Varieties and rules of operation hoods Cata

Most housewives install hoods in their kitchens, because they make the process of cooking much easier, struggling with harmful soot and fatty particles. But while many do not know what kind of hood to buy. It is worth considering the kitchen equipment from the company Cata.

Special features

Spain is a country that manufactures hoods company Cata. Today, the plants of this company can also be seen in China and Brazil. Most of the kitchen equipment produced by the company belongs to the middle price segment. Such devices are manufactured using the most modern technologies. The reliability of these kitchen appliances is confirmed by all European quality certificates.

Currently, Cata manufactures and sells various types of such units — embedded, angled, suspended,island, T-shaped.


Cata manufactures various types of kitchen hoods.

It is worth considering the most common patterns.

  • TF-5260. This copy is embedded because it is installed in the kitchen cupboard. Most often, this model is used in small kitchen areas. It has two engines that allow you to completely get rid of all food odors. The case of the device is made of metal. Experts say that the hood works quietly, has a standard mechanical control without electronic displays, so this model is the most suitable option for people of age. The power of this sample is 125 watts.
  • Ceres 600 Blanca. Such equipment completely eliminates the room even from the most persistent food odors. It has a convenient touch control, and it has an adjustable backlight. The case of the device is made of stainless steel. Almost the entire device is made in white colors. Power device is 140 watts. It works almost silently. This model has a special grease filter.
Ceres 600 blanca
  • V 600 Inox. This model has a classic design.Many consumers note that unlike many other samples of hoods, this unit works with certain noises. But still it perfectly absorbs food particles and eliminates odors. The device is able to work even on large spaces. This model is considered a budget option. Its power is 140 watts. The Cata V 600 Inox has a standard mechanical control type.
  • Podium. This model boasts an attractive design with a sloping body as well as a heavy-duty engine. She has only three modes of operation. On the sample Cata Podium, you can separately set the timer. This model has a special sensor that indicates the level of contamination of the filter. In the same set with the hood are still halogen lamps that provide the necessary lighting in the device.

Today, the manufacturer manufactures two similar models at once - the Podium 500 XGWH and the Podium 600 XGWH. Their main difference is that the first model has lower pressure exerted by sounds. And also its price will be slightly different, it will be higher than that of the second device.

V 600 inox
  • Ceres 600 Negra. This hood has an oblique type, three speeds. The control panel of such a device is touch.Power model Ceres 600 Negra reaches 140 watts. Its noise isolation is 61 dB. The unit is usually produced with a black case. She has halogen lighting. This model is no longer a grease filter, but a carbon filter. Experts say that such a device works almost silently.
  • C 600 Black Galogen. This model is a fireplace type, it has a simple push-button control, it has only 3 speeds. It is carried out in black color scale, has coal type of the filter. The lighting of the model is halogen. During operation, the device almost does not produce excessive noise. The power of this sample is about 240 watts. The price of the unit is slightly higher compared to other devices. Its sound insulation is 44 dB.
Ceres 600 Negra
C 600 Black Galogen
  • V 500 Inox B. This model refers to the domes. It has an easy mechanical control. Some professionals note that the V 500 Inox B does not make unnecessary sounds during operation. This model is a budget option, it will be affordable for almost any consumer. It has a special tangential motor and a carbon filter. The exhaust power reaches 95 watts.
  • S 700 MM Inox. Such a fireplace device has a mechanical control type.Backlight in the model is provided with incandescent bulbs. Its power consumption is 240 watts. The filter for this sample is fatty. His management is mechanical.
  • CN 600 Glass. In this fireplace hood lighting is also provided by incandescent bulbs. Filter her coal type. The power consumption of this model is 80 watts. It has an electronic control type. The hood is equipped with the most modern air cleaner. During operation, it almost does not produce any extra sounds. Perform a kitchen unit in a silvery shade. His management is mechanical.
V 500 Inox B
S 700 MM Inox
CN 600 Glass
  • Beta VL3 700 Inox. This model has a halogen type of lighting and electronic control. It has a greater width (70 cm), with other models it is most often 60 cm. The equipment case is silver. Installing his fireplace wall.
  • TF 2003 60 Duralum C. This hood is of built-in type. Its power is 100 watts. This equipment has two speeds, it has a grease filter. The body of the unit is made of metal and glass, has a silvery shade. Noise isolation reaches 57 dB. Illumination in the device is carried out using an LED lamp. Mechanical control.This equipment is a budget option that almost every buyer can afford.
  • Ceres 900 Negra. This hood is inclined. Its power consumption can reach 140 watts. The lighting of the device is halogen, and the type of control is mechanical. Such model is made of glass and metal. She has a carbon filter. The control panel of the model is touch. Lighting, like most other devices, halogen. The unit is executed in black tones. Sound insulation level can reach 61 dB.
TF 2003 60 Duralum C
Ceres 900 Negra
  • GT Plus 45. This model is also embedded. Its power consumption reaches 240 watts. The model has only three speeds. This hood has a slider control type. Illumination in the equipment is carried out by incandescent bulbs. The filter in it is coal. The model has a smaller width, it is 45 cm. It is made of stainless steel.
  • Podium 600 AWH. This inclined hood has halogen lighting and a touch control panel. The model has three speeds. The sample has a carbon filter. It is available in white colors. Sound insulation level is 51 dB.
  • Ceres 600 CG. This inclined model is available in three speeds, halogen lighting and a touch control panel.Its power consumption is 140 watts. Sound insulation level is 61 dB.
GT Plus 45
Ceres 600 CG
  • F2050 Inox B. This hood is built in. Its power consumption can reach 125 watts. Sound pressure does not exceed 47 dB. Lighting is provided in the unit using incandescent bulbs.
  • C 500 Glass. This model of an extract from stainless steel is made. It is produced together with a carbon filter. The control panel for such a sample button. Power consumption is 95 watts.
  • Alfa 900 Negra. This fireplace extract is available in black. She has a push-button control. Sound insulation level reaches 61 dB. The power consumption of the device is 240 watts. The lighting in the device is provided by incandescent bulbs.
F2050 Inox B
C 500 Glass

How to choose?

Before buying a suitable hood, you should definitely pay attention to customer reviews and the main technical characteristics: power, type of lighting, performance. And also it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the room in which the equipment will be installed. If you need a hood for the kitchen, it is worth remembering that the larger the area of ​​the room, the more powerful the device must be, otherwise the air exchange will not cope with odor and fatty particles.The size of the device is better to choose commensurate with the area of ​​the cooking surface.

When choosing, we should not forget about the decorative function of the hood, because sometimes the selected device can completely spoil the entire interior of the room, make it ridiculous and ugly.


In each set to the hood is a detailed installation instructions and an electrical circuit containing a sketch, which shows all the wires by color and the resistance between them, the motor, the speed switch. First you need to bring the air vent to the external ventilation system, and its diameter should be correctly calculated. A round or square air vent is installed, which can be done with a special sleeve, then a filter should be attached. Make it simple, because it does not need to be connected to the ventilation shaft.

After that, you can begin to install the hood itself, while you need to accurately calculate the height above the cooking surface and hang the equipment. To do this, it is necessary to fix the hood fastening to the wall, then connect the device to the air exhaust system and make electrical connection, while it is better to foresee the wire in the room and hide it in the wall.


Some consumers are faced with the fact that the hood just does not turn on. Then you should check the operation of the switch. To do this, take a tester and ring out this mechanism, the power cord and connecting conductors. If there is no contact in the switch when turned on, the problem is exactly in it.

Hood may not turn on and because of the breakdown of the electrometer. It’s better not to fix it yourself. In this case, it is better to buy spare parts (in this case, the engine) and completely change it.

Sometimes consumers notice that the hood can not completely remove all food odors and get rid of particles. In this case the air vent is contaminated. To fix this, you can simply clean it. Residents of apartments is better to hire specialists. Also, such a poor functioning of the exhaust device may be due to a malfunction in the switches or buttons (in this case, the mechanical block of buttons should be disassembled). Similar faults occur after the terminals loosen and need to be better fixed.

Often in the hood breaks lights. Then replace the lamps. To do this, you need to remove the aluminum filter and unscrew the faulty elements, then you can screw in new parts. Be sure to install the filter after this.Before you change a light bulb, you should pay attention to what type it is. If it is halogen, then you should definitely make a replacement with special gloves, since potozhirovye traces can damage it. If an LED source is used, the lamp wiring should be disconnected. These spare parts can also be bought in specialized stores.

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Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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