of straight contours and the minimum amount of decoration and nothing that would distract from the main task, showing the romance of the old design.

Bar stools in retro style do not have a single "canon"; they differ depending on which particular epoch they imitate. Versions in the spirit of the 1940s are deliberately coarse and straightforward, only textile elements dilute this feeling a little. The style of the fifties is one-color bright fabrics and plastic inclusions.

Antique furniture should not even remotely recall the twentieth century, and even the “old” can be different in appearance. Some designers prefer the style of the chalet, others draw inspiration from the images of the manor or village life. In any case, the idea of ​​the designers should be expressed by the wood itself - its natural structure is used as fully as possible.

Classics is appropriate if the kitchen is large enough. You can emphasize your idea by buying chairs that are specially made “worn from time to time”.

Provence - these are all the decisions that seem to take you to the sunlit countryside somewhere on the Mediterranean coast. The indispensable features of this style are grace, the absence of any pomposity and pretentiousness. The style of the French hinterland allows the use of linen covers for decorative purposes; it is recommended to use floral patterns in the design.

The Scandinavian format is attractive because it involves daring experiments with the geometric configuration of furniture. If you want to create an original and not too colorful interior, this is quite a reasonable decision. White color dominates, and this allows you to add a maximum of lightness and freshness to the atmosphere. No matter how original the form of Scandinavian-style furniture, they are invariably functional and practical.

Only an abundance of decorative details and carving is unacceptable.

Color solutions

High-tech coloring is often black, white or gray, although this is not at all necessary. But in a modernist interior it is more correct to focus on pastel, dull colors. Fusion and pop art - is a wide scope for experiments with color and shape. It’s almost impossible to find “too extravagant” solutions for them.

The bar stool in the Scandinavian style is mainly made of light wood.

Bright color inclusions play a role of expressive accents.

Spectacular options

Bar stools can have a variety of design accents, and many developers prefer to vary the type of legs.Their number and geometric shape are changing, various finishes are practiced. The transparent “Louis Ghost” model seems to be “invisible” and does not overflow the space visually.

If you can’t get a real designer product, you don’t need to despair - the relatively inexpensive bar stools C-300 of Polish production will also look good. But with sufficient funds, the chair, released in Italy, can be safely recommended - all products from there are of high quality, good quality and beautiful.

Tips for choosing

Products with armrests and backs are most useful if you need:

  • Replace high-grade dining table with a bar;

  • Use it as a home bar;

  • Organize a workplace.

Four-legged chairs are more reliable than all the other options, and the stronger the step, the better.

Folding bar stools are appropriate in a small kitchen; they are also useful if you receive guests only occasionally.

In the next video, see an overview of an interesting model of a bar stool made of metal.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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