Electrolux hoods: features and types of structures

 Electrolux hoods: features and types of structures

Progress does not stand still, and today it is difficult to imagine the average kitchen without hood. Their various types and modern design of models are offered by Electrolux company - the largest manufacturer of household appliances. It remains only to choose the necessary parameters, such as, for example, the width and type of control. A large selection of models will allow you to perfectly fit the equipment in any kitchen interior. These hoods do an excellent job with their main task, and remove all extraneous odors, not allowing them to penetrate further into the house.

About company

The Swedish company Electrolux in its line of kitchen extracts quite successfully combines all these qualities. The manufacturer produces machinery since 1919, having had time to establish itself in the market.Now in the assortment of the company many items of large and small household appliances. For a large number of people, this brand is a guarantee of the quality of its products. In addition, the company follows the latest trends in the creation of new models.

The design is dominated by Scandinavian motifs (which is not surprising, because Electrolux is a manufacturer from Sweden), combining the refined simplicity of forms with functionality.


The range of models includes exhaust hoods that support the air circulation mode and complete air discharge with contaminants. The range has options with carbon filters and fat, as well as differing by type of control. It can be electronic or mechanical. Hoods have different sizes, but when choosing it is important to remember that they must be larger than the area of ​​the hob.

Electrolux hoods are available in the following types:

  • built-in (EFG50250W, EFG50250K, EFG50250S);
  • insular (EFL10965OX);
  • traditional (EFT635X, EFT531W, EFT535X);
  • telescopic (EFP60565OX, EFP60424OX);
  • dome (EFC60441OR, EFC60462OX, EFC90462OX, EFF60560OX, EFC60441OC, EFC60151X, EFC60441OB, EFB60566DX, EFC60466OX, EFC60441OV);
  • inclined (EFF55569DK, EFF80569DK).

Prices vary depending on the type and design, so everyone can choose something for themselves.

A good kitchen hood must combine several characteristics:

  • effective odor removal;
  • silent operation;
  • ease of management;
  • stylish and modern design.

Advantages and disadvantages

In Electrolux exhaust devices There are a number of advantages that distinguish them from competitors:

  • energy saving function;
  • high quality of materials and assembly, which excludes frequent breakdowns;
  • automatic selection of the mode for cleaning, thanks to the built-in sensors;
  • the presence of bright lights, which allows it to replace the recessed lights and significantly save electricity;
  • availability of high-quality and reliable filters that remove extraneous odors and prevent the occurrence of mold and other harmful microorganisms in the kitchen;
  • Long warranty and high level of service.

The disadvantage of the brand products is increased noise at high speeds. Buyers leave mostly positive feedback on Electrolux hoods. They note the excellent quality of technology at its relatively low price, as well as an interesting design, a large selection of models that are easy to manage.

Model overview

For small kitchens, a compact traditional hood can be used to optimize and visually expand the space. In the line of models there is a budget option - exhaust hood EFT531W, which is completely built in under the hinged cabinet and reaches a capacity of 240 cubic meters per hour. For a similar performance model, the so-called telescopic hood EFP60424OX, but made of steel with a slider panel and halogen lighting, will have to pay more expensive. Even higher is the cost of a fully assembled telescopic hood EFP60565OX, which has 4 operating speeds, sliders, and reaches a capacity of 647 cubic meters per hour.

Lovers of classic design in the interior will suit the familiar dome hood. In this line there are models of various designs with both a push-button switch and touch control. Dome hoods are on average more expensive than embedded ones. Their average productivity is 310 cubic meters per hour. These are models such as EFC60462OX or EFF60560OX.

In the same price category there are hoods of the so-called fireplace type, which have a fat filter and 3 speed settings. The power of these devices is 430 cubic meters per hour.Presented by the models EFC60151X, EFC60441OC. The most classic model in the range of dome hoods from the Rococo collection has a golden-colored holder, and power that varies from 208 to 368 cubic meters per hour. The trendy and popular styles of country and Provence will perfectly fit into the interior of the fireplace extract, which has wooden elements in the design - EFF 96024 OW. She will already be more expensive.

There is also an original model combining glass and stainless steel, and issuing 559 cubic meters per hour - an island hood EFL10965OX. Thanks to this design, it looks very modern, besides it has a touch control. This hood is designed for island kitchens and is attached not to the wall, but to the ceiling.

Those who follow the latest fashion trends will find inclined dome hoods - they look very original. The cost of this technique will be above average in the Electrolux range. It is worth paying attention to the steel model with glass edging in black EFF80569DK, with a capacity of 605 cubic meters per hour in maximum mode. It has a pair of indicators that display the resource of filters, and the control is carried out both electronically and with buttons.Halogen lighting. With an increase in power, respectively, the cost of models of equipment also increases. The maximum performance of such extracts reaches 860 cubic meters per hour.

In large kitchens or studio apartments, it is better to use more powerful Electrolux brand hoods.their capacity is 800 cubic meters per hour. Despite the impressive performance, the price of such a technique will pleasantly surprise. The maximum capacity of exhaust devices from the Swedish company is 1200 cubic meters per hour.

Air handling unit for kitchen

Under the Swedish brand Electrolux, climate control equipment is also manufactured - a built-in supply and exhaust ventilation system. Installation of this kind of equipment is very complicated, and must be done by specialists.

Electrolux presents two types of such installations.

  • Supply and exhaust systems with heat recovery (heat recovery) and an electric heater. Their series is represented by 6 models that differ in their power (Star EPVS).
  • Intake systems with electric heater, in a row 3 models with different performance (Fresh Air EPFA).

Supply and exhaust ventilation is more common and demanded by consumers. The case of such models is galvanized sheet steel.

Installed in the installation of polystyrene foam with rubber foam provide thermal and sound insulation.

Inside the installation are available:

  • fans (2 pieces) - supply and exhaust, with a system to protect them from overheating and equipped with two speeds;
  • temperature sensors (2 pieces) - at the entrance of cold air and at the exit of warm air;
  • filters - 2 pieces;
  • plate heat exchanger.

Outside on the body there are two nozzles for attaching air duct lines to them. The intersection of these lines passing through the heat exchanger is carried out in the case, thus, the heat exchange takes place. There are also 4 mounting brackets and a hatch with which the system is serviced. The installation of the fan, which strengthens the pressure. It must be purchased separately.

The ElectroLux air handling systems are distinguished by the following features:

  • self-diagnosis of errors;
  • the presence of a remote control, which provides programming;
  • possibility to program the work schedule for the week;
  • at full power, the heat exchanger provides efficiency up to 90% - EU5 filtering;
  • availability of an automation system built into the installation;
  • possibility of changing filter control parameters;
  • stable operation at temperatures up to -15 ° C;
  • at temperatures less than -15 ° C, two modes of operation are maintained;
  • automatic defrosting of the heat exchanger;
  • the presence of a regime that prevents freezing;
  • no condensation due to the use of moisture-absorbing cellulose in heat exchangers;
  • hood does not overdry air.

For this ventilation unit, there is a remote control with a blue small screen mounted on the wall.

The control panel displays information:

  • time;
  • device operation speed;
  • filter status;
  • day of the week;
  • heated air temperature.

Each of the EPVS models can be used both in residential and non-residential premises. This ventilation system is installed in private homes, offices, factories, stores, sports clubs, cafes and restaurants. But it should be borne in mind that for industries where there may be a pair of varnishes, paints, and any harmful substances in the air, recuperators of this level are not intended.

The ElectroLux air handling system has the following advantages:

  • delimitation of the places of air flow and its exhaust;
  • regulation of room humidity;
  • the possibility of combining with the duct system;
  • the presence of a filter that is easy to clean;
  • quiet work;
  • the ability to additionally purchase an electric heater;
  • the presence of a timer that allows you to set different modes;
  • the presence of a console that displays the various parameters of the installation;
  • inconspicuous installation.

Disadvantages may be the relatively high cost of the device and the impossibility of remote control. But they overlap the power and quality of this technology. For proper selection of exhaust ventilation it is necessary to proceed from the size of the floor space - the larger the space, the greater the performance of the device.

The installation is usually mounted horizontally under the ceiling using self-tapping screws. Vertical installation is provided, but is very rare. From the installation itself, air duct lines are laid to the inflow and exhaust. When installing it is necessary to consider that access to the service hatch must be open.

Electrolux household appliances will suit any needs, and a wide range of models will satisfy different tastes.Quality assurance from the Swedish company allows the brand for many years not to give up their positions and acquire all new customers.

In the next video you will find the installation of Electrolux hood.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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