DIY chairs

 DIY chairs

The chair is the simplest basic furniture in the room. They are produced by many furniture factories, mass production, put on stream. But you want something unusual! That is why some craftsmen decide to make a chair on their own. It does not take much.


Before you begin to do something, you need to understand what are the types of chairs. From this depends on the complexity of the work. The simplest basic chair can be considered a stool. Its independent production is the most easy and practically does not require skills and special tools.

For a start, you can practice and make a set of stools for the garden or garage. When the hand is crammed, you can proceed to the creation of more complex structures.

If you immediately start with a stool is scary, then you can try to make a children's hanging chair like a swing. In order to make it, you need a few planks of medium width, narrow sticks and a strong rope.

So, first you need to make a seat. Wide boards are sawn so that a square or rectangular seat mat can be folded out of three boards. On the one hand sticks are nailed with short nails to connect the boards. The ends of the rope are connected to the four edges of the resulting structure.

Now the design can be hung to the doorway or a strong branch of a tree at the dacha. For greater security, you can add back and armrests. They are connected in the same way as part of the seat. When the work is finished, you can sand, paint and lacquer the product.

Other models:

  • The most popular type of chair is a massive home. chair with backrest. Often they are children.All the details of this design, as a rule, massive, durable. which makes sure that the child does not fall from the chair. In addition, the child will be difficult to overturn such a chair on himself.

In the manufacture of this design, you need to carefully monitor that there are no splinters and other non-smoked parts.

  • The following view is similar to the previous one. The only difference between them is that it has a soft seat. You can make it out of a beautiful dense fabric, and fill it with cotton wool and foam rubber. It is a little harder to do than a massive one, since the soft part needs to be fixed on the seat carefully so that the sharp parts do not look out. You may need to use a construction stapler.
  • Chair chair It is based on both previous products, but instead of a soft seat, it is completely upholstered with fabric and foam rubber. It is much more difficult, but worth it to try. You can start with the fact that update the old similar chair. Just drag it with a new cloth, if the old one is frayed. If the experience is successful, then you can already make a collection of such chairs yourself. Sometimes springs are added to the seat to make it softer.On the spring should be a rich layer of soft material. This design resembles a sofa and like many.

Make yourself difficult, if only because it requires careful selection of springs. We'll have to spend a lot of time in the furniture hardware store.

  • Folding chair It is very convenient for a small apartment where you need to arrange the most compact furniture. This kind of seats can even be hung on the wall when folded, and lowered only when necessary, when guests came to the house, for example. Often this type of furniture is used in country houses, where, as a rule, there is never enough space. They are very convenient to make on the veranda, on the street.
  • Another type of chairs that can most often be found at the cottage is hammock or chaise. For its manufacture will require a beautiful strong fabric and good sticks. The chaise lounge is a base for a hammock. If used without it, the hammock must be stretched between the trees. It is not necessary that it is a grid. Moreover, it is not convenient for relaxation, as the mesh knots stick into the body and interfere with rest. You can take a strong beautiful fabric, sew a rectangle out of it.Sew sticks along two narrow sides, to the ends of which a strong rope is connected. The same principle is in the chaise longue, with the only difference being that the parts of the chaise longue design - the legs - are attached to the ends of the sticks.
  • There are several types of chairs that are unlikely to be made on their own without special skills, tools and experience. These include wrought iron chairs (they need to be done in the forge, this is a very difficult job), school to correct the child’s posture (for the manufacture of this type, you need special knowledge of orthopedics, otherwise you can harm the child and his posture. In this case, you should better trust the work to a professional).
  • To the same type belong bar chairsif they are not a simple one-leg and seat design. As a rule, a simple construction is uninteresting, unoriginal. The main distinguishing feature of bar stools is that their legs are much higher than normal ones. The legs of the seated rests not on the floor, but on the crossbar on the leg. The height of the bar counter can be different, so the bar stool should be done carefully measuring everything.
  • Spiral chair most often found in homes where there is a piano or piano. For self-manufacturing of this type will require a lot of skills.From the first attempt and without experience it is almost impossible to make it.

There are still some species. For example, Kentucky, on wheels, chair-saddle, reclining, with armrests, dining, folding, spring-loaded, Viennese, boat.

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Sizes and shapes

Chairs are the most diverse. They accompany a person all his life. Acquaintance with them begins when a person is still small - from a chair for feeding. During the life of a person uses all sorts of chairs of various shapes, sizes, types and purpose. In old age, many people prefer comfortable, homely. comfortable rocking chairs.

The forms of the chairs are also very diverse. Well-known world interior designers create haute couture chairs - such that if they find themselves in an apartment, they are mostly as an exhibit, and not to sit on them. They are very beautiful and expensive.

You can find excellent specimens in numerous catalogs of famous designers. Their chair can be round, triangular, rectangular, shapeless. But the classic rectangular or square shape of the seat is the most common and ergonomic.

If the chair is created with your own hands, then you need to carefully ensure that it is well-sized to the table. If they are not combined, then it will be inconvenient to be at the table. Too high of the seat will make you want to slouch, and this will hurt your back.

Too low a seat will cause the shoulders to be raised high so that you can put your elbows on it. Both extremes will have a very negative impact on posture. That is why the height of the legs, seats, backrest must be very carefully measured out.


Modern designers use for the manufacture of unusual interior furniture almost any material. In words, it does not look as beautiful as in reality, because even a heap of rubbish in skilled hands can turn out to be a masterpiece.

The frame material can be any, as a rule, it is wood or metal. The basis of solid wood is definitely the best option. It is most practical. If the base is not made of wood, but of metal, then make special lining on rigid legs so that they do not spoil the flooring. This is especially important if the stool is heavy. It can easily leave unpleasant, but difficult to trace.

Furniture can be made of cardboard, wood, plywood, profile pipe (proftruby), pallets, polypropylene pipes, chipboard, wall paneling, boards, logs, chipboard, timber, hemp, tires, of improvised materials, epoxy resin, glass and wicker of wicker.

Manufacturing technology

The type of chair depends on the complexity of manufacturing technology. If you strictly follow the instructions, then the work will be easy. It is important to choose good material so that in the process of work it will not cause inconvenience. The tree of good quality can be purchased at specialized building hypermarkets.

The finished product must necessarily be sanded so that all sides are smooth. Splinters in furniture, both small and large - a dangerous thing. Small can be overlooked, and after it stabs, inflammation begins. Larger ones leave serious wounds on the body, therefore, before applying the coating, the chair needs to be put in order. After staining, apply a layer of varnish to keep the paint longer.

The easiest way to make yourself buggy chair or bean bag. It does not require construction tools: only fabric, cutting and sewing skills, as well as filler.This chair is a fabric bag filled with a nice filling. In this chair it is comfortable to relax, watch TV. Children love buggy, so you can sew such for the children's room.

And how to sew a bean bag can be found in the next video.


Those who want to do something on their own at home often turn to stores to buy wood milling machines. They are used in large enterprises, and sometimes in home workshops. It is during woodworking that these power tools are the most popular.

This is due to the fact that the use of inclined spindles, end mills allows you to solve a wide range of tasks.

Masters working on wood, note that if you choose the horizontal position of the spindle, you can do the development of round spikes and grooves.

What are milling cutters? There are several types of stationary milling machines. The prices of milling machines for wood depend on different characteristics.

They are:

  • Lungs. Such power tools are used for simple work. Their power is usually not more than 1 kW. Most often, these devices are used in the activities of the home workshop.It is possible to carry a manual milling cutter to them.
  • Average. This category includes more complex devices, with power up to 3 kW.
  • Heavy. These are already professional machines that are used in large-scale production. Power of heavy cars more than 3 kW.

It is necessary to carefully examine the catalog of milling machines for wood, to find the power tools of all configurations. The principle of operation of the unit is based on the rotation of the cutter, fixed in the spindle. This is the main movement of the apparatus. In this case, the workpiece itself is fixed. Auxiliary movement: the unit forces it to make straight and curvilinear movements.

There are models in which these processes occur simultaneously. Online store allows you to find the right car for your needs. The selection of the right tool - the key to successful execution of work. Other tools, such as a screwdriver, will be required in order to fasten furniture elements with screws.

How to do?

Options as to make any furniture as much as its types.


Above, the article has already described the types of simple chairs - stools and models with a back. Sometimes craftsmen decide to make it bend in order to add smooth lines and grace to the product.This is a good and successful solution, but, as in the case of a rocking chair, you will have to tinker with the bend of the tree. From the first attempt it may not work.

So, how to bend the board or any bar at home? First you need to steam a piece of wood.

This equipment will be required for the work:

  • Steam chamber It will be located billet that you want to bend.
  • Heat generator or steam generator. It is important to choose a quality product so that it is safe.
  • Thermometer. With the help of a thermometer you will need to measure the temperature, it is very important to monitor it.
  • Hoses different type or diameter of the tube, through which the generator is connected to the steam chamber.

The steam must come out of the orifice under pressure, so it is important to choose the right diameter. It is important to ensure that it is not excessive, otherwise the camera will burst. With insufficient pressure, the effect will not work at all.

At this stage, the thermometer enters the work. With it, you need to make sure that the workpiece is heated to the boiling point, that is, to 100 degrees Celsius.It is at this temperature that the wood becomes pliable and can be bent as needed. You can get absolutely any form that pleases.

Before you begin to bend, you need to make sure that the bends of all the details are correctly related. This is especially true for rocking chairs, but you can read about them in the article below.

Chair stepladder

In everyday life, the transforming wooden staircase or metal chair is very convenient. Making it yourself for home is easy if you follow the instructions clearly. The proximity of actions to the instructions in this case is very important, since it is planned to stand up to the full height in the future. If it is performed with errors, the person using the ladder may fall and be injured.


Very convenient and practical model in a family where there is a child. Furniture grows with it. The seat should be of a constant size, and the legs will consist of two parts, which are connected in different ways, depending on what height they should be.

Screws, which will hold the construction, need to be screwed tight, but so that after some time it was possible to unwind them again, disassemble the chair and reassemble it again with a new size.


Some homemade craftsmen decide to make a homemade folding chair. It is not as difficult as it seems, although there are specific features. The main plus is that such furniture does not take up much space in the room. Sometimes it can be used not only as furniture, but also as decoration, if you hang a beautifully painted high chair on the wall.

The very design of the chair can be quite diverse. Sometimes compact models are made of plywood. But most often you can find models from a combination of different tree species.

Rocking chair

Older people spend a lot of time in soft chairs, armchairs or in rocking chairs, although the latter are found in modern apartments less and less, as they take up a lot of space and cause great damage to the flooring.

Making such a chair requires a great deal of dexterity and experience in working with wood, because in order to manufacture the most important part that differs from other chairs, it will be necessary to bend wooden parts. At the base of the chair are semi-circular legs, on which the whole structure is rocking.

For the manufacture of the simplest model, you only need a jigsaw, a drill and several types of wrenches.With a little experience, you can make such a product in just one day.

Decor options

When the furniture is ready, you need to decorate the product to make it even more individual. To do this, you need to decide in what style the room will be decorated, where it is planned to put the finished furniture.

Classic style or chalet will require monotony and clarity of lines. Shabby-chic is gaining popularity means more original options.

  • Designers advise to make decoupage. This is a variant of handmade, in which the surface is covered with a pattern with a special napkin for decoupage. This technique can be applied to the legs, back, armrests. And if the furniture is not soft seat, then on it. Decoupage requires several tools, you can buy them in almost any store for home-lovers.

An important feature of this technique with regard to the furniture is that it needs to be carefully polished and varnished so as not to spoil the decor during use.

  • Carved legs and back - a popular decor option. Add such a decoration can those who perfectly owns a jigsaw and other similar tools.If these decorations are made with their own hands, the furniture will be the highlight of the house. The figured leg is a very original and effective element. Elegant furniture details are remembered and give the interior a special chic.
  • Very simple decorate furniture - make original and unique capes for highchairs. For this, any beautiful fabric will fit. You can buy it in the store or use the old blanket.

In addition, some home craftsmen make chairs together with their wives. At the same time, men make the basis of furniture, while women knit or sew a seat. Teamwork unites the family. You can attract children, then the finished furniture will be even more loved by the family.

  • Another idea for those families where women can and love to knit. Can do gaitersto be put on the legs of furniture. Such a solution will immediately eliminate two problems: a boring design and traces of the legs of a heavy chair on the floor covering. A chair with gaiters will not make unpleasant sounds when it is moved, and there will be no lines from the chair on the floor.
  • Ready wood chair can be painted. In this case, the paint can be mixed, make different patterns using masking tape, painting in layers.There is an original variant of staining using blots, but this method will require preparation. It is necessary to apply a layer of base paint on the furniture. Do not forget about the grinding and primer, so that the paint kept as long as possible. Following this, the finished product must be taken out, for example, in the courtyard or placed in the center of the room, carefully protected from paint. To do this, you can cover the floor and walls with a film or a thick layer of newspapers. Then you need to dip a thick round brush in the paint and start sprinkling it on the chair.

You can make blots of several colors or one. Here it is important to be careful that the chair does not look like the furniture used in the repair. It should make some sort of smart blob.

  • Some choose to decorate with carriage stitchothers decide to arrange the furniture antique. This option is very elegant, but you need to age the furniture wisely. For example, there are special varnishes or other coatings that allow you to make the finished chair look like it was used for several decades, and the product can be attributed to antiques.

One such way is craquelure. The method gives a very unusual effect, but not everyone likes it.It gives the product a similarity with the chair, on which there is an old cracked paint and this effect looks extremely unusual.

First of all, after the primer, a layer of paint is applied, which will be visible through the cracks. Then applied craquelure and paint, which will be cracked. It instantly cracks and creates a beautiful effect. This effect is also necessary to fix the varnish when the coating is dry, so that the decor lasted as long as possible.

Experts recommend using white as a cracking paint, and applying blue or navy blue on the bottom layer. This product is ideal for the interior in a nautical style.

Anyway, a chair designed in this way, using exactly white paint as the top layer, will look good in any interior.

Beautiful ideas in the interior

Sometimes the furniture requires a festive decor.

Beautiful drapery can be done independently. This design can be used on a variety of holidays. The color should be selected in accordance with the general design of the room. The fabric should be draped beautifully and then fastened with a wide ribbon.

It is best to take a bow or a contrasting color, or identical to the general drapery of furniture.

The calculation of the fabric should be as follows: you should carefully measure the height of the chair, add 20-25 centimeters to the resulting number. The finished result should be doubled. This length should be a piece of fabric. As a rule, the resulting length is in the range of one hundred and forty to one hundred and fifty centimeters.

The kitchen chair in the kitchen can be decorated with a thin delicate pillow. It can also be made independently. In order for it not to fall when someone sits down or gets up, thin ribbons can be sewn to the ends of the pad. With their help, you can tie it to the back or legs. As an alternative to ribbons, you can use Velcro.

When the pillow is not needed, you can untie it. If it is dirty, then it can also be easily washed. It will be especially convenient if you make such a pillow so that the cover is removable.

It is much more difficult to make a chair for a student on their own, as such furniture requires special skills. If such furniture is improperly designed, it will harm the child. The back should be ergonomic and help to maintain posture.

You can decorate the finished chair with your child, which will help get closer and accustom him to work. Whatever the design of the furniture, the child himself, who, in fact, is the owner of the room, and, consequently, the furniture in it, must select it himself. So, girls may want to arrange a chair in the classical style or baroque. Thus, the room will resemble the room of the princess.

Boys will probably want to make in the style of steam-punk, or in accordance with the style of your favorite computer game or comic book. You should not resist such a desire, because then the child may not love his new room and furniture.

Making furniture at home on your own with the whole family is a very laborious business, but entertaining. If all family members are engaged in one common job, then it consolidates. The chairs that created the wife, husband, children together become a family heirloom. About them will tell friends, grandchildren.

The process of creating such furniture will be remembered by everyone for a long time, perhaps at family holidays they will recall funny stories that occurred during work or ideas that arose in the labor process.

If everyone likes the work, then over time, a favorite hobby can generate a certain income. In large cities, hand-held fairs are often held where such furniture is rarely found due to the specifics of production, but this does not mean that it is not needed in the market. Of course, parting with a chair that the whole family did together will be quite difficult. But it will be replaced by another blank, which can be turned into furniture in the same way - together.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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