Bathroom interior design options

 Bathroom interior design options

Bathroom - one of the most important places in the house. Corner, where you can retire, rejuvenate after a long day, take a relaxing bath at night, cheer up in the morning under a cool shower. Since this is a recreation room for many, it is necessary to pay attention to its arrangement, having well thought through the options for interior design.

Special features

A bathroom is a room that has its own characteristics; therefore, when creating an interior and thinking through details, you need to take into account many nuances. After all, the repair is done for several years, and if high-quality materials are used and the work is done in compliance with all the technologies, the room will last a very long time.

In order for everything to be clearly in place, and each element combined with a general finish, you need to think out a plan and make a sketch of the future bathroom.

There are many questions that need to be resolved before repairing the bathroom.

  • The choice of finishing materials. What will be the ceiling - stretch, from tile, wooden, whether it will be a complex hinged structure. What is preferable for the walls - one of the options for tile, painting, plaster. And finally, what kind of coating is provided for floors, whether they will be heated.
  • The key point in the bathroom is the plumbing. And, of course, you should plan where it is more convenient to place a bath or shower, and if the bathroom is combined, then there is also a toilet. It is necessary to decide on the shape and material of the bath itself, in the plumbing shops there is so much choice that there is something to think about.
  • The furniture should be comfortable and beautiful, consistent with the overall style and not overload the space. The more spacious the bathroom, the better.
  • If the space of the room allows, you can add interesting elements to the bathroom, but so that they harmoniously fit into the overall style and create a mood.
  • Well, if the color scheme gives rest to the eyes and gives relaxation. The combination of a large number of colors quickly get tired and over time will only cause irritation.

Style and design

Most often in the design of the bathroom using tiles - ceramics and tiles, there are many explanations for this.

  • The tile will serve long. It is resistant to moisture, mold and mildew. Strengthen this effect by selecting the appropriate glue.
  • A large selection of colors and patterns allows you to realize any ideas, to realize interesting interior solutions, to choose the optimal combination of colors.
  • Repair work using tiles made easily and quickly. Even one person can do the job. It is enough to treat the walls with an antiseptic primer, to glue the tiles, to choose the right mix for troweling joints.
  • It is very easy to care for tiles: both glossy and matte. She perfectly washes the sparing means. With proper and regular care, it retains its original appearance for a long time.

A bathroom with a tile can be arranged in three variations: select separate areas of the tile, lay out part of the walls to a certain height, complete wall decoration.

In the next video you can see how to choose the right tile in the bathroom and what rules to follow when choosing.

Color combination

As for the choice of colors, there are no restrictions for the experiment. But there are the most popular options that are used more often than others and are considered classic.

The black and white version always looks advantageous, the tile can alternate in color, some zones can be black, others white. If you choose a tile entirely black, then white plumbing and furniture will look great on its background.

The bathroom in gray looks impressive, the calm neutral tone of the walls can be diluted with brighter shades, for example, certain elements or areas can be made blue. And it is possible to dilute gray walls with an interesting panel of tiles in a suitable color range. In gray you can choose a tile that imitates a stone. Then the marine theme will be appropriate, the walls can be blue with beautiful pictures, and there will be pebbles on the floor.

The bathroom in marble looks solemn and stylish. This interior can be kept in the same style and color, with the addition of several bright elements.The color element can be a curtain, a flower on the bedside table, a shelf with towels, a picture.

Bathrooms in bright colors, often in beige, are popular. With such colors, it is easy to create a harmonious interior using different shades of the same color.

Using tiles as a finishing material, you can apply different shapes of products - rectangular or square elements, combining small parts with large parts. By using different sizes, certain areas can be emphasized.


Great opportunities for design and experiments with different colors - neutral, strong, bright - gives mosaic. With its help, you can create a so-called patchwork or choose a specific combination of tones in mosaic canvases, divide the room into zones.

Mosaic can be the most diverse - Ready sheets from different pieces or colored glass, it can be from ceramics, stone, wood. With the help of colored elements, you can make a partial finish and make a bright touch to the design. If you decorate only the entire space in a mosaic form, brute force can come out, excessive diversity, in the end, get tired, and tastefully decorated small areas, on the contrary, will create a mood.

Mosaic glass has several advantages.Smooth transparent or mirror creates a beautiful play of light. Pearl or gold plating gives the room chic and play.

The advantages of the mosaic is its strength and moisture resistance, the only drawback of this design - the high price of the material.

The mosaic imitating a natural stone, will be suitable for a bathroom as well as possible. But there are luxury natural materials that look gorgeous - jasper, onyx, quartz, malachite, marble.

The original solution would be to use a metal mosaic, but then the design of the entire room is desirable to sustain in the high-tech style.

The decor of the bathroom will be unique if the mosaic to put on the wall panelsusing various motifs - ethnic, ancient Greek. And you can put quite a specific picture. All this is hard work, which takes a lot of time and requires the patience of the master. But the results will be amazing.

Mosaic looks original, if you use the principle of the gradient. Smoothly moving color, for example, from rich blue to delicate blue will transform the room.

Decorative plaster and wood

If ceramic tiles and mosaics can be considered more classic and familiar bathroom design, then materials such as, for example, decorative plaster or wood, are used less frequently. But with the help of these materials, you can create a fashionable style - shebbi-chic.

This style suggests the presence of artificially aged elements. They may look like this, creating a style, and in fact they will be created from modern materials.

The centerpiece of the room should be a wide bath on curved legs. In addition to it, a thin curtain of blue or blue will not be superfluous. Important elements of design will be a mirror in the old frame, dry bouquets, simple wooden shelves. The floor should ideally be wooden, but the tree should be carefully treated with a special moisture-resistant composition. Suitable and ceramic tiles, you can choose the option that simulates wood. An interesting addition to the interior will be a beautiful chandelier.

As for the tree, now in a trend - natural materials. And many decide to decorate the bathroom using wooden structures, although wood requires additional processing and maintenance during operation.

Some use in the design of liquid wallpaper, with which you can also create a variety of types of surfaces. To make liquid wallpapers last longer, before they are applied, the walls are treated with a suitable primer and coated with varnish on top.

Decorative plaster also finds its use in the design of bathroom interiors. A variety of textures and colors allows you to achieve the desired effect. Decorative plaster - the material is not cheap, so in the bathroom you need to take a very responsible approach to applying plaster: prepare the surface, having treated with several layers of primer. After putting plaster it is recommended to varnish it. This will give a beautiful glossy shine to the surface, as well as protect it from excess moisture.

How to equip?

In order for the bathroom to be beautiful, and at the same time everything was at hand, you need to use the available space wisely. And if there is no problem in a spacious bathroom with a window - what size to choose plumbing, whether to install furniture, then in standard homes built in the seventies and eighties of the last century, every centimeter of space should be saved in a standard bathroom.

For a spacious bathroom, you can choose any style and strictly adhere to it, buying the appropriate plumbing, furniture, materials, decor.

The main thing to consider when arranging a small bathroom is to plan the interior so that there are no unnecessary items in the room, only what is really necessary.

First of all, you need to think about how to make the room visually larger. To do this, it is better to choose light shades, without the use of many small elements. The division of the premises into zones will also be superfluous.

In this case, do not install many lockers and shelves for storing cosmetics or household chemicals. All this will have to find another place, and in the bathroom to equip one shelf, where the most necessary things will be placed: soap, shampoo, shower gel.

First you need to decide what plumbing will be installed - a bath or shower.

With bathroom

The variety of baths according to the materials and form allows you to choose the type that will be successful for a particular room.

Wall baths (they can also be detached) are produced in a variety of forms - semicircular, round, oval, in the shape of a figure eight, asymmetrical.

The spacious room assumes that the central object in it will be a bath, around which everything else will be placed. In this case, you can install a round bath with a shower, on the legs in the middle and surround it with interesting elements.

With a bathroom of 5 square meters. m, you can think of the placement and the bathroom and shower. All this will be compact, but there is enough space for shelves and for other decorative elements.

A good supplement for rest and relaxation is the Jacuzzi and other options for massage and wellness designs.

Built-in bathing tanks can be installed in a private housewhere it is possible to place all communications and deepen the design to the desired value. In a city apartment, you can achieve the effect of a built-in bath by constructing a special podium, which will also look original. If the apartment is on the first floor, you can try to deepen the structure to the desired value, but most likely, such repairs will require permission from the official bodies, since this will already be considered a redevelopment. And in order to avoid problems, it is better to consult with plumbing specialists - whether it is possible to carry out the necessary communications without consequences for the neighbors.

In wooden houses it will be logical to look and appropriate design - from different types of wood, in compliance with all the subtleties of the processing of such premises.

Corner design can save space and is suitable for small spaces. At the same time it will be possible to place the necessary and useful things.

With shower

Installing a shower cabin can provide great space savings, especially in a small apartment, where every area of ​​the square is valuable.

Not the largest bath in length is 140 cm. The shower stall will rise at 70 centimeters. Already solved the problem with a washing machine, which will find a place in this room. And above it you can place a locker for accessories, a shelf or a mirror.

Provided that the capacity for relaxation is extremely necessary, you can choose the option of a shower cabin, in which there is a rather deep bottom below. You can sit there and enjoy the water treatments.

The dimensions of the shower are different, you need to choose the best option so that it does not fill most of the space.

Another option is to make a shower with your own hands. Here it is possible to make the size that would be appropriate in a small room. To do this, you need to build a pallet, it can be beautifully decorated with ceramic tiles, the most affordable option is to paint with water-repellent paint. The walls of this cabin can be made at your discretion - from plastic, for example, to equip a screen or just hang a beautiful waterproof curtain.

Combined bathroom

This phenomenon is frequent in urban apartments and in private homes. Some, on the contrary, at the expense of connecting two rooms - a toilet and a bathroom - seek to increase the space in which everything can be placed, if properly planned free meters.

The position will save the corner bath. You can install the mixers so that a compact shelf with the necessary accessories fits over them or next to them. Due to the space saved on the opposite side, you can place the toilet. When choosing a hinged structure, a little more free space appears.

Sinks in such rooms are better to choose compact, but in such a way that the splashes do not fly in all directions, and the water does not flow to the floor.

A suitable option for a combined bathroom is to buy a compact washing machine and place a washbasin over it. It will be a little higher than the usual level, but saving space will allow for the placement of additional furniture.

The finishing of the combined bathroom should be done so that the room visually seemed more spacious., but for this it is better to choose the bright colors of ceramic tiles. You can choose one tone and decorate any area with mosaic. But in a small bathroom you should not divide the room into several zones, visually it will reduce the area. A large tile, no matter how beautiful it looks, in this case will not work either. It is better to choose small and medium size.

Famous manufacturers and reviews

The choice of ceramic tiles for repair is an important and crucial moment. After all, its quality directly depends on how long the repair will please. You can, of course, focus on consumer feedback, explore the pros and cons. But it is better to proceed from the characteristics of the products. The main parameters should be contained on the packaging. Another option is to seek advice from a retailer.An experienced employee will tell you how one option is different from the other.

There are the most popular manufacturers that have already proven themselves in the market of finishing materials from the best side.

Russia is represented by several manufacturers, the quality of their products is high, and the price is acceptable to consumers.

  • Kerama marazzi offers tiles of various collections - English, Indian, Scandinavian, French, Italian. Everyone in this variety will find their option. The tile of this brand is distinguished by high durability, in its creation such technologies are used that allow you to simulate a natural material with high accuracy. Consumers speak of this tile as inexpensive, but of high quality. Attract interesting design opportunities. The only drawback, some believe that it is not always possible for the wall tile to find the perfect solution for the floor covering of the same pattern.
  • Belarusian producer Keramin produces more than 80 items with landscape and geographical motifs of different colors. Consumers are attracted by price and a large selection of collections.
  • The Ukrainian manufacturer also offers its own version of finishing products. Golden tile. The distinctive features include the constant improvement of products and the search for new design solutions. Employees are constantly developing new design options in collaboration with Italian masters.
  • On the market of finishing materials there are also elite collections of foreign manufacturers. These include, for example, the Italian manufacturer Far ceramiche. The emphasis is on the imitation of natural materials, there are about 30 collections. Repair with the use of such tiles will be expensive.

As for the plumbing, here too the stores offer products for every taste and budget. It will be useful to know who is in the lead in the plumbing market, and why consumers prefer this or that firm.

When choosing certain models, you should take into account many nuances, these include the communications device, the size of the room. Sometimes the device sewer system limits the choice of models.

There are several popular manufacturers.

  • Trademark Domani-spa (Russia) produces acrylic baths and showers.Among the advantages of the products are a constant renewal of the range, modern design. The company guarantees a long service life of its products.
  • Finnish company Ido many consider the market leader in plumbing. Consumers among the main qualities that attract them in the models of this manufacturer, distinguish grace. For any type of plumbing, you can easily pick up components and accessories of the same company. Plumbing is a quality coating that facilitates the care of products.
  • Co-production of Italy and Russia Roca also has a buyer who prefers models of this brand. The range of products is extensive - from budget options to luxury and exclusive.
  • Acrylic buyers deserve high praise Radomir. A variety of shapes and sizes of products allow you to choose the best option. The quality of products is also high. Good reviews have hydromassage baths from this manufacturer, equipped with various additional features. Comfortable dimensions and angular designs allow you to install the product even in a small room.

Useful stuff

When all the major bathroom renovations are done, it's time to think about the extras. Their presence gives the space a unique look and a complete look. Such items may include original baskets for laundry and cosmetics, comfortable cozy mats.

One of the important elements is the mirror. Much depends on him. It can be exquisite decoration of the room. In his power to visually expand the space. The main thing is to choose the right shape and size.

The oblong room will expand if a wide mirror is placed on a long wall. Original will look a mirror, mounted directly into the tile surface.

A separate element that will decorate the wall, can be a chic frame.

And, of course, the mirror should fit harmoniously into the interior. If clear correct lines prevail, then the mirror should repeat their shape. If the outlines of the objects are smooth, the round and oval-shaped mirror will look perfect.


When you decorate any room, the main thing is to correctly place accents, and the bathroom is no exception.

You can decorate the room with the help of elegant or original lamps. A good solution would be to install the main lighting (brighter) for the morning procedures, and muffled - for the evening rest.

Cosiness will create beautiful towels and a pair of elegant bottles on the shelf, but in no case a shelf with a huge number of creams and lotions. It would rather create a sense of confusion.

If the room allows, the addition will be elegant furniture, you need to choose the one that is resistant to moisture.

A beautiful addition will be the flowers that prefer the shadow. If the bathroom is equipped with a large window, then you can not limit yourself to choose. But preference is better to give those colors that love high moisture.

In order for the bathroom to have a highlight, it is better to choose one style and stick to it in the design of surfaces, in the selection of furniture, and in the selection of decorative elements. It can be Provence or Modern, classic or high-tech, Oriental or Ethnostyle. There are a lot of options.

Interesting examples

Unusual original interiors can turn a bathroom into a masterpiece.

As a rule, in well-designed design solutions there is nothing superfluous, and every thing is in its place.

  • Beautiful option with a bath built into the podium.Landscape full-wall is a chic addition to the finish. This is a bright element in the strict design of the room. The interior is complemented by original washbasins and mirrors.
  • Well placed accents in the following version. Light tones diluted with bright elements in the finish. The semicircular corner bath fits well into space. Well thought out and lighting. In addition to the main one that adorns the ceiling, there is an additional one that creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the bath area.
  • Strict geometric shapes in combination with gray-white design look very stylish. For complete harmony you need a few bright elements. And they are present here in the form of finishes and other accessories.
  • Asymmetrical bathrooms can also bring a zest to the interior. A very small room can also be equipped properly and made comfortable. Enough two colors in the design of the walls and floors and the original bath. Bright towels will be a complement.

The bathroom at the cottage also needs its decoration, especially if there is a lot of time spent there and everything is adapted to rest there both in summer and in winter.

Not ultramodern styles, but calm, but original design in a rustic style are more suitable for summer cottage. This example shows that for all the seeming simplicity in the design solution used expensive materials, and everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

Chic large windows that allow you to admire the landscape at any time, light air curtains of light colors. Surprisingly combined stone and wood in the decoration of walls and floors. Special attention is given an interesting ceiling with beamed ceilings and an original chandelier. A small freestanding bathtub and wicker furniture complement the feeling of calm comfort. There is peace and harmony in the whole interior, as if time has stopped and there is no need to hurry anywhere.

Examples of design of bathrooms eloquently say that any, even the most unimaginable ideas can be implemented, you just need to think everything through to the smallest detail. It is they who bring clear bright strokes that make the room play with new colors and create a mood.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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