Characteristics and installation of hoods Elikor

 Characteristics and installation of hoods Elikor

The hood will help clean the kitchen from smoke, grease or steam, various unpleasant odors. For this purpose, a special fan is used, which draws air into the product and drives it through certain filters. Then the air is either thrown out of the dwelling, or returned to the kitchen again.

Special features

In the modern market, you can easily find kitchen hoods from many European brands. This equipment is quite popular among customers due to the excellent quality and reliability of imported products. But nowadays more and more domestic consumers opt for extractors of the Russian company Elikor. This brand is considered one of the best in its segment for the past two decades.

Properly selected extractor Elikor will solve many problems.

  • Will remove from the room all those smells that can appear in the process of cooking and can adversely affect the health of the residents of the house.
  • Will remove from the room all products of combustion harmful to the human body.
  • Will not allow the settling of fat droplets on kitchen furniture. This will help maintain cleanliness in any room and extend the life of all the items that are in it.
  • Significantly reduce the humidity in the kitchen, because it will draw in excess steam, which means it will stop the spread of bacteria on all surfaces of the kitchen.

Manufacturers of this type of equipment are confident that the comfort of the working area in a modern kitchen is in its ergonomics. It is for this reason that any model that is produced under the Elikor brand is embodied in accordance with the main ergonomic principles and is endowed with the maximum number of functions that will help ensure its ease of use.

The main characteristics of structures from Elikor:

  • their apparent compactness;
  • simplicity of installation - hoods with special brackets can be easily fixed even on the walls where the gas pipeline pipes pass;
  • lack of special care - fat filters have a special coating that will make their cleaning easy and fast;
  • the ability to install coal filtration systems and switch the product into recirculation mode;
  • the presence of an Italian turbine, the use of which will greatly reduce the noise level during operation of the device and reduce energy consumption;
  • quite affordable cost.


To begin the selection of the kitchen hood, you should clearly understand what device exactly the size and format you need.

The model range of this brand consists of designs of 3 varieties.

  • Suspended - this type of devices should be classified as the most budget. They are often placed in the kitchen, where there are no approaches to the ventilation system. The principle of operation of such devices is enclosed in recycling - this is the absorption of air, its high-quality purification and return it back to the room. The device includes a special filter that traps fats, and a charcoal filter - they will be responsible for eliminating bad odors and emerging smoke.

Suspended devices are not characterized by high performance, therefore, perfectly suited for oversized spaces. For this kind of kitchen appliances all the time will need to be carefully looked after, as its filters will need to be sometimes changed and cleaned.

  • Embedded - This is a kind of design that does not attract attention, as their body is hidden in the wall cabinets. These models have 2 operating modes: withdrawal and recycling. In the first mode, the oxygen goes into the ventilation shaft and from there goes to the street, and in the second case it is driven through special filters, and it returns to the kitchen again when it is clean.
  • Dome - technique of this format is characterized by high performance. The devices will not clean the polluted air in order to return it, but will take it out immediately. Dome products from the brand Elikor look very colorful.
  • Fireplace - This is a special type of hood dome design. Devices released from special glass and metal have original shapes, enhanced performance and modern touch-type controls. In fireplace designs there is no carbon filter, as they have only the mode of air outlet.

The most popular models of devices from this manufacturer.

  • Built-in product type Elikor Integra It has a special retractable panel, therefore it expands the steam suction zone and makes the quality of work of this device higher. When the panel extends, the lights immediately start to work and the engine, which operates at the speed that was selected during the previous work of the product. When the panel is in place, the device immediately turns off. The device is controlled by convenient buttons. This type of control is considered the most simple by consumers. The model can work without problems in one of 2 selected modes. In order to efficiently clean the oxygen in the room from particles of combustion products or fat droplets, mesh-type grease-trapping aluminum filter barriers are installed. If the product functions without the supply to the ventilation channel, it is necessary to additionally apply also a carbon filter.
  • In the classic line, the series is in high demand. "Rotunda". The company took into account feedback from its customers to reduce the noise level, and, despite the rather high power (up to 650 m3 per hour), the noise was significantly reduced. The dimensions of the "Rotunda" fully fit the parameters of the hob - 60 cm,but in this segment you can buy a much narrower type of hood. Reviews of this kind of models are only positive. Thanks to them, the air is cleaned well and quickly, you can optionally choose the desired speed, and a variety of colors will conquer any esthete.
  • Fireplaces have a more interesting design, great functionality and performance. One of the most worthy representatives of this line is the Elikor hood. "Ruby". Reviews of her say about a fairly reliable engine that operates at 3 speeds. In addition to the output of dirty air, you can also opt for the recirculation mode.
  • Kitchen construction "Venta" - a classic model in the form of a dome. The hood is controlled by a slider or push-button switch - it depends on the configuration.
  • Exhaust hood Epsilon - one of the most powerful devices of the fireplace type. You yourself can choose which operating mode is best for you - removal of oxygen or its high-quality recycling. The noise level emitted by a running engine will not exceed 54 dB at the greatest possible. The product is controlled using a conventional switch.The backlight consists of 2 incandescent bulbs with a total power of 80 watts. Speed ​​modes - 3.
  • Kitchen island device Elikor Agat Island It can operate up to 1000 m3 per hour, the noise level is 38-59 dBA, convenient and intuitive touch control. The width of the hood itself - 90 cm, has a T-shaped design.
  • Hood Elikor "Aquamarine" - inclined design with a width of 60 cm, the control can be electronic or push-button, the performance of the motor - 650 m3 per hour. Body material - steel and glass. The grease filter is made of aluminum. The model has a beautiful LED screen.
  • Elikor single corner hood "Forest". This product can be operated in the mode of purification and return air to the room. Exhaust fireplace type, its width - 90 cm, in the presence of one engine, but 3 speeds. Performance - 650 m3 per hour, the highest noise level - 56 dB.

How to choose?

When buying this kind of product the most attention should be paid to its functionality.

This takes into account such factors as:

  • power;
  • noise level;
  • Convenience in managing the structure;
  • product area;
  • lighting quality;
  • availability of secondary features.

Product performance can always be calculated using a fairly simple formula: space should be multiplied by the height of the room, and then by 10-12. The result is the same indicator of the minimum engine power, expressed in m3 / hour. The purchased hood should be with a reserve of power, that is, its power should be slightly more than the formula. The stock of such power will allow to increase the life of the device, it will work well in this case.

Any working hood creates noise. Unfortunately, engineers have not yet managed to come up with absolutely silent equipment. Professionals advise to pick up the unit, the noise of which is not above 60 dB. The lower the noise level, the more comfortable you can feel in the room.

When buying a hood, you need to ensure that the area of ​​its exhaust plane fits the area of ​​the cooking surface. Retractable panels have built-in hoods can significantly increase the suction zone, increasing the efficiency of removal of dirty air.

Lighting is not considered a major factor when choosing a hood, but it will make the cooking process much more convenient, and a woman’s stay in the kitchen will be much more comfortable.In the backlight often used incandescent bulbs, as well as LEDs and halogen products. Professionals are advised to opt for LED bulbs, as they are more durable.

Various interesting additions qualitatively improve the operation of the hood and make it more convenient to use. The timer will help to turn off the electric motor of the structure after the period of time specified by the owner. The timer can be easily programmed so that the product turns on, turns off and then turns back on.

It is also necessary to learn more about the filters that are installed in the hood, what they are made of and how often they need to be changed. In the classic models of the manufacturer is usually found fatty aluminum filters reusable. In other extracts, such filters are used only once, which creates some difficulties. In products that work in the recirculation position, special carbon filters are also built in, and they will often need to be changed.

The hood is controlled using a special electric module, the panel of which goes to the front of the device.

The panel is:

  • SliderThe desired mode is selected using a mechanical slider that will move on the surface of the panel.
  • Push button. Each button will correspond to some function of the device.
  • Sensory. Control with a finger that will touch the desired zone on the panel. The touch panel, by the way, is much easier to clean from stains.

You also need to pay attention to customer reviews, which have long enjoyed these products.


Whatever hood you purchased, sooner or later the time will come when it will be necessary to carry out its installation.

Installation of equipment is not the most difficult task, if you know the basic principles and follow the recommendations of the instructions that are present in each kit. Characteristic features of the installation of the product will differ in many respects depending on its type.

If you have purchased a suspended hood that will purify the air with a carbon and grease filter, then there will not be any special problems with its installation. You just need to hang the device over the stove, using durable screws.

For built-in products, there are 2 installation options. If there is no outlet to the ventilation hole, then such a device will clean the air with a carbon filter. Then you just need to fix the device in a wall cabinet above the plate. The mortise unit is also a built-in hood designed for installation in the kitchen. It functions almost silently, effectively cleans the air from children and other pollutants.

It is important to know that a sliding panel with a built-in carbon filter must come out without interference. You can connect this product to the ventilation system. To do this, you have to connect the hood with an air duct with a ventilation shaft.

Modern products have different types of control: slider or button, touch or electronic.

Slider - the simplest and cheapest, works with a special switch that moves along the intended line. The hood speed switches will be arranged in a specific order. Disconnection will be made in the reverse order with the same slider.

Button controls are pretty comfortable. You can immediately turn on the desired speed, and to switch to a different one, you just need to press another button.This option is extremely simple, the only negative - protruding buttons on the panel is difficult to wash.

The panel with sensors will cost much more, but it will look more beautiful and effective. In order to control the product, you just need to touch with your finger to the sensors, which look like drawn buttons and have beautiful LED indicators. Caring for such a panel is much easier.

Electronic control system is the most expensive, but at the same time it will allow to program the hood. With its help, the device will turn itself off at exactly the appointed time or when the air in the room becomes completely clean.

Hoods in the form of a dome mounted on the wall. In such devices there is no carbon filter, for this reason they are necessarily connected to the general ventilation of the building using plastic pipes or corrugations. There are special rules of installation that necessarily apply to the extracts of any sample.

The first and main principle is that you should not install the appliance too low above the hob. It is better to calculate a distance of 65-75 cm, otherwise the device will quickly fail under the influence of too high temperatures.


The hood is an important kitchen appliance that allows you to cook without worrying about odors, smoke and burning. Therefore, when the hood does not work, it brings some inconvenience. In this case, the device is better to repair as soon as possible. Hoods may be different, but the causes of breakdowns are almost the same for all. Often, many faults can be easily corrected by hand, saving on a call to the master.

If the engine does not work and the backlight does not shine, then most likely the problem lies in the lack of power to the device. It is necessary to double-check the machines in the electrical panel and the voltage in the outlet.

If only the backlight does not work, then you first need to change the light bulbs. If there are incandescent bulbs in the design, then the problem will be contained in the button for turning on the backlight itself. If there are halogen lamps, then in the body of the product you need to find a blown transformer.

If the engine does not start, the signal that the fuse is blown. It is made of ceramics and is located directly in the case of the engine itself, therefore, in order to get to it, you will have to completely disassemble the panel.

There are such retractable devices that are included, if you push their lower part. In this case, the limit switch may not work, then it just needs to be adjusted.

In the next video you will find a masterclass on installing the built-in kitchen hood Elikor "Integra".

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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