Modern chairs in the interior of the kitchen

The choice of furniture for the kitchen is one of the important tasks in the arrangement of the interior. Along with the convenience of work surfaces and the functionality of household appliances there is a question about the appearance and practicality of the chairs. Before purchasing these accessories, you need to know the role of modern chairs in the interior of the kitchen.

Special features

The choice of chairs for the kitchen is subject to a number of specific nuances. Their acquisition falls on the final stage of the arrangement of the kitchen room, when all surfaces have been finished, the main furniture has been ordered, the locations of household appliances and work areas have been determined. At this stage, homeowners are faced with the problem of choice. Modern manufacturers of furniture for the kitchen are a huge number of models, differing in complexity of designs, size, color and texture solutions.

Each model has its own characteristics.If we talk in general about the table groups, they are conventionally divided into dimensional data. The main feature is compactness or massiveness.

Chairs in the interior of the kitchen perform a functional role, they bring aesthetic pleasure, decorate the room, make its decor complete.

The main characteristics are especially important in arranging a small kitchen, where every centimeter of furniture can play a significant role. In this case, the perfect solution would be a folding model or a transforming chair, which, if necessary, can be transformed from one piece of furniture to another, increasing in size. The situation is quite different in the spacious kitchen, where the range of possibilities is expanding. Such premises allow you to fantasize freely with the design of furniture, without attaching special importance to its dimensions.


Based on the form, kitchen chairs are of several types:

  • dinner with backhaving a different height, shape and design (providing a comfortable seating position);
  • chairs in various design solutions - a great functional thing, which emphasizes the refined taste and the desire for maximum comfort of the owners;
  • transforming chairs with adjustable seat height and footrest (suitable for children);
  • stools - an excellent solution for kitchens of small size (they save space, if necessary, they can be pushed under the table);
  • folding chairs - the devices differing in mobility and a minimum of the taken place in folded form;
  • bar stools chairs - high chairs for installation in front of the bar (fashion accessories for public institutions).

In the interior of a modern large-sized kitchen, divided into several zones, several different types of chairs can be combined at the same time (a specific look for each zone).

In some cases it is possible to use different soft corners for the kitchen or sofas (an advantageous and multifunctional solution).


In the production of chairs for the kitchen using different raw materials. Among other materials, several are in particular demand:

  • Glass. The main advantage of glass furniture is its visual lightness and airiness, which often removes the feeling of gravity from the interior. The material used may have a different texture, shades, which leads to the creation of various effects.The disadvantage of raw materials is the complexity and delicacy of care associated with the use of special detergents.
  • Various alloys of metals. Metal chairs are highly durable and wear resistant. Kitchens with elements of forging look elegant and elegant. The lack of materials is considered a large weight, which is reflected in the finished products.
  • MDF. One of the popular materials, differing in small weight, is an excellent combination of the price and quality. The material allows you to create various forms of products, has a wide range of colors and a wide variety of textures. The main disadvantages are instability to mechanical stress and moisture.
  • Tree. Products from wooden arrays are recognized as elite and expensive, suitable for most interior styles. The peculiarity of this material lies in its reliability, beauty and durability. The disadvantage is the high cost.
  • Rattan. Natural eco-friendly material that allows you to create original designs, fairly durable, reliable and stylish.
  • Plastic. Inexpensive synthetic material, enabling the manufacture of chairs of various shapes and the most unusual colors.Products do not require special care, are light and practical.


Kitchen chairs can be made in a variety of colors. This characteristic depends on the material of the product or the type of upholstery. Most chairs are made in wood shades, although synthetic materials are colorful inks. For example, chairs can have elements of decoration of red, beige, green, purple, blue, brown. Plastic and skin replacers have the widest range of colors. Wooden products have a color close to the natural brown tones.

How to choose?

When choosing chairs for the kitchen should be considered:

  • room size;
  • style direction of the room;
  • color and texture of the material surrounding furniture.

For a small kitchen accessories should choose small. In large spaces, the table and chairs must fit the size of the room so as not to disturb the general harmony.

Table and chairs must be chosen in the same style, the color of the material may vary slightly. Follow the rule of combination of forms.

When choosing chairs It is worth paying for such properties of materials as strength, wear resistance, safety. Important ease of care. In addition to the above characteristics, important indicators are the comfort and convenience of this type of furniture. Experts recommend sitting on the model of chairs before buying to determine how comfortable it is.

How to choose the right furniture for the kitchen, see the following video:

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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