Combined bathroom: options for planning a room with a bathroom of 4 sq. M. m

In apartments and houses of compact size, the owners always try to save free space by making a combined bathroom. Since the area of ​​such a room is quite small, the choice of materials for decoration and furniture should be approached very seriously. In order for the results of the repair to please, and not vice versa, you need to carefully study this issue.

Room features

Bathroom, with an area of ​​4 square meters. m, can accommodate a regular bath or shower, as well as a small sink. There may also be shelves or a small wall cabinet for storing necessary bathroom accessories. Also in the combined bathroom should be a toilet.

Despite the compact size, the layout of the room should also be the most thoughtful. Before repairs in the bathroom, you must make a project, because there are a lot of communications in it.

From their location depends on the layout of the room. It is easier to choose the right furniture than to move water or sewer pipes.

Also, do not forget that the doors in the bathroom should be opened outside, not inside. This requires safety. If the bath is full, then its length should be at least 1.7 meters. But for a combined room, it is better to find an angular model.

Zoning and space expansion

Not everyone can boast a large bathroom, but everyone wants it to be both comfortable and beautiful. To properly equip the space of a small bathroom, you need to think about planning in advance. It will allow to arrange furniture and plumbing so that it is appropriate and does not bother anyone.

There are several basic options for projects for sharing a bathroom of four square meters. Here are some of them.


This option involves placing a bath along the wall. The toilet and washbasin in this case should be located opposite the door.There remains one free wall on which you can hang a towel dryer. However, this option has a minus. It lies in the fact that there is little space for installing a toilet, which means that it is not very convenient to use it.

With corner bath

Since the area of ​​the room is quite small, in order to save some space, you can install a corner bath. This will help to arrange conveniently both the toilet and the washbasin. There will be enough space even for a small locker or pencil case.

Angular are not only baths, but also toilet bowls. They are installed in the corner of the room and do not occupy space at all. This allows you to place in the room additional shelves or even a closet.

Style and design

For the design of the bathroom in four squares is important harmony between all the objects in it. Properly selected shades will be a unifying factor of all styles.

Since the room is quite small, then creating its interior, it is better to draw a sketch that will help make the design of the bathroom of four square meters unique and inimitable.


This style involves the use of modern materials with a smooth and glossy surface.A combination of bright hues, for example, blue, red, turquoise with light or even pure white tones, is inherent in it. Decoration of the premises can be from natural materials or their imitation. Also in this interior you can use large mirrors or glass partitions. Shelves can be made of chrome steel.

In this style it is allowed to use some patterns. Still, the predominance of clear lines makes the bathroom of 4 m2 rather restrained.


In such a room is dominated by white. It may be slightly diluted with gray or black details. For example, it can be a sink or bath in steel or black. In the decoration of the room there are no drawings and images. All surfaces are pretty smooth.

So that the bathroom in four squares does not resemble a boring treatment room, it can be diluted with bright objects having the same color. For example, with terry towels or floor mats, it can also be soap dishes of the same color.


The peculiarity of this style is proportion and symmetry. If you add a little light color to a small bathroom, the interior will be just perfect.The highlight of the room in the classical style will be the washstand, which has an oval shape and decorated with elegant patterns. The mirror can be purchased in a frame with gold leaf.

Finishing is best done in beige or cream colors - it will highlight the gold on the small details in the bathroom.


To create an atmosphere of cold Scandinavia in a small bathroom will help the decoration of white tiles, reminiscent of pure snow. A dark blue stone finish is also suitable. For the floor or one wall fit tile with small patterns. These can be traditional Scandinavian motifs. From this room will only look more stylish.

It is better to buy taps and faucets from copper, and to install shelves from wrought iron. These materials are more natural and therefore suitable for this style.


The most interesting thing is the interior of the bathroom with an area of ​​4 squares, decorated in a marine style. You can decorate the interior in blue edema mixed with turquoise. It is also worth expanding the room shells and other attributes that will remind of the sea. This bathroom is suitable for travelers or dreamers.

So that the bathroom corresponds to this or that style, the finishing itself or the corresponding furniture is not enough. You also need to install good lighting. Now, even in a small room, you can see the spotlights or LED strips placed above the shelves. Also with the help of color LEDs you can dilute the white color or visually change the color of the water. Often, instead of curtains for the shower using glass partitions. They will look very nice if you decorate them accordingly.

Finishing options

The materials used for the bathroom must be resistant to moisture. Also, they should not be afraid of exposure to large amounts of detergents. Given the sharp changes in temperature in this area, they should be strong enough.


Wall decoration can be very diverse. The most common option is ordinary ceramic tile. It may differ in color and texture. For a room of 4 square meters will fit a bright tile of large or small dimensions. If the owners chose a tile of medium size, then it should be decorated with interesting patterns.

In the bathroom of small size fit washable wallpaper. They can be chosen for any interior design. After all, the color range of the wallpaper is very diverse and can imitate any material.

One of the economical materials are PVC panels. The range of colors here is multifaceted. They are easy to care for. Their only drawback is the release of chemicals at very high ambient temperatures.


The flooring in the bathroom has a constant contact with water, so the best option for it would be tiled or porcelain tiles. To date, the choice of these plates is very diverse, so to choose it for the style of your bathroom will not be difficult. But it is worth remembering that for a small room it is better to buy large-sized tiles.

Also for the bathroom suitable bulk floor made of epoxy resin. After its hardening, a smooth coating is formed, which not only does not absorb moisture, but also very well washes. And if you use photo printing, you can create a 3D image on the floor that will add volume to the room. However, for a bathroom in 4 squares, you need to choose small drawings.

Do not use laminate or wooden boards, as a large amount of moisture will lead to rapid deformation of the material.


The leader among the materials for finishing the ceiling is a stretch film. It is very easily fixed, has a long service life, high-quality and moisture resistant. In addition, you can make photo printing in the form of a night sky or cloudy. But such a ceiling still has its drawbacks - after some time the film begins to sag. However, this can be corrected by calling specialists.

If this option is not suitable, you can make the finish with the help of PVC panels or glue the glass wall, which will not only protect the plaster from cracks, but also decorate the ceiling.

Arrangement of furniture and plumbing

Having decided to equip a bathroom of four square meters, you need to carefully consider the placement of not only plumbing, but also all the necessary elements.

You can put a shower in one corner, and the toilet - in the opposite. In the place that remains free, the washbasin fits perfectly with a washing machine. And for storage of bathroom accessories, you can use wall cabinets or cabinet with pull-outdrawers placed under the sink.

Since the room is quite small, you can purchase a shower stall. Now there are many models, among which there are corner ones. They do not take up much space, they are also equipped with a hydromassage function and many other useful options.

You also can not do in such a room without a washstand. You need to choose models of small sizes. It is very good, if in a set there is a built-in bedside table. Above the sink you can hang a mirror, equipped with lighting.

If the bathroom is combined with a toilet, then it is worth thinking about which toilet is worth buying. They are wall and corner. Wall-hung toilet will take up little space, so for such a small room they fit best.

To place the washing machine, you can use the space under the sink. However, installing it, you must put the sink higher, and the machine itself to choose a compact.

Beautiful examples of interiors

To equip a bathroom with 4 square meters, you can use ready-made ideas for inspiration.

If you want to take a bath in the supine position, then you need to buy a spacious container.You can put it along the wall, while installing a small glass partition. Next to the bathroom will look good sink with two drawers located below. Also under it will be a small washing machine. The sink is located inside the countertop, which is very convenient, since you can place different accessories on it.

A small mirror with lighting is placed above the sink. The finish is made in light brown. On such a small square fit all the necessary items.

If this option is not suitable, because there is not enough space, you can consider the following example. To make it more spacious, the bathtub is set angular. Opposite is a small toilet, and above it - drying towels. Along the entire wall is a shelf on which jars with cosmetics and care products can be stored. Nearby there is a small sink in the form of a ceramic bowl.

The walls of the room are decorated with white and brown tiles, and the floor with a large light tile that is in harmony with the stretch ceiling. The wine is in the form of a ceramic bowl.

Another option is a combined bathroom with toilet.The shower cabin is installed angular, the toilet bowl is placed nearby. Of course, the place is not so much, but if the family is small, this will be enough.

Planning a bathroom of 4 square meters requires imagination and effort. However, if you wish, you can save space by combining a bathroom with a toilet and make the design of such a room very beautiful and stylish.

Tips on how to visually enlarge a small bathroom - in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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