Selection of hoods for the kitchen

 Selection of hoods for the kitchen

The kitchen is considered a special room in the house, since this is where a lot of time is spent preparing food, the morning begins with a cup of coffee and sometimes family gatherings are arranged. To make the pastime in the kitchen comfortable, it is important not only to provide a comfortable layout, but also to provide it with an efficient exhaust unit that would help eliminate odors from cooked food and prevent the formation of soot on the furniture surface. Today, there is a huge selection of hoods that fit any design and size of premises.


The kitchen hood is an important piece of equipment.without which it can not be avoided, as it provides high-quality ventilation and original complements the modern interior. Recently, you can find on sale a chic range of hoods that differ in the material of production, design and availability of decor.

Depending on these features, the following types of products are distinguished:

  • Built in. This model is installed in an equipped cabinet, so it is completely hidden in it. This silent extract is characterized by excellent quality, durability and chic design. Since the power of the unit is maximum, it works efficiently. But despite the fact that the product copes well with its functions, it is expensive and requires special care.
  • Flat. Mounted directly above the gas stove or simply mounted on the wall. This option has no outlet to the ventilation pipe; the device consists of an air purification filter, an electric fan and a housing. Its main advantage is considered a neat look, reasonable price and ease of installation. As for the minuses, the wall hood works very noisy and its filters need to be changed frequently.
  • Dome (fireplace). This is one of the most modern and popular types of equipment, which is in perfect harmony with any stylistic direction, filling it with home comfort. Thanks to the convenient design, the electric hood takes up little space and often combines unusual glass and wooden inserts. They produce such models as insular and wall, their difference lies only in a different method of attachment. The main advantage of the device is that it can be controlled remotely and does not need to change filters. The disadvantage is the high price.
  • Corner. This hood is available with ventilation and is designed for small kitchens. The suspended structure originally fits into the design of corner kitchens, saving their space. It is easy to maintain, is characterized by high power and is inexpensive.
  • Combined. In this unit, two functions are simultaneously combined: air ventilation and its filtration. Such devices are equipped with a carbon filter, which must be changed once every 6 months. During the installation of the exhaust system, great attention should be paid to the duct - in order for it to work well, there must be a minimum of bends. Such model can be ceiling and sliding.Due to the absence of deficiencies, it is in great demand.

The recirculation hood, which is intended only for air purification, is also on sale. This is the cheapest option of ventilation equipment for the kitchen. The fan, mounted in the device case, cuts the air flow over the stove, retaining them in the filtration system and returns them back.

An interesting option is considered and telescopic hood, which has a compact size and extends from the body during operation. If the kitchen is designed in modern style, then it will be complemented with a cylindrical model, equipped with a function of perimetric air absorption and distinguishing it with an unusual design.

Exhaust systems differ not only in appearance, installation method, but also in the type of control.

Depending on this, they are divided into:

  • Slider. Models have a slider toggle switch. It allows you to quickly change the modes of operation of the device.
  • Push-button. The control unit is located on the side and front panel of the hood. Switching modes by pressing the buttons.
  • Electronic. They are considered easy to manage.Panels can be additionally equipped with light indicators or a board.

Materials and components

Important in the design of the kitchen hood is considered its body, which can be made of tinted glass, plastic, aluminum or stainless steel, coated with enamel. Recently, most models are released with decorative trim. To this end, a unique “silk” layer is applied to the treated aluminum surface, which can change hue depending on the objects next to it. Such products are in perfect harmony with the rest of the equipment and are beautifully combined with glass, wooden or plastic furniture of any color. In addition, the body material is made of special metal alloys that are resistant to corrosion. There are no fingerprints on them.

The main element in the hood assembly is a filter, which can be of two types: absorbing unpleasant odors and grease, trapping soot and fat drops. In flow-through cleaners, only grease filters are placed, and carbon filters are installed inside the unit. There are also products without a filtration system, they are usually cheap, but their mesh and duct need careful maintenance, as they must be regularly cleaned of grease.

Zhiroulovitel produced from sintepon and non-woven. Since these are synthetic fibers, they should be periodically changed. Therefore, the best option are cassette type filters made of steel or aluminum. They are simply taken out and conveniently washed both in the dishwasher, and manually. Some manufacturers also complement the bundling of filters with indicators that show when it is necessary to install or replace elements.

In order for the exhaust device to work quietly, it must have good noise insulation and quiet electric motors. To do this, the device is equipped with unique acoustic protection systems and special bearings. These parts are placed in the motor area and the cavity of the casing.

A huge role in the exhaust plays and the presence of built-in lighting. As a rule, all models complement the small 20-40-watt incandescent lamps, fluorescent or halogen lamps. The most economical are fluorescent lights. They consume 90% less electricity, but their lights are “cold”, so halogen lamps are recommended to fill the cooking zone with lighting close to natural solar.

An integral wall exhaust hood is also considered to be an integral part of the exhaust system. It intercepts excess heat, odors, steam, moisture and takes them to the ventilation duct. Exhaust umbrella is local and supply and exhaust. In the island models put two rows of grease filters, and in the wall - one.

Depending on the type of exhaust, it can also be equipped with side grilles, various shelves and a remote control. Often in modern models there is a glass panel with moisture meters and thermometers.

The subtleties of modern devices

Kitchen hood is now available in almost every house and apartment. It is a universal device that not only beautifully complements the design of the room, but also is able to quickly rid the air of food odors, as well as protect furniture from grease and soot. This equipment is also called a module, unit, cabinet or exhaust fan. The principle of operation of the technology is that it cleans the air due to the thrust formed by the fan. Under her beautiful body several filters and one or two impeller engines are hidden.

Since noise isolation is important for such equipment, modern models have a mode whereby the noise level is automatically regulated and the air recirculated is quiet. At the same time, most products can operate in the circulation mode, when all evaporations are sent to the filtration system, cleaned and returned.

There are also types of devices that divert air from the room with exhaust elbows. Their installation is much more difficult, as it requires the execution of work on the installation of pipes that are attached to the ventilation duct. But despite the difficult installation, the efficiency of the hood increases due to the natural force of thrust, which reinforces the air exchange fan. Dirty air and evaporation are removed, as a result of this creates a small pressure jump, and fresh air from the street can flow into the kitchen.

Usually, the owners prefer to install air purifiers with a flow-through mode in the kitchen, but some of them can also support the circulation mode. This is especially important in severe frosts, when it is undesirable to bring warm air out.In order for the system to work in a comprehensive manner, an additional carbon filter is added to it, which is used to clean the steam during circulation. But in this case, the performance of the device is slightly reduced.

Rating manufacturers and reviews

At the moment, the market is represented by a huge range of hoods, so before making such an important purchase, it is necessary not only to select the appropriate model that matches the forms, dimensions, design, kitchen, but also characterized by a long service life. Manufacturers offer luxury expensive and economical equipment, but it is best to give preference to well-known brands that produce quality products and have positive reviews.

An economical option would be hoods from companies such as Kuppersberg, Korting, Ciarco and Faber.

Manufacturers such as Asco, Bosch, Teka and Siemens. Their hoods have a chic design and are sold at a low price.

If financial opportunities allow, you can purchase more expensive models from Olive, Lexand Mini and Lex Hubble. They have a low noise level, high engine performance, economical power consumption and different body sizes.

Kitchen exhaust systems from German brands are very popular in the market, since in their manufacture the main focus is on the functionality of technology. So, for example, maximum device bandwidth Korting reaches up to 1000 m3 / s. In addition, the manufacturer is constantly updating the range of products that fit perfectly into the modern interior. Particularly noteworthy products made of steel and glass.

Differ in their decor and hoods Kiser. They are equipped with beautiful color lighting and serve in the kitchen not only as a tool for air purification, but also as a stylish accessory, ideal for any type of headset. Even compact models have powerful engines with a capacity of up to 400 m3 / s.

As for the products Siemensthen it is considered the epitome of sophisticated style and versatility. Such devices can be originally hidden in the kitchen, as during operation they will not attract the attention of noise. There are on sale both low cost options for hoods and elite ones with a built-in TV-screen, but regardless of the cost, all brand products are durable, durable and serve as an unusual decoration for the kitchen.

Many housewives had time to appreciate and exhaust Hansa. They are available in different sizes with beautiful decorative design. Particularly noteworthy are the products of bright colors, with wooden frames and smooth shapes, which bear the original drawings. The main advantage of this technique is convenient control and compactness. As for the inclined and domed types of hoods, they are produced with a capacity of up to 600 m3 / s.

In no way inferior in quality and products of Italian brands. It stands out for its exquisite design and excellent performance. The main sales leader are hoods from Ventolux. Inclined models with mirror or glossy decor did not leave indifferent any hostess. They received a lot of positive feedback due to the circulating method of air purification and complete noiselessness.

Separately, you can also select a Slovenian company. Asko, it produces hoods with high build quality using practical materials. The technique is easy to assemble and manage. The devices are most often made of stainless steel, they have excellent performance and silent operation.The model range also includes both separately installed and built-in devices from 30 to 90 cm wide. In addition, the equipment has a glossy finish, convenient panel arrangement and exquisite shapes.

Leading position is also a Japanese firm. Shindo. Thanks to innovative technologies, its products are not equipped with mechanical control, but with various indicators. Reasonable price and economical operation of the engine makes the hood popular.

How to choose?

It is worth taking the issue of purchasing a kitchen hood responsibly, so you should ask the seller about its technical characteristics and merits before purchasing. It should also be clarified whether the equipment can operate at high temperatures, and whether it has special protection against condensate, hot vapors and moisture.

Since kitchen units are classified according to their power, principle of cleaning and construction, the following professional advice will help you choose the right ones:

  • The first cost to pay attention to the power and performance of technology. These figures indicate how much air can recycle the device in one hour. That is, the higher its power, the better it will work.According to sanitary standards, the entire volume of air should be replaced in one hour. To calculate the desired performance for your kitchen, you can apply a simple formula: the total area of ​​the room must be multiplied by the height of the ceiling and the result again multiplied by 12 and by a factor of 1.3.

Thus, if the area of ​​the room is 6 m2 and its height is 2.5 m, then it is necessary to choose an extractor with a capacity of at least 234 m3 / h. This indicator is considered the minimum, so it is best to purchase a product more powerful. The types of devices for power are different, so make the right choice will not be difficult.

  • In order to feel comfortable in the kitchen while cooking, it is important to install a silent extractor above the stove. Typically, the noise level is affected by the power of the device. If it is high, then the device is noisy. Therefore, preferring cheap models, you will have to accept the fact that there will be a constant hum in the kitchen. As for the silent types, they are complemented by special pads that block the noise and protect the body from vibrations. To avoid an unsuccessful purchase will help pre-check the hood in the store, as it is impossible to focus only on its attractive appearance.
  • The duration of operation of the exhaust device also depends on the filters. They are responsible for the quality of its work and detain not only unpleasant air, but also dust, fumes, grease, and other components. With dirty filters, the device will not last long and its noise level and performance will not correspond to normal values. You can buy devices with both coarse and fine filters. At the same time, the first ones are of higher quality, since they are made of acrylic, metal or non-woven fabric. They are able to clean the air and protect the system from pollution. The latter are made from fine coal raw materials and must be constantly changed.
  • The dimensions of the hood are selected in such a way that its width is not less than the surface of the hob. Also a huge role is played by the dimensions of the kitchen. If you buy a small device, it will be worse to clean the air. For slabs with a width of 50 to 60 cm, products up to 90 cm in size are ideal, but they must match the design of the furniture. For large gas stoves, dome models are most often installed, and for compact panels, built-in devices are selected.In a private house, where different versions of the hearth are possible, the hood is installed in the same way.
  • An important indicator is the mode of operation of the device. Products are available both with exhaust mode, in which polluted air flows out of the room, as well as with filtration mode, which allows to clean air masses without removing them from the system. At the same time, exhaust hoods with exhaust mode are recommended, as they guarantee 100% cleaning of kitchen air. For filtration systems, you will have to pre-stock a set of cartridges and change them as they become contaminated.
  • The choice of management method is determined by personal preferences. Touch panels are activated by simply pressing the panel, push-buttons imply the use of buttons. Models are also available with sliders, which are controlled by a horizontal mechanical switch.
  • Stopping the choice on one or another type of exhaust, it is necessary to further clarify its electricity consumption. At the moment there are many products equipped with an electronic timer and indicator that controls the consumption of electricity.Due to this, the device independently distributes its power and provides a constant rush of clean air.
  • In addition to all the technical characteristics, an important criterion for any housewife is the design of the device, since its appearance plays a huge role in the interior of the kitchen. It is best to buy equipment that fits the size, style and color of the room. It should not be too small or, conversely, cumbersome. Recently, models with a metal, matte, glass or mirror surface have been in great demand. An interesting choice is the hood, combining parts made from several materials. For kitchens in modern style, stainless steel devices of unusual shapes are perfect.

Given all the above indicators, the final choice of hood will depend on its price. As a rule, the cost of equipment is determined by the versatility and optional equipment. If this is a simple model that copes well with its tasks, then it will be inexpensive. If the hood is complemented by bright lights, a thermometer, side grilles, convenient shelves and remote control, then its price will increase.But it should be immediately noted that all these additional functions do not affect the functionality of the device.

Despite the large selection of products on the market, it is desirable to give preference to well-proven brands that are well known in the world and have positive user feedback. So you can be sure that the product is certified, meets all standards of quality and operation, and also has a guarantee.

Interesting options in the interior

In order for the kitchen to be interesting and stylish, everything must be provided in its design, including the decor of the hood. The technique decorated with elements from a tree enjoys huge popularity in interiors. Wood with brightly saturated color and patterns will perfectly mask the unpresentable look of an unpretentious model and easily fit into any design. In this case, it is possible to either fully clad the case with wood, or to make separate inserts for the contrast to kitchen furniture. Thanks to this idea, the room will lose its standard and plane.

In that case, when the details of the Mediterranean style prevail in the kitchen, then an extract with a metal box painted in color will become an ornament in the design,harmoniously combined with the palette of the room. Recently, in many kitchens install appliances under the copper. Of course, not everybody can afford a real copper unit, but if his frame is painted, the difference will not be noticeable. This decor can be complemented by a combination of metal and wood.

For plates located on a kitchen island, it is best to choose hoods with original forms, since the device will not work, so it must have an aesthetic look. It is recommended to decorate such models with shelves and place various trinkets on them. In addition, it is interesting to highlight the hood on the general background of the room with green, blue or red. Special charm will fill the kitchen and black devices with prints or abstractions.

On how to choose a hood for the kitchen, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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