Bathroom in the style of "minimalism": features of the choice of furniture, plumbing and accessories

 Bathroom in the style of minimalism: features of the choice of furniture, plumbing and accessories

In the majority of old houses and small-sized modern housing, the bathroom turns out to be a pitiful zakutk. This is because the builders had no other way out of its organization. But even such a small space can be used to the fullest, if you focus on the best examples of minimalism.


Minimalistic design suitable for all possible premises. It provides for the observance of two important requirements: the smallest number of objects and the largest amount of free space.

There are also other attractive features that make minimalism in demand among different people:

  • strict and laconic geometry;
  • priority of functionality over the abundance of decor;
  • rejection of the diversity and reasonableness of the overall concept.

Most often, minimalist interiors are made with natural materials. Of them create a homogeneous surface - relief and even attractive patterns try not to abuse. But if the furniture should be solemn and strict, then it is quite possible to carry out design experiments with plumbing. What is totally unacceptable is ancillary accessories. Even from the hangers for bathing accessories it is best to give up in order to sustain the chosen concept to the end.

How to organize the space?

The fact that minimalism saves space does not mean that you can ignore the quality of installed furniture and other items, "if only it were more compact." On the contrary, it is preferable to high-quality and highly resistant to wear-resistant materials. At the same time, they should be externally simple (not fanciful), but relatively expensive. Most designers generally believe that combinations of dissimilar materials are much more appropriate than things made from one thing.

As with any bathroom, white sinks and bathtubs look perfect.

The minimalist design is combined with only an uncompromisingly modern and unusually looking sanitary fixture. The best aesthetic characteristics, according to experts, have suspended toilets and sinks. Among the bath forms in the first place is oval, then - rectangular, only after them - all the other geometric figures. Strongly undesirable round or close to them elements. The smaller cabinets and shelves, the better the result.

With the help of a closed built-in wardrobe, you can save bathroom space from all redundant parts. Its visual expansion is achieved through large mirrors and glossy surfaces. Hide and disguise the very presence of furniture helps placing it inside niches. Often, furniture facades are finished with the same materials as the walls - this helps to erase the border and create a feeling of real freedom. Glass designs seem to be weightless, as if even suspended in the air.

Ecological direction

The latest fashion of the end of 2010s is eco-minimalism. It appeared only a few years ago, but according to the influence on the minds of designers, it has already become comparable to Provence,Scandinavian approach and classicism. An important difference from the “simple” minimalism is the exclusion of metal from the situation. In rare cases, it is left in small quantities as a decorative accent.

According to the canons of ecological minimalism, the interior should be as light as possible., especially in the case when the illumination of the room is insufficient. Dark furniture products are sometimes permissible as expressive strokes, but it is better not to rely on luck and your own taste, but to consult with qualified designers. The wooden floor required in this style and the ceiling in a small bathroom (and in a large one too) are impractical. But there is an opportunity to cope with this problem - to apply material imitating this kind. Most often they are ceramic or terracotta tiles.

Furniture should not only be light in appearance - a low silhouette becomes an obligatory requirement. Due to the nature of the bathroom from the use of furniture products upholstered in natural fabric is better to refuse.

It is recommended to contact professional designers and designers in order to choose:

  • communication connection points;
  • the value of plumbing and its color;
  • type of ceiling;
  • wall covering material.

Additional nuances

Of great importance in the minimalist bathrooms is their lighting. The flow of light should be fairly dimmed. The preference of built-in inconspicuous lamps to classical hanging chandeliers is quite reasonable. If there are windows, care should be taken about the natural flow of light. Multi-level lighting also manifests itself well, and to give the room originality can be used lights.

In a minimalist bathroom, it is permissible to put only a limited number of accessories. Attention should be paid to the compact dispenser for soap, a good idea would also be the choice of small shelves for cosmetics. To make the space more beautiful and form accents, it is permissible to use a single plant (pottery) or a wall panel. As for colors, the best results are achieved with the help of white, gray and black colors. How exactly to combine them is a matter of personal choice.

Professionals often recommend combining tonalities on the principle of contrast.The black finish of the ceilings echoes perfectly with the gray wall; A good idea would also be to place a dark strip in the middle of white walls. The traditional solution with the flawlessly white color of the room should not be rejected either: with skillful use, it looks very good.

In any case, one main rule should be applied: three shades at once are the maximum, ideally there should be only two. Moreover, the light tones have an absolute priority - dark ones are justified only in the case when they strictly correspond to the design concept.

Type of plumbing - bath or shower - the minimalist approach is not limited. Here you can safely focus on personal tastes. The placement of sanitary accessories should be no less thought out than the appearance of each of them. In this case, the location of specific items in an unusual place is welcome.

The main thing - do not forget that the style also requires strict functionality, the absence of the slightest inconvenience; It is desirable to purchase each item in a multi-functional design.

You will learn about what else to pay attention to when designing the bathroom in the style of minimalismwatching the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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