Use of dry building mixes Glims

 Use of dry building mixes Glims

During construction, a number of procedures must be carried out to improve the performance of the structure. And one of the important tasks is hydraulic insulation of the foundation. Moisture is able to leak, and destroy the foundation of the building, and this not only leads to deterioration of the house, but also represents a danger to residents. There is a wide range of materials on the market that do an excellent job with their task, and one of the leaders is Glims WaterStop.

The device floors, namely their quality, affects the duration of the coating.This is a complex system, the preparation of which must be taken seriously. In the market, Glims provides a wide range of products for construction and repair work. You can find a lot of positive feedback from consumers, as well as ensure the quality of the items according to performance. Dry building mixtures are one of the most important components during repair work, so you need to choose such products carefully.

Special features

Self-leveling floors Glims are created on a cement-sand basis. In their composition there are fillers with special additives, thanks to which the formation of surfaces is ensured. As a result, the coating becomes wear-resistant, durable, non-shrink, and these are the main indicators of quality. This product is in demand for various types of screeds, including floating ones.

To give the floor the desired slope, you can use a mixture of JSC "Glims Production".

The main advantage of the materials is the absence of shrinkage, high strength, environmental friendliness, safety, good adhesion. In the line of the company there are many varieties of dry mixes, adhesives for tiles, and other products for the implementation of repair or construction works.


If you are interested in self-leveling self-leveling floors, then you should pay attention to S-levelwhich has excellent performance. For finishing alignment it is the best option, therefore it is often used in dry buildings. As soon as the material dries, the surface becomes smooth, matte, and therefore any covering can be laid on it, be it linoleum, tile, carpet. It is possible to pour manually or with the help of special pumps.

In the assortment of the company you can find different types of plaster, one of whose representatives is Velur. It is used for facing works, and is suitable for both external and internal design. It can be used to align walls with ceilings, regardless of the condition of the room.

The advantages of the material include the function of warming, no need to apply a plaster grid, smoothing to gloss, frost resistance, elasticity and water resistance. Material is applied by machine or manual method, depending on the desired effect and the number of layers. Differs in the long term of operation.


To mount a mosaic of different types, you must use the appropriate material. The same applies to laying natural stone inside and outside. One of the best options is WhiteFix glue, as it has a rich list of advantages. First of all, it should be noted that it is used during the laying of pools, terraces, showers and bathrooms.

The advantages include water resistance, resistance to temperature extremes and climatic conditions. Material is consumed economically, which has a positive effect on costs. It can be used during tile laying or from top to bottom. There is no need to purchase adhesion primers, glue is not hazardous to health, as there are no asbestos fibers in the composition.

The adhesive mixture is suitable for working with tiles of different types, mosaics, as well as artificial or natural stone, that is, for different types of facings. Available in white, which is very practical.

Surface leveling mix

The company offers several options for the material that copes with the task. Separately, you can select SatiN, it is applied on different bases, blocks and bricks. To do this, use the manual and machine method. The advantages of the material include the following. The mixture copes with the alignment of surfaces, so it can cover the walls before pasting wallpaper, painting or other finishing facings.

The room can be dry and with high humidity, the material does not lose its abilities and characteristics. It is easy to apply the mixture, no special efforts are required, and as a result the surface is glossy, so no finishing putty is required. Increased elasticity, resistance to cracking and endurance favorably distinguish products from competitors.

Material for the final work

Finish Pasta is in demand in its field, and is offered in different versions. This material is suitable for finishing finishing work, the mixture of R has high strength, durability, is environmentally friendly.

If the task is to align the floor, experts recommend using a dry mixture of Base. You can pour it manually, pre-kneading using a mixer or use a working high-performance pump for mixing solutions. If necessary, consult with a master who understands this area and can give useful recommendations.

Facing the floors and walls

Among the range of Glims you can find a lot of different mixes that are designed for such work. And one of such materials is RealFix, which performs the task of the adhesive mixture. According to the characteristics of WhiteFix. It is suitable for laying different types of facing stone, mosaic and tile.

Base alignment

This type of material uses Base material. It is capable of forming a horizontal surface, suitable for manual or mechanized method. Copes with a wooden surface, perfectly aligned and spreads, while not sitting down. For warm floors, experts believe the mixture is the best choice, it can be used to cope with slopes. The layer will be durable and dense, so the finish will be top notch.


The choice of adhesive putty composition is not an easy task. You need to make sure the strength and reliability of the material that gives the result you expect. This task copes Styro "Prime". It is used in the field of processing of plates for the systems of room insulation. Performs the function of waterproofing, creating a reinforcing layer. Coupling is provided reliable.

The advantages of this insulation include the protection of the base from destruction and the effects of climatic conditions, the prevention of shrinkage cracks, easy leveling and safety for the environment.Material can be purchased at a low price.


Glims self-leveling floor meets European standards, like all other products provided by the manufacturer. Such mixtures quickly harden during use, providing high strength and resistance to stress and various influences. Even after many years, cracks on the surface will not appear, and this indicates the quality of the material. This mixture can be used without beacons. The basis will turn out ideally equal and smooth, therefore at desire it will be possible to choose any covering.

To paste wallpaper without problems, to prevent the appearance of fungus, and to prepare the surface of the walls, you need to choose the right material. The primer of deep penetration Glims is presented in different versions, and is able to provide adhesion between the surface of different blocks, bricks. At the same time the mixture does not create a film, does not absorb moisture, and will allow to paint the walls evenly. The base is waterproof.

Coating for different types of surfaces

Plaster and plaster putty have a number of positive characteristics. These are high-strength materials that are used during the finishing.They have high adhesion, increased strength, environmental safety, give a smooth surface. If during the work you need to use a mosaic or tile, you will need to find the appropriate means. Tile glue is offered in a rich assortment, there are universal mixtures that are suitable for different types of stone and other materials, as well as on the basis of white cement.

To strengthen the surface it is recommended to use concrete contact. It is necessary to clarify that it creates roughness, and at the same time has increased adhesion of gypsum plaster, glue, and different types of concrete. The material does not need to be diluted and carry out preparatory work, it can be used immediately, it is enough just to stir the mixture.

Mineral plaster fur coat is in special demand, as it is spent economically, suitable for work inside and outside, has water resistance and high vapor permeability. You can use the paint in two days. Cracks do not appear on the surface, which indicates that the material is opposed to the influence of various factors.

Lightweight plaster Velor is suitable for different bases, and also has its advantages and positive qualities.

Expense calculation

To acquire the required amount of material to perform a particular work, you need to understand its scope. Much depends on the type of mixture, as well as the method of its preparation, and proportions. The manufacturer always indicates the instructions on the packaging of each item, so it’s easy to figure it out. When it comes to tile adhesives, you need to consider the type of material that is used, the size of the tile or mosaic. Of great importance is the type of substrate that will be processed, as well as the degree of humidity of the room.

Glims plaster can be called one of the most economical. They are spent a little, but they give an excellent result. Since the company offers several options, you need to pay attention to the features of the mixture that interests you. The details of the consumption of material are always indicated to the description of each series of goods, so you can easily navigate to how much you need.

You can calculate using an electronic calculator, specifying the area to be processed and choosing the type of dry mix.


There are a number of useful recommendations from qualified specialists, as well as directly from the manufacturer, which will help to understand the features of the material. To take these tips into account is necessary to achieve a positive result. The important point is the observance of the rules for the preparation of mixtures, as well as storage of the material, if it is not fully used. It is necessary to leave the compounds in closed containers in a room with the appropriate temperature.


A substitute can be found for any mixture and building material, but you need to make sure that the analogues of plaster, putty, and tile glue meet the quality standards and have the right characteristics. If we talk about Glims products, it has been on the market for about twenty years, and in all this time has earned a lot of positive feedback, so many experts and craftsmen prefer to use it only.

As for analogues, you can find several worthy substitutes, but the question is whether this makes sense. Dry mixes considered by the manufacturer comply with European standards, are safe, functional and economical, which is equally important.

For a review of GLIMS HiFix high-strength white tile adhesive, see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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