Track lights

Lighting devices are far from the last place in the arrangement of housing. These items only seem unobtrusive and insignificant. In fact, with the help of properly selected parts, you can “revive” the interior and emphasize its style.

What it is?

First you need to answer the question of what track lighting devices are. These are special systems in which light sources are attached and moved on a special busline. Thanks to such a simple design, it is possible to change the position of the bulbs, focusing their light on a specific interior detail. Such types of lighting devices are often used not only in residential premises, but also in public institutions: cafes, museums, restaurants, offices, jewelry stores and many other settings. This indicates the universality of such devices.

They look great in many ensembles.

As a rule, the following elements are included in the structure of such luminaires:

  • Directly busbar, which move the lamp;
  • Spotlights;
  • Plugs;
  • Rotary mechanisms.

Of course, the modification of a device depends on its manufacturer. Today in stores you can find more advanced copies, equipped with other functional elements.

About what track lights, see the following video.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other lighting fixture, a track lamp has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

To get started, you should familiarize yourself with the list of advantages of such products:

  • Using rail devices, the owners have the opportunity to form a directional lighting. Currently, there are many modifications of such models. In some models, the direction of light can be adjusted, while in others the lamps are stationary;
  • It is worth noting that track lights are fairly simple, but functional;
  • Using such devices is easy and simple.Even a child can handle it;
  • With the help of properly selected fixtures, you can change the layout of the room, making it more spacious or, conversely, compact;
  • Many consumers opt for such devices, since they can be equipped with lighting devices of different design versions, and even the technical characteristics of the light bulbs themselves can differ significantly from each other;
  • Track lights can be installed on ceilings with almost any finish. That is why they have become so popular and common;
  • In addition, the installation of such devices is carried out simply and easily. You do not need to call specialists. The main thing is to purchase all the parts from the same manufacturer so that the design is more stable and reliable;
  • In the adjustable models, you can independently direct the light in the direction necessary for the owners;
  • Of course, we should not forget about the attractive design of such devices. They look simple and unobtrusive, so they easily fit into a variety of interior styles;
  • It should be noted that in the course of their work, such lamps do not heat up, are fireproof and do not emit unpleasant sounds;
  • Compact rail lights on the ropes look great in the premises of the very different layouts. They can be installed even in a very small room;
  • Track lights "give out" a small electromagnetic radiation that is within acceptable limits.

Despite such an impressive list of advantages of track lights, yet they have one drawback - the high cost. However, if you take into account the many advantages of such systems, you can close your eyes to such a flaw.

Types of track system

There are several varieties of modern track lighting systems. Similar constructions are divided into two main groups. The belonging of a lamp to one or another category depends on the ability to change the number of simultaneously working lamps in the device. This feature has dimmable options. Light fixtures in which there is no such function are common.

Also track lights vary in busbar design:

  • Single phase;
  • Biphasic;
  • Three phase;
  • Minitrack options, the power of which does not exceed 12 watts.

A certain number of phases indicates thathow many light bulbs in the device can be used simultaneously. Moreover, all sources can act together or work separately. There is also another criterion, in accordance with which the track lights are divided into two types. This criterion is the installation method. There are the following options.

  • Embedded. These lamps are installed in a prepared niche or a certain place in the room. These options are great for both home interiors and museums;
  • Portable. Most often, such track systems are accessed for concerts and other similar events. They are also often found in public places (cafes, bars, clubs). Such designs are distinguished by mobility. They can be easily transferred to a new location;
  • Spring. Also mobile are track lights on a spring. Such a flexible and durable fixture surpasses simple static specimens in many ways.


The rail or track lamps that are fashionable nowadays have a fairly simple design. They consist of several single light bulbs installed on a special busbar.Simply put, on one main rail (tire) there are several lamps at the same time (both the same and different). They all belong to a single electrical system. Individual tracks in these structures are connected by tires, which are special parts with power systems or special calipers.

Tracks come in different forms:

  • Rectangular;
  • Straight lines;
  • Cross shaped;
  • U-shaped;
  • L-shaped;
  • Flexible.

Calipers and tires make the rail light fixture reliable and firmly connect all important details to each other. In addition, most designs have special plugs located on the side of the tire. They perform only a decorative function.

In addition to the main parts and decor, as a rule, the following equally important components are present in the track systems:

  • The light itself, working on a certain type of light bulbs. For track lights, the LED light is the ideal solution;
  • Electrical conductor, through which a current flows to each lamp in a niche;
  • A special transformer that adapts the mains voltage for each type of light bulb;
  • Connection details.Such components can only be decorative or practical. It all depends on one or another model of the lamp;
  • Pendants for lamps.


In the track lamp can be installed such types of lamps.

  • Halogen;
  • Metal halide;
  • Fluorescent;
  • LED.

Most often there are economical and bright lamps with LED lights. Similar options differ in small energy consumption and long service life. High-quality LED light bulb is not cheap, but with its help you can significantly save on electricity.


Track lights can have different colors, but the most popular and common designs are classic shades. Let us consider in more detail the most attractive options that will look organically in many interior styles.

  • Black and white. Such versatile models fit perfectly into many ensembles. Best of all these designs look on a contrasting background. Otherwise, lamps can merge with the walls. For example, snow-white models will stand out nicely against the background of pastel, rich or dark walls, and black,on the contrary, in white, beige, cream, peach and other similar premises;
  • Traditional gray options are universal and neutral. They can be located in almost any environment. The main thing is not to place them against the background of the same gray walls and ceiling, otherwise the ensemble will turn out to be boring and “bland”;
  • One of the most popular are chromed constructions. They not only look spectacular, but also bring special futuristic notes to the interior. However, it should be borne in mind that such options will look harmoniously exclusively in modern interiors. For classic ensembles they will not fit;
  • Fans of non-standard and bold decisions will definitely come to taste red track lights. Such designs look very original and fresh. Especially effectively they look in contrasting ensembles, for example, on a white or black background;
  • Rail lamps look elegant and attractive gold plated. Similar instances will look harmonious in many ensembles. Gold models can be chosen even for classic interiors.


Currently, lighting devices play one of the most important roles in creating a harmonious interior. Not so long ago, track systems were used only for arranging production areas or large shopping centers. Initially, they had a special design, with which it was possible to light up a large space easily, leaving no darkened corners. Today, such lighting devices are actively used in various rooms.

  • Museums and galleries. Track lighting devices in such conditions are used not only to illuminate the entire area of ​​the room, but also to highlight certain exhibits or paintings that require special attention;
  • The shops. Track lights are an excellent solution for attracting attention to a certain category of goods in a commercial area. Many designers and businessmen are turning to such options;
  • Country and private houses and city apartments. Particularly organically track lamps look in such living spaces of a large area. Most often they are installed in the living room, bathroom and kitchen over the dining table or the "island" for cooking;
  • Bar, cafe, clubs. In this case, track lights, as in the other listed situations, are great for attracting the attention of visitors to a particular area.

Many designers use track lights in their work to divide the space. For example, using such devices, it will be possible to divide the cooking zone and the dining space in the kitchen.

Tire models and design

Tire lights look best in modern interiors. For example, in the conditions of a “garage” loft style, such lighting devices will look organically and attractive. They can be installed on the background of rough walls with decorative bricks or monochromatic gray surfaces. Most often for such settings select concise designs of black or dark brown.

Also track lights are great for cutting-edge hi-tech interiors. Many designers call this direction "classics of modern youth." This style has simple details made from unnatural and high-tech materials. For example, it can be metal, high-quality plastic and other similar options.In such ensembles, track white, black and chrome models will look the best possible.

Rail light fittings are also suitable for a minimalist style. Such interiors are simple, devoid of elegant lines and patterned weaves. Such lighting devices have a laconic and discreet design, which has no intricate decorative elements that have no place in minimalist ensembles.

How to choose lighting?

In choosing a high-quality and beautiful track lamp, you must follow some simple rules.

  • First you need to decide what type of lamp you want to install in your home: mobile or built-in, adjustable or stationary. Each type of device has its own advantages and disadvantages, which you should be familiar with in order to stay on the appropriate option;
  • Before making a purchase, be sure to carefully inspect the design of the lamp. It should be in perfect condition. All fasteners must be reliable and of high quality. If the track system does not cause you to trust and seems too flimsy, then its purchase is better to refuse;
  • Do not forget about the color of the lamp. For a room with a dark finish, it is better to buy a contrasting model of white, beige or red. As for the bright rooms, the dark track lights will look best in them. In both cases, you can install spectacular chrome instances;
  • Go shopping only in company stores and select products from reputable manufacturers. This will protect you from the acquisition of low-quality lamp, which quickly fails.


Consider the merits of several leading manufacturers producing high-quality and beautiful track lights.

  • Arte Lamp. This Italian brand produces durable and reliable LED lamps in classic colors. Most Arte Lamp products are designed for modern high-tech style and have a low-key design;
  • Citilux. Track lamps from this brand from Denmark, as a rule, are made in the Art Nouveau style. Many of them have elegant curved bases and pendant bulbs of various shapes;
  • Novotech. This Hungarian manufacturer produces high-quality LED track lights, combining two colors. It can be white and black or black and chrome. They look very stylish and modern;
  • Paulman. In the assortment of this German brand there are inexpensive and concise lamps in the modern style with a concise design and matte gray surfaces.

Beautiful ideas in the interior

Gray track lights with long bases will look good in a spacious living room in snow-white tones. Place in such a room a white couch, a small table with cream chairs and decorate one of the walls with decorative bricks. You can dilute the "fresh" paint with large contrasting paintings on the walls.

A large track construction with black bases, assembled in a square, will look organically against the background of walls, decorated with wooden panels. This solution is often used in private two-story houses, where the first floor has a very high ceiling. Under such a lighting system, you can arrange a gray cozy sofa, a TV stand with all the necessary equipment and even a small fireplace on the right side of the furniture.

Track lights with a light base, small light bulbs and two large hanging lampshades can be hung over a light wooden dining table in a room with snow-white walls.Place beside beige plastic chairs on a metal frame and dilute the ensemble with an accent yellow finish on the back wall, as well as contrasting small paintings on the walls.

A loft-style bedroom will definitely appeal to lovers of custom solutions. So, in a white room with a dark floor, decorated with laminate, you can put a low modular bed of blue tint and decorate the lower part of the wall behind it with a decorative red brick. In such an environment, black ceiling track lights, installed in two rows, and one snow-white curved floor lamp near the bed will be spectacularly distinguished.

The track lighting system can also be installed next to the stairs leading to the second floor in a private house. It is desirable that this design matches the color of the railing or steps of the structure. For example, against the background of snow-white finish, black details of the stairs and black track lights on white cables will look harmonious.

Snow-white track lights can be combined in the interior with hanging chandeliers that have chrome surfaces.For example, this solution is ideal for a kitchen with dark green walls, a white ceiling and a black glossy floor. Track models can be hung near the white headset, and chrome lamps - above the glass table with a thick curved white leg and black original chairs. The ensemble will turn out unusual and attractive.

Black track lights can be hung in a white room in the style of “loft” with walls decorated with snow-white decorative brick. Put two shiny blue sofas in front of each other in such a room, and between them set up a small fireplace and lay a carpet with a zebra print. On the walls behind the upholstered furniture, hang a TV and colorful pictures. Complete similar interior with bedside tables with vases, complemented with lively plants of rich tones and tall floor lamps with red or yellow legs.

Chrome rail systems will look good in the bathroom above the console bedside tables with a sink. Decorate the walls in this room with black materials, and lay tiles or waterproof gray laminate on the floor.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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