Black bathroom interior: advantages and design options

 Black bathroom interior: advantages and design options

Black is a color that is ambiguous and mysterious, associated with mysticism. Today, he no longer evokes associations with grief and mourning. Now it is a sign of good tone, refined taste.

Consider the features of the interior of the bathroom in black, the advantages and options for such design.


Black is a neutral color, it has a calming effect. This color can cause a sense of security, relieve nervous tension, but in some cases it can be annoying (if, for example, the design is chosen incorrectly).Because of it, apathy, sadness, depression can occur.

The nature of people who like this color is often quite complex. They are distinguished by distrust, secrecy, and restraint. So people like power, they value intelligence and are self-confident.

Advantages and disadvantages

Black can fit a bathroom no worse than any other color. Such a room will be very spectacular - but only if it is quite large.

If you like these tones, but the size of your bathroom can not be called significant, it is better to combine dark color with other shades.

On the one hand, such a color appeases and relaxes, on the other hand, it helps to concentrate attention. He makes the room noble, strict. One of the main advantages of black - the ability to be combined with a variety of colors. With it, you will be able to translate into reality a variety of design ideas.

Combining this color with light shades, you can even visually enlarge small rooms.

However, black has certain disadvantages.

In small rooms, it should be used as carefully as possible, otherwise you can visually make the room even smaller.

The feeling in such a room will be very “oppressive”, it is unpleasant to be in an unnecessarily gloomy room.

Using dark color, you need to take into account some important recommendations:

  • Dark surfaces have the ability to absorb light, so there must be elements in the black bathroom that will reflect it. This, for example, crystal, glass, mirror surfaces.
  • On black products, traces of soap are always clearly visible. However, this disadvantage cannot be called essential: for the surfaces in the bathroom to remain beautiful, you only need to regularly take care of them, using effective cleansers.

How to avoid gloom?

If there is too much black, the room may become too gloomy, dark.

To avoid this, you can use the following methods:

  • The base tone can be diluted using other shades. So you can zone a room, create interesting decorative elements on the walls and on the floor. If you do not want to use tiles of other colors, you can simply purchase colored accessories. You should not avoid experiments - it is difficult to make a mistake with a black background.
  • You can try to make the room brighter. It is very good if there are windows in the room, but this option does not suit everyone. Instead, you can use mirror surfaces that also visually expand the space.

Combination with other shades

Black makes other colors more vivid; it makes them play with new colors. It blends perfectly with a variety of shades. but complementary tones should be pretty lightso that the room does not turn out too gloomy or annoying. However, everything is more dependent on tastes and preferences.


Red and black - a combination that can be called one of the most popular. It is associated with passion, temperament. However, one of these two colors in the interior should be smaller, otherwise people who are in the room will have a feeling of irritation.


White and black - a combination that can be called a classic. Dark color absorbs light, and white compensates for this minus.

Such a design evokes associations with luxury and elegance.


Plumbing dark color looks very unusual, but very interesting. Such products are particularly well suited for art deco, various modern styles. Such elements can look strictly or luxurious: it all depends on the details and the background.

Sometimes dark plumbing goes well with the colonial style. Such elements can complement the design when animal motifs are used: for example, if there are items in the room that are painted in zebra (black and white).

Bath does not have to be white. Modern manufacturers offer products of various colors. For rooms decorated in black, people often choose black and white or completely black baths.

A very popular option is when the inside of the bath is white, and outside it is black.

Designers say that these products reflect the refined taste of the owners.

How to choose a tile?

If you are going to carry out finishing work in the bathroom, you need to understand what you want to get in the end. Using black tiled coatings, you can get a variety of designs.

Tiles of dark color on the walls, on the floor will be the backdrop for various items, plumbing.With the help of this design you will make the interior deeper and more refined.

If you want the design to be not only elegant, but also dynamic, stop choosing a combination of white and black.

White can be pieces of furniture and plumbing, black - tiled materials. Another interesting option is white and black tile surfaces, arranged in a checkerboard pattern.

To make the interior more luxurious, add drama to it, black can be combined with silver, gold, red tiles. This room will look very expensive.

Some prefer to combine black and orange tiles.. Such a design will make the room quite unusual and very attractive, besides the orange color remarkably dilutes the gloom of black.

Some people think that the black bath looks very gloomy, but it’s impossible to say exactly about black and white products. The white inner surface of the bathroom does not affect the psyche depressingly: in it a person will feel calm and peaceful.


To vary the design and zone the room, you can use geometric patterns.Complex mosaic combinations look good in the sink area, above the bath. You can further decorate with a mosaic mirror, creating a beautiful frame for it.

Abstraction, floral motifs, geometric patterns will soften the design of the black room. Beautiful buildings, people, leaves, flowers and so on can be depicted on the walls.

You can make the ceiling in a black room white and decorate it, for example, with golden patterns. So the interior will become more luxurious.

If the ceiling is dark, it is better to frame it with ceiling shades of light shades.

For finishing the floor, you can use special tiled coverings with a rough surface.

The colors are most often combined, but the floor can be made completely black. This design will give the interior extra chic.


The lighting in the black room needs special attention, otherwise it will look like a dark and cold cellar. Ideal for such a room - a slightly diffused, soft lighting. It is possible to use ceiling or wall spots (such lighting will be optional).

If the room has a window, you can hang a mirror in front of it. After that, every corner of the bathroom will be lit with natural light. In a black room it is better to arrange several small mirrors or one product of considerable size.. Due to the mirror surfaces in the room will be more light, besides it will increase visually.

If there are no windows, but there is a white tile on the wall, you can attach a mirror in front of it. So you will expand the space and make the room more light. If you need to install a partition in the room, create it from frosted, acrylic glass or glass blocks.

The bathroom will look very interesting burning candles. They will create a game of shadows on black surfaces. You can buy quite large candles: place them, for example, on the side of the bath.

So, creating a design in black can be quite easy, but you need to take into account the various trifles, on which the result will largely depend. You should also make the most of your artistic flair.

If you are not sure you can handle it yourself,It is better to turn to professional designers: they will make the interior beautiful, stylish - and at the same time avoid unnecessary gloom.

Decor examples

The staggered tile is a very popular design option.

Lighting is very important: by properly placing the lamps, you can avoid excessive gloom in the room.

A bath of unusual shape will be the highlight of the room.

Red and black - a combination that always looks very interesting. The main thing is to combine these colors correctly.

In a dark room, it is recommended to use reflective surfaces: they contribute to the visual expansion of the space.

For more black bathroom interiors, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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