Battery strings: types, design and selection rules

It is difficult to imagine the New Year without the bright lights of the garlands on the Christmas trees and in the shop windows. Funny lights adorn the trees on the streets, the windows of houses, wire festive installations. Without luminous garlands there is no feeling of celebration, foreshadowing miracles and changes for the better. This is the first thing that every family buys on the eve of Christmas and New Year. Many garlands do not exist. Therefore, they are not only hoisted on the Christmas tree, but also hanged everywhere, so that in the evening everything around will plunge into the joyful glow of hundreds of fireflies.

Advantages and disadvantages

Garlands can not have flaws, if it is a quality factory product, made in compliance with all safety standards. Such lights will not overheat and will not burn the beautiful tree with the house where she stands.They can be hung on the curtains, placed on the walls, to build some of them like lamps. A solid garland can burn all night without heating up and without emitting a toxic smell. But you need to buy it only in large stores, specialized departments, where they provide guarantees and certificates for similar products.

Of the minuses of substandard products are the following:

  • rapid burnout of light bulbs;
  • the inability to replace a light bulb with a similar one, but working;
  • heating light bulbs;
  • the smell of melting wire from the garland, included in the network for a long time;
  • frequent breakdown of the glow mode tuner.

    The festive mood will be spoiled if the purchased garland turns out to be low-grade Chinese consumer goods. You should not save on such a purchase, because it will cost you more when you have to buy a new garland soon. And if you are very unlucky, then a new Christmas tree in a new apartment.


    Garlands are divided into two types: those that are used in the room and those that are intended for the street.

    Choose a reliable luminous decoration is not difficult if you know what kind of garlands are by type and design.

    Traditional Christmas tree garland - a few meters of wire, covered with small light bulbs. LED lights begin their intricate play of light, barely turn on the garland in the network. In order to fully enjoy the overflow of lights, get a model with a block switching modes. One click of a button - and they, then run along needles, reflected in each color highlights. That freezes in place, slowly picking up the color brighter and brighter. Such a play of flowers pleases the soul and glance of not only children, but also adults.

    Garlands are divided not only by the design of light bulbs and light fixtures on them, but also by type:

    1. Christmas decoration with mini bulbs, known since childhood. Differs simple design and low cost. Creates a pleasant glow and comfort. Minus - frequent breakdowns and energy consumption.
    2. LED (LED) festoon. Modern product of small light bulbs, which has a lot of advantages. It does not heat up, it is operated for a long time (up to 20 000-100 000 hours). The benefit of use is obvious - the power consumption is ten times less. In addition, such a garland is not afraid of moisture and it is characterized by high strength. The price of the product is not too high.But such a purchase will last more than one holiday season without problems.

      Three types of wires are used in modern garlands: rubber, silicone and PVC. The first two materials are distinguished by high strength, moisture protection and resistance to external weather conditions.

      Silicone wire is used in luxury garlands. They are allowed to use in the cold with temperatures up to –50 degrees and strong humidity.

      PVC wire is used in budget models. They do not malfunction at temperatures up to –20 degrees, but do not always tolerate moisture. They are used as decorations for office and home interiors, outdoor gazebos and awnings.

      Power type

      Everyone is familiar with the device in the form of an electric Christmas garland with power from the electrical network. It is enough just to insert the plug into the socket, so that the perky lights come to life in the bulbs. But not all conditions are suitable for their operation. For example, without electricity, such a garland would never become an ornament.

      The autonomous analog of a garland working on batteries comes to the rescue. Wireless festoes are mobile and diverse in design.These two great advantages made them the best-selling product in this category. In the pre-winter winter days, wireless garlands in the form of rain, nets, large balls and small icicles are swept away from the store shelves with packages.


      In fact, there are not so many garlands. There is always something to decorate with them in the house, office space or in your own yard. Luminous fringe of miniature LEDs looks spectacularly on the windows of houses, hanging from eaves, arches, doorways and bay windows of the gazebo. It decorates boring walls and decorates the gate. Small lights, like mischievous droplets, cast beautiful glare on everything that is nearby, turning the familiar space into a disco club. This is how a mood is created, the name of which is “festive”!

      Christmas lights are hanging on the furniture, even when there are still many months of waiting before the New Year. They are economical and can delight themselves all year round, filling ordinary evenings with wonderful emotions. Stars or flowers, Christmas trees or snowflakes - such decorations on light bulbs are so loved by children that they do not part with them for a long time after the winter holidays.

      This is a wonderful economical alternative to a nightlight. A curtain of tiny LED lights can envelop the family bed in mysterious flicker. This will certainly give new notes of married life. Romantic rain by the bed will not let you fall asleep without a portion of passionate caress of a loving couple.

      It is such a small drop of happiness that transforms feelings into an ocean of passion. You do not have to pay large bills for consumed electricity. Such romanticism will cost a penny. And his memory will remain as a valuable baggage of memories.

      Street glowing garlands are loved not only in families and at parties. They love to decorate their property owners of hotels and boutiques, restaurateurs and managers of coffee shops. At the "light" comes more visitors and a growing number of regular customers.

      Choosing a garland for outdoor use, you need to stay on the one with an IP level (protection from dust and moisture) of at least 23.

      For simple but functional garland-threads there are also many ways to use it. Not only the traditional decoration of the Christmas tree, but also the decoration of columns, baseboards, slopes. It is convenient to create patterns, decorate vases, spruce branches, Christmas wreaths with such ribbons with lots of light bulbs.

      A similar style is demonstrated by curtain garlands.They consist of light bulbs, icicles, effectively hanging and iridescent with all the colors of the rainbow. Differ in visual effect of "thawing". Special glow creates an indescribable play of light.

      Color solutions

      • Hirlyadna Dyuralayt. The intricate name is not known to everyone, but in reality it is a transparent flexible cord, inside of which are placed LEDs or mini incandescent bulbs. From it lay out the whole inscription congratulatory or romantic nature. Water resistant and resistant to different temperatures makes this design the most suitable for outdoor decor.
      • Elegant lighting Beltlight. Two- or five-core flexible cables with white, blue, yellow, green or other colors LEDs. Low energy consumption with a stunning visual effect. Used for decoration of parks, city bridges, high-rise buildings. With the help of such devices, ordinary streets turn into fairy-tale worlds, where you begin to believe in a miracle and Santa Claus.
      • Statodynamic light garland - fireworks of lights, comparable to the real salute. The multi-colored beams of LEDs blink so beautifully that you want to look at them for hours.At the same time, unlike pyrotechnics, they are completely safe.
      • Musical garlands. Hit any holiday that is associated with music and fun. Just imagine the light bulbs synchronously flashing to the beat of the chords of your favorite international track Jingle Bells! Not so long ago, it was a rather complicated system to manage, but now models are being sold that are easily controlled from an iPhone or a remote control.

      Tips for choosing

      How long to buy a garland? If we are talking about the traditional model-thread, it is better to take the length three times the height of the spruce. Up to 300 light bulbs or half as many LEDs are needed for every 1 meter of wood. Although all standards are conditional here. Everyone is free to decide what will go best for the street, and what design will decorate the home interior in a festive spirit. Focus only on your preferences, taking into account the means, weather conditions and wishes.

      Beautiful examples

      An example of a design might be shop windows, pictures on the Internet, or even frames of Christmas movies. Windows with "melting icicles" look festive and unusual. The gray facade of the garage comes alive under a grid of LEDs.Your life is changed to a festive miracle, if you dress it in colorful lights.

      How to make LED garland with your own hands, see the next video.

      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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