Greenhouses "Kremlin": features and benefits

 Kremlin Greenhouses: Features and Benefits

Greenhouse "Kremlin" is well known in the domestic market, and has long gained popularity among Russian summer residents and owners of household plots. The production of these strong and durable structures has been engaged in New Forms Ltd., which has been operating since 2010.

The company owns a design department and production workshops located in the city of Kimry, is the largest manufacturer of greenhouses in the Russian Federation.


Greenhouse "Kremlin" is an arched or straight wall structure, the frame of which is made of steel section with a section of 20x20 - 20x40 mm with a wall thickness of 1.2 mm. The metal used to make greenhouses is subject to mandatory certification and complies with strict hygienic standards.The arcs that form the roof of the greenhouse have a double version and consist of parallel pipes connected by rigid bridges. Between themselves, the arcs are connected using purlins, also made of metal.

Thanks to the reinforced frame structure, the greenhouse is able to withstand a weight load of up to 500 kg per square meter. This allows you to use the facility in places with heavy snowfall, without worrying about the integrity of the roof.

The metal elements of the greenhouses are painted with powder enamel “Pulverit”, containing zinc, which makes them frost-resistant and not subject to corrosion. All parts, without exception, including fixing systems and underground parts of the frame pipes are processed. Thanks to the technology of powder coloring, "Kremlin" greenhouses compare favorably with similar products from other manufacturers and can last more than a dozen years.

A distinctive feature of the "Kremlin" greenhouses is the presence of a new castle system "crab", which allows you to easily and reliably fix the parts among themselves and ensures ease of self-assembly. The design can be installed directly on the ground.For this, the frame is equipped with special legs-pins, which are stuck deep into the ground and rigidly hold the structure.

Each model of the greenhouse is completed with all the parts necessary for installation, including doors, a frame base with pins, fasteners, polycarbonate sheets, air vents and a set of accessories. Detailed assembly instructions and warranty card must be present in each box. If the accompanying documentation is missing, then most likely you have a fake.

Greenhouse "Kremlin" is a fairly expensive product: the cost of a 4-meter model is on average 16-18 thousand rubles. And the price of an additional module with a length of 2 meters varies from 3.5 to 4 thousand rubles. The manufacturer guarantees impeccable design service under the influence of snow and wind loads for 20 years. In a more gentle mode of operation, the system is able to last much longer.

Special features

The popularity and high consumer demand of the Kremlin greenhouse are due to a number of indisputable advantages of the design.

  • Strong frame provides a high strength of the structure and allows you not to clean the snow from the roof in winter.Due to the good stability and overall hardness of the structure, there is no need to fill the capital foundation - the greenhouse can be installed directly on the ground. If there are problematic and mobile soils at the site, a wooden bar, pre-impregnated with an antiseptic composition, cement mortar, stone or brick can be used as a foundation. All metal elements of the structure are covered with anti-corrosion composition, special attention is paid to welds, as the most vulnerable to the appearance of rust.
  • Polycarbonate coating 4 mm thick provides an optimal level of insolation, and well-thought-out forms of the frame contribute to uniform heating of the entire greenhouse. The sheets have a low specific weight, corresponding to 0.6 kg per square meter, and are equipped with a UV filter that protects plants from excessive exposure to sunlight.
  • The successful location of the vents and doors provides fresh air. The design of the frame allows you to install a system of automatic opening of windows, which will allow you to program the device to turn on in your absence and ensure regular ventilation of the greenhouse.
  • Easy to assemble and the possibility of self-installation will allow you to install a greenhouse with your own hands in a short time. Without taking into account the time that may be needed to form the foundation, the complete construction of the structure will take one day. Installation is carried out using the most simple tools, and the sequence of steps and features of the assembly are clearly spelled out in the instructions that come with each kit. If necessary, the greenhouse can be dismantled and installed elsewhere.
  • Wide price range allows you to choose a model as an economy class with straight frame walls, and expensive arched systems.
  • Large selection of sizes allows you to choose a greenhouse of any size. For small plots fit narrow and long structures, an area of ​​2x6 square meters. meters, and for spacious gardens you can buy a wide three-meter model. The length of greenhouses is always a multiple of 2 meters, which corresponds to the width of the polycarbonate sheet. If desired, you can extend the design using the add-on modules, which are also not difficult to install.


The assortment of Kremlin greenhouses is represented by several series, differing in size, shape, degree of strength and price.

  • "Lux". The collection is represented by arched models, which can be installed on any type of foundation, including bar-shaped and tape. Available in modifications "President" and "Star". The most popular is considered a four-meter model consisting of two end modules, two doors and transoms, four profile rails, and 42 horizontal screeds. The distance between adjacent arcs in this model is 1 m.

The kit includes 3 polycarbonate sheets, fittings, door handles, bolts, screws, nuts and fastening crabs. Be sure to present detailed instructions and warranty card.

The greenhouse is able to withstand snow cover weighing up to 250 kg per square. The cost of the model with these parameters will be 16 thousand rubles. Each additional module with a length of 2 meters will cost 4,000.

  • "Zinc". The model is made on the basis of the series "Lux". The reinforced frame is made of galvanized steel, which gives the structure a high chemical resistance and enhanced anti-corrosion properties. Thanks to these qualities, it is possible to treat plants with pest agents in a greenhouse or on the surrounding area without fear for the safety of the metallic elements of the structure.

A distinctive feature of this series is a longer service life compared to the “Lux” models, which is determined by the quality of the metal coating. Greenhouse height is 210 cm.

  • "Bogatyr". The series is represented by especially strong arched structures capable of withstanding a weight load of up to 400 kg per m2. High reliability is due to the shortened distance between adjacent arcs, which is 65 cm, while in the rest of the series this distance is equal to one meter. The profile tube has a cross section of 20x30 mm, which is also slightly higher than the dimensions of the profile of other models. “Bogatyr” is produced in standard sizes of length, which is 6 and 8 m, and is recommended for installation in spacious areas. The area of ​​the greenhouse allows you to equip the design of the heating system and use it in the winter.
  • "Fairy tale". The series is represented by budget models having small dimensions, straight walls and the roof of an arched structure. This allows you to use the greenhouse in small areas of summer cottages. The height of the model is only 195 cm, the minimum length is 2 m, and the width does not exceed 2.5 m.

It is possible to install a greenhouse in 4 hours. Currently, the model is discontinued and it can only be purchased from old stockpiles.

  • "Arrow". The series is represented by an arched construction of a pointed type, due to which it is able to withstand a weight load of up to 500 kg. The arcs have a single version, but due to the increased cross-section of 20x40 mm, they give the frame high strength. All metal elements are galvanized and have a persistent anti-corrosion effect. This model is the newest development of the company and includes all the main advantages of the previous series.


It is very easy to mount the frame of the greenhouse, even a person who does not have experience in assembling is able to fully assemble the structure in one day. Self-assembly and installation of the “Kremlin” greenhouse is done using a jigsaw, screwdriver or screwdriver, wrenches, drills with a set of drills and tape measures. Design features allow you to install greenhouses directly on the ground, but given the power of some expensive models, as well as the possible snow load in the winter, it is recommended to still form the foundation.The fastest and most inexpensive basement option is the use of wooden lumber treated from pests and parasites.

After the installation of the foundation, you can proceed to the installation of the framewhich must be started from the layout of all the parts on the ground in the sequence in which they will be installed. The assembly begins with fixing the end elements and arcs, their connection and subsequent vertical alignment.

Then the supporting parts are installed, after which the transoms and doors are mounted. After the frame is fully assembled, you can proceed to the laying of sheets.

Cellular polycarbonate should be fixed with the H-profile: This will improve the appearance of the greenhouse and it will be beneficial to distinguish such a structure from the structure on which the sheets are laid overlap. Before laying the polycarbonate, in the grooves placed on the frame, it is recommended to put a lubricant on a silicone base, and treat the end parts of the sheets with alcohol. This will allow a more hermetic structure to be formed and will prevent melting snow and rainwater from entering the greenhouse. Strict adherence to the installation technology and the sequence of assembly steps will allow you to assemble a solid and reliable design that will last more than a dozen years.


Timely care and careful operation will preserve the original appearance of the greenhouse and significantly increase its service life. Wash the structure with a soft cloth and soap solution. The use of detergents with an abrasive effect is unacceptable: the surface of the polycarbonate from such treatment can dim, which will worsen the insolation and adversely affect the appearance of the greenhouse.

In the summer, the room should be regularly aired.This will help remove excess moisture generated by soil evaporation and ensure proper growth and development of plants. Models, the maximum permissible weight load on the frame of which does not exceed 250 kg, should be further strengthened for the winter. To do this, you need to build props and install them under the middle arcs of the greenhouse. This will reduce the load on the frame and will not allow it to deform.


Greenhouse "Kremlin" is very popular and has many encouraging reviews. The availability of installation is noted without the use of expensive tools and the involvement of specialists. Attention is drawn to the possibility of self-selection of the desired length by adding additional modules.The advantages include the lack of the need to regularly come to the country in the winter in order to clear the roof of snow. The disadvantages include the high cost of even the most budget models.

Greenhouse "Kremlin" allows you to solve the problem of obtaining a good crop in areas with cold climates, as well as in places with heavy rainfall and in areas with risky agriculture.

On why greenhouses "Kremlin" are considered the best, look in this video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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