Bathroom 3 square. meter: ideas of modern design

 Bathroom 3 square. meter: ideas of modern design

A small bathroom is not uncommon in modern apartments, because most of them were built in the last century. But the small area of ​​the bathroom should not upset the owners. With careful design of the space, you can get a convenient and comfortable room, which will help to arrange original things and professional design ideas.

How to fit all?

A bathroom of 3x3 m is a rather small space, so its organization should be based on space saving.Before the start of repairs, it is necessary to free the room from all items of furniture and decoration. It is important to correctly draft a project that will take into account all desired changes. The diagram should display all the protruding elements, the ventilation inlet and the location of the riser. Having displayed the main interior details, you can proceed to the mapping of lighting fixtures, plumbing and furniture.

Bathroom 3 square. The meter should not be cluttered.

Washing machine is desirable to move to the kitchen or in the hallway, and the basket for dirty things can be put under the bath or sink. Small premises should be minimalistic and consist only of necessary things.

If the bathroom is separated from the toilet, then for its design you can purchase a classic bath of 150x70 cm. This bath allows you to install a small washing machine and a compact sink in the room. And in the combined bathroom, you can put a corner bath, which takes up less space than the classic version. Conveniently, corner models are often equipped with shelves and lockers, so you do not have to solve the problem of organizing the storage system.

A shower can be a good alternative to a bath. It takes up little space and looks presentable. The only minus the soul is the impossibility of relaxation, but it saves water well.

Space saving

Taking water procedures, you can notice the amount of steam and condensate formed in the air. Therefore, it is important when finishing the bathroom to use waterproof materials that, in addition to strength, will be resistant to temperature changes.

Finishing the floor should be designed in such a way as to provide a comfortable temperature in the room and protect the neighbors from the bottom of the flood. Ideally, the floor structure should consist of a concrete slab, a bituminous primer, a waterproofing film, fine-grained quartz sand, a warm floor system and ceramic tiles. It is desirable to use large and light tiles with a rough surface.


The walls in the small bathroom can be finished with ceramic tiles, plastic panels, waterproof wallpaper or artificial stone. Before the start of repairs, it is necessary to level the walls with plaster and primer, and only then finish the finishing.If the paint is chosen for the walls, then it should have a non-toxic water-based and water-dispersion composition.

For decoration of the ceiling, you can use plastic paneling or painting. But for the siding will have to use a frame made of stainless steel, and painting will require an annual update.

Optimal for ceiling trim to choose stretch film. She is not afraid of water and can last for several years without losing the original form.

Color solutions

The palette for the bathroom 3 m2 should be chosen very carefully. It is best to use two - three colors, so as not to overload the interior. Harmoniously in a small space will look pastel colors in combination with dark accents. The dark palette is inappropriate for the design of a small room, as dark contrasting colors visually reduce the room.

Traditionally for the interior of the bathroom use white color.that looks perfect in combination with any colors. For finishing, you can pick up a milky or cream tone. Laconically, the gray color, which next to the mirror surfaces will look quite stylish, also looks concise.

The bathroom represents the element of water, so for its decoration it is reasonable to use blue or blue. Blue shades will give the room lightness and volume.

Refresh the interior will help green and yellow tones. Against the background of a pale green background, rich herbal or solar patterns will look beautiful. Combining green is appropriate with marble, wood, ceramics and stone.

Compact accessories and plumbing

To help save space should plumbing appliances compact size. For example, overhead sinks, which are easily mounted in the upper part of the bedside table. You can purchase a light pendant shell, oval or rectangular.

The toilet itself does not take up much space, but it can also be made less noticeable. To do this, you must either purchase a small model, or hide the drain tank in the wall. You can use a niche of drywall or the bottom of the rack.

The washing machine, as a rule, has significant dimensions, which seriously affects the free space. Therefore, the owners of a close bathroom can get a small model of the machine and install it under the sink.In addition, modern technology stores have on sale hanging washing machines, which not only performs its basic functions, but also decorates the interior.

To harmoniously place in the room cosmetic and cleaning products, it is best to hang open shelves in the corner of the bath. In order to organize a storage system for towels and other accessories, you can mount glossy cabinets in the wall.

Ergonomic Cheat Sheet

Correctly arrange the bathroom of 3 m2 will help correct ergonomic placement of all its components:

  • there must be a distance of at least 75 cm between each piece of equipment;
  • between the toilet and bidet should be a distance of 34 to 45 cm;
  • the distance from the bath to the sink should not be less than 30 cm;
  • washbasin bowl should be at a height of 85-110 cm;
  • between the sink and surrounding objects should be a free distance equal to 55-60 cm;
  • shower cabin must be at least 75x75 cm in size;
  • toilet paper holder should be placed 20-30 cm from the edge of the toilet bowl;
  • there must be at least 50 cm empty space in front of the toilet.

There are various small bathroom design ideas., which include such nuances as the growth of tenants, their age and physical abilities. Thanks to this, you can choose the options that are suitable for a particular bathroom.

We adapt to the form

A square bathroom of 3x3 m is not able to accommodate all plumbing items that residents would like. In such a room, the optimal solution is to install a washbasin opposite the entrance, and a shower cabin on the right or left. A miniature space can do without a standard bath or shower, which can be easily replaced with a shower tray.

An interesting solution would be to combine the bathroom and toilet.if they were originally in different rooms. Then the square shape will not interfere with the placement of furniture, and there will be additional possibilities for decorating the bathroom. But it must be remembered that such a combination is possible only after agreement with the special agencies.

Visually delineate the functional areas of the bathroom will help diverse lighting. To do this, you can use a spot overhead lighting, LED lights or symmetrically arranged lamps near the mirror.

In a small square bathroom, you can create comfort by installing a bath and a wall rack on the right side of the wall, and a toilet, sink and washing machine on the left side. Opposite the entrance will look beautiful mirror or pictorial picture.

We are developing a project

Designing a bathroom consists of several important steps. A competent project should consist of an architectural, constructive and engineering project, as well as include a design solution. Among other things, any redevelopment must have a passport, which will indicate compliance with regulatory documents.

If you plan to perform a major or minor repairs, the project should consist only of engineering and design sections. The engineering section consists of an engineering communications layout plan, and the design category shows the planned changes.

Design project should consist of several parts:

  • drawing showing the size of the room and measurements of all projections;
  • plan for demolishing partitions and installing new construction devices;
  • floor plan indicating the placement of flooring, the number of screeds and type of waterproofing;
  • drawing of walls indicating the type of coatings and locations of communications;
  • drawing arrangement of furniture;
  • site plan laying engineering networks;
  • A list of the materials used, certified by the design and construction organization;
  • a sketch of the bathroom, on which the scale of the room is marked and the finishing colors are observed.

    You can create a bathroom project yourself. This is possible if the walls and communication equipment remain untouched during the redecoration.

    Pro tips

    In order not to make serious mistakes when repairing a bathroom of 3x3 m, you should familiarize yourself with useful recommendations. The right environment contributes to relaxation, therefore it is important to draw on expert opinion when designing the space.

    The main thing that professionals are advised to strive for is the general style of finishing materials and plumbing. And also you should not overload the space with an abundance of accessories, as they spoil the general perception of the bathroom.

    To visually expand the room, you need to use mirrored and glossy surfaces. Enhance the effect will help good lighting and ceramic tiled surfaces of different sizes.

    Make an accent and get attention with polished stone with photo printing or panoramic images of nature. Wall mural will visually change the space, and a bath lined with a large stone will complement the interior.

    The mirror in the bathroom should be of large diameter and height so that the highest member of the family can see its reflection to the waist. The importance of this accessory is that it does not occupy the floor space, and allows you to see yourself from different angles.

    Designers recommend owners of small bathrooms not to overload the interior.and, if possible, install compact plumbing equipment. The smaller the details in the room, the cozier the space looks.

    Spectacular examples for inspiration

    The modern world has a lot of opportunities. Therefore, you can find an interesting and inexpensive project not only in a design company, but also in online magazines. Thanks to a huge choice, anyone can find an amazing project - a design that can be easily realized.

    Currently popular are projects designed to portray natural purity.The style of the room is made in the Scandinavian style, and therefore consists of natural materials and light colors. All furniture in the bathroom is simple, which is not conspicuous.

    Another interesting project is designed to emphasize the elegance of the severity of the room. It shows that even an area of ​​3 squares can accommodate all the elements necessary for a bathroom, while still looking uncluttered. In the room are located: toilet, shower tray, sink and high cupboard. The shell has an unusual shape, resembling a flower pot. And for general convenience, a dryer is hung on the free wall, where you can dry not only small items of clothing, but also towels.

    It is rather difficult to place, besides other pieces of furniture, a washing machine on a small square. But for such a case, the designers came up with all the possibilities for visual alleviation of the room in the form of hanging bollards and a boiler, under which the washing machine is installed. To revitalize the interior are used borders with floral patterns and gray tiles on the floor.

    Bathroom design area of ​​3 square meters. meter, see the next video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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