Bathrooms in the style of "Provence": French charm and comfort

Many lovers of romantic, but not too fanciful interiors professional designers and decorators recommend to pay attention to the popular direction - Provence.

This French style is ideal for almost any room in a house or apartment., because it can fill it with freshness and comfort. Today it is very popular to decorate the bathrooms in this style. About what the most characteristic features of this style, as well as what materials for finishing is best to pay attention, will be discussed in this article.

Character traits

The French Provence style is familiar to many. He is loved by both young and older people. First of all, it can be associated with the unique atmosphere of a French village, which is filled with fragrant aromas of herbs and, of course, lavender fields.

This direction has a number of special features.

  • Provence style will always be in demand, and every year it becomes more and more popular, because in its basic color scheme gentle pastel colors prevail, as well as natural and muted shades. Such a palette is always in fashion.

In addition, in itself, this style is comfortable for almost any age.

  • A characteristic feature of this style is its home comfort. This style in the interior is chosen by family people who want to live comfortably in their home, not knowing the extra hassle.
  • Natural materials, such as wood, are mainly used as finishing materials. One of the most popular finishing materials is also plaster, which most often trim the walls and ceilings.
  • Mostly furniture for Provence style is selected with the effect of stylized antique. Modern metallized surfaces in this case should not be chosen. In bathrooms, cabinets, shelves and all kinds of coasters can be artificially aged, which can also give the room a special chic.
  • Regardless of for which room the designer selects the style of Provence, it should be as lit as possible. And we are talking not only about artificial, but also natural light.
  • Forged furniture and parts are also very often associated with the French style. For example, in bathrooms it can be lamps with forging or an unusual designer chandelier.
  • Lively prints of flowers and patterns are also an integral part of this style.

    If the designer is going to decorate the bathroom in the style of country or Provence, he will definitely use paints of natural shades in finishing materials and furniture. Be sure to at the same time will be present floral motifs, peas and, of course, patterns in the form of a heart with birds.

    It is hardly possible to miscalculate by choosing a French style for your bathroom. After all, he is often associated exclusively with the rest, which is so necessary in this room, especially if the household likes to soak in the bathroom. Provence style can be embodied not only in the bathroom of a private house or cottage, but also an apartment.

    Finishing materials

    Weighing all the pros and cons, many experts agree that it is best to choose tiles, tiles or porcelain tiles for Provence-style bathrooms.This is due to the fact that these finishing materials are least exposed to moisture. In addition, the tile does not deteriorate over time, often does not fade from UV rays and, of course, it is very easy to care for it.

    In the modern market of building materials you can find a lot of different tile decors that fit perfectly into the French bathroom.

    A good option could be the use of plastic for walls as a finishing material. This coating is unpretentious and is available in a wide range. Quite often, when experts recommend vinyl wallpaper for selection, but, despite the fact that such products are not very afraid of moisture, they are not the most durable. In addition, if the room will have several windows, then the wallpaper can fade quickly enough. You can glue them only in those places that are least likely to be exposed to water.

    Tiles can be used as floor coverings. It is desirable that it was natural shades. Matte options are especially preferred.

    The ceiling is most often left untouched by simply painting it with white lime.Acrylic may also be suitable because it is more durable. Since it is preferable to create the French style using natural wood, some designers place empty wooden beams on the ceilings, but only if the height of the room allows it. Such wooden products on the ceiling perfectly embody French chic.

    Color spectrum

    For the French provincial style is characterized by the use of natural colors and shades. The most popular are pastel shades of varying intensity, as well as colors that are burned out in the sun. Choosing colors for a bathroom in Provence style, you should pay special attention to soft and gentle shades.

    The most relevant of them are:

    • classic white, milk, sand, cream;
    • lemon, pale yellow;
    • lavender, pale lilac, violet;
    • pale green, turquoise, mint;
    • cornflower blue, gray, muted azure;
    • white-pink, peach, dusty pink.

      Of course, this list of shades is approximate. Many colors are very often combined. Particular attention should be paid to the area of ​​the bathroom.The smaller the room, the brighter and softer the colors of the finishing materials should be. In this way, you can visually enlarge the room and make it more spacious.

      For large rooms, you can also choose delicate shades., but they may already have motley patterns and floral prints.

      Small rooms should not be overloaded with an abundance of bright details on tile or wallpaper.

      Plumbing and accessories

      Plumbing in the Provencal style should be selected carefully. Particular preference should be given to options for round and oval shapes. Baths with a shiny enamel coating are especially welcome. And they can be not only white, but also milky. If you are given a choice of a large number of options, then you should purchase a bath with metal or forged feet.

      To make the bathroom look harmonious and complete, all sanitary products should be purchased either from the same collection, or carefully selected for each other.

      If the room is not very large, then you should look at the corner bath or shower cubicle. Special attention should still be paid to the cabinet with a washbasin.This design can be a real highlight of the Provence style bathroom. According to the professionals in the construction and finishing areas, it is not necessary to purchase a sink that can be installed on the cabinet. A classic washbasin with a semicircular corner can be very expensive and elegant.

      But taps, faucets and some other details of this type should be selected stylized antique. Be sure to pay attention to the bronze taps, as well as options made under chrome or gold. As decorations on the plumbing may be parts from porcelain.

      In the bathroom should reign the harmony of the natural French Provence, which means that you should avoid too modern products. Whenever possible boilers and machines for washing of things should be masked. Special niches can be created for this.

      Vases with meadow flowers or palm leaves, as well as figurines of various animals are often chosen as accessories in bathrooms for directions. In the bathroom, small paintings with landscapes or photographs in antique frames corresponding to French themes can also be placed.If there is free space on the cabinet with a sink, then you can also place decorative candles or flowers in a transparent vase.

      The whole space of the room is not worth cluttering with accessories. It is worth remembering that this style is comfort and coziness, which means that everything should be located in moderation.


      Since Provence is the style that originated in the sun and azure edges, there should be abundant lighting. If the bathroom does not have large windows, then you should make the main lighting as bright as possible, and also not forget about the extra. Particular attention should be paid to wall sconces and floor lamps, which many manufacturers make exactly under the style of Provence, paying attention to absolutely all the details and using the appropriate materials.

      With proper placement of mirrors and lamps, you can even light the room on your own, without the help of experts.

      If you do not know what kind of lighting is best suited to the bathroom, then a warm, soft and diffused light that does not strain your eyes unnecessarily becomes a win-win option.

      If you arrange the bathroom in a classic Provence style, then the main lighting can be created using a large chandelier.located in the center of the room, and additional - with the help of light bulbs in niches or local lamps. Particularly advantageous look paired sconces with forging, which can be placed on both sides of the mirror above the sink.

      Interior Design Examples

      Many people want to create a Provence-style bathroom without resorting to the expensive help of professional designers. Sometimes it can be difficult, because you need to take into account all the details and it is desirable to create a preliminary sketch of the interior on paper. To be inspired by new ideas, you can look at the ready-made interior options in the French style, which can be easily found on the Internet or in the relevant magazines.

      In a very favorable light can look a small bathroom with white plastic trim for wood. It can be added with the help of cabinets with mirrors, as well as a decorative shelf for hygienic supplies and towels.

      If it is possible to embody the concept of the direction of Provence, using expensive materials,You should pay attention to the interior with soft pink tiles and a small floral print. In a small bathroom, you can place a multi-functional shower, as well as a toilet and bidet in the appropriate style. The sink with the cabinet can be supplemented with a large mirror in a gold frame.

      If the bathroom is spacious, then it is permissible to make monochromatic walls in it. For example, pink or lavender. In this case, in such a room you can place not only a washbasin, but also a decorative dressing table, which will be especially liked by the fair sex.

      When creating the interior of a French-style Provence bathroom, you can not be afraid to show imagination and experiment, to bring something unique to the bathroom interior and improve the options already invented. With the help of such a simple style, you can turn any bathroom into a luxurious sitting area with all the amenities, where it will be nice to relax after a hard day’s work.

      How to properly and beautifully arrange a small bathroom, see the following video.

      Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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