Loft style pendant lights

Recently, the “loft” style and pendant lamps, made according to all the canons of this design trend, have become increasingly popular. Lighting devices will help to recreate a special atmosphere and return to the times of the industrial crisis in America, when the fashionable style today emerged.

Features of the direction

The heyday of style began in the first half of the twentieth century in New York, where free artists set up their homes and workshops in abandoned office and industrial buildings. There was no repair in these areas, so the rent was low. Later the premises were estimated by the American elite, as a result of which such housing became inaccessible to ordinary people.

From the English language "loft" is translated as "attic", but this does not mean that modern apartments must be located under the roof.The main thing - the appropriate interior design: the presence of communication systems and pipes, bare brick walls, wooden floors, simple furniture, a minimum of decor and defiant or luxurious things.

In general, the zoning of premises is carried out thanks to light glass partitions and proper lighting. To this end, designers come up with original pendant lamps. Materials for their manufacture are glass, metals, and even household waste (jars, bottles).

It is important to adhere to the same shape: among the round lamps should not be rectangular.


Lighting plays a major role in creating the loft interior.

Its functions include:

  • division of a large area into several functional areas;
  • lighting of space in accordance with sanitary norms and standards;
  • giving the home a unique image of an attic, in which there is no place for chic and glitter.

One of the features of the "loft" - a huge room with high ceilings. In this case, lighting and proper placement of accents will turn the apartment into a cozy place for rest and creativity. In a large space, you must have large lamps,who will not be lost on the general background.

If the windows in the room are small, then you should use several lighting fixtures.

Variety of models

Suspended lighting in the style of "loft" include several varieties:

  • Industrial and industrial lamps are iconic, because the dwellings were equipped in warehouses and industrial premises, where there were no bright objects. The lamps have a simple design and high functionality (equipped with adjustable valves and swivel mechanisms). Appliances in such styles are able to give an apartment a highlight and will look great in the kitchen or in the dining area, bathroom, as well as in the bedroom and living room, combined with an eclectic decor.
  • Vintage and retro - Old-fashioned lanterns, wire constructions, ceiling lamps of the Soviet times will perfectly fit into the design of rooms in the loft style.
  • Glass ceiling lamps and long wires - ordinary incandescent lamps are hung on long cords, which are fixed on the ceiling or decorated in another way. Effectively look lamp enclosed in glass ceiling.

To make the house look like a former industrial area, you can use designer lamps, custom-made for the specific needs of the owner of the apartment.

Many modern lighting fixtures are distinguished by elegant forms that organically complement the loft-style rooms.

Part of the interior

Style "loft" is suitable for confident people engaged in creative work. The interior implies a room with high ceilings, the presence of huge windows and an abundance of light, both natural and artificial. Depending on this, the size of the fixture with the appropriate characteristics is selected.

Suspended structures consisting of a large number of light bulbs are chandeliers that differ in configuration. There is a "spider chandelier" - it got its name because of the shape similar to the spider.

The luminaires are large in size, so they will cope well with the lighting of large spaces.

Interesting are the chandeliers, spotlights, stylized as industrial lamps with cold light. Original look design appliances, made in the form of figures of irregular shapes.

Lighting devices are produced, which are a bundle of several incandescent lamps suspended on wires. Such chandeliers can be arranged symmetrically, asymmetrically - fantasy is unlimited. Often the lamps are placed in the ceiling of the wire, imitating the protective grid of industrial lamps.

For the kitchen is best suited chandeliers with aluminum lampshades. In the dining area lamps are placed on the rod of metal just above the table. In the bedroom should be mounted lighting devices on flexible cables. Lamps can be decorated using metal, transparent or tinted glass.

The interior of the living room is well complemented by a chandelier equipped with candle lamps. Carved details and other décor should not be present.

It is better to use LED lamps, giving a soft and diffused light to create a cozy and mysterious atmosphere.

In the loft lamps, modern technologies are successfully combined with the charm of antique products, which makes chandeliers more creative. Very often, lighting fixtures are hung on chains - this adds a special charm to the whole room.

Lussole - originality and quality

The Italian company Lussole launched the production of lamps in 1995. The brand is one of the most recognizable lighting fixtures on the market.

For rooms in the style of "loft" requires special lighting, helping to zone the space, to create a special atmosphere of the production area. Lussole Loft luminaires are great for this purpose.

The manufacturer manufactures products that look like devices of the past centuries, perfectly fitting the style direction.

Chandeliers and pendant lamps are distinguished by their functionality and ease of use, they are made of materials such as natural wood, glass. Lighting devices have an industrial design, turning mechanisms for adjusting the length of the circuits and wires on which the lamps are located.

Democratic and reliable products have made the Lussole brand popular all over the world.

Loft-style lamps are a choice of free, uncommon personalities. Suspended lighting devices will help bring coziness to a large room, divide it into separate zones and act as a decorative element - additions to the overall design decision.

You will learn more about how to create a loft-style lamp by yourself in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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