A garland of light bulbs - how to originally decorate a house inside and outside?

 A garland of light bulbs - how to originally decorate a house inside and outside?

Garland is an ornament that attracts attention and uplifting people of all ages. With it, it is easy to decorate the interior of the house not only for a holiday, but also to embed it in the design of the room as a daily accessory that will give it a perfection effect. A large variety of models will allow you to choose the best option for each case and emphasize the individuality of a room.

Advantages of decorating lamp festoons

With the help of the garland it is easy to bring the mood of celebration and joy into the interior. Its main feature is that with its help it is easy to decorate a house with any stylistic direction. In most cases, it is perceived as a separate object of decor, and therefore its visual selection from the overall design of the room is allowed.

In addition, the garland combines not only decorative, but also practical functions. - it is an additional source of light, and therefore is often purchased and used by owners as a night light. At the same time, it creates a more intimate and aesthetic setting than ordinary lamps, filling the room with a special atmosphere. Depending on the type, length and shape, the garland can be used not only in the house, but also on the street. With it, it is easy to design the design of the courtyard of a private house and place accents on some other decor items.

In terms of functionality and operation, in addition to a high degree of aesthetics, the following advantages of the garland can be distinguished.

  • Low power consumption. Often this dignity is fundamental to the acquisition of jewelry by many people.Depending on the appearance, you can purchase a model that will most effectively replace the night light and illuminate the room. With its help, you can not only create a festive mood, but also significantly save on electricity costs.
  • Mobility. The garland is small in size and light in weight, so if necessary it can be easily moved from one place to another, and also placed in a place inaccessible to traditional light sources.
  • Easy to connect. To use the garland it is enough to connect it to a power source - a wall outlet or batteries. It does not take a lot of time and effort, you do not need to deal with complex instructions and aspects of connecting directly to the network, unlike wall fixtures or classic chandeliers.
  • Security. Modern models have a high degree of reliability, and thanks to the parallel connection of the garland will continue to work properly, even if one of the light bulbs in the circuit fails. Most models are protected from mechanical external damage and are not susceptible to the ravages of weather conditions.
  • Wide range of. Manufacturers offer their customers a large range of products that differ in a variety of parameters, ranging from the size of the lamps, ending with their color diversity and the features of the garland itself. That is why finding the best option for a given case is not difficult.

With the help of a garland it is easy to decorate the house and yard, as well as create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere.


From the minuses we can highlight the high cost of quality products. This is especially true of design versions of models made by experienced craftsmen. The more refined and reliable the product, the higher the number on its price tag. In addition, it is difficult to choose a model that will have a high degree of durability. As a rule, buyers are attracted more by cheap multi-colored counterparts from little-known firms than by better models of popular brands. A garland of cheap materials can quickly become unusable, especially for models with a series connection circuit.


When choosing a garland, it is necessary to carefully study the varieties of this jewelery on the modern market and theirthe differences. Traditionally, the degree of destination of the garland can be divided into 2 groups.

  • Models for the street. As a rule, the lamps in them are large and are equipped with additional means of protection against mechanical damage. Besides. they have increased resistance to bad weather, dampness and sharp temperature fluctuations.
  • Models for home. Lightweight version, usually LED. It has a lower degree of illumination than the previous version, as well as a small length of the product.

Also distinguish the following types of models.

  • Universal linear. It is a long wire with lamps arranged in series on it.
  • Garland curtain. It looks like a curtain and is used, as a rule, to decorate walls. Differs in long branches of additional wires that are not connected to each other.
  • Garland-fringe. From the central wire diverging branches of different lengths that can be interconnected. Usually such a product has a small length and is used to decorate windows or shelves.
  • Grid. The classic street version, which stretches over a zone or on the wall, and has the appearance close to a large fishing net with small lamps.
  • Garland icicle. It is a cord with branches in the form of short sticks with LEDs.
  • Rope Light It has the appearance of a flexible cord with LEDs inside. With it, it is easy to give the desired shape to the ornament.
  • Belt Light Modern popular model - a soft cord with neat rounded mini-versions of a classic incandescent bulb, rather than LEDs.

These products are actively used to decorate the house, both inside and outside.

Types, sizes and power of used lamps

Garlands are different from each other and used lamps. They can be of different sizes, shapes, colors, power. There are the following types.

  • Classic mini-lamps and microlamps. Usually used in Christmas decorations and have a pear-shaped, elongated or round shape.
  • LED. Most often used for decorative decoration of the room for a long time.
  • Garland with Edison lamps. Large classic lamps connected in series to one wire can replace, for example, a chandelier in a studio apartment decorated in a modern style.

If it is necessary to calculate the voltage of one lamp in a garland, then it is necessary to divide 220 volts by their number in the decoration.On average, one of them consumes no more than 12 volts. Power depending on the size of the garland can vary from 10 to 50 watts. For rooms the optimum value will be 25, and for the street - 35 watts.

Color possibilities

The modern range of garlands offers products made in different colors. Among them are very popular jewelry, which is composed of red, white and pink lamps. Depending on the general style of the room and its color palette, decorators are advised to purchase neutral-colored festoons. However, LED multicolored decorations are still relevant for creating New Year's mood.

Use cases

Choosing a garland for a house or street, you need to take into account all the nuances from the interior, and ending with safety techniques.

As a decoration of the living room

The living room is a place where they often get together with the whole family. That is why it is important that this room was as comfortable and cozy as possible. To create such an atmosphere will help the classic linear or modern garland-fringe. As a rule, with its help make out the shelf or wall.It is important that she is out of reach if there are young children in the house. When choosing a product it is best to stay on the decoration of a light, neutral shade. Garland curtain or models with large lamps will be an excellent option for a living room decorated in a modern style.

In the children's room

Children's room should create a fairy tale atmosphere for its little inhabitant. Garland is great for this. Especially often with its help make out canopies over the bed. Falling asleep, the child will enjoy the soothing flickering lights, in addition, such a decoration can help kids who are afraid of the dark. For older children, the garland can become an object for games - with its help, homemade huts are often made out. And adolescents can express their individuality in such a way and create an atmosphere of comfort for themselves.

Application for New Year and Christmas

Winter holidays can not do without the solemn twinkling of the many multi-colored garlands in conjunction with other Christmas decorations. At this time of the year, the street and the rooms are actively decorated with a garland. For this purpose, garlands-icicles, duralight, fringe are most often used, and the Christmas tree is decorated with classic linear models.

Street ideas

Usually the street is decorated with long garlands with large lamps, for example, Edison. On the street, this product is used as an additional light source, so it is important to ensure that the model most fully meets the requirements of illumination. If there are trees in the courtyard of a private house, then a common garland that can be wrapped around a trunk or branches becomes a common idea for decorating them. Also with the help of this product you can decorate a gazebo or a place to rest, decorate the entrance to the house. The walls of the house are often decorated to emphasize its style and draw the attention of passers-by to it.

Safety Tips

Decorating a house Do not forget about safety.

  • Before you connect the garland, you must first carefully examine the product for the presence of breakdowns and bare wires, as well as ensure that they are tightly insulated.
  • A garland designed for the home should not be used outside to avoid the possible occurrence of a short circuit during bad weather or temperature changes.
  • Keep the garland should be carefully, avoiding dust and mechanical pressure.
  • It is not recommended to hang the garlands near easily combustible materials, and also to spray similar substances next to them.

After using the garland, you need to give it some time to cool before folding it.

Beautiful examples

Garlands of microlamps best complement large objects. A beautiful solution would be a combination of sparkling light bulbs with a flying cloth. Decorators most often use such a garland in the decoration of bedrooms, it looks especially impressive with canopies. The combination of white translucent canvas and the light of the garland makes the canopy even more airy, and in the evening creates an atmosphere of comfort and peace.

Often garlands with Edison lamps are used to decorate the ceiling of a room, whose interior is made in a modern style. Especially stylish will look linear lights on the wire on the background of the ceiling in white.

Garlands placed inside a glass vessel look very impressive: cans, bottles, spheres, etc. Such items can be used instead of a nightly luminaire, and also be used to decorate shelves in the room with their help.

Often, products in the form of a curtain are used for window decoration.In conjunction with a light fabric of curtains, such models look very beautiful from the side of the room and from the street.

A classic decoration of the facade of the building is a garland in the form of a fringe or curtain, located under the roof. Such products are also decorated windows and walls of the house.

On how to ideally use electric lights all year round, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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