Choosing chairs from solid wood

Wood furniture takes pride of place in a modern interior. This is especially true of the chairs, they fill the room with an unusual color, transform the general look of the room, make it more refined and cozy. Solid wood chairs in the center of attention to interior design. This type of furniture is appropriate for apartments, private houses, wooden chairs are considered an original decoration of the living room, study, kitchen.

Features and benefits

Wooden chairs harmoniously fit into any design and are considered a good solution for decorating a room, combining functionality and pleasant aesthetic perception. They are relevant in the style of Provence, country, vintage and other areas of interior style.Luxurious frames from the array in a special way emphasize the classic interior, turning an ordinary house into an elite and respectable building.

Chairs made of wood have been very popular for several centuries and this is not for nothing: they have a lot of positive characteristics.

Fashion and design approach are changing, but the demand for furniture made from natural material does not pass.

To date, a wide range of such products.

They differ in price, design features, but all of them are united by the following properties:

  • Environmental friendliness. For modern life it is very important and relevant.
  • Durability and durability. Wood is one of the highest quality building materials, which practically does not wear out during operation.
  • Comfort. It is comfortable to sit on natural chairs, they radiate positive energy, which is good for health.
  • Huge selection shapes, shades and patterns. For the manufacture of such products using pine, birch, beech and hevea, so the shades of chairs tend to be natural. The oak frame of the furniture deserves special attention: it looks elite.
  • Ease of care. To remove dust from such furniture, just wipe it with a soft dry cloth or cover it with a special polish for polishing.


Wooden chairs are unpretentious in operation, but they are afraid of humidity. You can not install them next to the damp and cold walls, sources of radiation of heat: the appearance of products will lose an attractive appearance. Dry and hot air can cause stratification and deformation of the wood.

During the operation of chairs, it is advisable to periodically check their metal elements and fasteners.


Modern models of chairs are made from various tree species. Each array is characterized by its own texture and color range. Therefore, depending on the desired texture and pattern, choose the material of a particular tree. The varieties of wood contribute to giving the furniture a certain status, hinting at the subtle taste of the home owners. Such furniture often sets the design idea itself.

Recently, you can often meet in the sale of chairs from hevea. They are characterized by high strength, resistant to pests and do not rot.

This raw material is not afraid of moisture, does not absorb odors, tolerates temperature drops, is considered universal.

Due to its practicality, such products can be used in city apartments and cottages.

The color of the hevea varies from root to the top and may have several shades. This characteristic allows furniture makers to make elegant products by combining various tones in details. Usually in this wood is dominated by pink and light brown colors, so this furniture is one of the most popular. The tree is home to Malaysia, the main range of models is being developed domestically.

Chairs are popular from beech wood. This is the most common material in the joinery business, its widespread use is due to the increased density of boards that are well bent. The surface of the beech is characterized by white shades, sometimes there are yellow and red tones. It is resistant to moisture and perfectly polishable.

Today beech is considered the most beautiful and durable material of furniture production. The only disadvantage of raw materials is the fact that in the open air a tree quickly loses its attractive appearance, it does not serve for long.

Chairs from birch blanks amaze with originality of a decor and reasonable price.Unlike other types of wood, birch is lightweight in its structure, which allows manufacturers to produce lightweight and durable models of chairs. The material is resistant to weight loads and mechanical damage. Thanks to modern finishes, birch can imitate expensive woods. Such chairs, as a rule, are placed in those places where careful operation is not provided. The only disadvantage of the tree is susceptibility to the occurrence of the fungus. This type of furniture is not suitable for outdoor interior options and rooms with high humidity.

Oak products are the most expensive and sophisticated.

By her own oak heavy and hard. Chairs from it turn out massive, steady. Oak designs with armrests decorated with antiquity look impressive: carved details of the decoration fill the room with notes of aristocracy.

A common type of raw material is considered Pine - affordable material that is great for making chairs. Externally, the wood resembles cedar or spruce. Its structure is strong and soft, but not resistant to rotting processes.The main disadvantage of pine is its resin, so before the production of furniture, all blanks need careful treatment. The texture of the tree is characterized by a striped relief.


Wooden chairs are considered to be an indispensable attribute of the interior. This piece of furniture is in use for hundreds of years. During its existence, he managed to transform, acquired modern forms and unique decor. The complexity of the design depends on the conceived idea of ​​design. The chair can be concise, modest or fancy, demonstrating the premium nature of the tree. Whatever attractive appearance the design has, its main destinations remain convenience and comfort.

Wooden chairs differ purpose. Depending on the raw materials used in production, the following types of chairs are distinguished:

  • natural - from various wood species;
  • plywood - chipboard is present in the furniture details;
  • combined - can combine natural materials and their high-quality substitutes.

The process of manufacturing chairs consists of several stages, the main of which is considered finishing. Depending on the processing technology, wooden chairs are:

  • bent;
  • wicker;
  • carpentry.

They are solid and folding. Thanks to this performance, the furniture has the functions of transformation. In home design, models with no backrest prevail, they are called stools. There are designs with armrests. This piece of furniture is able to withstand various functional loads, therefore, adults, children's and teenage chairs are distinguished. Options for adults often do not have adjustment, products for children can have two different height positions (growing models), resembling a wooden stepladder. However, not every child will stand rough sitting, so not all children's models like little users.

Manufacturers are trying to attract the attention of buyers, offering them the attention of options with support for the back and comfortable form of sitting. In recent years, models with upholstered fabric are especially popular: the comfort of such chairs is much more. To diversify the range, companies produce products with colored upholstery, using the noble shades of the color palette. According to the field of operation, they produce home (household) and public (office) models.The first ones are distinguished by a more interesting design, the second ones are tuned to the functional, therefore their form is more often strict (no frills). Products differ in height of a back, its sizes, complexity of decorative elements.

Tips for choosing

Before you choose the appropriate type of chair, you need to take into account many features (the shape of the product, its design and construction). Going for a purchase, it is worth examining reviews about a previously watched model, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • The chair should be made of natural material. This will ensure long life and durability.
  • The frame of the product must be checked for stability and reliability of fastening. Models with fine details do not guarantee safety of use. It is important to clarify the method of fasteners: if these are bolts, it is better to refuse such chairs (they will quickly break).
  • All items of furniture must be treated with paint and varnish.
  • In constructions with plating, the quality of the filler is checked. The preferred options are periotek, spunbond and felt. Foam rubber, asselex, synthetic winterizer are worthy of attention.
  • Upholstery material is important.Often, designers for the upholstery of chairs using thick fabric, natural leather or its substitutes. It is important to consider the ease of care.
  • Matters "fitting" products. This will allow to understand the degree of convenience and the appropriateness of the purchase (sometimes creative models look beautiful, while sitting on them is rather uncomfortable).
  • Furniture must be selected in accordance with the style of the room. The tree is considered to be a classic version of the decor, it can be combined with modern design, additionally selecting a unique finish or unusual details.

Chairs can not only buy in the store, but also do it yourself. How exactly, can look in this video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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