Nurse House Greenhouse: Design Features and Benefits

Every Russian summer resident knows that growing a rich harvest in our latitudes is quite problematic. This is due to the climate, lack of heat and sun. Especially these factors concern the inhabitants of the northern regions and the middle zone. That is why the demand for greenhouses and hotbeds of all sizes and modifications is so great.

Each greenhouse manufacturer aims to offer its customers the best quality succeed in the crowded market garden products. The task of the buyer is to choose the most optimal option, without becoming confused among the variety of agricultural products. And to make a choice, you need to be able to get acquainted in detail with the proposed product.

Greenhouse model "Nurse"

To date, among the leaders of sales can distinguish the product of the Novosibirsk manufacturer - the greenhouse "Nurse". The developed model was originally intended for the harsh Siberian conditions. Having been tested for durability and functionality at the Siberian Institute of Plant Production and Breeding, in 2010 it was put into mass production and became one of the most popular types of greenhouses across the country. The main advantage and distinction of this model is the sliding top, which immediately distinguishes it from all other analogues.

Experienced gardeners, having come across such a construction for the first time, will immediately appreciate its advantages, but for beginners it is necessary to find out in detail why the retractable greenhouse roof is so in demand among gardeners in our Russian climatic conditions.

Features and specifications

Greenhouse "Nurse" at first glance is a standard arcuate structure consisting of steel pipes and polycarbonate coating.

A square galvanized pipe with a cross section of 20x20 mm has an increased strength threshold and is coated with a polymer composition, which prevents corrosive processes.Metal thickness - 1.2 mm.

The width of the arch is 3 meters. Arcs are arranged through each meter, the length of the greenhouse varies depending on the wishes of the customer. The standard length of 4 meters can be increased to 10 meters.

The greenhouse is equipped with a retractable roof. The mechanical device consists of a hand lever and a winch, sliding along the guide lines. In addition, the product is equipped with two doors at the ends and two vents.

The thickness of the polycarbonate coating can be presented in two versions - 1.2 and 1.4 mm. The canvas has an internal cellular structure that allows you to maintain a special microclimate in the greenhouse. Outside the material is completely smooth, sloping forms prevent the accumulation of precipitation on the surface.

Advantages of the sliding top in the greenhouse

The innovative solution of the developers of the “Nurse-clever” model will maximize the functionality of the greenhouse in each of the seasons.


Vents do not always cope with airing on particularly hot days, plants under the scorching sun can just burn. In addition, in windy weather, vents can create a dangerous draft, disastrous for many capricious cultures.The open top of the greenhouse will allow the plants to grow in natural conditions without overheating under the polycarbonate coating. Your greenhouse in hot weather will not turn into a steam room.

The retractable roof contributes to the natural pollination of plants that are not protected from the environment by a protective canvas.

Rainwater has a positive effect on plant growth, and a roof that also opens in rain will save you from planned irrigation.


After harvesting and in preparing the beds for the winter, leave the top of the greenhouse open. Gusts of wind will evenly distribute flown foliage, ensuring its occurrence. This will serve as natural compost and fill the soil with nutrients.


With the first snow, the open top of the greenhouse will allow the ground to be covered with a snow blanket, protecting it from freezing. Retractable roof in the winter will benefit the greenhouse itself.

Often after heavy snowfall, wet snow sticks to the surface.without sliding down in full. Over time, a sufficiently large layer may form, which forms a crust closer to the spring under the sun. The weight of snow pushes the cover and can damage it.A retractable roof eliminates these problems, and you don’t have to be careful to clear the snow in a timely manner.


With the first rays of the spring sun, the snow in the greenhouse will begin to melt, gradually moistening the soil in a natural way. The top of the greenhouse can be closed, the melt water and evaporation in the greenhouse under the bright sun will create an optimal microclimate in the greenhouse for the early planting of the first plants.

Pros and cons of the model "Nurse"

If you have already appreciated all the advantages of a retractable roof in a greenhouse, then It is useful to get acquainted with the other advantages of this model.

  • Reliability design. The materials used in production withstand strong gusts of wind and low temperatures, all the connecting elements are welded reliably.
  • Convenience in opening the roof. The manual mechanism by means of a rotating lever allows you to smoothly and easily open and close the upper part of the greenhouse.
  • Easy to assemble and install. Each copy includes a detailed instruction in which any summer resident will understand.
  • The possibility of completing the product with automatic vents and grids for tying plants.
  • High service life and a guarantee from the producer within several years.
  • The thickness of the polycarbonate allows you to skip the maximum amount of sunlight, while it is a protective layer from plant burns.

The disadvantages of this design include the relative fragility of the material itself. Polycarbonate is sensitive to strong mechanical damage.

The second negative nuance relates to the retractable roof. Not every fruit crop may like a rich flow of air, because closed greenhouses form their own microclimate, plants get used to grow from the very beginning in certain conditions. Therefore, before making a choice in favor of such a greenhouse, study the needs of the crops that you are going to plant in it.

The greenhouse has a classification, and its most modern models are quite expensive. Waiting for delivery may take a certain time, sometimes reaching several months, since the product is often carried out under the order. Therefore, it is necessary to order a greenhouse in advance, at the end of autumn.

Installation and use

Before unpacking the parts of the product, it is necessary to determine the place of installation and laying of the foundation.The greenhouse is quite compact, does not take up much space and will perfectly fit into any landscape design. But keep in mind that neighboring buildings and trees should not block the sides of the greenhouse, and one of the long sides should be located on the south side.

In the open area, the greenhouse will be well lit and heated during the whole long summer day.


As well as for any building, a ground support part is required for the installation of the greenhouse. Since the structure consists only of a frame and a light covering, it is not necessary to make the foundation solid, as in the case of heavy structures. It is necessary primarily for the stability of the frame and the correct operation of the roof mechanism. The foundation can be classic, tape or very simple - from scrap materials. Usually bricks or timber are used.

A wooden box is the most economical option. and will require the use of screws and staples for fastening logs. The wooden base should be soaked with antiseptic against rotting.

Upon completion of the installation of the foundation, check its evenness with the help of the construction level,This will avoid many troubles in the further assembly. If the foundation is ready and stands on a flat surface, you can proceed to the construction of the greenhouse.


Carefully read the attached installation instructions. The installation process is not complicated, but requires careful execution and clear measurements.

According to the instructions, you should have several consecutive steps:

  • installation of the ends, fastening of intermediate spacers, coating the ends with polycarbonate;
  • assembly of the main body of the greenhouse;
  • mounting the roof, mounting roller wheels, installing polycarbonate and trimming it;
  • sheeting fabric greenhouse housing on both sides, mounting the lever and the winch;
  • installation of platbands and clamps in the grooves, according to the assembly instructions.

The operation of the greenhouse does not contain any restrictions that differ from other types of similar products. Careful handling of the material, the absence of serious mechanical damage will allow to use the design for many years.

Classification of greenhouses "Nurse"

The model range of greenhouses is presented by various options - from the most budget to elite models.They differ in the thickness and density of the material of the frame, as well as the warranty period. In the catalogs of the manufacturer, you can familiarize yourself with the nuances of each model.

The line of greenhouses "Nurse" includes:

  • Economy;
  • Standard;
  • Standard Plus;
  • Premium;
  • Suite.

The last two models in the classification deserve special attention. The greenhouse "Nurse-Premium" is equipped with an automatic lifting mechanism for the roof. The winch is driven by electricity. Charger and battery included in the kit.

The "Nurse-Lux" model is the latest development of manufacturers using the latest technologies. The system has an electric roof opening mechanism, while it has built-in computer elements that allow you to monitor temperature, humidity, transfer data and control the greenhouse remotely online.


In studying the forums of Russian amateur gardeners, rapt reviews about the roof structure, structural strength, and timely delivery times of the order stand out in particular. The manufacturer’s rapid response to claims for possible technical defects and their elimination in accordance with the sale contract is noted.

Buyer Tips

        Acquire the product "Nurse-clever" is desirable only from official representatives and branded factory outlets. In this case, you get a certificate of quality, a package of technical documentation, a warranty card.

        Delivery and assembly services can be discussed with representatives of the company when purchasing goods. In the offices of official representatives, there is a telephone support service, which can be contacted regarding the installation of a greenhouse.

        The plant "Metal Service" also makes the sale of its products directly, you can order the product by calling and leaving a request.

        Video instructions for assembling greenhouses "Nurse" see below.

        Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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