Exclusive handmade lamps

 Exclusive handmade lamps

In the age of technical speeds and monotony, various unusual things are becoming increasingly popular. Interior design is a fertile field for fantasy masters. Hand-made objects that have no analogues is a highlight that can emphasize the dignity of the interior and the delicate taste of the owner of the house.

Interesting lamps are very popular among consumers, and this is not accidental. Light sources attract attention to themselves, create an atmosphere around them, they are able not only to perform the functions of lighting, but also to zone the space.


Workshops and design studios are always ready to offer a lot of interesting ideas concerning the creation of a unique interior with the help of lamps.But if you want, you can make an exclusive lamp with your own hands, because in this case there is room for imagination! And who knows - it is quite possible that this experience will be the beginning of your fascinating journey into the world of needlework. It is worth more to understand the nuances of making handmade lamps.


To get started is to decide on the classification of lamps. The lighting device with an electric cord and a light bulb can be floor, table, wall, ceiling, street. The choice of location will depend on the size and design of the lamp.

Exclusive lamps from famous masters of their craft can be purchased in specialized stores, and you can do it yourself - at home. You can remake the old lamps - they will find a new life and become a real exclusive.

Basic materials

For the manufacture of lamps fit any available materials, even the most unexpected: china, glass bottles, metal wire, cans, plastic items, ceramic fragments.

Everything that remains from materials during repair, or everything,what can be found in the garage or on the mezzanine, in the hands of the master can turn into a stylish product, a real work of art.


Favorite material for skilled carpenters, because the wood produces a variety of products, ranging from carved shades and ending with ornate rods for floor lamps or stands for table lamps. The tree is amenable to all sorts of design techniques, the products are decorated with painting and decoupage or left intact.


This material surrounds us in the modern world everywhere. Very easy, easy to process, capable in skillful hands to take on many different forms. For lamp shades made of plastic materials are used in the form of soda bottles, disposable dishes, plastic containers and much more.


If you do not have the opportunity to get into the glass workshop and engage in a fascinating glass-blowing process, then ordinary jars, bottles, multi-colored glass bubbles, as well as crystal glassware that you do not use may be suitable for making lamps at home.


The ability of thin metal plates to take any form is very much appreciated by craftsmen. For those who have the ability to process the metal on the machine, open endless possibilities to work with this material. At home, you can fantasize with ready-made elements of metal: copper wire, pieces of aluminum, cans, a thin steel cable, wrought curls from the head of the old bed.


Easy to beat, but elegant material for ceiling or stand in the form of bowls. Perfectly amenable to painting and decoupage, as well as firing. Ceramics can be varnished and painted. Self-made porcelain ceiling lamps are made from obsolete sets, they look beautiful and unusual. And ceramics for natural clay is suitable for rooms in rural styles.


A wide field of activity for a variety of needlewomen. Lampshades with embroidery, applique, knitted, macrame - they can decorate any room or become a good gift.

Style decisions

To the lamp is not lost among things and did not create disharmony in the interior, you need to decide in advance on the style of the room

  • To the style of country and ethno most suitable materials associated with natural raw materials. It can be wicker balls, and decorated carved logs, and river pebble lampshades.
  • A mosaic of multicolored glass can be a magnificent shade in the art nouveau style - this style is famous for its multi-colored stained glass windows.
  • Lamps made of copper wire and plastic will fit the street loft style. Here any imperfection of the design will add zest to the style of the interior.
  • Stylish embroidery on expensive fabric can be a wonderful gift for owners of the living room, bedroom in the style of classic or baroque. The main thing is that the lampshade and the lamp leg come to the tone of the interior.
  • The author's lamps made of plastic will perfectly fit into the modern minimalism style. They do not take up much space and serve as nightlights that scatter light.
  • For outdoor and garden lamps most often used ceramics, covered with paint and varnishes. It can be funny gnomes, snails, frogs, hedgehogs, storks. They bring to the site the mood of a fairy tale. An interesting option - wire lamps for the veranda, as well as ground light from metal and glass in the form of antique gas lamps.

Exclusive handmade lamps do not have to be made of the same material. The combination of materials allows for greater diversity.

See in the video how you can make a lamp from a bottle with your own hands.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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