Chairs in various styles of interior

 Chairs in various styles of interior

Modern manufacturers produce a huge number of different models of chairs. A rich assortment of this popular and irreplaceable furniture allows you to choose the right fit for the ensemble in any stylistic direction. Let's take a closer look at what distinctive features and design solutions chairs of different styles possess.



Classic chairs are among the most popular and common. As a rule, such furniture has a massive, but good-looking appearance. In classic interiors it is recommended to place presentable models,made of precious wood. It is advisable to choose unpainted designs that demonstrate a unique natural shade and print.

Such high-quality and elegant furniture can have armrests, legs and back, decorated with monograms of inconspicuous tones. Such strokes are characteristic of the classics. Product frame should be as simple as possible. Best in classic interiors look designs with a light finish.


This delicate and attractive style has recently enjoyed immense popularity. In the Provence interior, snow white or chairs of pastel shades from natural wood will look harmonious. They can be complemented by charming textile covers on the seat or on the entire surface of the furniture.

In Provence style, models with elegant high backs look good. However, it should be careful in the selection of such products, as they are recommended to be placed only in rooms with high ceilings.

Characteristic features of Provencal wooden chairs are:

  • massiveness;
  • woven flower seats or monochrome leather trim;
  • simple and discreet design, devoid of a large number of pompous decorative elements.

Country music

This is another interesting and popular style in which natural wood constructions are priorities. The colors of the chairs can be any. In such ensembles, poorly processed versions and models painted in rich colors will look great. For such interiors, it is recommended to select furniture of simple and uncomplicated forms. In the style of the country are unlikely to fit elegant specimens, supplemented with carvings, relief ornaments or monograms.

Upholstery "rustic" chairs made of solid wood should be simple and uncomplicated. If you want to bring into the interior of a print or pattern, it is recommended to refer to more concise compositions. The ideal option would be a cell or a strip.


In the interior, made in the popular modern style, high-quality chairs of various shapes and structures will look organically. In addition, they can be made of wood, and of durable metal and even cheap plastic. First of all, it all depends on the design idea that you want to realize in the room.

For example, the following attractive models of chairs can be added to a modernist ensemble:

  • Instances of simple shapes from solid wood. It is not recommended to select designs decorated with carved elements. As for the upholstery, it should be neutral.
  • Also, the chairs in the interior of modern may have attractive chrome-plated hulls and rich colors of leather upholstery (natural or artificial).
  • For the modernist style, non-trivial models of chairs of unusual shapes will be appropriate. With the help of such options you can revive the interior and make it memorable.

High tech

This style is very popular lately, as it is the most progressive. Experts attribute it to the classics of modern youth. Chairs in such an ensemble should be technologically advanced and have simple forms.

It is not recommended to use bright colors in this modern style. It is better to give preference to black, white and silver paints. It is worth highlighting the stylish chairs made of chromed metal. Such furniture is definitely not left unattended in the interior of high-tech, as it has a characteristic brilliance.

Scandinavian style

In an attractive Scandinavian style, use chairs in white or pastel colors. As for furniture upholstery, in such ensembles it is recommended to refer to high-quality materials of natural origin. For example, it can be wool, cotton or linen.

The shape of the chairs in the Scandinavian style should be simple and not weighted with decorative inserts. The more concise the furniture, the better it will look in such an interior. It is permissible to use designs from different materials. Most preferably, of course, products made of natural light wood, but you can use more budget options of plastic or painted metal.


The name of this stylistic trend speaks for itself. In the minimalist interior will look the most simple and concise chairs of a strict design. Colors can be very different. It all depends on the color design and interior decoration in general.


Gothic style can be attributed to the dark luxury, as it is characterized by dark shades of furniture and decoration, as well as intricate carved details.In such interiors, chairs made of natural wood of dark species will look especially impressive. The material can also be artificially aged, as the gothic has something in common with the mysterious vintage style in the interior.

In no case should bright and saturated chairs made of cheap plastic be placed in the Gothic ensemble. The most suitable are wooden structures. They can be both opaque and varnished. For the Gothic interior, intricate chairs are perfect, having perfectly regular shapes and lines, complemented by carved edging and pointed elements that are most often present on high backs.

Chebbi chic

Shebby-chic style can be called the most original and extraordinary. Most often creative people turn to him who want to bring notes of antiquity and avant-garde into their dwelling. For such ensembles use chairs and stools with artificially aged surfaces. These can be worn patches, peeling paint, old faded colors or scratches on certain details.

In the interiors of the chebbi-chic style it is not customary to use dark interior objects.Chairs in such an ensemble should be painted in light or pastel shades, bringing to the room notes of warmth and home comfort. Such furniture is often used not only in city apartments, but also in country houses.


Rustic chairs can be called “uncouth”, as they differ roughly. At first glance it may seem as if they are made of simple boards or logs that have just been mined in the nearby forest. In many ways, these models repeat the rustic country style, as they do not carry a drop of pretentiousness and luxury.

The surfaces of wooden chairs in the style of rustic are not subjected to grinding. There are also cases when the material is not given a specific form at all. The main objective of this unusual direction is the open demonstration of natural furniture touches (knots, cracks or tree rings).

Fanciful directions

Consider some of the features inherent in frilly and luxurious furniture:

  • Empire In such an expensive interior will look organically chairs with heavy decorative elements, luxurious finishes and gold-plated surfaces.Often, the armrests of chairs in this design are decorated with large figures in the form of eagles, lions and other similar animals. Furniture should be made exclusively of precious wood, and upholstery consist of expensive and high-quality fabrics.
  • Baroque. Chairs in this stylistic direction represent the real works of furniture art. Today, the most successful and luxurious models produce brands from Italy. Chairs in such interiors often have a massive and sturdy appearance, as well as an abundance of decorative elements, which often completely cover the entire structure.
  • Rococo. This rich style is rather capricious, since it is impossible to use interior items with the correct lines. For such ensembles, you should choose the most elegant and asymmetric chairs. It is possible to refuse a carving in favor of bronze overlays or a color varnish. In the rococo style coloring objects of pastel tones, diluted with gold, predominate.


Pompous and expensive is the antique style. For such an interior, you can choose original chairs with non-trivial decorative elements, striking the eye.For example, it can be three-dimensional relief patterns, a crocodile on the back of a chair, or legs, made in the form of clawed lion paws. As a rule, antique interiors have light shades, so the chairs should be chosen for such not gloomy tones. Stopping your choice on such an unusual style, it should be borne in mind that buying furniture for it will cost a tidy sum.


Descriptions of Japanese-style chairs can remind you of another popular destination called eco. In such interiors, discreet objects made of natural wood are used. As for the Japanese chairs, they can both have legs, and make a design without them. As a rule, Japanese-style models are made in darker and more dense colors. In one ensemble with low wooden tables of dark colors such elements look especially stylish and solid.


The appearance of the furniture, made in the American style, it is difficult to attribute to a certain direction, as it has a fairly simple design, made in accordance with the requirements of many buyers.American chairs can be painted in absolutely any color, however, black or dark blue specimens are found a little less often than light, neutral or pastel models. Most often, such interior items are placed in rooms with snow-white trim. As the main material in the manufacture of American chairs most often used wood, veneer or MDF.

How to choose?

Selecting chairs for the interior in a particular style, it is necessary to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Material. Furniture made of plastic should be used only as a last resort. Wood and metal structures are rightfully recognized as the most high-quality and durable.
  • Quality of construction. Pay attention to the mounting chair. All parts must be kept as secure and tight as possible. Any creaking and staggering will indicate a poor build quality of the product.
  • Appearance. Before buying inspect the furniture. Its surface should be in perfect condition (without scratches, chips and other defects).
  • Style. Of course, the chairs should be ideally suited to the interior style. Do not mix many incompatible elements in one ensemble, otherwise the situation will turn out to be ridiculous.

For information on tables and chairs in various interiors, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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