Candle lamp

 Candle lamp

A candle "in the wind" or a lamp-candle appeared in the days of the old technologies, "filaments". However, the spread of such devices received with the popularization of LED lamps. This model is a flask with a specific design, these devices successfully simulate a flame, a candle fire. These beautiful products will fit into the classic interiors, Victorian style, Rococo, Baroque.

Special features

This invention is almost no different from conventional types of lamps. Often, the traditional E14 base is represented here, where the letter “E” stands for class “E” and the number is the diameter of the product. The decorative minion model is designed for those lighting fixtures.which work in a standard network of 220 V.

If the incandescent lamp of this form has a power of from 15 to 60 watts, then the LED - up to 15 watts.

Due to the fact that several LED lamps will be installed on the chandelier, the power of the light of the saving light bulbs will be sufficient.

The lamp "in the wind" is a special subject of decor. If you get an expensive light fixture and string round or elongated versions of light bulbs on it, then the general view may be spoiled. Many manufacturers indicate the use of this type of lamp (in the form of candles) - for specific devices. Stylish models are suitable only for the upward arc. So you will create a solemn, unusual atmosphere in the hall, bedroom, living room.

Advantages of models

The product turns into a candle lamp thanks to a special decorative casing with a hidden discharge tube. Teardrop shape gives the interior an additional appeal. If we are talking about LED-devices, then the LEDs "hide" directly under the decorative envelope.

They have several advantages over a weak, inefficient incandescent lamp, because:

  • energy savings up to 90%;
  • there are many interesting effects (flickering lamp, models with dim lights, dimming options with adjustable lighting and so on);
  • LED "candles" are absolutely safe, non-toxic;
  • all models are available at a price; a wide range of collections is presented;
  • products have a wide range of applications;
  • “Fiery” LEDs fit organically into most interior styles (from classic to restrained loft).

The model imitating fire makes an indelible impression on guests, households. Such chandeliers "settle" in the atmosphere of comfort, warmth and hospitality. They are great for romantics, successfully highlight the strengths of the interior.


The most advanced series of lighting with new types of dimming, light control is the 820 lm X-Flash collection. The device has a color temperature of 4000K - with a CRI 80 color rendition index. The models function perfectly at ambient temperatures from -30 ° to + 50 ° С.

A less powerful “candle” will be the Philips G45 series at 60 W, Feron at 3 W.

Among the modern products on the market can also be found:

  • many diode R39 products;
  • mirror options for spots;
  • candles in the wind, like X-Flash E14;
  • filament options;
  • transparent models on filament diodes.

LED "candles" from the brands Camelion, Gauss, Ecola and so on have proved to be good. But it will be possible to save money by buying energy-saving compact fluorescent lamp-candles from the brands Osram, Duluxstar Minicandle, Foton Lighting.

LED Series

The peak of the popularity of elegant light bulbs "in the wind" came at a time when the LEDs took their leading positions in matters of external as well as internal lighting. An interesting option would be a model with a matte bulb. It is enough to “arm” with a device with a light output of 88 lm / W. For LED products, manufacturers provide a stabilized power source.

Energy-saving candles suitable for decorative lighting, and for general purpose lamps.

Such devices are very durable - in contrast to fluorescent, traditional incandescent bulbs. LED devices can emit natural white light with excellent color rendering, more than 80 Ra. Even with a wide supply voltage range, the luminous flux from the LED “candle” will not change, adversely affecting the human eye.

Decorative features

The refined ceiling chandelier with such elements will transform the interior of any apartment, hotel, country house or hall. You can install here beautiful colored “candle” bulbs - for example, red, blue, yellow, and also matte, transparent. Such effects as crocolat, ice crystal, amber are becoming more popular.

The most elegant options can have golden, silvery inserts, which, with proper color rendition, create the feeling of a real fairy tale indoors. Transparent, dimmable specimens - now you can independently adjust the glow, regardless of daylight. Make subdued twilight, add romance to dinner for two, or relax under the dim twinkle of lights above your head.

Standard incandescent and halogen lamps

Such models have somewhat lost their positions with the output of LED devices. The only thing they can interest the buyer is low cost. However, you also get a short lifespan, frequent replacements, low power. Among such devices there are many designer devices in the form of a candle.

In a wide range there are white, color, matte, transparent versions and models with decorative coating. Experts advise to look towards the LEDs, because they have undeniable advantages.

What devices are suitable for?

Equipping their homes, people pay special attention to lighting. After all, how you distribute the lighting in the room will depend on the mood of the household. Quite often, candle-shaped products are used on open structures - for example, decorative candelabra, wall lamps, floor lamps, built-in lamps, table lamps, and so on.

With their help, you will be able to make every corner of the apartment more comfortable, place the correct accents on the furniture, emphasize the successful layout of the studio, hall. When choosing, pay attention to the base (E14 or E27). It is important to understand that no LED product emits ultraviolet, infrared rays.

Candle "in the wind" is perfect for Baroque, Empire, the Victorian era. It is installed in a crystal chandelier, creating the impression of real fire. If you pick up unusual lighting for the office, you can pay attention to the teardrop shape - the minion.

Sparkling "points" are also acquired in order to save. Organically in spacious rooms will fit options with a wick.

Learn more about the candlelight lamp in the wind from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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