Pendant lights

Nowadays in stores you can easily find many current models of pendant lamps, which will be different compactness, safety and other useful properties. It is necessary to understand such devices as detailed as possible.

Features and benefits

Modern hanging products are practical and artistic elements of a stylish decor, which makes them very often used tools designers in apartments and offices, hotels and cafes.

Among the most important advantages of suspension devices are:

  • visual appeal;
  • universality when using;
  • variety of designs, sizes, colors and shapes;
  • safety, ease of installation;
  • long period of work;
  • affordable cost.


Suspended lamps are conventionally divided into 4 main types:

  1. Hanging lamps with shades, which are adjacent to the ceiling.
  2. Ceiling devices that have not very long legs.
  3. Suspended chandeliers that are used in everyday life. Suspended products are installed on different hangers (cables, cables or pipes), which also adds to these devices even more opportunities to function, decorate rooms and allows you to successfully achieve various tasks.
  4. Decorative hanging lamps (hall, cascading and multi-level chandeliers).

By the number of llamas can be identified:

  • Single models - in such a lamp used only one ceiling.
  • Dual models. Their design consists of two similar shades.
  • Triple lamps on the suspension. The light from such a chandelier can diverge in different directions, be reflected from the ceiling or fall.

If necessary, you can easily select the desired appearance of the pendant lamp:

  • Decorative lamp-suspensions. The suspension here can be a small cable or tube, as well as any other solid base.
  • Suspended lamps in the form of balls. A pair of strong balls placed on a vertical-type suspension help to create an original design effect.
  • Luminaires on systems. It is characterized by the operation of systems of cables or strings, which have their special advantages. They will help to make the light of such products point or general. The capabilities of such systems will help to make the direction of the strings or cables special, allow you to move and deploy lighting devices on them.
  • Suspended linear wall lamps also very popular in modern apartments.
  • Today are becoming popular and point products on suspensions. They are used more as secondary sources of light (as opposed to large chandeliers) and can be pivoted.

Pendant lights can be outdoor or for home. In the first case, the lamps must be waterproof in order to withstand climate change. Some of the outdoor products have anti-vandal and explosion-proof properties.

You should pay your attention to hanging products with adjustable height and devices for lighting rooms with a counterweight, which together with the lamp will fit perfectly into the overall style of the room.

Modular suspended products are perfect for decoration of offices and premises for industrial use.Suspended profile lights will help to create a special style of the room.

For the decoration of the nursery, you can purchase hanging fixtures with bright and safe-to-use shades.

Bedside pendant models will allow you to correctly zone a room of a bedroom of any size.

Such chandeliers can work both on batteries and from electricity, they can be controlled from a distance - using a sensor, which is especially important for expensive models of modern chandeliers. Touch devices are very convenient.

Hanging lamps can be either with a conventional switch mounted on the wall, or with a switch-cord attached next to the product itself.

Suspended lamps in the form of designer chandeliers are considered so bright products that they are constantly used to make the interior more luxurious, beautiful.

Ceiling types and ceiling mount options

When choosing a luminaire, you must pay attention to the version of the ceiling mount, which is used for it. The type of ceiling surface can be very important here.

For example, suspended plasterboard ceilings will require the presence of one large hanging lamp, the existing lighting will complement the interior.

For stretch ceilings made of PVC material you need to choose lamps with shades, turned down. PVC canvas will not withstand heat.

The device can be on cables, on a pipe of any diameter or on a long cord. Types of cables are different - ropes, chains, thin metal strings. The lamp can be placed on the rod (to move it from one side of the room to the other), the wire (you can adjust its length depending on the height of the ceiling), on the spring (it creates the illusory effect of lightness of the product).

Lamps with grilyato type of fastening are very popular. Mirror grilyato lamps for suspended ceilings are similar to raster lighting devices, which are installed immediately with suspended ceilings.

Embedded appliances for slatted ceilings are operated in the slatted ceiling systems of many public spaces. The diffuser in them is similar to the lattice created from the strip, thanks to this the lamp fits into the surface.

The suspension system on the profile is used to create decorative lighting effects and for the main lighting in the office.

When choosing a luminaire, the range of regulation of the height of the suspension,allowing to change the size of the illuminated area and a set of components required for the installation of a particular suspended chandelier.


The latest devices are created from a variety of materials - both synthetic and natural, using modern production technologies. For these reasons, this universal light source expands the boundaries of use, it becomes more durable and reliable.


The base for the lamp is usually a fairly large design that holds onto the weight of the ceiling or lampshade of the product.

Most often it is possible to meet the bases from plastic, however the bases from a tree and metal are also popular today.

Lampshade and cover

In the process of producing ceiling lamps textiles of different types are very often used: cotton and velvet, velveteen and silk. All of them can be of various colors, can differ in beautiful folds or pleasant smoothness. These ceiling lamps are needed to create the effect of diffused light.

Fabric ceiling can easily perceive the adverse effects, because they are not advised to hang in the kitchen or bathroom.

Metal: stainless steel or aluminum products. They are distinguished by a sufficient light reflecting factor, ease of maintenance and special durability. Chromed metal lampshades perfectly complement the minimalist style of the room. Products with large copper or bronze shades can be selected for the interior in urban style.

Using glass in many lamps - one of the most suitable ideas (from an aesthetic and practical point of view). The smooth surface made under crystal, stained glass or translucent - in any case the glass lamp shade will look lightweight and simply chic.

For elegant furnishings, it is better to pick up lampshades for Murano glass lamps.

Ceiling lamps from crystal break the light into individual highlights with a special form. The lighting from the chandeliers with crystal lights looks multi-layered and is perfect for recreating a bright atmosphere.

Plastic Ceiling for lamps there are the most incredible shapes, colors and options. Thanks to it, the ease of plastic helps to create three-dimensional models, designs from multiple layers, or original products of the most unusual forms.Plastic ceiling lamps are suitable for urban interior, various workrooms. Luminaries with polycarbonate casing underline the strict style of the office space very well.

Natural materials such as paper, wood and rattan are selected for the production of chandeliers in a rustic style or in ethno style. Paper shades are suitable for an oriental style of decoration, wooden ones for traditional style decor, rattan wicker for eco style. Today there are models of fixtures made of concrete - original products for decorating any home. Chandeliers made of metal rods or versions with wrought lamp shades are always in demand due to their luxurious look.

It is interesting to see models with combined shades: metal and glass or wood and fabric are combined in them.


If you want to draw everyone's attention to a specific lamp, using a non-standard shape is the easiest way. Such a device should be different non-standard appearance (rectangular, square, completely flat shape). It may be an enlarged copy of a particular item - or even cause associations withlittle known object.

The most popular are round lamps or devices made in the shape of a pot. However, in many luminaire stores one can come across the most unusual forms - in the form of a drop or a candle, an airplane, a bottle or a spider, an acorn, and so on.

It does not matter if you decide to purchase a lamp with a lampshade - dome or spherical, in the form of a cylinder or tube, a plate or bowl, a ring or bell, a hemisphere or a cone. The most important thing is that this lamp fits perfectly into the interior of the room where you want to place it.


The most popular are the following styles:

  • Modern products in style high tech - This is the absence of unnecessary details and decorations, a clear embodiment of minimalism and urban simplicity.
  • Products in ethno style - lamps in the form of torches, related to afro, paper Japanese ceiling lamps, lamps in the form of masks to decorate rustic cuisine.
  • Instrument Models Arabic style amaze with a large amount of gold, crystal pendants, lots of small elements and unusual luxury. Products in oriental style are very popular - Chinese paper versions can be found quite often.
  • Light fixtures Scandinavian style - this is monochrome, diversity, conciseness, no pretentiousness, the use of natural materials in chandeliers.
  • Light fixtures in antique style they are pleasing to the eye with their catchy delicacy and metallic coating of the bases; the ceiling lamps can be decorated with carvings or patterns.
  • Light fixtures nautical style charms with retro shapes, aged metal and forged bends.
  • Hanging lamp style modern characterized by smooth outlines.
  • Design in style retro and country - This is a bright combination of colors and colorful splendor.
  • Most often hanging appliances in vintage style (antique) are quite complex, with a large number of ornate elements. Such devices are voluminous and multi-component.
  • Classic lamps - discreet nobility, grace, symmetry, correctness of forms and clarity of lines. For an expensive interior is very well suited classic lamps in the style of Tiffany (using old technology stained glass).
  • Light fixtures loft style often in the form of spotlights or spotlights, the light from them is soft and diffused.
  • Provence style there is a bleached tree, aged effect of chandeliers, an abundance of various textiles and floral motifs.

Dimensions and height

Choosing the size of the suspended products, you need to focus on the size of the rooms themselves, where you are going to exploit them. Large diameter is suitable for large areas, small lamps fit perfectly into small rooms. For high ceilings fit high-bay lamps or cascading devices.

Light bulbs

Suspended products allow you to use almost any light bulbs that are on sale:

  • LED;
  • incandescent lamps;
  • arc mercury;
  • fluorescent;
  • halogen;
  • gas discharge.

Many models of suspension products allow you to exploit different types of lamps. This makes it possible to provide general or spot lighting.


The most popular are the white and transparent shades of pendant lamps, for the bedrooms calm colors are chosen - turquoise, blue, pink. In modern interiors, suspended chandeliers can be in harmony or contrast with the color of the room's decor.

Red, yellow and orange chandeliers can be used to decorate a room in shades of brown, and black and blue lamps are perfect for bedrooms decorated in white.Today violet and lilac-colored chandeliers for bathrooms are very popular - they make the light in this room more muted.

You can pick up the lamp and the color of the furniture. For example, a green lampshade for a pendant lamp is perfect for a wenge bedroom set, and you can choose multi-colored lamps for the living room gold.


Hinged products with lace lampshades can be found in almost every store. With the help of such a product, the lamp will be able to cast fancy shadows on the floor, so the decor of the room will become more homely and cozy. Models with pendants look more luxurious - reflecting in them, the light refracts very beautifully.

Frosted ceiling with grille used to be most often used in rooms with high humidity, today they can be seen in ordinary rooms (when designed in the style of loft, minimalism, hi-tech).

Field of use

Many criteria for choosing a luminaire depend on the exact room in which such a device will be placed:

  • If this is a children's room, then it is best to choose bright models with unusual shapes.
  • In the bedroom it is better to install lighting structures with shades that are directed upwards.A traditional option for decorating a bedroom with light is bedside devices that look like decorative lamps with luxurious lampshades.
  • But in the living room is better to choose a large chandelier with a few horns. The main task is to choose the right one for the interior of the room.
  • Lamps that are suspended from chains or cords are commonly used in kitchens — especially where there are large areas for work. When choosing, you can focus on the kitchen set installed in this room.
  • In rooms with high ceilings (such where there are areas with spans of stairs) a special type of products that provide good uniform lighting is required.
  • In the hallways and halls, a familiar ceiling product or a sconce can be replaced with a more original version - ceiling lamps on cords, which can illuminate the area around the large mirror, the wardrobe.
  • The main task of pendant lamps is local lighting of a certain part of the room. They can be successfully used for the bar, they will create an original zoning of the interior room.
  • Suspended bathroom ceiling lights are used to add light in places where it is needed.For example, pendant lights here are often placed near a mirror in order to increase the level of illumination in a given zone.
  • Suspended chandeliers for the terrace should be durable to last as long as possible even under the most aggressive conditions.


  • Italian manufacturer L'Arte Luce creates forged products for lighting ordinary and large spaces.
  • Famous lamps fmb Leuchten Schmiedeeisen are copyright samples forged lighting products.
  • Favorite - German manufacturer of crystal chandeliers and modern lamps.
  • Illuminati - these are devices made in the art deco style, traditional and modern styles; glass and crystal products made in the best traditions of European quality and design.
  • Company Vikef is a famous greek manufacturer of lighting and decorative glassware.

How to choose a stylish and original model?

There are a lot of selection criteria for pendant lamps.

The device must be selected for power. Here the ratio is very simple - the larger the room itself (it has high ceilings, a rather significant size), the more powerful the lighting device must be chosen.

An important role is played by the height of the suspension.The best option is if the lamp you have selected is with a hanger that can be increased or decreased.

The room in which the pendant light fixture will be installed is taken into account. An example is the kitchen: here it is better to install lamps that are well washed.

Beautiful ideas for a fashionable interior

  1. Very stylish in any living room will look hanging lamp with shades (three tiers, different colors). Such a product will emphasize the exquisite taste of its owners and well decorate the modern interior.
  2. Three glass pendant lamps in the form of cylinders, placed above the table in the kitchen or above the bar, will become the original accent in the room and give the necessary amount of light.

How to make an original hanging lamp from a bar, look in the video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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