Christmas street garlands: the choice, installation and manufacture

Not only children are eagerly awaiting New Year's miracles. It's no secret that many adults also expect happy holidays filled with fabulous illumination. Closer to the New Year holidays, store shelves are filled with a huge number of Christmas-tree toys, shiny tinsel and a variety of garlands. Today we will talk about the latter. Spectacular street lights - a great Christmas decoration that should be chosen correctly and properly installed.

Advantages and disadvantages of lamp decorations

Such holiday decorations have won the Russian market relatively recently, despite the fact that street Christmas lights have been around for more than a century. For the first time, a luxurious Christmas tree located near the White House was complemented with bright light bulbs of various colors.After that, these products began to apply when you design stores, trees and various buildings.

In the course of technical progress, special garlands for street decoration, LED, were developed. These products boast many positive qualities, especially when compared with simple devices.

Street LED garlands are widespread nowadays. Their popularity is due to the fact that such products have many advantages. Let's get acquainted with them.

  • Such lamp decorations have a good level of brightness, especially when compared with alternatives.
  • Such decorations look very beautiful and original. Rare street garland is ignored by passersby.
  • LED street decorations can last for a very long time. Analogs of such qualities can not boast - they are hardly enough for the same time.
  • Many consumers turn to such decorations not only because of their spectacular appearance, but also because of their democratic energy consumption. That is why LED illumination is considered to be very profitable economically.
  • LED bulbs have a plastic housing that is completely sealed. It protects the device from penetration of destructive moisture and other negative external factors.
  • Such luminous decorations are frost-resistant, so they can be used without fear in winter.
  • Decorating homes with Christmas street lights with LED bulbs, the owners will have the opportunity to use a variety of tips, for example, in the form of stars, hearts or other attractive objects. The result is a very interesting decor that attracts the attention of passersby.
  • Even if one of the bulbs on such a garland will be faulty, it will not have a negative impact on the other elements. This effect is due to the presence of a parallel connection.

Thanks to this spectacular New Year's scenery, you can transform a home by making it truly fabulous. However, we must bear in mind that such solutions have their drawbacks. Consider them.

  • Street lamp decorations with LEDs are expensive. Of course, here it is worth noting that for the long term of their service, such products repeatedly pay for the high cost.But the initial investment can still unpleasantly surprise the buyer.
  • The disadvantages include high thermal degradation of high power LEDs. If you operate light bulbs, the power indicator of which exceeds the 50 W mark, then you will need to use a reliable heat sink. If the manufacturer uses low-quality materials, the product simply fails quickly.
  • LED Christmas lanterns are very sensitive to voltage drops. Even a single differential that exceeds the limiting parameters can cause damage to the product.

From the above we can conclude that the Christmas LED illumination has much more advantages than disadvantages. In addition, you need to remember that a lot depends on the quality of the specific product purchased and the manufacturer who produced it.

Instrument Requirements

In order for the spectacular street garland you have acquired to work properly and not go out at the most unexpected moment, it must meet several requirements.

The case of high-quality garland should not be made of cheap low-quality plastic or plastic.These materials are less strong and wear-resistant, therefore they often crack under the influence of low temperatures. The appearance of such damage in the end can lead to the fact that the device fails, and homeowners can get injured. The best material used in the manufacture of Christmas lights, rightly recognized rubber or rubber.

As for the level of frost resistance of the product, it is determined by the presence on the original packaging of the mark with the letters “G” and “R”. More quality and durable are the garlands, equipped with protection against directional water flow. If there is one, then the “N” label will be present on the original packaging.

This holiday decoration should have a length that will correspond to the height of the tree or the facade of the house. As for the standard length of such garlands, it usually ranges from 5 to 20 m. However, in stores you can also find specimens reaching 50 m. If necessary, you can buy special connectors that allow you to connect several short ribbons into one long detail.

An important role is also assigned to the stabilizer. This element has a direct impact on the service life of the product. Without this detail is indispensable if the garland is planned to be used in an unstable electrical network. Thanks to the stabilizer, the LED bulbs will not burn out in case of power surges.

If the selected product meets all requirements, then you can safely buy it - it will serve for a long time and will not cause unnecessary trouble.

Differences from home options

Street Christmas lights can be distinguished from home copies based on two main features - external and high-quality. So, to the external differences can be attributed to the fact that products for the street are characterized by a huge variety of shapes, dimensions and colors. Due to a complex of improved characteristics, outdoor models are more expensive than indoor ones, but it is permissible to hang them both outside and inside the house.

With regard to qualitative differences, here we are talking about temperature insulation, as well as protection from negative external factors. Variants designed for installation on the street can work seamlessly, even if there is a rather low temperature outside the window.Similar products that should be installed at home cannot boast of such properties. In cold weather, they can fail or stop working properly.

Types and classification

There are a lot of beautiful Christmas garlands designed for installation outside the house. They are separated by different signs. Let us consider in detail which varieties of such products exist and by what parameters they are classified.

First of all, all New Year's street lights are divided according to the power sources from which they can function.

By this trait, elimination is divided into:

  • power supply models;
  • single power supplies (meaning batteries);
  • from solar panels.
Powered by mains
Battery operated
Solar powered

The options that function thanks to the batteries are completely autonomous.

They are completely independent of how far the sockets are. The most practical and easy to use are considered to be solar powered specimens. During the day, these decorations accumulate energy that the sun's rays give out, and at night they redirect it directly to the LEDs. Thus, a beautiful and quite bright light is created.

Based on the configuration of such garlands are divided into the following subspecies.

  • Universal. These devices are the most simple and uncomplicated. They are designed in the form of longitudinal wiring, in which the bulbs are arranged alternately. Due to the high flexibility of the wire, it is permissible to use such a garland for decorating flat bases such as windows, walls or billboards with advertisements. In addition, universal decorations can be folded in the shape of a circle, a wave and other beautiful shapes. Often these products are purchased to complement the branches of trees, cornices, arbors and canopies. Universal specimens can be monochrome or be a combination of several multi-colored light bulbs in one bundle.
  • Garlands, curtains or curtains. Such products look very beautiful. They are a horizontal cable from which peculiar threads run down with Led-mounted lamps of a specific size. Such options can have a length from 150 to 900 cm. Thanks to these parameters, garlands-curtains are often bought for decorating windows and facades of buildings.Basically, these curtains are fixed on the eaves bases or visors of buildings. Led lamps imitating rain or waterfall are complemented by a controller that is responsible for adjusting the electric current, thereby forming an imitation of flowing or dripping water.
  • In the image of fringe or icicles. Very popular today are the original options in the image of these objects. The principle of their work is the same as that of the above models. However, in such decorations in the composition of the fringe there is a different number of LED bulbs. The length of the falling parts is uneven and usually does not exceed the mark of 100 cm. Multi-colored LEDs can be assembled into spectacular beams. Thanks to the use of the controller, there is a very beautiful effect of “running” lighting. Especially spectacular decorations in the form of icicles or fringe look under the peaks or cornices.
  • Garland-mesh. These unusual devices represent a large number of taps, in the areas of contact of which there are attached LEDs. If desired, using special connectors, it is permissible to assemble a large light structure, the content of which will be at least 20 units.These bright nets usually make out the facades of houses, areas for recreation, wide openings and many other similar grounds. As for not very large garlands, in most cases they are purchased in order to decorate various building envelopes and windows.

The grid is extremely rarely used to transform trees, since thin wires can be accidentally damaged during their attachment to the branches.

  • Rope Light These Christmas street lights are tubes equipped with LED lights. Between them remains a gap of 12 to 27 mm. In this case, apply and monochrome, and multi-colored components. The cords in which the diodes are installed are divided into flat and rounded. Rope is used to complement various shapes and signs, as well as signs, banners and decorative structures.
  • In the form of melting icicles. New Year's lights imitating melting icicles look no less impressive and fresh. Falling components in these products are made of duralight, placed in glass tubes, the length of which is about 100 cm. LEDs in these models are controlled by the controller.The lights go out slowly, forming an imitation of the decreasing surface. Each garland of this variety can contain from 5 to 10 icicles in the interval of about 10-50 cm from each other. As a rule, these compositions are complemented by stretch marks over roads or recreation areas.

Shape and size

Festive decorations for the street are presented in the widest range. They can differ not only by light effects, but also by shapes and dimensional parameters.

Most often on sale there are LED Christmas lights, the length of which is 10, 20 and 30 m. As mentioned earlier, if you wish, you can find more impressive 50-meter variants, but they are much less common. Models, made in the form of a curtain, often have a length of 1.5-9 m.

The shape of Christmas lights also varies. The most popular variants are described above, but luminous figures, constructed from LED roof light look no less attractive. Such compositions often transform the facades of houses. In the winter season, snowflakes of various sizes are most often made of duralight. Also from such products are very beautiful glowing stars, deer, trees and other similar objects.

On the Christmas trees look great 3D LED balls, differing in diameter and colors. These details look airy and light, but they also attract a lot of attention.

If the tape is flexible, then from it you can make a variety of shapes and images. With the help of long versions, large inscriptions on facades or signboards are often made out. These products are addressed as they attract the attention of passers-by with their bright brilliance. Often, LED inscriptions decorate all sorts of entertainment venues.

Color possibilities

Street festoons can shine in a variety of colors. So, on the city streets you can find white, green, blue, purple, yellow and other colored options. Often in one product there are combinations of different colors, which looks even more interesting and brighter.

Modern Christmas illumination boasts not only a rich selection of palettes, but also a variety of color effects.

  • Fixing - this name means simple static lighting, which is not complemented by any effects.
  • Chasing - this mode is a slow light attenuation,and then its gradual ignition. With the help of the described effect, it will be possible to form stunning light waterfalls and overflows.
  • Flash - this is a mode in which the action of the LEDs illuminate the space with a flicker and an interval of 5-7 seconds.
  • Chameleon - The name of this mode speaks for itself. When it is carried out a very active change of different colors like the skin of a real chameleon.
  • Multi-chasing - in this case it means the use of several light modes at once, which differ from each other.

Especially bright in the New Year's holidays look street garlands, combining several saturated colors.

Competently selected products attract the eyes of passers-by and fascinate with their beauty. In addition, with the help of such instances will be able to successfully maintain a festive mood.

Criterias of choice

Nowadays, the range of Christmas street lights is so wide that you can easily get lost in it. Often, consumers rush to buy low-quality or not the most attractive products. In fact, the selection of such decorations should be approached more carefully.Otherwise, you risk throwing money down the drain, and not decorating with your house.

Choosing the perfect lamp decorations, you should consider the following important nuances.

  • Choose only products made from high-quality materials. Models of cheap raw materials are unlikely to last for a long time - most likely, under the influence of low temperature, they will simply begin to deform and crack.
  • It is very important to pay attention to the geometrical parameters of the selectable garland. They should be ideally suited to the facade of the house that you plan to decorate.
  • Garland should have a high level of moisture resistance. If this condition is not observed, the decoration will very quickly fail. Pay attention to the labeling of the product - there must necessarily be the letter "N".
  • It is equally important to pay due attention to the level of frost resistance of the selected garland. High-quality and reliable products that are permissible to use in low temperature conditions, are labeled "G" and "R". Be sure to inspect the original packaging of garlands. Look out for the indicated designations on it.
  • Decide in advance on what kind of light effect you want to get from the selectable garland. So, lovers of shimmering colors will like the Flesh-variants, and those who prefer concise and simple light, it is better to buy universal decorations, in which there are no additional effects and modulations.
  • Carefully inspect the goods before making a purchase. On the garland should not be damaged. This applies to both LED bulbs and the tape connecting them. If you find any defects, it is better to look for another model, because a damaged product is unlikely to last for a long time.
  • It is recommended to purchase only branded garlands produced by well-known manufacturers. You also need to consider that too cheap LED models should be suspicious, because in most cases their price is quite high.

Installation rules

Quality street garland is not enough to choose. It still needs to be installed correctly.

For fixing Christmas decorations from light bulbs, it is permissible to use almost any bases. The choice of a certain surface is mainly influenced by the type of model acquired, as well as its power characteristics and length parameters.If the garland has an impressive length, then with its help you can beautifully decorate the perimeter of the house.

If you bought a not very long garland, then the best places for it will be:

  • doorway;
  • stairs at home;
  • ornamental bushes.

Often, such products complement the stair railings and columns that are on the street.

Today there are a lot of different New Year decorations made for outdoor installation. All of them can be divided by such a parameter as the nominal operating voltage. Low-voltage models with LEDs or incandescent bulbs are considered the most safe. These options are different in that all the lights in them are connected in parallel in several pieces. The supply voltage will then be 12 V or 24 V. For these instances, you must select the appropriate power supply, which will be responsible for converting the normal voltage (220 V) to the required values.

It is necessary to correctly select the appropriate power supply. It should be selected on the basis of the operating voltage and the rated power of the connected object. Experts advise buying power supplies, in which there is a small power reserve.If the garlands have a greater length, then they will have impressive power consumption. For such products it is best to buy several transformers at once. Remember that too weak power supply can cause it to break down during regular operation.

If you bought a small garland, then you can connect another decorative item of suitable dimensions to it. Low-voltage copies are combined with each other using special parts - connectors. Separate garlands are forbidden to be united by soldering, because in this situation it will be necessary to take care in advance of sufficient protection of connecting sections from negative external factors.

Too many garlands should not be connected either, because this will result in serious damage. If you need to connect another tape with lights, then to it from the power source you will need to bring another posting. If the design of the selected product provides for the possibility of connecting another model, then powering of all sections will need to be done by carrying out additional wires.

In the box prepared in advance, you will need to put the power supply and controller (if necessary). Then the power line of the household network is displayed in the shield along with the power supply wiring of the garland itself. It is permissible to mount the said guard outside the room, but this is allowed only if it was selected for external installations.

The nuances and stages of installation of New Year's illumination largely depend on its specific modification, technical characteristics, as well as types of controller and transformer. Different models should be installed in different ways - this should not be forgotten.

Independent production

Street Christmas garland can be made by hand. For this you need to buy:

  • electric wire of small section;
  • 20 mA diodes;
  • resistor;
  • power supply 6 V;
  • knife;
  • soldering iron with a needle blade;
  • colorless silicone with a special gun.

LEDs can be attached in different ways. Consider step by step the preparation of the simplest option, in which the bulbs are connected into one network in series.

  • In this case, it is not necessary to be an experienced electrician. All you need is to carefully distribute the diodes along the circuit, maintaining intervals of 15-20 cm.
  • Diodes must be soldered to the wiring using rosin.Additional fixation is carried out using tape or thermal shrinkage.
  • To protect against moisture and moisture, it is important to wrap each LED with colorless adhesive tape, and then block the hole with a silicone compound.
  • After that, it will only be necessary to connect the resistor and the power supply.

How to make a LED garland with your own hands, see the video below.

Troubleshooting Tips

Street garlands are subject to various faults. We will get acquainted with the ways of their elimination.

  • One or two colors of the garland may stop glowing. In this case, you need to disassemble the unit and ensure the integrity of the contacts. Disconnected items need to be reconnected.
  • If everything is normal in the unit, then you need to inspect the cable for punctures or other mechanical damage.
  • If, having connected the garland to the network, it still did not catch fire, then it is necessary to inspect both the cord and the transformer. Contact parts must be securely attached to the chip and the board.
  • In the event of a breakdown, the power supply can be exchanged for a starter from a fluorescent lamp.
  • Any test is best to start with a thorough study of the connections of the diodes.This is especially true of extreme details.
  • To replace a damaged LED, unplug the device. Next, the burned-out element is removed by desoldering, and a new one is installed instead. The main thing here is respect for polarity.
  • If the damage has undergone duralight, then it will be necessary to find the damaged area and just cut it. At this time, it is best to rely on marks, which are usually set at the stage of production of the product. After that, the broken part is removed, and the whole components are connected to each other.

Beautiful solutions

In the New Year's holidays, a special fairy-tale atmosphere reigns on the streets, supported by spectacular illumination and themed decorations.

At this time, many homeowners decide to decorate their homes with street garlands. As a result, houses seem to come alive and take on a completely different look.

A two-storey house with a garage will look amazing if it is decorated with duralumin products, folded in large snowflakes on the walls. The front edges of the roof should also be supplemented with LED blue lights. Shrubs and trees in front of the house should be “strewn” with small round lights of white or blue.

Along the edges of the gable roof, you can hang a falling garland of warm yellow tint with round light bulbs. They can be both universal and have light effects. These products will be the perfect complement to a small one-story house with a light finish.

                  Incredibly look at home, decorated with blue or snow-white LED curtain. Such spectacular decorations are often hanged at various entertainment venues, cafes, clubs or hotels. Surprisingly, these curtains look on the background of apartment buildings, designed in the classic or fancy style.

                  Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

                  Entrance hall

                  Living room