Wall light in the bathroom

A bathroom is the very corner in the house from which every person’s day begins and ends. That is why the interior design here plays a very important role. Lighting products placed in the bathroom can be main lights and be used as secondary - to highlight selected areas. The existing choice of these products will allow you to choose a lamp for any design and style of the room. Today we will tell about wall lamps.

Special features

When choosing the most suitable fixtures for a room such as a bathroom, you should always remember that the increased moisture content that is concentrated in this room during active use.

That is why:

  • lamps for the bathroom should provide an acceptable brightness, so that the owners of the home have enough light for the quality of all necessary procedures;
  • for the bathroom it is best to choose appliances with a high degree of moisture protection - at least IP24, then they will not be afraid of moisture;
  • To increase your own safety, you can consider the probability of acquiring devices up to 12 volts;
  • at a close distance from the shower stall or bath, it is possible to mount only those appliances that have class 2 protection against current;
  • metal parts of lamps should be anti-corrosive, and the heating elements should be hidden by special shades;
  • worth knowing about the features of the rays of light. Lamps with cold radiation in the washbasin area will make the skin pale, with a bluish tint, which will prevent good make-up;
  • it is necessary to calculate the correct number of products. For a room of 5 m2, one wall device with 2 lamps or 2 identical lamps at the edges will suffice, but then another source of lighting will be needed in the washbasin area.


There are various types of lighting fixtures for use in the bathroom.

Classification by location

  • Wall mounted. Such products must have a high resistance to moisture.Therefore, the lamp itself, its base, and base are well sealed in these devices. Externally, these wall devices resemble sconces and consist of a beautiful canopy on the leg.
  • Ceiling. Not only walls are exposed to moisture in the bathroom. Steam from the hot water rises up and affects the ceiling coverage. Therefore, lighting products for the ceiling of the bathroom must be protected from moisture and have the same good degree of sealing as wall products. Their switch must also be well protected.
  • Dotted. In order to save meters and effectively distribute the light rays, you can use spotlights. These fixtures are most often mounted on the ceiling. With the variant of the location of the lamp on the ceiling is visible only the emitter itself.
  • To create a comfortable atmosphere can be applied in the bathroom ribbons with LEDs. Unusual LED lamps for the bathroom will help to create the effect of aesthetic sensuality and have numerous advantages in operation.

By type of light beam

  • Devices with directional reflectors. The light beam is not scattered, but has an exact direction angle.These devices help to effectively illuminate the necessary areas in the bathroom.
  • Products with diffused light. The device is made so that the light is qualitatively distributed around the perimeter of the room.

By type of lamp used

  • incandescent lamps;
  • halogen lamps;
  • economy class mercury lamps;
  • LED light bulbs.

LED appliances for bathrooms, despite the significant cost, have a clear advantage:

  1. The design of such a device helps to operate it with the ability to smoothly adjust the level of illumination.
  2. The lamp can be of various forms and parameters, with a canopy and without it.
  3. It gives a uniform light.
  4. Such products are economical, they have a long service life - almost 40 thousand hours.
  5. The design of such products is resistant to moisture.

By type of performance

Wall lights can mainly be found in 3 versions:


They are very effective because they can illuminate a huge space. Compact in size - the device does not take too much space and does not interfere with the movement of the room. Sconce will not require a significant consumption of electricity. With the help of this device one can make zoning of a room, for example, in order to separate a wash zone from a bath.

Sconces are often used in order to brightly highlight some object in the decor of the room.In the bathroom it can be a mirror surface or a linen closet, or other bathroom accessories. Install sconces can not only in the bathroom, but also in the toilet. Sconces in shape can be traditional, for example, round or in appearance resemble a tree branch, or even be fantasy.

Manufacturers often produce light products in complete sets. In this case, consumers do not need to rack their brains when searching for a chandelier combined with a wall sconce.

The main advantage of sconces lies in the effect of visual expansion of space. So, in order to “raise” the ceiling, it will be possible to fix the wall lamp with the light directed upwards.

In addition, using the exact installation of a specific type of sconces can "break" the bathroom into separate parts. Having added such a composition with the most usual and laconic decoration, one can easily achieve the most original charm of space.


Spot - a modern and original design. Translated from English, “spot” means “spot”, which means that such a product can illuminate a separate area of ​​a room. The main purpose of this type of luminaire is to illuminate the walls on which it is mounted.Outwardly, these devices resemble a lamp with a bracket, only mounted on the wall surface. Spot creates directional lighting instead of scattering the rays coming from the lamp.

It is mounted in the same way as a sconce, but it has one feature - it can be turned in the right direction. This model is more like a kind of small spotlight, which, thanks to its compactness, does not limit the spaciousness of the bathroom.

Wall mounted luminaire

Fastens tightly to the wall panel, does not take up much space and is great for many interiors. Their significant advantage is conciseness, simplicity of forms and apparent accuracy, due to which they visually do not occupy very much space. Their presence does not at all reduce the space even in small bathrooms. The ceiling for products of this type is made of frosted glass, light plastic and most often completely covers the lamp itself.

Their traditional design is performed by sandblasting, so it will absolutely not catch the eye, but on the contrary, it will neatly blend into the overall style of the spatial environment.

If you are interested in something more exclusive, then in the shops you can buy products made of bright and durable colored glass or even stained glass.

According to the manufacture of bathroom fixtures

  • Traditionally, the body of the product is made of different plastic, metal base, glass, wood, but in the case of installation in the bathroom it is better to stop the choice on moisture-resistant materials. In this case, good plastic and glass products, perfectly suited to decorate the interior stainless steel and chrome products.
  • As for the lampshades, here your choice can be limited only by the imagination of the designer. It can be crystal products, and a glass surface ranging from stylish matte to sparkling stained glass, various fabrics, and natural stone to various degrees of processing.

By design

When buying the most suitable wall sconce, you need to rely not only on the design features, but on the general design style, in order to fit into it most competently:

  • Classic - This is an elegant style that is distinguished by natural forms and the use of natural materials.Products for this style are chosen in conjunction with the generalized color of the room - they can not be catchy and too attracted the eyes of others.
  • Modern. This style promotes a certain austerity. There will be nothing superfluous here, and all the details will fulfill their purpose. Products for a modern interior are selected not for beauty, but for the execution of usual tasks - zoning. Designers are advised to choose wall lamps with laconic forms, glass shades and sprayed light.
  • Japanese style. Here the main thing is calm and the absence of bright glare of light. All illumination may consist in light diffusing lamps of predominantly yellow subtones. The best products for this style - halogen type.
  • Provence style implies the presence of a window in the bathroom for natural lighting. Illumination here will be necessary only in the evening. These are simplified products of wall placement with a soft and comfortable yellow or white ray of light.
  • High tech. This modern style has a strong urban theme. Its features are clear lines and angles, asymmetry can occur, and a huge number of matte or shiny surfaces.Here, stylish wall lamps and any metal products in cases with frosted shades of different sizes are perfect.

Tips for choosing

The specificity of the bathroom implies certain obligations to the products with which you plan to decorate your home. Therefore, even if you really like the appearance of the lamp, the product’s selection criteria for its use and its ability to withstand high humidity and temperature fluctuations should be the determining factor.

The microclimate of a room with a bathroom can not only lead to wiring problems. All parts of the lamp that are outside are also affected by moisture. Therefore, plastic without special treatment can lose strength and become brittle, the metal will get an ugly rusty plaque, the glass will become dull, and the paint will lose its brightness.

It should be added that for bathrooms, in whose rooms warm colors prevail, it is necessary to choose appliances of the same shades. Otherwise, the light will be too intense, which will significantly ruin the situation and may harm the eyesight.

It would also be better to refuse sconces with shades of different colors.Merging, their rays will distort the skin color in the mirror surface.

When buying, in addition to the aesthetic qualities, you must also consider:

  • All parts of the sconce base must be well treated with varnish or paint, with priming by spraying with electrolysis or powder.
  • The materials from which the ceiling is made must withstand the heat and not be afraid of moisture, as well as - do not crack and not grow turbid.
  • If wood, bamboo or other similar materials are used in the product, they should be treated with special substances so that they do not absorb moisture.
  • Bathroom luminaires are an original type of lighting fixtures, so you should choose only those ones that have a special mark - “for bathrooms”, otherwise their covers will be damaged, the core will rust and there will be a danger of electric shock.
  • The selection of this product is to a certain extent limited by the room space - any interesting ideas can be used in large bathrooms, but for small rooms it is better to select oversized devices.


If you already have a ceiling bathroom lighting, then 2-3 wall lamps installed at the mirrors,enough to create a soft and comfortable atmosphere:

  • The mirror in the form of a square perfectly harmonizes with the two sconces mounted on opposite sides.
  • Oblong or rectangular mirror surface will highlight the product with a high or long diffuser, located on one side or two products on the sides.
  • An excellent option can be considered the installation of the lamp, which repeats the bends of the mirror and is equipped with 4 or 6 lamps of low power, which provide super-soft lighting.
  • Lamps should be installed so that they are in no way reflected on the mirror smooth surface.
  • The power of light bulbs must be selected so that their light does not blind and at the same time gives a soft and diffused light that will not give harsh shadows.

To avoid mistakes when choosing, you should rely on such factors as:

  1. The style of the room and the color palette of wall and floor coverings, furniture, plumbing.
  2. Levels of desired product placement.
  3. The size of the room and the distance between all the lighting fixtures.
  4. Selection and zoning areas of the room.
  5. The presence of a reflective surface - mirrors, tiles, tension structures.

Strengthen the sconces on both sides of the mirror.Your face will now be lit evenly. If the mirror is large, place the wall lamp directly on the mirror surface. For a small bathroom, it will be possible to install light fixtures in the corners or closer to the center half a meter from the ceiling, the bulbs of which will illuminate both the top and bottom. This installation ensures a stylish and beautiful lighting of such a bathroom, and a background lamp next to the mirror surface will make makeup or shave easy.

If you want to purchase quality products from the best manufacturers of bathroom products, pay attention to the stylish wall sconces from Italy. They are loved for excellent quality, reliability and long service life. Wall sconces of Italian companies combine unpretentious elegance, restraint and strict forms. They can be beautifully inscribed in any possible interior - from classic to country, while the room will sparkle with completely different colors.

Beautiful photos of placement in the interior

  • Stylish sconces in the form of cylinders on both sides of the mirror brightly zone the area for washing. If you choose the frosted glass of such lamps, the lighting will become more subdued and diffused.
  • Suspended lamps around the perimeter of the bathroom will make it lighter and more elegant. If you choose small sizes, even a small bath will look attractive and bright.
  • Spot lighting for the bath is an original move, if you like to highlight certain areas in the room during the period of using them for their intended purpose.

How to choose lights in the bathroom, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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