Bathrooms in private homes: interesting design ideas

The design of a bathroom in a country house should be combined with the rest of the interior: often, wood and natural materials in eco style are used in the decoration, allowing one to feel unity with nature. However, any other style can come up - from classics to practical modern solutions. In this article, you will learn how to create a design project for a bathroom in a private house, to make a harmonious finish, to select furniture and plumbing.

Special features

To harmoniously choose the design for the bathroom, you need to take into account the specifics of this room. In the house in the country there are both large and small bathrooms - everything will depend on the specific layout.If the bathroom is small, it is better to exclude from the design an abundance of small parts and accessories - the room should be, first of all, functionally comfortable. To expand the space visually, use light pastel shades and glossy surfaces. In a large bathroom, you can allow yourself to combine more shades, textures and decorative elements - decorate such a space with dry flowers, vases, paintings and mirrors.

In private houses, especially in wooden cottages, they often prefer to decorate the whole interior using natural materials. - this may apply to the bathroom decor. Nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that in conditions of high humidity, textile wallpaper, wood and reed mats can rot or become a source of fungus.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to use only a bar with special impregnation - in this case, you can decorate the walls, floor, and ceiling with wood.

In addition to the decoration, furniture and accessories, an important issue in the repair of the bathroom is the choice of plumbing. Considering that in private houses design projects in the style of country are often made, ordinary baths and toilet bowls do not fit well into such a situation.However, among modern models you can find very interesting options - for example, plumbing can be decorated with wood or be entirely made of artificial or natural stone. If you want a bathroom in a modern style or in a classic one, it will also be easy to find the right options: now you can find colored or transparent sanitary ware, models with reproductions of paintings or with baroque stucco molding.

Material selection

First of all, you need to decide on the materials that you want to use in the decoration of your bathroom. Keep in mind that for a small bathroom in a private house you should not combine too many different textures - you should take more than two basic finishing materials only for spacious rooms. For the rest, do not be afraid to combine the most unusual options between them: in modern interiors, wood can be in harmony with metal, and marble with plastic. Also it is necessary to take into account the properties and characteristics of each material.

Very often in country houses do wood trim. In the bathroom, walls and ceilings can be laid out with a bar or clapboard - the latter option is more economical and allows you to finish the decoration with your own hands.If you decorate the bathroom wood, be sure to ensure that the materials are treated with moisture-resistant impregnation.

If you do not want to make the finish completely made of wood, you can try to add some small wooden elements to the interior or use plastic panels and ceramics imitating wood.

Ceramic tile is perhaps the most popular wall and floor covering for bathrooms. In modern stores you can find a huge variety of tiles - they can be glossy or matte, have a different color and shape. Of all the options, ceramics can be considered the most practical coating for a bathroom - the tile does not let moisture through and is very easy to wash off dirt.

Mosaic is another interesting option for decorating a bathroom: simple patterns or whole pictures can be laid out from different sets of mosaics. In this case, the mosaic may be ceramic, marble or plastic. Sometimes you can find a mosaic on the adhesive grid - it is very convenient if you make repairs with your own hands, because you just have to put the grid on the floor or on the wall.However, it should be noted that dirt can accumulate on the floor between the mosaic fragments, therefore such a coating will require particularly careful maintenance.

Plastic is a cheap and practical material for decoration. Especially this option is suitable for the interior in a modern style. Panels can finish the ceiling and walls, and the floor.

Slabs of natural or artificial stone, as well as brickwork can also be excellent for decoration. Very often, walls in modern houses are decorated with acrylic stone, and a brick or small stone can be interesting to complement a more traditional setting. If you have conceived the interior in a classic style, it is worth considering various coatings of marble slabs - you can choose the options from artificial cast marble, which will not be expensive.

Finishing options

It is very important that the bathroom decoration harmonizes with the interior of your log or brick house. Most often, special emphasis in the decoration is done on the walls - the bathroom is no exception. Particularly unusual wall designs can be created for a bathroom with a window.

However, if you like to experiment, you can try to make a catchy mosaic on the floor or colored panels on the ceiling. The main thing is not to overload the situation with an excess of colors and details.


Ceiling decoration can be extremely diverse: everything will depend on your needs, design ideas and budget. The easiest way is to paint the ceiling with whitewash. This can be easily done by hand. In addition, it is also easy to lay the ceiling yourself with clapboard or plastic panels - they can be plain white or with minor patterns.

Tension and suspended structures will cost more, and for their installation will require the help of professionals. Using these options, you can make unusual designs at different levels, as well as create images on the ceiling - on the surface of plastic or textiles, you can create a print with any image. In addition, if you want to make recessed lighting, suspended ceilings will allow you to distribute lamps over the entire area - this can be useful for spacious rooms. Nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that if you initially low ceilings, from such structures it is better to refuse.

Ceilings are usually made in light or pastel colors.At the same time, bright options are possible, for example, you can choose multi-colored plastic panels, paint the wall panel in any color, buy stretch ceilings with prints or with built-in color LEDs. However, keep in mind that motley models will look best in large bathrooms. In addition, if you choose such bright ceilings, it is worth making the floor and walls more restrained.


Decorating the walls in the bathroom should be given special attention, because the walls are most noticeable in the room at a glance. If in all other rooms for the decoration often choose wallpaper, for the bathroom, this option is not suitable, because such moisture will deteriorate from moisture. However, if you want to find the easiest way to finish, the usual coloring will do. With due care, the paint itself can be applied to the walls in an even layer or use different sprayers to impart texture.

Usually the bathroom walls are tiled - it can be standard size ceramic tiles., various combinations of mosaic, plastic or stone options.For a small room you should not choose a lot of bright colors, but the interior can be interestingly diversified using similar shades of the same color and alternating similar tiles. For a spacious bathroom, you can combine two or three colors of tiles and even thus divide the space into zones. Primary colors should be light or dark, and if you want to add brightness, rich shades should be used as additional.

Wood trim is popular in private homes. Usually this is done with the help of a bar or lining, then they can be varnished, painted, decorated with carved elements. Very interesting can look a combination of light and dark wood in the same room. In addition, wood trim will be perfectly combined with brickwork or ceramic tiles - depending on the specific interior, you can choose natural colors that are close to the color of the wood itself, and contrasting bright or dark shades.

If you have a bathroom with a window, this wall can be distinguished by a separate color or finishing material.

You can pick up interesting curtains or blinds from natural cane. In addition, the window itself can be designed interestingly depending on the layout: consider a round window, triangular or panoramic on the whole wall. Partially, you can insert tinted glass or stained glass to make the design even more unusual.


Most often, ceramic or stone tiles are used to finish the bathroom floor. This is the most practical option - such a floor is easy to clean, it does not deteriorate from moisture and is quite durable. You can choose square tiles, non-standard sizes or mosaics: the floor in your bathroom can be monochromatic, with simple patterns or with whole paintings made from ceramic or marble. To make such a coating convenient from a practical point of view, try to choose a matte tile - glossy options become slippery from water.

Wooden floors can also be made in the bathroom. In a small room, they can be laid out with a long clapboard, and in a spacious room, use short boards, placing them in a checkerboard pattern.The design of this floor is extremely diverse - you can use different wood species, as well as paint individual boards or the entire floor. It is important to treat the wood with appropriate impregnation so that the coating does not deteriorate due to high humidity. At the same time, you still need to protect such floors from excessive water ingress.

Plumbing and furniture

Important when designing a bathroom is the choice of plumbing and furniture. If you have a small bathroom in a private house, you should use a minimum of furniture, but it is important that it is all comfortable and functional. For example, it may be a shower, toilet, sink, mirror, several shelves and a laundry basket next to the washing machine. In a spacious bathroom, you can make a separate small dresser, dressing table, put a ottoman or chair, and also place a large bath.

Furniture design will depend on the interior you have chosen. Often prefer simple plastic furniture - it looks stylish in a modern interior and does not spoil from the water. For furnishings in country style fit wooden furniture, varnished. If you are going to design the interior in a classic style, you may come up with a table and a stone stand.

As for the plumbing, depending on the design project, you can choose unusual color, glass or decorated versions of different shapes and sizes - the main thing is that they fit harmoniously into the room.

Tips and tricks

For successful repair, pay attention to the following tips:

  • First of all, proceed from the size of the room and from practical purposes. Decorative elements and extra furniture need to be added only in the case when all the most necessary things have been conveniently located.
  • Determine the semantic center of the room - it can be a window, bath or sink with a mirror. The main emphasis should be placed precisely on the meaning center.
  • Define your budget in advance. Many finishes are easy to make yourself, but it is important that they fit organically into the overall design concept.

Interesting ideas

If you are thinking about finishing a bathroom in a private home, consider the following ideas for inspiration.

In order to successfully fit the bath in the interior, it can be tiled over the color of the walls. It is easy to do it yourself on a frame made of metal.This solution allows you to visually expand the space and make it more harmonious.

A classic-style bathroom can also be great for a private home. Artificial marble covering, painted tiles and antique furniture will give the room a special atmosphere.

You can decorate the bathroom under the ship: for this, use wooden elements, round windows or mirrors and decorative attributes - for example, you can place a steering wheel on the wall.

    In a wooden house you can make an original bathroom in country style. The walls are made of dark wood, the floor is tiled and the stone sink allows you to enjoy natural materials in the interior and feel part of nature.

    The master class on finishing the bathroom, see the following video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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