Bathroom Design: Design Ideas for Any Square

 Bathroom Design: Design Ideas for Any Square

In the bathroom in the morning we wash off the rest of our sleep, during the day we come here to rinse our hands, and in the evening we relax under the gentle streams of water. Let's make this room as comfortable as possible! Our article will tell about the options for planning a bathroom and interesting design options.

Current Trends

Planning the interior of the bathroom begins with the design. Current trends do not reject the usual blue, blue, beige, turquoise and lime shades.Contrasting solutions are red and white, white and hot pink, as well as combinations of any other saturated colors. Noble gray enlarges the bathroom and masks its flaws.

Neat bricks of the tiles create the illusion of relief, wooden coverings - an atmosphere of comfort and security. As decorative elements, designers welcome the combination of wood and stone, as well as the use of living plants.

It is important to determine the style for the bathroom.

  • Scandinavian minimalism optimizes space, simplifies the decor, in such a room is calm and cozy.
  • Elegant Mediterranean style with light arches and warm hues will create an elevated atmosphere.
  • Brickwork, carelessly applied plaster and loft-style glass baffles will put you in the setting of the production room.
  • Contemporary is distinguished by its laconic interior, as well as the monochrome of furniture and accessories.
  • The hi-tech bathroom with lamps and stainless steel heated towel rail looks stylish and modern.
  • The smoothness of the forms, floral motifs and modern floral ornament will set you to rest after a hard working day.
  • The elegance of classics with natural wood trim and soothing colors are always in fashion.
  • The same goes for the romantic provenance, with its muted shades of pink, lilac and blue.
  • Rough furniture and a bathtub resembling an oak tub - these are characteristic features of country style. Wicker baskets, wood trim and the warm light of the lamps will create a cozy rustic atmosphere in the room.
  • Inserts of sea stones and pebbles, self-leveling floors with a 3D effect, imitating textured plaster, as well as a combination of blue and beige tones create a unity of maritime style. Its bright warm colors are suitable for both large and small bathrooms.
  • The last peep of fashion is bionics with oval arches and niches, small mosaics, as if flowing from the ceiling to the walls, from the walls to the floor. To emphasize the unity with the nature of this style, choose contactless plumbing and a shower, designed to imitate a waterfall or a tropical downpour.

What you need to plan?

Consider the main points.

  • Examine the location of the ventilation ducts and sewers, because in most apartments, bathrooms and sanitary facilities have the same type of layout.To install heated floors, suspended ceilings and spotlights you need to know the exact dimensions of the bathroom. Make a list of necessary equipment, measure the room and decide on the dimensions of plumbing.
  • Think about the priority, and from what can be waived. As a rule, the standard set of furniture for the bathroom includes cabinets or cabinets under the sink, racks, shelves, narrow pencil case, drawer or laundry basket. The list may vary, depending on the size of the room and the ultimate goal of redevelopment.
  • If the house has small children, take care of the safety of electrical wiring and the stability of objects. For older people choose simple electrical appliances, install baths with low sides and for safety near the plumbing attach additional handles.
  • A thick curtain or thin partition will solve the problem of a separate bathroom. If you want to combine a bath and a toilet, and more than three people live in an apartment, you should not combine these rooms.
  • A shelf with toothbrushes should be at hand, and lockers should not occupy all the free space. Find a place for a washing machine and a mirror.Consider if you have a heated towel rail.
  • An important moment is the lighting of the bathroom, because in this room we wash ourselves and clean up (brushing our teeth, shaving, putting on makeup).

The best option is to comply with the rule of three-level distribution of light.

  • At the top level have one or two ceiling lights. For small rooms, one is enough; for spacious rooms, there are several open or ceiling-mounted halogen lamps.
  • The middle level is responsible for the zoning of the room. As a rule, they allocate a zone above the sink, having lamps on either side of the mirror. It is important that the light is diffused and not blinded. Illumination of cabinets and shelves will not only highlight the economic part of the bathroom, but also allow you to quickly find the necessary items.
  • Well, the bottom or floor lighting, due to the luminaires mounted on the floor, creates the effect of floating furniture.

Determine what materials you need to repair and calculate the cost of purchasing all the necessary. Personally see the future bathroom will allow 3D-model on the computer, which can be created using several applications.Thus, the program Sweet Home allows you to set the parameters of objects and look at the room from any angle. It is possible to indicate the door and window openings, as well as choose typical elements for the bathroom and it is possible to choose coatings in Stolplit. Space for wiring and batteries can be provided using Ikea's flexible settings.

How to fit into the form

Proper planning will allow rational placement of plumbing, save time, money and free up space. It is important to align your desires with the shape of the bathroom.


The square shape is considered ideal for a bathroom, but the design of such a room is designed for compact furniture and plumbing. A shower, a corner model or a bath-shower combination will replace the traditional bath. A large mirror will visually enlarge the room, cabinets with a mirror surface will fit everything you need. Installed above the doorway of the regiment will allow you to place the mass of the necessary details and will not be evident.

The color solution for a square bath is delicate pastel colors that expand the space and create a feeling of comfort and warmth. Agree, in such a room is very nice to relax after a busy day at work.


The optimal color solution for a rectangular bathroom is when the dark colors are located at the bottom and the light ones at the top. Narrow horizontal stripes and small mosaic visually expand the space. For the same purpose serves as photo printing with a pattern of blue or light gray. Place the bathtub or shower enclosure against a short wall. Rectangular mirror, bright lighting, hidden under the sink washing machine will create a feeling of spaciousness. Cabinets and glass shelves that “dissolve” in space harmoniously fit into this interior.

Adjusting to the dimensions

It is important to adjust your plans to the size of the bathroom to avoid cluttering up the furniture. Perhaps, some ideas will have to be corrected, and some will be completely abandoned. But a comfortable layout will make the bathroom comfortable for you and your loved ones.

Close bathroom

Planning the design of a small bathroom is not easy at all. But for the owners of rooms with an area of ​​2x2, or even only 3 square meters. meter there is a way out!

  • First of all, it is compact plumbing. If you have a combined bathroom, pay attention to the mounted models of the toilet.It is important to place the toilet in the corner so that it does not catch the eye. According to Feng Shui, this contributes to the proper circulation of energy in the house and leaves a favorable impression.

The sink itself does not take up much space, but the cupboard located under it or the washing machine will “steal” the space. Therefore, the machine is better to transfer to the kitchen.

  • Interesting projects with an angular version of the shower or shower panel instead of a bath. The latter is ideal for rooms with dimensions of 150 by 170 cm or 130x150 cm. For the shower panel, a faucet is built into the wall, the drip tray is flush with the floor. The panel is separated by a transparent partition that does not “eat up” the space. But if you prefer to relax, lying in a fragrant foam, take a look at the combined bath-shower, which saves space.
  • A frameless mirror should be 5-8 centimeters larger than a sink. Glass shelves on the walls let light through transparent surfaces, making the room volumetric and cozy. A locker or a bookcase will have to be made to order: you will rarely find such small furniture in our stores.
  • A miniature bathroom can not be littered with mats, coasters, liquid soap dispensers and other accessories.It is enough to choose a few bright things that will place accents and emphasize individuality. And let all the rest “live” in a specially designated place for the necessary trifles, which every hostess will certainly have.

Medium option

The middle option is a bathroom with an area of ​​4 to 7 square meters. m There is much more room for imagination.

  • For example, you can put a partition, separating the shower from the "economic" zone, where there will be a washbasin, a washing machine and a cabinet for bath accessories.
  • Bathroom 5, 6 and 7 square. m really divided into several zones, choosing for each a specific color, lighting or decorative partitions. All elements should not be used immediately, so as not to overload the space.
  • Bathroom can be divided into a maximum of three zones: for water procedures, economic and wash area. If you have a combined bathroom, the zoning varies: the economic part and the laundry are combined into one and a personal hygiene zone is added.
  • Large plumbing and furniture in the middle version with an area of ​​2x3 square meters. m will look cumbersome, so save space with the help of compact models.So, this area will allow to install a shower cabin or a corner hydromassage bath. Pay attention to the triangular models of baths, they look stylish and save space.
  • Glass shelves and hanging cabinets with mirrored doors will make the bathroom look more spacious, and a narrow multi-level case is suitable for storing bath towels and household items.

When there is where to turn

Large area is really a gift. There are fantasies where to turn, so it is especially important not to clutter up the bathroom, but to correctly fill it.

  • A number of design solutions is reduced to installing a large beautiful bath in the middle of the room or closer to the center, while the rest of the interior is placed along the walls. Such a bathroom arrangement is unusual and allows you to feel like a regal special or romantic young lady, it all depends on your chosen style.
  • Stylish and modern in the center of the room looks beautiful fountain with fresh flowers around, and the bath modestly takes place in the corner. However, on the area of ​​9, 10, 11 or 12 square meters. m can accommodate a couple of showers. Or shower and jacuzzi. It all depends on your personal preferences and capabilities.
  • Proper planning will allow you to turn the bathroom into a room where you can chat with loved ones after a busy day, and just have a good time. Plumbing need to "hide" behind a thin partition, next to place the washbasin with a washing machine, cabinets and shelves. The passage between the hygiene and recreation areas should also be beautifully decorated with a partition, semi-wall or arched structure.
  • Depending on the chosen style, each zone can be emphasized with color, spot lighting, multi-level ceiling. At the small table in the “rest room” the whole family will gather, warm colors and soft light will create a cozy relaxed atmosphere. Highlight in the interior will add a false window, which not only allows you to admire the beautiful picture every day, but also hide the imperfections of the walls.

Professional Tips

  • For finishing any bathroom choose high-quality, moisture-resistant and practical materials. They should not be smooth, otherwise the lining will be traumatic.
  • Never put the furniture end-to-end. Firstly, it does not look aesthetically pleasing, and secondly, the furniture is not ventilated, which leads to the formation of fungus.
  • If the interior is decorated in cold colors, put in the light bulbs with a warm yellow color. This technique will make staying in the bathroom more comfortable.
  • Refresh the annoying design will help one of the most popular types of decoration - decoupage. You will need glue, acrylic lacquer, brushes and three-layer napkins with a beautiful large pattern. Make sure the selected design matches the bathroom style. Next - a trick: cut the picture, stick it on the tile surface, varnish it and everything is ready.
  • Oilcloth curtains - yesterday. Replace them with a beautiful fabric with water-repellent impregnation. Soft rugs under their feet create the illusion of warm sea sand, and neatly folded stacks of towels evoke thoughts of peace. So that the design of the bathroom does not resemble an Oriental bazaar, the color range of fabrics is chosen in the same style.

Spectacular examples in the interior

Smooth lines, mollusks, starfish and tender jellyfish domes - create a piece of the underwater world at home! The contrast of red and white is for passionate ladies and crazy adventurers whom nothing can stop!

One of the options for planning a square bathroom.Simple and concise, discreet colors, warm lighting. The bright bouquet of flowers has become a peculiar highlight of the interior. Bath, heated towel rail, washstand, cabinet - nothing superfluous.

A wide tile on short walls and a narrow one - on long ones it visually increases the space into which the shower stall, open hinged shelf, washbasin and washing machine fit perfectly.

The project of a small bathroom with a shower panel is striking with brevity. Right at the entrance there is a washbasin and a toilet, a shower behind a thin partition. White tile makes the room more spacious, and bright turquoise stripes perform a decorative function and provide an area for water treatments.

Option plan in a rectangular combined bathroom: placed a bath at the short wall. Directly opposite her in the corner put the toilet so that it does not catch the eye. A wide part was taken under the sink and a place for towels. A built-in niche with open glass shelves visually enlarges the room. And the false wall located opposite to it not only adds space, but also animates the room.

The best layout of a large bathroom.Above the corner font there are spotlights, a hinged ceiling emphasizes the water treatment area. The dim light, the flame of candles, a false window hung with a curtain create a romantic atmosphere. Pleasant place for solitude and intimate conversations.

Option when the bath is located in the center of the room. Normal bathing will turn into a mysterious ritual ablution among the flickering lamps. Optimum combination of a shower cabin and bathtub for a room of big and average dimensions.

The area of ​​10-12 square meters. m sin is not divided into zones with the help of half-stenus with built-in mirrors. The mirrors directed at each other visually expand the room, and the windows in the whole wall increase the space even more.

An overview of the proper bathroom layout is waiting for you in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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