Linear LED lights

 Linear LED lights

Accurately selected lighting plays a major role in any room to create the ideal microclimate. This is important both for the comfort of the eyes and for highlighting the design features of the room. Today, the lighting market represents a variety of spectacular models, and it’s not easy to decide on the desired type of linear luminaire. Therefore, before making a purchase, it is worth determining the function that the LED lighting device should perform directly in your apartment.

Features, advantages and disadvantages of LED-models

LED lighting elements are a truly versatile lighting model. Linear LED products can simultaneously illuminate a large area of ​​the kitchen, while standard chandeliers light only a specific spot. Another feature of the considered lighting is that the period of operation they have much longer. According to experts, linear models can work for more than ten years (provided the installation is properly implemented), without the need for replacement or malfunction.

Linear lighting devices are made in the form of a series of interconnected devices, which prevents darkened transitions between light sources. Therefore, such models are distinguished by a clear and soft stream of light, its uniform direction.

Among the technical features of these products, it is worth noting that the color radiation of models comes in different shades. As a rule, color temperature parameters are indicated on the packaging of a light bulb in Kelvin. The lighting product, depending on the possible degree, shows yellow, white, or a soft warm shade with maximum natural light. You can also watch and cool neutral backlight mode.

The ability to connect linear LED products together into a single source of illumination is an additional feature that endowed with the considered lighting devices. This is another excellent argument in favor of choosing LED lighting products that transform absolutely any room.

Let's look at the advantages of such lighting devices:

  • Power saving - this is the first and, perhaps, the main advantage, which directly distinguishes linear LED products for the kitchen from ordinary light bulbs. Sources of luminous flux are bright saturated crystals - light-emitting diodes, which give a large amount of light with a small area of ​​the luminous surface. Today, this indicator is certainly important, because in the period of continuously growing electricity tariffs, many are trying to save on everything.
  • Small size - This is the second advantage of the products in question. The layout of the linear LED devices are not limited solely to the ceiling surface of the apartment, in contrast to the standard kitchen chandelier. The latter can be placed only on the ceiling.Linear lighting products can be installed both on walls and furniture, and on the smallest area of ​​the kitchen.
  • Among the advantages of linear models worth noting them security. Due to the endowment of linear lighting devices with such dignity, they almost never heat up in the course of their work. Compared to ordinary kitchen lighting fixtures, the current level in LED lamps is much lower. And it allows you to actively use them in various lighting devices of a closed type.
  • Variety of color palettewhich is able to easily embody absolutely any, even the most unusual and courageous desires of the designer, also applies to the advantages of linear models of lamps. No other lighting device stands out in shape, size, and color in such a wide variety as LED. It is very easy to choose a linear lighting fixture for any design of the room. The undoubted advantages of LED models are also in their light weight, resistance to shocks or vibrations, the absence of noise and flicker.

After reviewing the features and advantages of linear LED products, you should not forget about the disadvantages that these models also have.

Excellent heat dissipation is the first thing you need to provide such lighting devices. This function is implemented by the substrate on which the LEDs are installed. However, if any errors or omissions were made during the mounting process, cavities will arise that prevent heat rejection. The result of such actions - the lamp fails completely.

Fluorescent bulbs used in linear lighting products are endowed with the flicker feature. The quality of their functioning depends directly on the ambient temperature. When the temperature indicator from + 10C and below is not guaranteed excellent operation of the device. If the temperature value is above + 25 ° C, the flow of light decreases.

The power supply unit built into the lighting device is not protected from possible voltage surges directly in the network. The voltage is much higher than the nominal temperature of the diode element, resulting in it stops its work.For this reason, it is recommended to use additional protective blocks.


Linear LED devices, first of all, are divided into three main types:

  • stylish ceiling exterior;
  • embedded models;
  • touch diode modules.

Depending on the method of fixation to the surface, there are:

  • overhead or built-in lighting;
  • suspended or corner products;
  • Mortise or suspension sources of the main backlight.

Depending on the immediate place of attachment - wall or ceiling lighting, as well as stylish facade products.

And finally, today the following types are common: modular systems, profile (for example, aluminum profiles), architectural or designer lighting devices, with a switch or rotary models, as well as thin or universal matte linear LED lamps.

The form

Linear LED lighting devices are distinguished by a clear geometry of forms (most often they are rectangular, x-shaped, oval, etc.). The case of such models is narrow and elongated, although the products can be made in any size indicators and taking into account all the desires of the buyer.With the help of such LED devices you can observe the lighting in any configuration. This is achieved by fixing several lighting fixtures in a single continuous circuit.

In this case, you do not need to limit your own imagination - you can easily adjust the desired shape of linear lighting products to your own desires and design. The linear model of illumination can remarkably illuminate huge areas of apartments. And because of its compact body, it is possible to use such linear LED devices as a backlight for individual niches.

Application options

An extensive model range of linear lighting devices makes it possible to apply them in different directions. The designs of the luminaires in question are used for both domestic and industrial purposes. In addition, such products are ideal for architectural lighting, fixed facade, as well as light and color dynamic lighting options.

In individual products, special mechanisms are additionally incorporated, which gradually change the shade of light and its direction.Such products are actively used for ordinary and local lighting of both the working departments of production companies and office premises, as well as warehouse or shopping complexes, parking lots or sports complexes, and a number of other similar premises. The safe instrument cluster makes it possible to apply them in situations of high vibration exposure.

The built-in lighting elements create a light illumination of the stretch ceiling along the contour of the room, perfectly emitting light either from the ceiling or from specially prepared niches. Suspended lighting fixtures provide a unique lighting area with an emphasis on the design elements. Used in rooms with high ceilings. Lighting equipment is in demand to illuminate the flight of stairs, as well as the windows of shopping centers, cafes or bars.

Built-in motion sensors, which are equipped with certain models of the lighting device, increase comfort when using and save electricity. Such structures are installed in the kitchen, bathroom or toilet. Sensory lighting elements, controlled by a simple touch, are in demand for use in the kitchen, as well as in the offices of large companies.

Sensory lighting elements, controlled by a simple touch, are in demand for use in the kitchen, as well as in the offices of large companies.


One of the main manufacturers of such devices is considered the company Maxus. Their products stand out for their high quality. This company is currently particularly popular with customers. The company gives a proper guarantee for absolutely all of its installations.

The mechanism with the maximum configuration will cost a fairly large amount of money. The cost of such models starts from forty dollars and up, depending on the configuration. If you decide to take a more economical model, it is possible to choose a device that is half more economical. However, in this situation, you can then greatly regret, because the proper quality of cheaper diodes is often extremely poor, and the effectiveness of their functioning seriously decreases with time.

Among the manufacturers of linear LED lamps is also worth noting the Belgian company Lucide, which produces lamps since 1992 and has all the certificates of quality. Lucide models are used in office and production facilities, residential premises. Distinctive characteristics: a sophisticated external image and the highest operational quality.

Note the Italian company Lightstar. The lighting devices of this brand perfectly complement the design of the rooms in the high-tech style and minimalism, adding comfort to this design.

Products of the Austrian company Globo - a combination of reasonable cost and excellent quality.

How to choose?

Now consider how to choose the right linear lamps. It should be noted that all of them are used for the decoration of ceiling lighting and effectively fill any room with light. When choosing the desired ceiling unit, you will encounter completely different shapes and dimensions of these lighting fixtures. Manufacturing companies do offer a wide range of their products.

It is possible to install several models of similar design that you like as a single lighting device. You can also choose any desired color of the lamp, since the body is made in a variety of shades. In addition, you can additionally determine the pattern on the lamp, which organically fits and fits perfectly into the design of your room.

It is worth noting,that for tension models of the ceiling covering or any kinds of mounted structures, special embedded models of linear lighting products are used. With their participation, it is possible to easily embody the most unique lighting, and in the off mode they resemble an elegant holistic canvas that will truly surprise you and will continue to delight with such an inimitable design.

Mounting linear embedded lighting is fairly easy and understandable, but fixing it directly to the tension ceiling cover is worth being extremely careful, since it is very simple to break the integrity of the surface. In this case, it is recommended to shift this function to professionals who will produce all the work quickly and efficiently.

At the present time, architectural lighting with a sensory mode is gaining popularity and demand. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to turn on the lighting directly at the time when someone is in the room. It is very comfortable to use touch models in the kitchen, as well as in the toilet or bathroom.

In addition, sensory devices are very often used in the lighting of streets, modern access platforms and technical premises. However, the installation of these devices should also be passed into the hands of professionals, since the design and the actual mounting itself is quite a laborious and complicated process. In order to make a really high-quality mount, you need certain knowledge in this area.

Sensor devices are also offered by manufacturing companies in a variety of sizes and forms. You can also choose the desired color or pattern. Thanks to such lighting fixtures, it is easy to embody the stylish and harmonious design of the room. The uniqueness of such a design will continue to delight its owner for many years and will not be forgotten by its guests.

Choosing a linear lighting device, you should take into account the main specifics of the room itself. For a bathroom and a toilet it is optimum to choose products with the index ip65. This figure indicates that the case is made of moisture-resistant products and is completely sealed.

This lighting device works well in conditions of high humidity. The ip65 protection rating withstands direct ingress of moisture.

Operating rules

Linear fixtures are high-quality constructions, the stable functioning of which is guaranteed by following the recommendations of their operation. The most important thing is to perform the installation skillfully. To do this, you will need to fix the current-carrying wires correctly, make sure they are insulated, and also make sure that the lighting fixture is firmly fastened.

Precautionary measures:

  • Installed products should be connected to the network, and you should not allow the possibility of jumps or voltage drops. It is recommended to use network adapters with built-in protection;
  • Using a lighting device with built-in lighting adjustment, you need to make sure that the replaced light bulb is predetermined for operation in this unit;
  • do not subject equipment to ingress of any liquid or other substances;
  • to fulfill both the requirements of operation and the recommendations for disposal noted by the manufacturer in the product passport.

Beautiful design ideas of diode lighting in the interior

LED lighting products are an excellent substitute for fluorescent counterparts.Such devices remarkably organize both the central and the additional luminous flux, are used as an elegant decorative lighting (furniture items, shop windows, mezzanines, etc.).

Stylish and multifunctional linear lighting products are truly unique models for the kitchen and bathroom, for highlighting pictures and mirrors. In addition, they are additionally used for detailed coverage of the ceiling.

. Professionals recommend placing lighting equipment in the form of a line evenly throughout the room. It is under these conditions that the light diverges remarkably over the floor area. If it is required to illuminate a small space for which a single powerful lighting device is enough, then it is more efficient to use a number of low-power fixtures. In this case, you just get the lighting is much better and more attractive.

Review the linear LED lights, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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