Stretch ceiling spotlights

 Stretch ceiling spotlights

In order to complete the arrangement of the room, before installing the stretch ceiling covering, it is necessary to consider the main issue - lighting. Typically, in rooms with tensioning structures, spot or pendant lamps are used. For decorative light and use led strip. Of course, every owner wants to see in his house a beautiful design that can be realized with the help of light. However, experts recommend, first of all, to pay attention to the types of lamps.

For each specific interior should select a certain type.

Special features

At the stage of planning the lighting of any room you need to follow special rules that will improve the ergonomic characteristics of the room.

It is important to consider the following criteria:

  • The location of the lamps should contribute to uniform lighting throughout the room;
  • The brightness of the lamps should not be too high so that the light does not irritate the eyes;
  • Colors should remain natural and not distorted from the lighting.

In addition, lighting elements should not have a destructive effect on the canvas, look harmonious in design, and also have a convenient method of attachment.

That is why it is necessary to give preference to spotlights. They meet all the stated requirements and are perfect for tension structures.


There are several specific criteria that help choose the most appropriate lighting option:

  • Radiation intensity;
  • Power;
  • Heat transfer with minimal performance;
  • A harmonious combination with the general interior of the room.

In order to successfully select lighting devices, you should pay attention to the type of basement, level of protection, power, voltage and luminous flux.

Power supply does not apply to all lighting elements.For example, diode and halogen lamps sometimes require the connection of a power supply unit. It is possible to find out whether such a connection is necessary, by studying in detail all the characteristics of the device. The input voltage can be 12 or 24 volts.

In addition, it is important to consider the design of the lamp. Neglect of this parameter may adversely affect the combination with the interior, and then the backlight will be unsuccessful. Also important is the size of the lamp.

Elements of the LED and halogen type should be selected taking into account the need to connect the power supply to them. To do this, determine the place where the power source will be located.

The most correct location will be the eaves. In this case, if necessary, its replacement will not have to dismantle the entire structure.


Today, manufacturers of spotlights offer their customers a fairly wide range of these products. Therefore, everyone will be able to choose for themselves the devices according to their wishes and stated requirements. They have differences not only in appearance, but also in technical parameters.

Thus, we can distinguish several parameters by which these devices can differ:

  • By way of installation;
  • According to the used lamps;
  • In form;
  • By power;
  • By size and other parameters.

To install lighting fixtures, it will be necessary to break the integrity of the tension fabric. That is why it is initially necessary to pay attention to the type of installation of elements. Such lamps can be mortise (built-in) and mounted (external). In the first embodiment, the installation takes place in special niches, and in the second, mounting is carried out on any surface, provided that it is flat.

The next step is to choose the type of lamp.

They are divided into the following types:

  1. incandescence;
  2. halogen;
  3. LED (LED);
  4. energy saving.

Incandescent bulbs are considered to be a budget option, since their cost is several times less than others. For precision devices, use of a bulb lamp is recommended. They are able to evenly disperse light and heat up less. This type of lamp is suitable for point and closed lighting fixtures.

However, there is a certain lack of their use. They are too large.The length of the cartridge, in which the base is located, reaches 12 centimeters. Because of this, the distance between the slab of the ceiling surface and the decorative coating should be about the same. Of course, all these shortcomings can be eliminated with the help of grooves made with a milling cutter.

But such radical measures can be replaced by using lamps with a simpler mounting method.

Halogen lamps in their characteristics are similar to the previous form. However, there is a significant difference - there is a buffer gas inside the flask.

Due to it, they have some advantages:

  • having the same degree of brightness, the bulb with the thread has smaller dimensions;
  • contain a huge variety of shapes and sizes.

Thus, it turns out that these products give more light, but at the same time they can be mounted in more compact fixtures. It is especially convenient that they are suitable for such devices, which have dust- and water-repellent properties. In addition, the cartridge, which is needed for them, is also much smaller in size. The distance that is required between the overlap and the decorative coating is 5-6 centimeters.

Also, halogen lamps can be operated for up to 4000 hours.

As for the LED-lamps, they are assembled in the beam LEDs. Unlike others, such lamps operate on direct current. They provide a continuous stream of light. However, they are connected via an alternating current transformer.

Another advantage of LEDs is increased service life. They can be used up to 5 years. At the same time, the consumption of energy consumed is significantly lower than in previous species.

Energy saving (fluorescent) lamps are distinguished by their ability to not heat up. In addition, they consume a very small amount of electrical energy. However, it takes time for them to flare up.

Another form of classification is considered to be the form of lighting elements. In order to avoid rupture of the tension fabric, it is better to use lamps that have the shape of a circle. It is worth noting that in this case it is not about the whole element, but only about its landing platform. That she is responsible for installing the lamp.

One of the most important parameters in the selection of lighting is power.It is important to consider its maximum performance and the distance from the surface to the lamp.

The established power limits are due to the fact that PVC film, which is used in ceiling structures, tends to melt and deform at a temperature of more than 60º.

To eliminate such undesirable effects, it is recommended to install lamps with a power rating up to 60 watts. Sometimes you can install more powerful fixtures. However, in this case it will be necessary to provide thermal insulation in the places of installed devices.

Being engaged in the selection of lamps, it is worth considering their location. It is necessary to exclude the touch of the canvas with the lighting element. So you can avoid the possible deformation of the ceiling. Therefore, it is necessary to leave a small gap between the landing platform and the sealing ring.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the point-turning lights, which have hinges in their design. They are called spots. Their main purpose is to illuminate both the entire room as a whole, and its separate part (zone).

Another interesting lighting option is represented by dual (dual) spot type lamps.They have gained wide popularity among users due to the possibility of installing several bulbs in them at once.


Often, owners of ceiling structures of the tension type use the standard form of spotlights - round. It meets all the necessary requirements, allows for normal lighting and looks harmonious in any interior.

However, there are other forms of lighting elements. Especially popular are square lamps. They look unusual and allow you to add a certain charm to the design. It is worth noting that when choosing a particular form of lighting device, you should carefully consider its relevance in the general interior of the room. No need to focus on finding a non-standard solution, so that in the future the ceiling of your house would be attractive.

Today on the market you can find products not only round and square, but also other geometric shapes. Also not last in the list are more refined forms, such as a flower.


The next original addition to the interior are the drawings on spotlights.In this case, you can give free rein to your imagination. You can choose different colors and patterns for lighting elements.

With this innovation, the room will be mysterious and unique. Exquisitely painted lamps will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, a wide variety of patterns will find its application in any style: from classical to modern.


For spotlights, a standard diameter is assumed. Its index varies from 60 to 85 millimeters. It is precisely because of such dimensions that this type of lighting is suitable for arranging tensioning canvas. Large sizes are not convenient enough during installation. They require extra space and seem cumbersome.

The size of the point elements should be selected depending on the parameters of the room itself. For example, in small rooms it is better to install lamps with a smaller diameter in order to save space.

Materials and colors

In addition to its main purpose, the light performs a decorative function. Therefore, it is important to consider the material and color of the lighting elements.

To make the right choice in relation to this criterion, devices can be divided into certain categories:

  • In certain rooms, such as a bathroom, no special design approach is required. For lighting in such a room is often used conventional lamps with an outer ring. Also, special delights will be superfluous in the interiors designed in the style of minimalism. In this case, you can experiment only with color.
  • If you want to revive the interior, you can use lamps that are decorated with decorative shades. The variety of their forms allows you to find the most suitable option. In addition, they are relevant in many styles.
  • If you want to get some kind of play of light and shadows, then it is recommended to turn your eyes towards the ceiling lamps with crystal. They are also offered in various variations.

It is worth noting that quite often in the same room use different in their design elements of lighting. However, we must remember that they must be made in the same style. As practice shows, it is the choice of the appearance of the lamps is one of the most difficult, because it is rather difficult to determine with such diversity.

Separately, glass or crystal spotlights should be designated. Manufacturers with their help were able to combine all the advantages of compact lamps and the beauty of chic chandeliers.

Choosing such models, you get high-quality lighting with an elegant design.

For an interesting light supply, luminaires with white matte or black coating are also recommended. With such a design, the lighting becomes soft and muffled, not irritating to the eyes.

The next variation is the point of the lighting elements, which have a glossy finish. They are distinguished by their versatility, because they fit into almost any type of room design.

For lovers of luxury, lamps with a bronze surface are provided. Bronze gives luxury and is able to emphasize the ceiling, for example, in the classic style of decoration.

As for the color scheme, in this matter it all depends on the personal preferences of the owner, as well as design ideas. Modern manufacturers are ready to offer their customers a wide palette of colors.

With their help, you can make the lighting in your home original and unusual.

Location options

In order for spot lighting devices to emphasize the most beneficial interior design while benefiting, it is necessary to plan their arrangement in advance. There are several variations of the layout of the lighting elements. Here are some of them:

  • Oval placement - elements are located on the surface of the ceiling and form an oval. This distribution leaves the center of the room without light or in a darkened state. To fill this void you can install a beautiful chandelier;
  • Circular - in this case, everything happens the other way around: the center is as lit as possible, the corners remain dark;
  • Corner - mainly used in conjunction with the chandelier;
  • Two semicircles - also implies the presence of a chandelier, since the main emphasis falls on the corners;
  • Cross position - is an alternative to main lighting. The optimal distance between the lamps allows you to cover the entire room with light.
  • Rectangle - makes the room visually larger;
  • Arc - divides the room into several zones. Its installation takes place in the place that you want to select;
  • Wave - an excellent solution to the problem of irregularities of the ceiling;
  • Picture - allows you to give originality to the room. With the help of a carefully thought-out scheme, lighting devices can be arranged in any form, as if depicting a certain picture on the ceiling. However, when using this method, it is necessary to remember about such parameters as height, dimensions and type of selected fixtures. Subject to these criteria, you will be able to create a unique ceiling decoration in your home.

How to choose a ceiling light for different rooms?

When it is time to install the lighting elements on the tensioning structure, you should study some tips on choosing the optimal lighting in each specific room.

First you need to understand the nuances of mounting fixtures, depending on the number of levels in the tensioning canvas. So, a single-level ceiling has a lot of advantages. That is why it is quite popular when choosing tension structures. It is easy to install and at the same time very well emphasizes the design of the room. On a single-level ceiling, you can install lamps of any type, given the shape of the room and its height.

Two-level ceiling is characterized by complexity of forms.With it, you can easily divide the room into separate zones. The same can be done with lighting. In addition, the installation of lamps on the ceilings of this type provides space for your imagination. In this case, you can realize the most original idea for decorating the ceiling surface.

If the room includes lighting with a chandelier, then it is better to choose a method of placing point elements in which the central part of the surface remains free.

In this case, both the main and the additional light sources should be combined with each other in shape and size.

The next criterion is the shape of the room. So, for a rectangular room, it is better to use the appropriate type of instrument layout. For small and narrow, oval light distribution is perfect. Thus, it will be possible to visually expand it and make it lighter and more spacious.

Perhaps the most important parameter that needs to be studied in detail is the purpose of the room. In different rooms requires a certain level of light, as well as the number of lighting fixtures.

The lighting in the bedroom should be soft and muffled. Therefore, it is often possible to do without the main source of light - chandeliers. This task is quite able to handle spotlights. With their help, you can select any zone in the room. In addition, they can be placed in any form. There is no need to adhere to a certain sequence and symmetry.

The hall is an original business card of owners of the house. After all, the first thing that guests see when entering the apartment is this room. Beautiful, and most importantly, comfortable lighting will impress and form an opinion about the presence of taste from the owner. The light here is not needed too bright, but it should cover the whole space.

In such a room, given its small size, the angular location of the lighting elements is recommended.

In the corridor, too, should not be abused by a large number of light sources. Since this is a kind of continuation of the hallway, then the design should continue the plot, taken from it.

As for the bathroom and toilet, then there is also no appropriate set of light sources.Just a few lamps that will be in harmony with the interior and not irritate the eyes with excessive brightness.

In the main room itself - the living room, the lighting should be as correct as possible. After all, this is where a person spends most of the day. In addition, in modern homes quite often found the union hall and dining room. With the help of spot lighting, you can easily divide the room into several comfortable zones. It is also very important to pay enough attention to the choice of the chandelier, which plays the role of the main source of light. As for the elements of the point type, their location is selected taking into account the type of tensioning structure, as well as the dimensions of the room.

Choosing lighting for the nursery, it is important to take into account the fact that quite often you have to use it in the middle of the night. In order not to annoy the baby with brightness, but at the same time it is easy to see everything you need, you can select a certain number of devices for lighting a specific area, which will have a separate power supply. Thus, you can make some kind of night light. The rest of the light distribution also depends on the parameters of the room itself.

In addition, you can choose the original forms and types of elements that will decorate it and complement the design of the room.

Another area requiring proper attention with regard to light is the terrace. Deciding on the arrangement of lighting for her, you should consider its relevance. Of course, in this situation do without the main source of light.

Spotlights fully cope with this task. It is enough to think about the variation of the optimal location of each element. To do this, calculate the correct number of devices, as well as draw up a diagram of their distribution. Power indicators are better to choose medium, thus achieving an unobtrusive, but at the same time, quite bright light.

Beautiful interior design ideas

After reviewing the types of point elements, as well as the various options for their location on the tension ceiling surface, you can begin to design your home. You can always design a beautiful interior by yourself. If you are not completely confident in your creative abilities, then you can seek help from specialists.Professional designers are always ready to work on a new project and will take into account any of your wishes.

It is also worth getting acquainted with some successful design ideas. This will make it possible to make sure that the illumination with spotlights is not only beautiful, but also a practical solution.

In this case, the design of light made in the style of minimalism. However, it is quite enough to illuminate a comfortable recreation area. The light is unobtrusive and is complemented by floor lamps.

An excellent example of how with the help of point elements it is possible to rationally use space. Despite the prevalence of dark colors in the interior, the lighting turned out soft and harmonious. In addition, spotlights allowed to divide the room into separate comfort zones.

This type of design relates to non-standard solutions. With the help of point light sources, designers have translated into reality the so-called effect of the starry sky. Such lighting will leave few people indifferent and will add special originality to the interior.

Here is one way to distribute light on a multi-level stretch ceiling.Although there are many luminaries, the overall picture does not cause a feeling of overcrowding. On the contrary, this arrangement perfectly emphasizes the overall design of the ceiling surface and looks elegant.

Another example of the fact that with a minimum number of lighting elements, you can effortlessly achieve comfort and some refinement in the room. This distribution of light creates a cozy atmosphere and promotes good rest.

You can find out which lamps are better suited for suspended ceilings in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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