White hood in the interior of the kitchen

Hood - a household appliance that helps maintain clean air in the kitchen. It does not allow harmful fumes and unpleasant smells to spread throughout the apartment and settle on the walls. The white hood in the interior of the kitchen is a universal option that fits into almost any environment and will fulfill all its functions.

Features of work

Regardless of its design, all equipment of this type has similar principles of operation. At the bottom of the appliance, which is usually located above the stove, there is a strong cleaning filter - it keeps all the dirt generated during cooking. Inside are also installed fans that create air flow, they are driven by a small motor. An air duct is connected to the upper part, which can go out into the street or into the ventilation shaft.Some models may have additional devices needed for more thorough cleaning, such as grease traps.

Advantages and disadvantages

Some people doubt whether they need a kitchen hood or you can do without this appliance. Everyone decides what to make purchases, but the equipment has a lot Benefits that can make life more comfortable:

  • While cooking in the kitchen, unpleasant odors are formed that are poorly weathered, this is especially noticeable when frying something. Hood solves this problem, eliminating not only the smell, but also fatty particles, dust, steam and even tobacco smoke, if someone is used to smoking in the kitchen.
  • Devices can have different performance, so it is easy to choose a model that will effectively clean the air even in the spacious kitchen of a country house.
  • The filter retains the fat particles, so the surface next to the stove will be less polluted, the housewives do not have to spend much effort to wipe off the frozen spray of fat.
  • Most models have simple controls, so any owner can quickly figure out how to use the equipment.
  • You can choose the device with additional features and capabilities, if necessary, or choose a simpler option.

Among the shortcomings of such devices is recorded a fairly high level of noise. If one of the households is resting in the next room, it is possible that the working hood will disturb them.

Choice of kitchen appliances

The complete set and form of extracts can be different. It is worth considering the features of each option in order to find the optimal solution:

  • Classic dome models installed above the stove. They are quite voluminous in size, but the most affordable.
  • Built-in hood It is mounted in the cabinet above the stove, it is not visible and it does not take up much space, so this option is suitable for a small kitchen.
  • Island model installed above the stove and fixed to the ceiling. Suitable for spacious rooms.

It is important to correctly determine the required performance. To do this, multiply each other, and then by ten the width of the kitchen, the height of the room and the length of the ceiling. The resulting number will be the rate of air exchange per hour.

Pluses of light shades

The white hood will look good in the interior of the kitchen due to the advantages of this color:

  • it is neutral and combined with any other shades, makes the room brighter;
  • will fit into any style - from classic to modern styles;
  • helps to visually expand the space, making it suitable even for small kitchens.

In order for the device body to retain its snow-white color, it is necessary to wash it regularly, otherwise it may turn yellow with time, especially if it is made of plastic. Glass hood is more durable, in addition, the glass is easier to clean and it is not afraid of accidental scratches, so when choosing, you should pay attention not only to the color, but also to the materials used.

Examples in the interior

It is not necessary to combine white color with other shades; you can turn the whole kitchen white by choosing the appropriate suite and other equipment. In this case, a milky-white shade of furniture is chosen, which looks softer, so the kitchen does not look like a sterile, lifeless space. Usually such an abundance of white is characteristic of modern design trends, for example, high-tech or Scandinavian style.

White and brown - a good combination for the kitchen, which will help to make the room more comfortable. Hood and cabinets are located on the background of the wall covering, imitating wood texture. This combination looks quite restrained and not fanciful, but at the same time creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Black and white - a recognized classic. In this kitchen, white furniture and hoods are combined with black appliances and accent panels of the same color that pass through the kitchen apron. Used built-in model, which does not take up much space. In addition, the abundance of white visually expands the space, making it lighter and more spacious, so this design can be considered as an option for a small kitchen.

If every square meter counts, you can use a small white hood. Such an inclined model does not take up much space and is suitable even for a kitchen of 9 m2. The classic black and white combination is chosen as the color combination in this interior.

White kitchen may seem too boring, in this case it does not hurt to add bright colors. Yellow is a sunny and cheerful color, it will perfectly complement the decor and help to create a good atmosphere in which it will be pleasant to do household chores and have lunch.At the same time, the white hood comes in one color ensemble with the lower part of the kitchen unit and a stove.

Island hood - a solution for those rooms where the stove is not located near the wall, as in most kitchens, but in the middle of the room. In this case, the device is suspended above the working surface so that it can effectively remove unpleasant odors and grease splashes. As for the design, the white model may not be too big, but holding onto the cables - this method of attachment visually makes the device less massive.

Island hood can be attached directly to the ceiling. The kitchen is dominated by white shade, so appliances perfectly complements this interior in a modern style. So that the hood on the ceiling does not seem to be an alien object sticking out in space, you can use decorative elements, for example, a large lamp in the shape of a ball. Such items balance the overall impression.

Video review of the vertical hood ELEYUS VESTA LED SMD see below in the video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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