Litokol building mixtures: purpose and variety of the range

 Litokol building mixtures: purpose and variety of the range

At present, it is impossible to imagine home repair without special building mixtures. They can be designed for a variety of repairs. It is important to note that such compositions greatly facilitate installation. It is worthwhile to elaborate on Litokol products.

Special features

Italy is one of the largest countries of construction mixes. It is there that the famous Litokol plant is located, which produces similar solutions. According to most experts, the products of this company can rightly be considered high-quality and reliable.Today, this company produces and sells mortars for various construction purposes: for gluing, priming, waterproofing, and grouting.

In addition, Litokol products are most often used for leveling various coatings (floors, walls, ceilings). Therefore, such mixtures can be safely called universal.

It should be noted that Litokol mortars can boast some positive characteristics.

  • Long shelf life. These construction solutions can be stored for many years, and at the same time they will not lose their beneficial properties at all.
  • Easy to use. Litokol mixtures do not require special technology of breeding and application, so any person can easily use such compositions on their own.
  • Environmental friendliness. These solutions are made from absolutely safe substances, which is officially confirmed by certificates.
  • High stability to external influences. Litokol construction compounds are characterized by excellent moisture resistance, as well as chemical and mechanical resistance.
  • High performance indicator. The solutions of this manufacturer allow you to increase productivity almost intwice.
  • Affordable price. Purchase of such a building mix will be affordable for any buyer.

But despite such a rather big list of advantages, Litokol building products also have certain negative characteristics.

  • Can not be applied to metal and plastic. After all, this mixture in contact with such surfaces can contribute to their destruction.
  • Can not be used for waterproofing non-porous materials. When applied to such surfaces, Litokol formulations will not be able to provide good protection against water, they are best used exclusively for porous substrates.
  • No other building elements can be added. When preparing the desired Litokol solution, it is not worth adding additional ingredients (cement, lime), otherwise it will simply lose all its useful properties and characteristics.


Currently, the Litokol factory produces various types of building mixtures.

  • Today, the Aquamaster sample is a fairly common solution. It can be used for both exterior and interior. This model is a one-component elastic waterproofing, which is made on the basis of water dispersion of various synthetic resins.It should be noted that Litokol Aquamaster dries quite quickly after application to the plane, which greatly simplifies installation work. Surfaces coated with such a construction mixture do not need to be further treated with primer and other solutions. In addition, this sample can safely boast the lowest level of emissions of all kinds of volatile substances.
  • Another popular model of this mixture is the sample. Hidroflex. It is a one-component solvent-free paste. In the manufacture of such a composition used synthetic resins and various inert fillers. Often these building mixtures are used when installing wall coverings, self-leveling floor, as well as for waterproofing cement screed, plaster.
  • The next sample is Litocare matt. It has the form of protective impregnation, which is made on the basis of a special solvent. As a rule, this composition is used in the event that it is necessary to significantly enhance the color of ceramics or natural stone. And often such a mixture is used for grouting and protecting the surface from stains.
  • Common model can be called composition Idrostuk-m. It comes in the form of a special latex additive. Most often it is used when grouting. It should be noted that such mixtures can significantly increase the resistance of the material to water absorption, cold resistance, the level of adhesion.
  • And also quite often a mixture is used in construction. Litostrip. This model is produced in the form of a transparent gel. This remover is mainly used to clean various surfaces from stains and streaks. It is fairly easy to apply to the coating and dries quickly, so everyone can work with it.


Among the various samples Litokol can be found a considerable number of different primers.

  • The most popular type is mortar. Primer. It is represented by a two-component epoxy composition. It can be used for dense concrete, bearing walls, partitions, screed plaster, anhydrite screeds.
  • Composition Litocontact It is also a primer. It has the appearance of an adhesive solution made on an acrylic basis. It is used, as a rule, for internal work.It can be applied to virtually any concrete or mosaic surface.

Self-leveling compounds

Among the products Litokol can be found and special self-leveling mixture. One of them is the composition Litoliv S10 Express. It is produced in the form of dry matter, made on the basis of binding mineral fillers.

Before applying this framework, be sure to dilute it with water, and then apply with a conventional spatula. Such a composition can be used to align the horizontal surfaces in almost any room. But it is worth remembering that the material is subject to direct contact with water, it can not be applied.

Litoliv S10 Express is perfect for cement-sand screeds, concrete foundations, ceramic tiles, various types of floors.


Currently, the company Litokol produces a rather large number of mixtures for putty.

  • One of them is the model Litofinish fasad. It is made on the basis of white cement with polymer additives and special fillers. It is important to note that this composition has a higher frost resistance and moisture resistance.
  • Another putty is a mixture Litogips Finish. It is made on the basis of astringent gypsum, inert fillers and special organic additives. This product has a high degree of plasticity, a high level of adhesion and excellent resistance to mechanical damage after drying.

Plaster compositions

Among the plaster mixes can be noted some of the most popular.

  • Mixture Litokol CR30 can rightly be called one of the most common plaster foundations among consumers. Before direct application to the surface, it must be diluted with water so that a plastic, uniform composition is obtained. Such a solution will have high adhesion, good resistance to mechanical damage.
  • Composition Litotherm Grafica Sil It is also a plaster base. It has the appearance of a polymer silicone mixture with a special decorative effect "bark beetle". Most often it is used for finishing finishing plastered surfaces. It should be said that this model boasts a special water-repellent ability, high resistance to cracking, good protection from mold and mildew.

Waterproofing mixes

To date, this manufacturer produces a fairly large number of various compositions for waterproofing.

  • Coverflex it is safe to call one of these solutions. Make this mixture on the basis of conventional cement. It has a high degree of elasticity, full water resistance, excellent resistance to chemicals and mechanical damage.
  • Waterproofing composition is a model Litoblock Aqua. This mixture has the form of a quick-hardening cement slurry, which is made on the basis of cement. It boasts quite high rates of frost resistance, moisture resistance. This building composition does not cause corrosion of metal structures, does not require pre-treatment with a primer and does not lose its strength at all during operation.

Scope of application

  • Currently Litokol mortars are widely used. in various installation works. So, quite often they are used in the alignment of various coatings (leveling system tiles, walls, floors). With the help of such solutions, each person without effort will be able to correctly and evenly arrange all the details and make the design beautiful and neat. Such compositions include a mixture of Litoliv S10 Express.
  • And also often these building mixtures take as a material for waterproofing. Especially such compounds are needed when equipping saunas, baths and swimming pools. If you plan to cover the surface with tiles or rubber panels, you will need to make a water-repellent impregnation for interlayer joints or apply a special waterproofing tape. A sample of Litoblock Aqua can be attributed to such mixtures.
  • Litokol construction compounds are used as a means to remove stains and stains. After all, not all detergents can clean the surface from serious pollution. Then you can use such mixtures, which form a special protective layer on the material, it does not allow dirt to settle on the structure. These solutions include Litocare Matt.

Features of use

It should be said that Litokol mortar is quite easy to use. In addition, in the same set with the composition, as a rule, is detailed instructions for use. Most of the specialists before the direct application to the surface of the solution is recommended to thoroughly clean it from dust and other debris. However, for some materials, such a procedure should be carried out with the help of special detergents. So, there is a special cleaner for porcelain, ceramic, metal.

Then it is necessary to dilute the mixture with water. The proportions in which this should be done are almost always indicated in the instructions for use. It is important not to forget that for each specific model there is a ratio of components. When mixing all the ingredients, the resulting mass should be stirred until it becomes homogeneous and viscous. After preparation of the mixture, it can be applied to the surface of the structure. This can be done with the help of various devices.

If you want to grout the seams between the individual parts, then you should use a cellulose sponge for epoxy grout. Then you should wait until the base is completely dry and proceed to the finish if required.


      Currently, on the Internet you can see a considerable amount of feedback on the products of the Italian company Litokol. So, many users note the beautiful appearance of many decorative mixtures of this manufacturer. Some people even left them as a topcoat. And also, according to many consumers, Litokol dry mixes are distinguished by a high level of quality and strength. They will be able to serve for many years.

      A large number of buyers have noticed and affordable price of such goods. Some left reviews of good waterproofing mixes.

      According to users, they can be used even in rooms with a high degree of humidity. And also there are consumers who spoke about a high index of frost resistance. After all, the compositions can easily withstand even significant temperature fluctuations.

      Description and properties of building mixes LITOKOL - in the next video.

      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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