The advantages of using plastic chairs

 The advantages of using plastic chairs

Currently, the furniture market there are many products made from a variety of materials. Plastic is widely used in the production of many interior items. Today we will talk about the features of modern plastic chairs.

Advantages and disadvantages

The positive qualities of plastic chairs include:

  • Cost As a rule, furniture made from this material is inexpensive and every buyer can afford it.
  • Convenience. Plastic easily takes absolutely any form. Sit on it comfortably and comfortably.
  • Wear resistance. Plastic chairs do not rot over time, and because of their moisture resistance, they will not swell and will not be covered with mold.
  • Easy care. To care for plastic models do not need to stock up on expensive special tools. It will be enough to wipe them from time to time with a damp cloth.
  • Mobility. Plastic furniture can be easily rearranged to another place without extra effort.

Chairs made of plastic, like any other piece of furniture, have a number of drawbacks, which include:

  • The quality of the material. In modern furniture production, low-quality and toxic materials are often used. In order not to run into such a product, experts advise that vendors require special certificates.
  • Heat exposure. Plastic chairs are recommended to put away from heat sources (heaters or batteries).
  • Exposure to mechanical damage. On the surface of plastic chairs are very easy to scratches and other similar defects. With a strong blow, such furniture can be completely broken.
  • In terms of temperature changes, plastic chairs may deform or fade.


There are many types of plastic chairs.

Consider the most popular and popular options:

  • One of the most popular are dining chairs, which are used in the relevant area of ​​the home. Designers recommend in choosing such products to stick to the color of the floor. Similar interior items will be in harmony with the tables made from a variety of materials, whether it be metal, glass or wood. The main condition in this case is matching tones.
  • Folding plastic models are ideal for outdoor activities. They are distinguished by mobility. They can be rearranged at any time to a new location, if necessary.
  • If you are looking for the most reliable and durable options, then you should look for sustainable structures on a metal frame or wooden legs. Such structures are more durable due to high-quality supports, not subject to deformation and breakage. These products with excellent performance, often have woven frames with openwork inserts.
  • Plastic chairs are also soft and hard. Versions with soft seats are equipped with an inconspicuous upholstery with a not too thick layer of filler or supplemented with a universal soft cover that covers the entire structure.Hard options do not have upholstery and filler for seat.
  • Today, plastic chairs with back and without it are produced. The second options (stools), as a rule, have miniature dimensions. They are often bought for children's rooms. Also similar designs can be purchased for fishing or outdoor recreation.


The following materials are most often used in the production of modern plastic chairs:

  • acrylic;
  • polypropylene;
  • polycarbonate;
  • polyurethane raw materials;
  • plexiglass;

Often plastic designs of chairs combined with other materials. For example, it may be wood, cheaper MDF or metal.

Regardless of what material the chair is made from, when you purchase, you must request a quality certificate, which will confirm the safety of your chosen model. It is especially important to familiarize yourself with such documentation if you purchase a chair for a child’s room.

In search of the most reliable and durable structures, it is recommended to dwell on models of plexiglass. Products made from such material are less susceptible to mechanical damage.They can also take different forms: from standard to the most unexpected.


Today the stores sell plastic chairs of various sizes. When choosing models of a suitable size, it is necessary to rely on the traditional rule: large chairs are suitable for large rooms, and compact ones for small ones.

This results from the fact that in the conditions of the spacious room compact designs will look inharmonious and even ridiculous. If in a small space to place large chairs, they will take too much space and constrain the room.

If you select a chair for a child, then its size should correspond to the height of the small user.


Plastic is an easy-to-paint material. Thanks to such pliability, in the modern furniture market you can meet plastic chairs (and not only), painted in a variety of colors.

The most popular today are designs painted in:

  • white;
  • blue;
  • green;
  • yellow;
  • red;
  • Violet;
  • turquoise.

Also very attractive and original look colored designs that mimic natural wood.Of course, it is very easy to distinguish them from a real array, but it is quite possible to brighten up the interior with such details.

Type of

There are three main types of plastic models:

  • Classic chairs. These specimens often have a back and armrests of different sizes.
  • Stools. Such designs are simpler. They do not have a back or armrests, but only the legs and seat.
  • Chairs. Similar options have a structure similar to classic chairs, but differ in more impressive size and shape, repeating the usual soft chairs.


Original plastic chairs can not be used in all styles of interior. Let's take a closer look at which ensembles such models will fit harmoniously:

  • High tech. This modern trend allows owners to use products made of synthetic and non-natural materials as decorations and furniture. For such interiors are ideal plastic chairs. They can be supplemented with transparent elements or metal components.

The ideal solution would be a durable and durable chair on the metal frame.In high-tech style it is recommended to use monochromatic designs of gray, white, blue or black.

  • Historical style. This may seem strange to many, but plastic chairs can be chosen for a good historical style. To do this, refer to the models called "Sinking" (they are Viennese), since they have a non-trivial and elegant form.
  • Minimalism. Suitable plastic chairs and for the interior in a minimalist style. For such ensembles, it is recommended to choose the most durable monophonic versions, devoid of decorative additions.
  • Also fashionable plastic products can be used in such attractive stylistic directions as avant-garde, pop art or retro.


Plastic chairs are most often decorated with the following decorative elements:

  • Transparent inserts. It can be a colorless seat, armrests and other details of furniture.
  • Contrast prints: patterns, color compositions and vivid images.
  • Covers.
  • Openwork elements.
  • Details of metal and wood.


Plastic chairs are available in a variety of shapes and colors.Such furniture easily copes not only with its main purpose, but also decorates the space in which it is located.

For example, using a bright chair saturated color can be diluted with white or dark paint finish in the room. However, it is not recommended to put such furniture in the same colorful rooms, otherwise the ensemble will turn out too colorful and annoying.

You can bring futuristic notes into the interior using a white, gray or black chair with transparent details. For example, wide models with a round seat, combined with a back, looks very interesting. If you put such furniture in a modern interior, it will perfectly complement the ensemble and emphasize its progressive orientation.

Do not be afraid to combine plastic chairs with more expensive and good-quality furniture. For example, in a dining area or kitchen, such models will be in harmony with tables made of natural wood of a suitable shade or durable metal.

The only exceptions are such luxurious styles as Baroque, Rococo or Empire. In such images, plastic chairs are strictly prohibited to use.

Famous manufacturers and reviews

High-quality and beautiful chairs made of reinforced polypropylene on steel frames produces the famous brand Ikea. They are inexpensive and look attractive. For consumers, such products are enviable popular, as they are durable and have a stable design.

Beautiful Italian plastic chairs made of such brands as Calligaris, Casa Diva and Metalmobil Bum. The assortment of these manufacturers includes not only dining, but also chairs on wheels (for a computer desk), and practical outdoor options. Buyers point out the unsurpassed build quality and design performance of these products.

Elegant and high-quality chairs and plastic chairs are manufactured by German brands Walter Knoll, Dedon and Huelsta. The products of these manufacturers today are popular all over the world. Most consumers note the highest quality plastic chairs and their durability.

Modern examples and options

Classic white chairs will look spectacular in the interior of any color. They can also be installed in the white kitchen near the glossy table. These ensembles should be diluted with bright and saturated colors. For example, red.

Transparent semi-circular models are suitable for modern dining areas.They can be placed near the glass table in a contrasting color.

Openwork models of unusual shapes and dark colors will be a great addition to the shiny metal table in black and white kitchen.

Light bar with a metallic sheen, located in the snow-white room, should be decorated with high bar stools of burgundy hue.

In this video you will see the process of making plastic chairs.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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