Elica hoods: models and possible problems

Without a good and high-quality hood is almost impossible to do in the kitchen, and this is an important moment, because guests often gather in this room. Today, the stores have a rich assortment of hoods that differ in technical parameters, design and pricing.

Special features

The Italian company Elica began to produce kitchen hoods on innovative technologies in the last century. Each design manufactured in Italy is equipped with high functionality and high-quality assembly.

Used in the manufacture of innovative technologies allowed to create devices with high efficiency., ergonomic, which is an important point in cases where a small area is allotted to the kitchen.The country of origin has taken the utmost care of the environment and the health of its customers, therefore it produces extracts from safe and environmentally friendly raw materials.

The company Elica specializes in the production of hoods that differ in both affordable cost and technical characteristics, as well as a beautiful design. Italian equipment will perfectly fit into any interior: traditional, modern, hi-tech style and others.

The buyer, even with the most sophisticated tastes, can choose for himself a suitable version of the equipment in terms of size, color and shape.

The main advantages of exhaust equipment Elica:

  • high power, thanks to which smells, traces of fat and smoke are removed in the shortest possible time;
  • long service life and high reliability, ensuring stable operation of the equipment without overheating;
  • noiselessness due to the use of high-quality insulating materials and innovative internal parts;
  • various lighting with the use of halogens and LEDs;
  • ease of installation and maintainability;
  • air purification process is carried out in several modes;
  • high functionality that allows to enjoy comfort when cooking.


Exhaust kitchen equipment Elica is of several types.


The most profitable suspended model air purifiers in the apartment. Control - push-button, performance - up to 460 m3 per hour.


Subdivided into types such as fireplace, island, corner of glass, metal and wood materials. Many models of such devices with wooden inserts are not equipped with a wide variety of functions. Basically, the performance of dome hoods is not more than 650 m3 per hour, and the pricing policy of the equipment depends on the size and control system.

The current dome kitchen hoods - devices that combine a variety of colors and materials. These are mainly spring shades such as yellow, blue and salad.


Compact and almost invisible, available in a rich assortment of models with different shapes and performance. They are divided into full-built and telescopic. A fully built-in hood is installed above the stove inside the cabinet, and it can be seen only when viewed from below.The devices are equipped with halogen and LED paws for additional lighting of the space.

The control of button models takes place on buttons or on a touchscreen display. In this case, the control panel is made hidden, so that the buttons will not stick from greasy traces.

Built-in exhaust equipment can also be installed on the ceiling and in the countertop. Ceiling embedded models are not sold at Russian points of sale, they come only on request. They also operate in two modes of withdrawal and recirculation at three speeds. High-speed mode hoods switch in the shortest possible time and eliminates a large number of vapors and soot.

Ceiling recessed hoods are equipped with a neon lighting system. The control unit is electronic, the maximum power is 1200 m3 per hour, the noise is generated more than 65 dB. Such hoods have excellent technical parameters that allow them to be mounted in large kitchens, as well as in cooking with the formation of a large amount of vapors.

Exhaust devices that are built into the tabletop, if necessary, move out of the tabletop. The advantage of this type of equipment is the ability to eliminate unpleasant odor, soot and steam before the air rises. Their maximum performance can reach up to 1200 m3 per hour, the control unit - touch, three speeds, as well as the ability to control parameters on the radio.


Produced for lovers of fashion in various styles without a dome. Many models of wall mounted devices are decorated with light or dark glass. The maximum capacity of these extracts is 1200 m3 per hour.


Models that can not be overlooked. They are mainly made of steel with the design of black glass with a capacity of up to 1200 m3 per hour.

Model overview

Next, we consider the most popular models.

Exhaust built-in design Eliplane LX IX F / 60


  • high performance;
  • the presence of several speeds of operation;
  • small dimensions;
  • fits any interior.

According to customers, there are no drawbacks to this model hood.

Berlin exhaust hood IX / A / 60


    • inexpensive;
    • removes all unpleasant odors;
    • neat performance;
    • ease of management.

    Of the disadvantages noted only noisy operation of the device.

    Chimney exhaust device Shire BK / A / 60


    • appearance;
    • several speeds of work.

    The disadvantage is a high noise level during operation.

    Hood dome type IX / A / 33


    • small sizes;
    • high performance;
    • affordable price;
    • durability;
    • nice appearance.


    • high noise due to high power;
    • unisex stainless steel case.

    Suspended exhaust design Krea


      • low cost;
      • effectively fights odors and harmful impurities;
      • two modes of operation - removal and circulation of air masses;
      • equipment with an aluminum grease filter allows you to remove fatty impurities;
      • original design.

      Deficiencies not found.

      Hood Galaxy WHIX / A / 80


      • ease of management;
      • equipping with bulbs that provide bright lighting during cooking.

      The disadvantages are few, more precisely, one - a high level of noise.

      Hood Sweet azur / F / 85


        • high quality materials;
        • unique design;
        • ergonomics;
        • compactness.

        The disadvantage is low power.

        Hood Elite 26 IX / A / 60


          • convenience and ease of operation;
          • schematic instruction.

          Deficiencies not found.

          Hood Elibloc

            The advantage is an unusual design.


            • inconvenient to configure;
            • control panel is located at the back;
            • removes unpleasant odors.

            Hidden IXGL / A / 60 inclined hood


            • control panel on the buttons;
            • availability of additional lighting;
            • high power.

            The disadvantage is the complexity of installation and repair.

            Hood Space EDS Digital + R BK A / 78


            • low noise level;
            • high performance.

            Deficiencies not found.

            Hood Stone


            • ease and simplicity in management;
            • reliability and comfort.

            Consumers call a large size a disadvantage.

            Possible damage

            It is worth considering the main common options for breakdowns and methods for their elimination.

            • Poorly functioning. To eliminate this problem, you must check the carbon filter and grease trap for contamination. You need to thoroughly clean them and re-enable the hood. The second reason for weak traction may be the lack of traction in the ventilation shaft. To eliminate the problem, you must ensure that there is a thrust by igniting the fire near the vent.If the flame does not reach for ventilation, you need to switch to forced ventilation.
            • Speed ​​switch out of order. In this situation, the sensor or the button in the control unit does not work. It is necessary to remove the protective coating and inspect the unit; it is possible that the contact has just burnt out. Then it is recommended to check the board and ring the system with a multimeter.
            • Malfunctions in the exhaust. First you need to make sure that the electrical wire, the presence of voltage and the machine in the shield. If everything is working properly, you need to go to the ringing of the whole chain. Check first switch and fuse. If everything works, check the capacitor resistance. And also it is recommended to ring the motor windings. In the event of a malfunction, the failed components must be replaced.

            How to set your own hands?

            Installation of exhaust equipment independently will require special tools and parts. Some of them are sold with a hood, and some are sold separately.

            Installation of the exhaust structure is carried out strictly according to the instructions in accordance with the type of exhaust.

            1. In the case when the hood is equipped with two modes of operation: exhaust and air circulation, the installation refers to the duct to the external ventilation circuit. It is very important to correctly calculate its diameter, which should be from 12 to 15 cm. In order to avoid performance losses, it is not recommended to narrow the duct, do not bend or lengthen it. And also in order to avoid excessive noise, experts advise to use a square or round smooth duct instead of a corrugated one.
            2. In that case, if the hood works only in the air circulation mode, it functions due to the carbon filter element. This design is not connected to the ventilation system. The air mass enters the hood, passes through the filtering structure, where it is cleaned of impurities, sent to the kitchen. The carbon filter element must be purchased separately from the hood.

            Tips and tricks

            When buying an exhaust device known Italian manufacturer needs to know that the greater the performance, the greater the noise level created during operation.Therefore, it is necessary to choose models that do not have much power, and also check the hood for noise before buying.

            Experts recommend to opt for models at the same time with two modes - tap and recirculating. In the event that the kitchen is small, you must select the built-in model hood.

            Review of the hood Elica Hidden HT, see the following video.

            Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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