Chairs made of plywood for home and garden

Plywood chairs are an inexpensive and affordable piece of furniture. In the scarce times of the USSR, plywood was one of the most cost-effective materials, it was from it that chairs and other household items were made. Today, the popularity of plywood and furniture made of it is rapidly gaining momentum.

Material Features

Currently, laminated plywood has become "fashionable" no longer because of its availability. This material is characterized as a universal building material, which consists of several layers. Plywood is absolutely harmless and at the same time durable and lightweight material. It is used in many areas, for example, children's and adult chairs are very popular. This piece of furniture is easy to buy or do it yourself.


The versatility of the material allows you to invent chairs from it for various purposes. Such products can be found anywhere. You must have seen similar options: highchairs in the garden, in educational institutions or in canteens. They are easy to move, they are completely harmless and safe. Bent-glued plywood is an excellent basis for production, excellent rockers and other fantasy models come out of it.

  • Transformer. Folding convertible chairs are great portable options. Lightweight chair can be taken with you in the car. Such options are ideal for country houses. In a folding version, the chair does not take up much space, so it is taken with him for fishing, it is easy to move around the cottage perimeter. Egronomichnost and compactness - indisputable qualities of this furniture.
  • For home. The environmental safety of this material allows you to choose plywood chairs for your home or apartment. Birch and coniferous plywood are in the most frequent demand, sometimes there is also a combination plywood. From the point of view of design, these chairs can be very different. Modern plywood chairs fit almost any interior.Very popular today are the models that represent a combination of plywood with leather or its substitute.
  • To give. A summer house is usually the place where annoying objects from the house “link”. A plywood chair is no exception. All those who have a summer house, dream to equip it as a cozy nest. Therefore, beautiful chairs made of plywood will be most welcome. The specialized range will allow you to bring a highlight to your country interior, you will be able to choose both garden chairs, and house.
  • Bent plywood. Bent plywood is very convenient for manufacturing material. Models are good for their smooth lines, which is accompanied by ease of use. As a rule, such chairs differ in a smooth back and a similar seat. Design embodiments allow to get not only useful, but also interesting from a decorative point of view options.
  • Carved. These masterpieces are sometimes worthy of the most representative exhibitions. Sometimes designers create peculiar thrones from seemingly simple plywood. Due to the availability of material, they can afford even for students. This chair is ideal for home and garden.Furniture stores today are pleased to offer you similar furniture of various sizes.
  • Round. These chairs will look perfect with a round or semicircular table. Especially appreciate the option of a family where there are small children. Round, without backs, stools will be the ideal solution for giving or kitchen. The times were long past when plywood chairs were dull and faceless. Modern models are presented with beautiful and elegant options for various purposes.
  • Computer Smooth silhouettes, which allows you to create plywood, give the opportunity to keep up with the times. Computer chairs made from this material are unsurpassed. Such options give odds to even the most advanced seats. From the point of view of aesthetics, these chairs look very original and unusual. Experiments are ongoing.

Design Ideas

Plywood allows you to bring to life a variety of design ideas that can be reproduced as a simple master, and eminent designer. The flexibility of the material makes it easy to create both curved and straight shapes with decorations or perforations.Sometimes, it would seem, simple chairs can represent original and not beaten ideas.

Unusual shapes

What only fantasies do not embody the simple chairs of plywood:

  • letters, hearts and other ornaments carved on the chair do not leave anyone indifferent;
  • a chair in the shape of a silhouette of a person or an animal is another bold fantasy that looks very original;
  • simple stools in the form of puzzles, gathering in a single canvas, will also be very interesting to look anywhere;
  • high chair with back in the form of angel wings, leaves or trees are good in both lacquered and in the usual version.


If you think that plywood is represented by dull and faded colors, then you are mistaken. Products can be of various colors and shades, including multi-colored options.

Color stylish products from plywood are most often presented with the laminated covering. Chairs of colored plywood can withstand different temperature extremes, which increases the shelf life. The only thing to be afraid of when using such chairs is the interaction with different chemicals.


If you like light gloss or even shine, then by all means pay attention to the laminated plywood chairs. Undoubtedly lamination increases the service life of these products. In addition, this feature makes the surface more smooth, and therefore pleasant to the touch. By the way, you can varnish any furniture made of plywood. Since these chairs are not afraid of moisture, they can be put in any place in the house, even in the bathroom.

Ecostyle is increasingly gaining popularity around the world for its safety and harmony with nature. Therefore, it is not surprising that plywood is increasingly used as furniture raw materials and conquers space in our homes. Care for such furniture is extremely simple - just wipe them.

It should be noted that such furniture can withstand heavy loads and is characterized by durability.

An excellent batch of chairs can make tables, cabinets and other home furnishings of plywood.

How to make a chair out of plywood, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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