Black hood in kitchen interior design

No modern kitchen can do without a high-quality and powerful hood. The hood allows you not only to cook in a comfortable environment, but also to keep the kitchen clean. Modern housewives are increasingly choosing black technology. What is the advantage of this color and how will the model of black shade look in the interior of the kitchen?

Features and benefits

Choosing the hood in the kitchen, first of all you need to pay attention to the type of work, power, control and additional features. Next you should consider the design itself. Models are oblique, dome, visor and many others, the range is simply huge. And then you can decide on the color of the future assistant for the kitchen. White and black hood - these are the most common options.Many people choose these classic colors because they always harmoniously look in the interior of any kitchen and are combined with different colors and shades.

The main feature of the hood is black in that it will look concise and stylish in any interior. Due to its color, the model will not stand out, but will only be in harmony with the overall design, ideally combined with kitchen appliances and furniture.

To date, there are models that are almost invisible in the interior. Their design allows you to mask the duct, pipes and cords. Looks like these hoods just fine.

Another advantage of a kitchen hood of this color is that it is easier to care for. Pollution on it is not so noticeable. In addition, many modern models are equipped with a panel of black glass, which does not leave fingerprints.

All well-known manufacturers of hoods must have a wide range of black models in their collections. Today you can find classic models of black walnut, stylish products with a combination of plastic and dark glass.

Combination and style

The classic option are chimney or dome hoods. They can be made entirely in black or have details of other shades. Such models are perfect if the kitchen is made in modern or ethno style. Chimney hood dark color looks elegant and creates a unique atmosphere of comfort and warmth. These hoods are very voluminous, so they will always focus on themselves. This is important to consider. Black dome hood will look great in the kitchen in the absence of dimensional objects of the same color. She looks great in the room, the design of which is made in bright colors.

Inclined models are most often made of high-strength plastic in combination with black glass. These hoods look particularly beneficial and interesting in the case, if the design of the kitchen is made in the style of hi-tech or art deco. Visor models are perfect for a minimalist style. To better understand how and with what to combine models of dark hue, it is worth considering in more detail each of the kitchen design options.

In the event that your kitchen is made in the style of minimalism, then the black technique will look just perfect.Here the best combination would be the contrast. For example, snow-white work surface and black kitchen hood. In order that the model does not look lonely on a white background, it is quite possible to purchase a black oven. It is advisable to choose models without finishes of gold or silver colors. It is better to give preference to concise, strict products of deep black color. In addition, in this embodiment, it is important to remember that the hood is in harmony with other objects and devices, try to choose low-key models. This applies to the refrigerator, combine, microwave and other equipment.

If the kitchen is made in a classic style, then here a black hood will look good. As a rule, the classic kitchen is equipped with cabinets made of wood. In this case, a domed dark hood will do. And for greater harmony you should pay attention to the models, in the design of which there are small inserts of ebony. In this case, it is important not to forget that the worktop and tile must be of light colors, otherwise the overall interior of the kitchen will be gloomy and boring.

The laconic design of the kitchen in the style of high-tech like many modern housewives. In this case, it is very important to remember that there should not be many accents and bright details in the room. In such a kitchen would look great unusual model hoods. Among the inclined models it is quite possible to find one.

Check out the stylish options that combine plastic and black glass. It is very important that there are no unnecessary parts on the outer part of the hood and the control panel is hidden. The model should be as concise as possible. Also in combination with such a black hood, you can choose a stylish and modern dishwasher or hob. It is advisable to choose a technique from one collection, then the hood will not stand out too much with its unusual design.

For those who do not like standard solutions, you can make the kitchen in modern style. In such a kitchen must be a black and bulky hood. Do not be afraid of volumetric models, this will be the main focus in the interior of the kitchen. The rest of the technique is better to choose a more compact, in order to focus on the hood.

Tips and tricks

Interior designers give a few more recommendations that will help you to stylishly equip your kitchen and correctly fit the hood in a classic black color into the interior.

  • Be sure to choose a black model in the event that the entire kitchen interior is made in white. This hood will contrast with the white hob, walls and cabinets.
  • So that the black hood looks harmoniously in a bright interior, you can also make the work surface in black. In this case, the walls and cabinets should be light.
  • The black model will be perfectly matched with dark wood furniture. The overall interior will turn out to be a bit gloomy, rough, but lovers of the loft style will appreciate it.
  • Choosing a dark color hood, remember that the interior was the opposite color. Namely, white, gray, beige, cream, ivory or pale coffee shade. This classic combination of dark and light looks interesting at all times.
  • When the color of the hood and tabletop match - it is always stylish and beautiful.
  • Even if the kitchen is not made in classic colors, but in brighter colors, the black hood will fit perfectly anyway.It can be green, red or blue colors. The main thing is that in addition to the hood there was at least one black device. For example, an oven or a refrigerator.
  • If the kitchen is made in dark shades and the equipment is also black, then all should be diluted with a light-colored worktop.
  • You should not choose all the equipment in gloomy shades. Let the hood be black and the hob or oven white. Combine black with white not only in the interior and decoration, but also when choosing a technique.

Video review of the black kitchen hood Maunfeld Retro C see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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